The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 81, 1M1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS JA.6OU. tUS ROSTER Of -TVte -TEAM TO SUM UP, MISTAH SOMHORKJ,TO •5AV MIST AH 1WIS&5 l« KESW A& A I (JEW <SICXte AN' H6 SOT TH& > 'SUlPMeKJT TO HANDLE TROOBLe IN ALL SIZES/-*- HeS DOWNRIGHT EASVTO SET ALONS F. BUT 6F HE SITS HS'S 31ST A t>Ay STAMPS DB OB WASPS Life in the Sudnn of Africa away from the few urban centers is primitive, Nomadic or semi-nomadic, the people are largely dependent on subsistence crops and I livestock. Political Announcements The swiftest part of the Gulf Stream flows at 4 to 5 nautical miles an hour off the promontory of Cape KaiCcraj,. Subject to Preferential July 22. 1952 Election for County Judge GENE BRADLEY-. For Circuit .Clerk GERALDINE USTOX CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Size* up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete A Metal Septic Tanka Sewer Tile Best Price. We Deliver Highway 81 at State Line Phone 714 FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERMINATION Send Samples to Woodson-Tenent Laboratories 812 WMt A»h St. Blytheville, Arkansas FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ "Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Enjoy Delicious COUNTRY HAM tht RUSTIC INN "Food You Like" r. a*4 Mr*. Pcllctler. Thrre. MpKnr with her hMMbanrl. t>r. <;»• [.o^aa, JrvBrt ptrrt* Prlrr fl«rl**T. • r««ajt •»' ekarwlHK Mi>pk7il^U1 CMICHKC' IB r*»«flreb tat «rftHf« wrdlcfnc «t Amftfl'f •••viral. Petrr •TT»kvB« 1x JFIIKCI 1hc rrallutlra «f kow •»>«. «tr llf« ' •••' W«H •« Ike e«rcffr«« wife *t the well-1»-«* l>r. I,o|CAa. Later • ke lella aer amMl»a«« aa« frill Inke « v»IdBl««T )<*l> al AHirel'* ho>plial. : Tke *>rxl MOT«|»IC. Kir. T.»K"* ka * . • tola. He U Aiwaya !• til aralth ••4 ke »aNla *m« (• Jennef laat < If ke ahoaM vie, Ike aeevrlfT nlie - ha* ««w a>ay >af ke ol loaF dara* ^ t1«M. flbe ta akonl to ce t« *ee • c erraM« I l.r 1 VI pwhed open the thick glass door and as it receded with noiseless restraint behind her. ace was assailed by the unmistakable smell at the hospital— jsx grisly potpourri of ether and beef •roth and antisepsis. V Th* «*<* bag-rode the halls phaarirn i warning 6nger under ibe noeea of the well ones who .walked. Jennet's high heels beat pwt • congratulatory rythm on the •tone: two shorts and two longs 'two shorts and two longs, "you wont get me, you won't get mee \jaar *, when she entered Dr. Pelletier's teputment, the eye< of waiting /patient* who had tired al estimating each other fastened nakedly on her. She fidgeted «t the desk ;whUe her name was relayed to the inner sanctum, aod she felt tbe flares widen with hostility ts she hbeyed the summons. "Go right In :,Mrs Logan." She apologized silently to the legs that were pulled in fof ber passage: "I'm not 1 wont be * minute.* "How *n you, JennyT Come to, «ar.« tn. de«r" Walter Pelletier"; greeting ooomeo trom lin? *ha VOL) BEEN WINDOW SHOPPIM'7 NEVER CF BELIEVED SUCH A CLASSY PAMG \VOULD EVER. ASK SUCH A SLOPPY BOWl AS VDO TO &O WITH HERJ WELL, I'M ONTO rr NOW--SHE . AST ME ALOWS TO LIFT HER UP SO SHE COULD LOOK OM TH' COUNTERS--AN BOX IS SHE A LOOKER/ POOR VANDYKE/ I \i HOPE HE HAS PLENTY OF FOOD AMD WATER / BROUGHT A BLAWKET (AND HE SHOULD IUVE OkE-SALT TO LICK ON, "KlKEep HIM WARM! / L6RD/ — HE MEEOED THIS H1M SOMb" SALT— OMIY 1 FIGURED THiT WITH ALL TIIE JUWVCHE8MS- Benefit by Reading and Using Courier Ncwi Classified Adi VOU'BE BI6HT, PCC . THINS WE THOUGHT wa* A A1ETEOE (SOCKET... PKA&&ED AFTER V$ &y A FEW ' iVOT L VCK. FATE. WE HEEDED WEAPONS... TUT, WEAPONS WEKE HCKf. HOW THAT IVf HAVE THEM, WE WILL BLAST WELKIN TO DirfT. THE TKIAN6LCK DAMAGED WECANNOT 6ET HOA\f.TH» HULL. HAS NOT ENOU6HFUfL. I "Why not get married? I'm going to b« drafted anyway I 1 opfnet> rue fLYIH& TB1ANGLE AIRLOCKS. »tore than a third of the pro vince of Saskatchewan is forested PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith ZOO E. Kentucky Ave. Phone 2665 BUILDERS SUPPLY V 2 Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! YOU SEE, CARLYLE, THE EARTH EXERTS A CONSTANT PULL ON EVERYTHING! IT'S A SCIENTIFIC FACT WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN! HOW ABOUT PRICES JUST RENT A CAMERA m* M9LJR BROTHER, WHAT'* OM VOUR AMND, TUB? THI* STORY ABOUT THE ViAl-JDEWATER HOME BEING ROBBER >DU SUY& P1D rrl I DREAMED UP THIS P&O.U OF WORK1NS . OVER THE 8I& HOME* ON PHONY N1SHT* AND vou KNOW rr. SO CLEVER 1OU MU&CLED IN AMD THEM SQUEEZED ME OUT. NOW J WANT BACK IN- Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S OHi DEft,R.! \1W COWVIWCED WHY MOT STOP \ NOW HE'D WOID 1W...PERHWS 5CEEO UP (kNO 9kS9 ME.THEN WW FOR US OH.OHl HERE X BUT WHY WOULD HE IS! HE WAITED UNVOTE FOLLOW U5? YIOMDER. F [T MAS AMYTrllHG TO DO WITH THIS OKAY, WE It STOP HERE FOR GAS. MtJtT. 1 THERE HE IT MW BE OWIY f. COINCIDENCE THAT THE 5AWE CAR H&.S FOLLOWED Vf> FOK/HE SLOWED OOWkl A BIT". 8UTHES NO! HIYv AMD FIMD OUT WHAT HE DRUG STORE CAR BEIUG REPORTED STOLEN? 2006 West Main Phone 3647 EASY •SLOWS TO A, SfOAIL'S PACE.eur we DOE 6 said with resuscitated charm, "and since he promised to return your paper today, I'm doing messenger service. Hell phone you tonight about it — or he's home ail day U you want to reach him, Vrozn what ae told me— «.l'd never understand it in the original — your radioiodine cocktail for heart trouble sounds terrific." "We're hoping « wfS be," Dr. Pelletier said. "The Idea isn't new but the treatment is. Some years ago. trie removal ol the thyroid gland was suggested for cardiac cases — to take the strain ofl the heart. Well, that was a pretty radical measure. Kow we give TAKE LESSONS TO) I GOT TH' DIALS SET.. I'M ALL BET/ DO/ WELL... OPENAZIPPER, /ALL YOU DO IS CLOSE VOUR STUFF.'J UAV>wSEE, Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day RUN A GADGET /AKT THEN OPEN THIS TH' SIZE OFTH- / ONE LI'L Ot: SWITCH; BIS DIPPER? OKAY.' PL ON THIS.- YOUSAY/ paper cup. Tastet like water, looks Speedometer REPAIR is part of our extra One Day Service — All Cars & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Chryster-PlymmUh Dealer P.I E. Main Phone ' Dr. Logan's Wife ?•'•& 1jK3' f ^. . G«in«» Km Grt~. tor), tvfhm HMM, NfA SCRVKC, Iw- of m l«rgc triangular mustache. His black, thick eyebrows arched ndependently of each other and big round *yea. always nalj- covered by Dig round droopum lids, contained the promise that ere at [east all wisdom would be interpreted humorously. Of all th« tafl. Dr. Pelletier was probably the most loved — by catientg. •mrses, and the doctors themselves le was a lioo at • man, irile. fxiU of the homilies and bromides of the country doctor. "One jut at one die of something," be was fond of saying. - . He reached for Jennefs hand and held It between his Large hairy ones- "You two young people met ast night," he said, nodding Peter Surinov, who sat in the corner on the other side of the desk. a a a JURINOV pulled hi* txxry a * Inches out of the chair to a crouching position. His face was dark as wet hide against the white coat- "Yes, hello." he said with a lack-luster which so disappointed Jennei that for a moment she felt stunned. Had she expected * reflection of the accelerated beat at tier own heart? To punish them both, she (or naving overreacted to the shine ol his night-lace when it had been turned full on her, stfx) he tor not having remembered tbe shine at hers, she frosted Mr. "How do TOU do. Dr SunnovT" and prepared to NevenheleM. sh« Ifnorc him. accepted Dr. Pelletier's proffered clgaret «nd lnnal«d the first drag ac if she WM sucking a balloon •'Peter's lusi ocen telling me of an interesting experiment wanti to try with me. If bia hurjcb le right, w* may ba able to pi Mart people trurn the eflects of the atom bomb. What's on your mind, my "Giu cos. a cola, gaius," *oe| these patients paper cup. Ta; Like water, has no smelt Painless. Bui it's potent stuff Goes right to the thyroid, destroys the tissue *.b:r2 and in that way rests the heart, helps power." He turned to Surino*. "There's a lot we can do with rbe atom, if the atom doesn't do for us first, eh, Peter?" "Oh. let's not mink about that," Jennet said. "I refuse to face the possibility at another war. I won't keep you, Walter, your roomful of patients, a lovely time night," SURINOV stood ap, crowding the small room. "Ill get back too. Dr. Pelletier know when the shipment coma* la. Dont know why tt'i ate." Dr. Pelletier nodded to hi« two visitors as they left Jennet Held her bead high as Surinov toUowed her out. In the corridor be laid, "Are you In a hurry, Mrs. Logaa? if you cafe to. Ill be tlad la mhow you the lab Thing! are a little slow today became the havent arrived." "Well, 1 ..." Jennet struggled with the desire and th* reiuciaar* to escape the uneasy she tell in nis presence and then, bavlnf hesitated, la refuse acwaied rude. "1 really hnvant t*a nocb time—bat well, yea, I fueaa like to—very much. It's mca you." (To Be

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