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(DAkkubiiJTributtf Mav 18. 1966 11.A FUN TIArlE f' I I jy 1 1 By A. LEOKUM African Violets oh Weekend Display Chuckle Box Daughter: Mother, which hand you stir your coffee with? Mother: With my-right, dear. Daughter: I stir mine with a spoon 0 0 0 "7 HELLO PALS-Soroe of our poets today are students of Oakland's Prescott School. They chose springtime as their thoughts about it.

The African Violet-Societjrof size and color. In all, there will be 2 classes in three basic catego- the East Bay will hold its seventh annual flower show this weekend at the Lakeside Park 1 How about you, boys and girl? I Teacher: Bobby, how do you I'm sure all -of like this-beautifui tmie-of the year ppeu Mississippi? nr. Qjp youmean At 1 IM CabiJAa Mi Garden Center- nu eux uic uuncis aim giccu uiu tuuiiuj, 11 a sw I ctato tha rivorT -i II 1 IJ xl -41 i mh-h. i'V From 2 to 7 p.m, Saturday ijo you ukc uus Deuer man oiner seasons: Hnw ahniif artnal snmmpr with, yaratinn time? p.m. Sunday, members of the society will lecture on violet -My-Favorite-Subiect- in School" What subject do you like best and from 10 a.m.

to 6 p.m. Sun-'-dayrhundreds-of-planti will be display to the public as well as in competition for awards as growing to inoae mtersted. Registration competitive entries is scheduled for Fridav Do you like autumn or fall with all the colorful leaves and Halloween? And, of course, winter with snow fun andlhejwonder-urfi6Tyas6nTs7ertooT in varied as ffieTilooms. letter about it and you may win All have something to like about them. But which The theme of the show is arl5-volume set of Bntannica Center building and is limited to members of the Violet Society of the East Bay.

Cochairman for this year's show are Mrs. Glenn D. New "Violet Majesty" and the plant best depicting the theme will iy the Past President's Award a silver plate. Judging of the plants will be is favorite? Let's hear from you about this. 7 JusfjmryolifeWtt Then send them to AUNT ELSIE, The Tribune, P.O.

Box 509, Oakland, Calif. I'll be very glad to get them. So now PALS read on and see what you think. Prize winners are Sandra Kirk and Pamela Kaneshige. ton, president of the society.

made on the basis of symmetry, I and C. Anschutz. LLl 1 -i iiTi, f- i lilt Junior nrp r- BALES WATERS HER VIOLETS FOR WEEKEND SHOW Watching are Mrs. George Politis, left, and Mrs. Glenn Newton SPRINGTIME i Patricia Jackson, 9 Tears I can bear the birds singing, I "can bear the church bells ringing, Jt is jusyhe year, That most people feel is most 4 k7.

tant: entries must be addressed "Favorite "Fun Time," Dept "OT, P. 0. Box give TO your name, age and address: Drug Cehier7 4 Win th trlttimica World Aflat YMrbook of Evtnts. Sn4 nw rttdld, iekM tot RMtftar JokM, ''Fur Tlm," Dtpt. OT, p.

O. sex 711, Wtttport, Conn. Today's wkinar Is: ttaurMn Connolty, 11, wit A Opened at Eastmont On Historic Windjammer nocKsviiw, n. i. A combined Safeway drug former assistant manager of the Question Box How Do We See Ourselves in a Mirror? ouuci aiuic ill uuuuu, iuc supemarket-wbe center and supermarket officially opened today at -and Bancroft avenues in the new $20 an opportunity to enjoy NaDa dear, Now let's hear the springtime Tell us of this pleasant glory, Springtime, springtime is here, Have a good time all the year.

I i TIME THE WATCH Armstrong, 9 Years little boy, named Motobum wanted a dog. One day an old man dropped atnagic watch. little boy saw the man drop his watch. The little boy picked it up and then it started to talk. The watch said, "Whatever.

million Eastmont Mall. Once again Wards famous Thursday night Family Dinner at Wards in Oakland. E. 14th St. and 29th Ave.

TRY IT TOMORROW NIGHT! 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. 2ND FLOOR COFFEE SHOP CHOICE OF: 1. Oven-Fried Chicken-Almondine 2. Choice Roast Beef Au Jui with The shopping center is being Phil Chiu, 10 Years I'd Like to Fly Way Up There Sandra Kirk, Years PRIZEWINNER Spring brings many a thing, Spring is when you hear birds sing, Spring is when the animals, Come out of hibernation, Birds come back from constructed on the 33-acre site When light strikes a surface it is either absorbed (taken in), or reflected (b back). A mirror is a smooth surface that by Roy Lubratich, most recently a Safeway market manager in San Leandro.The two stores will have 97 employees.

The supermarket will havt a complete in-store bakery and snack bar. Operating hours are 9 am. to 9 p.m., Monday-WednesdayT 9 formerly occupied by the Gen Valley wines and famous French cheeses aboard a historic windjammer next Wednesday, May 25. The Association of Catholic newsmen will hold a wine-tasting soiree on the museum ship Balclutha to finance its Mc-Quadejnd Tappe Awardsfor eral Motors Chevrolet Assembly plant. reflects light What happens is quite simple: The two Safeway units and a Firestone store occupy a 66,000 a JiLto 10 p.m..

Thursday-Sat- lightisjeflected from a mirror in about the same way that a square fdoti)uildingftherstitoi outstanding ressr radiond4V on urday, and 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. you want I will get it for you. "I would like to have a dog, the little bov said. rubber ball bounces from a Sunday.

be completed in the new mall. Civic and Safeway officials conducted ribbon-cutting ceremo Vegetable-Whipped Potatoes-Green Salad Dessert and Drink (Child'i portion of reportmg. Visitors may explore the ship berthed at Pier 43 in San Francisco and enjoy savoring fine wines on its deck between 5 and wall. If you throw the ball straight forward at the wall, it will come straight back. If you little watch started In the spring there are lots of swinging his big hand around.

kites in the air, then right in front of Mo- How I would like to fly up throw it at an angle, it wul nies this morning. The parking area for the Safeway Firestone, store will accommodate 836 cars. The drug center will be man bounce off at the same angle in Screen Glare NEW YORK-White is seldom worn before TV cameras since it causes a glare. Pastel colors are generally used. 7 p.m.

when the sun is under theyardarmrThe event is open to all adults. Tickets may be the other direction. tobum's eyes he had aJeasb in his hands and the leash was around the dog's neck. iThen Motobum was never alone again 0 0 0 purchased aboard the ship. aged by Walter C.

Hutchinson, -there. 0 0 0 IN THE FUTURE Michael Louie, 9 Years I am now 9 years old. When, I become (he age of 21 I might get a job. When light strikes a mirror at an angle, it bounces back at an equal angle in another direction. The first angle is called the angle of incidence; the sec 1 3-MY mi LAS mm ond is called the angle of reflec- WVipn opt a inh mirfii he working for the UiQneJwonglej5ajaiwa; equal water company or even the tel The mirror you usually use is called a plane-mirror, which means it has a flat surface ALWAYS FIRST OUAUTY Curved mirrors do not produce true images, but distort them.

A mirror consists of a piece of ephone company. -1 think getting a job is important. First of all I must get to work on time. And second I must get to work and do what the boss says because-if J- didn't- the Jtoss might fire me! .000 KITTENS glass with a coating on -the back i made of silver nitrate. The sil r-hacklng-keepsfte-llght in from passing through the glass.

Bill Garrison, 11 Years It is the actual reflecting sur face, while the glass is just to protect the soft silver from scratches and tarnish. Susan Hunt, 9 Years Our neighbors have, two cats One of them stays over at our house a lot Today she came into our den. She got up into the rafters! She had kittens We think there are five kit THE MAGIC TTE Jul Darby, 8 Years There was a magic tie and it had no name. i Everyone called it Do Not because it didn't want to do anything. i The people said he was a bad tie.

No one played with him. tens! Shewill-probably- keep-ber -tDo-Not-wa sad because one liked him. kittens up there for about two One day he was in the woods. weeks, to JtEG. 299.95 T' (ELlS) jiljiM CUSTOM 15-CU.

FT. 2-DOOR 1. Completely frost-free Wliuge copoe'rty refrigerotor orid In the 'la''' V- i big 140 lb. toe-top freezer. CJwosew Now imagine you're standing before a jnirror.

light rays strike your body and are reflected from it. (This is the way we see things. You are able to see objects because light rays are reflected from These light rays strike the mirror and bounce back to your eyes. So you see a clear image of yourself! But in a mirror you look as though you are really behind the mirror. The image you see is called a virtual image, because the light rays seem to come to a focus behind the mirror.

You also see yourself re versed. Your right hand appears to be left, and everything else is reversed from one side to the other. We are so used to seeing ourselves reversed in mirrors that we are usually surprised to see what we really look like to others. If you want to see yourself as people see you, place two plane mirrors at a right andle and look into the angle. Win TM lS-Votomi rltimlci Junto t.

cyclopMdia for tcnool imI nomt. Send your qutttlont. nam, apt, address to ''wi Dap. OT, P. O.

Box .711, Wastport, Conn. In casa of duplkat questions, tn author will doetda ttta winner. Today's winner b)i Sandra King, 11, Sandy, Utah. Copyright, IN, A. Leokvnt A little princess came there and saw him.

She was a kind little girl. She told her Father, the king, about Do Not. king brought him to the castle and gave him to a guard. All at once Do Not turned Into a princess. The king let the princess marry the guard.

And they were very hap- 0 0 0 ANEW NOSE Manuel Campo, 9 Years 'i have a puppet. His name Is Puppy. I like the puppet I made hira myself. He is funny. His nose is made with a car ooo ABOUT A PUPPET Cecil Grimm, 8 Years There was a puppet who lived In a house.

His name was Jimmy and he was very poor. He said that he would work for his parents" So he raked the leaves. Then he said' he would go next door to work. He got ten cents for doing the work. And then 7.

he bought something he wanted. i He bought a coat! 0 0 0 BIRDS EVERYWHERE TonlMobley, 9 Years rot. Puppy has many friends. I hope the children are taking care, Of the beautiful robins every- His best friend is a rabbit named Tommy. Tommy likes carrots.

wnere, One day Tommy ate Puppy's I see the birds way up high, nose! LZ They are flying In the sky, Then Tommy gave Puppy an- The birds are flying every-other carrot for his nose. where, Puppy is now very happy be- Their melodies are filling the cause he has a new nose. air. MmM i -'rn erator Rf. 269.95 REG.

199.95 PENNCREST 504 LB. UPRIGHT FREEZER Lifetime-beauty of double-porcelain Inner liner, won't rust, chip or peel. msr. No down payment only $8 a month! ice service. 4 refrigerator shelves, (Zslide out), 4 big Word Game Althorn (Althorn: ALT horn.

An instrument of the-saxhorn family.) Average mark 25 words. Time limit 35 minutes. Can you find 34 or more dic-t i a wordsjn "althorn' '1 TheTist morrow. RULES OF THE GAME; 1-Words most be of four or more letters. 2 Words which acquire four letters by the addition of such as "bats," "cats," are not used.

1 Only one form of a word is used. 4 Proper names are not used. YESTERDAY'S WORT ATTAINING again i taint ting -anti tain natant A angina tang gata anna tanta gain anta tinting gait, attain titan giant taiga tiU gnat Big 14-cu. ft. capacity! Cold control adjust to twenty below zero for flash freezing.

Has magnetic door seals on all 4 sides plus door lock for extra protection. Hurry in to ovt! door shelves, egg-nest, dairy bar. Fantastic value ot this low price Hurry, this price goes back up to 269.95 on Monday. No down payment, $1 0 a montM San Joso San Francisco Berkeley Downtown 2190 Shaltuck Ave. San Jose Downtown First and Santa Clara Shop Thurs.

and Fri. nites 'til 9 p.m. Oakland 06 Washington St Shop Thurs. ond Frtnftes'ti19p, Hayward, New Southland 340 Southland Moll Wcstgato tx Saratoga and Campball Ave. 5th and Market Sts.

Shop Mon. and Thurs. nites 'til 9 p.m. I vi Shop Thurs. end Frl.nltes'ta9p.m.

Pamela Kaneshige, 19 Years PRIZEWINNER A NII-McCNrt Srndtcatt Mtre.

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