The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1951
Page 6
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' PAGE TEN BLYTHJCVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallv rale per Line lor consecutive f rtlcm: Household fiirultiirr. practically new barealn. 116 F. Atoultrir ttr, 7.2.1 pit 29 Hound oafc tfll>!e-?6" <i1am<n<T' ] I floor lamp; 1 tnh1«- liimpji; 41^, x € ruus . Ph. 4405 fl 2 B ' j pti. 44ns, 7,3 rl( 2{1 i ih*r top ' *. Jikr IM- 7.21 pit Mil 1 time U«T hne ............... . lie 2 times pel Uni* pnr day ........ J2c 3 Ilinrs p«r line p*r dny ...,,. 9r 6 limps jior 11 DP pp/ fJay ....... 7c 12 limes per Line prr d*)' ....... .Sr Month PIT line ...... ftOc Count tlve Bveras«! worrtc to the Hue Art orrirrfd for ihrrn or six times tint! e[oppe<Vt>[-fnre exptmtlon a'111 IIP chnrB- I niflrk mnle rocker spanlrl puppy [ Ph. 3*1". 7,22 pK 23 | Hp|Wr*sr<t Ollvr-r trar-tor, rultlv.i- ror ktii<m>rfi. *\t\p deliver? rftk?. 1st |.WJ buy* nlk O-U AkCurit- 6^03. fo . jippparfd rmri adjustment of bill marie. All clHssKl^d advertising ropy eiib- mliird by pcr5ons rr.sldliiR ouiKltle ot Ihe rlty must he accompanied by r&nh. Rates mar easily be computed from the Above table. AdvonliliiR ordered tot li/fiEiilai In- ifitlons l*\ff. (bft one Urn* tRhlc more tlir.n onf huotrecl Insert ton ol *ny fUMlflca ad. AH ads are restricted lo Ihrlr proprr clBERlflratir>n Ktyte nrtrt lyjie. The Courier NPWK rrFrrvrs the rlsht lo «dlt or re]frt any fid.. Apartment for Rent \VATKRMK[X).\S t'f>rnf"r Ash nnft 1st. MHrps XSc r>prn Jl hours, K'-llcr 1 * r;nr IM l 27 pk 11 2 room (urn- apt. Elrctrlr klirhen, ! Ph. 3105, 103 \V. Ky. ? 26 P'< 23 • 2 rm, t»f. apt.. KRS equipment, con- j p]p only. Ull Ash. 125 pic 8,1 I,arpt* 3 mom Turn,., opt. and bath. VUUlttM: palri Rli-clrlr Kllrlir>n. :i07 N. Firs>t. Ph. 5P4S. 725 pV R 2 3 rm. nn(. apl •'- A rni. furn. npt.i also storapp room. Ph. 2103. 7:24 pk 31 UP TO $100.00 ! Allowance for your old re- I'riKcrnU)! 1 on/a new Kelvin-' alor. (ilillliroil lltied ilS ll<!Mlllll- ' sLivitur .f(>5. i B. F. Goodrich Co. '117 \\. Main PiioTic (i;i;il 7-27 ck 28 * PrdiRrprd Colllp puppks for sale. AKC $25 pacli. »uiu Moorr, Rox 1513 wii&on. Ark Ph. SMI. 7-^6 P v. «2 For Safe, Rco/ fsfatc housckerplnR rm. rh. 2<)?,n. 7j?3 pk 30 j . iinhir. apt. eoort Icrftllon. r«- e Tor perm, renter, call W25 7,23 pk B23 Fur. apt.. 4 rooms anil bath, electric refrlRcrator, gns equipment, Rood rurnltftrc. 124 W. Davis. Ph 3373 F. Blrnon. 7,5 ck If Modern 2-room fdrnlshed apartment Call 5fiA or 2SPS. 4|4 ck If Small npartnicnl.s. furnished. $8 up per week. Hedrooms |4 up single. 1.14 West Ash, ph. 2833. 5-2J1 ck If ClOKR In. nlrp 4 tooni find hath unfurnished npnrlment. Cla*. Ph. 2R12. night 2Sfi5. 1,26 pk 82 Auto Supplies . erne/ Services AtlTO AND rURNITURK LOANS Prompt Personal Service General Contract Purchase Corp IDA Smith 2th PI;one 6803 «;5 ck « Don't endansfpr ynur fnrnlly with (•ilklf tires—HUV LEE TIRES. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main und Division Phone 3563 12)13 cV tl Services Prompt. Expert Service On Commercial REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING J Ask ror FRANK WI5STALI, Charlie's Electric Service Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dsy ttrvlfer on Jewelry—3 Any* on watche* Bnrt clocXa. OuRrantred wor>t rtoni) by expert rcpf\lrn\en.. I^owfRt P PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE To»r S«^ on lh« bllnV? Kor ln«.l iett- Ice call Manager Carl Long nt BLYTHEVILLE Television & Radio Service 11.15 ck tl TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 3 now lirk-k slorcx and doc- lor's clinic-s, stuck of cuncriil, all new stoek wilh now modern fixtures, bath. Total around $2G,00. All clear of deljt. Kijiiily in building, $28,001). Out of state' owner will sell all at, the low- price of §2<),<><>0. Known as Rni'd Rnjiply Co. Owiini- 0. O. Reed, rluinc, Dell, 2731. .. _ ^L. _ flO nrrp fn/rn nrAr HnLf Moon 3 mom LOIISP, sm^ll hrtrn nnrl lennni hoiiAi*. n frnvcl ronil. p|i. «5ll. T 3S pk HI Good 5-rooin house and balh on North Rroadway, also 'I- i-ooin douse and bath on rear of lot. This house is only M years old and is good rental. This property is well worth the money and will easily G. I. Total price $7,500. Nice :i-hedrofini home wilh KRK heat, on lai'(?e lot in Country Club D-ive Addition, close to Central School, also new liijfli school. $1,000 to f 1,5(10 eash will handle; Balance ?Sl.fiO por month. 'Phis is an cxceptionnlly godrf biiy. Tola! price f8,500, See or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone 41 U Residence phone 25IIH 7-1G ck U They're Rarin' To Go! 1950 Ford '/i-Ton Pickup . . . and a m tali I y clean one—our low price. $995! 1948 Ford !;-Ton I'ickup . . . make ii heller trade al Phillips, $745! 1948 Chevrolet :! 1-Ton I'icknp . . . make a heller trade al i'hil- lips, $795! 1948 Chevrolet '//•Ton Pickup . . . make a lieller Irade at I'hil- lips, $745! 1947 Chevrolet . . . make a licltcr trade at Phillips, $695! 1946 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Panel Truck . . . make a better trade at Phillips, $495! Real Estate Farms—Cily Property LOANS Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe BWg. p],. Motor inmi)nnu • < : |IH:irHf t^J^.I.-MJ.fc * •* Broadway & Chickasawba Phon* 4453 YES, WE HAVE VETCH SEED PMA Certificates Accepted Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — Blytheville, Dial 2371 BOTTLE HOUSE FOR SERVICEMEN—The Senate Preparedness Subcommittee pointed to this house when it demanded that the Defense Department protect servicemen from being "shamelessly victimized by rent gougers." A Camp Breckinridge, Ky., corporal and his family at three pay $25 a month for this "home." The front a built of mortar and whitewashed whisky bottles, while the rear if constructed of several hundred empty bter.cans. For Rent 1 morn houKi>. tmr. I'll 6179. rrm- rnlrntly toci.tffl, 7,25 pk 8.8 3 twin uriliirnlstifld upl. with hsvtli. lose In Call 3309. 6 L 27 cK It Power lawn mowers for reul. M:IS(»I- Mower's the one I Isal nils Jill. Kate ?l.f»0 first hour, $.1.00 per hour thcre- iil'lpr. BJytlievillp Machine Shop "'" . Phone 282R 7-5 ck 8-5 Thorp were six nritlsh colonies in A'lstrfllln hi>fore they were unlt- Kl Jan 1. 1501 Mr itK-i' win, t |,|, f ,,ir, h,,,,,,c" i WalkiMi- l>;oi>OMllnn SI.1,0,1 "It'Mrr Ivviv. hrokrr rt!::v: ,,., Kr-rnp VYm.TalHiiil. 3-10'! i>h New unfurnished apartments. Ready for occupancy. 3 Inrge rooms—balh. Tiln floors, colorful decorations, floor funmeos. On hus line. -)pon for inspection. Rcason- ililr? rent. W08 W. Kosc. I'll, G023-GI07 21 pk 28 Ifnfurn. 5 rcnni Jioii5o with hilh. *?(>R C'nrk SI., Call Rrnvpr's Hrviv Simp, GW- •; 2:i rk .10 3 rm u nf. ho'JSP, pr Irate ha Mi. N*wif tin co rated. Dffilrah!" npl^hhnr- hcort. Reasonable to j-i^ht roiiplp. 37*i3 nflfT A p.m. 7 2fi pk 2P Female Help Wanted STARK 'I1MK — Kurn up to «on plastic pnrly demon. MARGY PLASTICS 4H7 Ollrp. St. l^ouls, Mo. 7 27 pk >« Lost and Found r:<'ll Charles BroRclon. fiM7-B284. Rc' Wanted Mercury. 1*9:11. Flint. Mich. New Monday. ,l<Hh: Ph. 7.26 pk 19 IN TIIK C'HANflKRV COURT, 4 rm. hou and 3 rni npl.. unfur npt. t»r rh. 4267 or p T lvnlr baih. 1> I STRICT, MFSSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Berlha ROWP Anrirtis, Ptf. -vs- Kcnncth Hnlierl Andruw. D(t. WARNING. ORDER The riofpndnnt, Kenneth Herbrrl Andrvis. Is warned to appear in this court, within thirty days, Rnd answer the complinl of the plaintiff, n^riln; ROWP Andruw. nnted this the 19 clay of July, IF)M. Tfiirvpy Mnrrif:. Clerk By Ruth Macne, D.C. Elbcrt Johnson, att-y, for pltl, A, S. Harrison, attv. nd lltcm. ?;20-2T H3-10 NOTICK OK GRANTING OF LIQUOR I'EKMIT NnTicr Is hrreb.v Rivpn that the o[ Alcoholic Hollywood Continued Irom Paye 6 radio £t at ion ami Susan is telling iJavirt why she—I mean Jane FJ-Oman—can bring a special leeling to popular sohgs. Suddenly Director Waiter Lang calls out; "Susnn's lips are definitely lou hot." This, gentle readers, does not nifan Hint Susan's pucker-uppers have bcrom*: lm> .sexy. l-ang is re- IcrrinR to the light shining im her lipstick. A Ow utrtikrs of the miikr- iip man's and Susan's lips are mi longer tnrriri. Il-'.s women, women, w o in e n, everywhere, over 200 of 'em, on the set n f '' Westwtu'rt ihe Wcmcii" a L MGM. Poke bonneteri and long- skirtart, they sit in a spacious courtroom waiting to he hucrview- ea by John Mclnt-yre and Roberi Maylor for a weMwnrd trek to California. A sigu on the wall reads: •Ladies, Come to California. A Grea t Country for M any hi g." The disuff-siders knit quietly a.s Henise Darccl .stale-s her reasons lor wishing to join the wagon train and Jind a hii.shami. When Ur-nise lias rtrliverer! dialog, I overhear a biojide exlra Sunday School Continued from Page 6 With pvpii grpatcr sternness than those of old time He denounced, the continuing .sins and social evils of His day. [f one doubts it. or minimizes the social,impact of the tench- ins of Jesus, let him turn to that cnUiloBue of "Woes" in Matthew 23. But Christ had no gospel for society that did not have its rise and ite place in individual hearts and lives, If there was one thing upon which Jesus insisted it was the value iind worth nf the individual life. It was the nut-standing message of the parable of (lie Ninet.y-and-Nino, or of the Lost Sheep—that and the fact, of God's persistent seeking of even one. In a democracy, particularly, that insistence jipon the value of the individual, and upon his respondbilitv, should never he weakened. .We are wont to define democracy in terms nf thr nrlf nf the majority, but majority decisions do not make anything wise, or right. The true basts of democracy is self-rulr, which means that every man is his own king. God help society when the king abdicates! TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS Remember, there are just a few day* left t« buy 195J (nick licenses. Thai's why now is tht (imc (• trad* to n lule model truck! • 1!H!> Chevrolet 3/4-Ton Pickup Truck in «xcellenl condition . , . $8S5. • 1950 Studebaker 3/4-Ton Pickup Truck . . . on«owner, low mileage . . . J945. • I'M9 Port) V-8 3/i-Ton Stake 'IVuck with 4-speed transmission driven only 14,000 miles . . . ?895. • 1!I1S Dodge i/j-Ton I'ickup Truck in A-l eondition . . . S7-I5. • 1<)I7 Dodsje Kz-Ton Pickup Truck . . . « real good one , . . ?oi)S. • 1!)17 Internationa! !' 2 -Ton Pickup Truck „ . . « d;ni(ty . . , $535. • l!Hfi Fnrd ^-Ttm Pickup Truck . . , t good cheap one . . . 5129. • I'M! Ford i/j-Ton Pickup Truck . . . (h« motor has been overhauled . . . $195. • lilfl!) Chevrolet !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck . . . this ont runs wood AND has exlra good tires ,. . $195. • HM-I Chevrolet lonjr wheelhase Truck with jfood lir«s . - . a nice-running truck .. , $495. Many more tote models to choose front. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phon« 457« violating Ihe laws nf Ihis slnte, or' other sute. rt-li\tivt to the sale! her arny , r . f nlcohollc hmmrs. spoils-, rlonn. On Main Cmiplc or ] Con! rol tins issued B permit. No. 641 ?fiY r i Mtrr 5 L"'''"'"""''ViTU'*"'! I '" No " rlrt s - RnKtr lo •' ;cl1 »"•* dts Plenty of Parking ' * J | tJiipirs np f ftHh hr.iMni; ji^nt j.iul Space Notice ! rp; H'v.:-riu>m .uul ntflrr f,' J7 | ... ^nd Ur-jrrt fall or A*rl'»- S (1 Lrdbottri. 31V Oak St 711 pi: 31 j : '-'1 • Washing Mru'hinos ropairod, I for Sa/c or Trade all makes. Blythevitle Marhincl r . n Frilorf T Shop Phone 'JS'JS. 3-(i rk If ! ^ ™ ^uir wuR n^v n'irs" 1 '" for i ( HK.V]' i vinmis or spirituous liquor* '"r rievcrnsre at retail on thr prpm- ^t\s dr.sriibcd as: 420 West Ash St.. WHAT ro no IN CAPF OK AN An- i ^v'l^'W. Ark, •jnKN'j' [[ vnui rr*/ in. d.inmiirti m | ^his prrmit iwurd nn the 1 rl.iy r, iMvkifiit hrrr 1 * ^nmcthln; vem ; "f -Tilly IDS!, H lid CXpfrC5 Oil (he linisiri kn«n\ Hnvirn.'ti svll) s \vr vixi « ^fl tlnv ol June, 1957. • r-r p nt ,,t l.h m, ,nv rp(mli work nf j ' Noficld S. Ww ^0-27 HUDSON SALES 513 East NtAln 1 4 13 CK tl i i .AWN »• o\v F:H ^:; u \v \SHI > HACHlNc, SRHVlff Pimupt .-^i)• rrvirr Sr, Hnhnl Oralntni Al r.'l ; Jami-nn nt call 57.ifi 62? ck ."2' For Sale, Misc. Private Rooms roiiflltlnn ph ^,19 [>fc 82 . Ruj- aluminum <;rrrnn wlnrtnw.i to j c. n tr' iif,. nr- nT vnui lirtiift In*',ail nv i B1111 -1 f r * Supply E n c f .S c * It Cnrker Pr>-,ntrl puppfr^. btnnrtr^ flnri bl^^Vs Call '~P \Tanlla .shrrfll L5c- Eiifk. " 73? pk 31 MlXNONVS T~v\ : !nl <! I! ivc r Shiners and Gold Fish. Crappie and Bass Si'/.e. Koaclics :nul worms. Phoiie "Ij.'iO :t^S K Main St. G. C. Hawks. 7-H pk 8-11 If you warn to sell or buy USED FURNITURE see us. Arnold & Goines JOB East Main Ph. fi357 2-26 ck tf IMS Olh-on R»p 8 o. New j.:ar«me7. Cnll Dirt; Rnhenj. S70C 7 13 c\ »f NK\V G1.F.NCOF-: MOTKL $9.00'"WEEKL'Y Insurance WAI.KKR IN.S'1R/\NCE (Ilcni'or Hotel Building IMionn l"i;(l I'M rr—Au!«—('a.^iially I'rotoclion at Low Cost .1. (!. "Holi" Barnes \\'. L. "Bill" \\'alker 7-H> ck If For So/o, Cors and Trucks Hf;c - KSHKR \YF.STKXn AtHC SALES Ph 427; n=t nnrl Kenwood \\> Finance NOTirE I'ruiMTsoii Bnrlgrt nf Frcpfnilitiirrs l'>2r(hrr With Ta\ Levy for Fisral V>;ir Uc^inniiiK July 1, I9S 1 !. to and Inrlmllng June SO, lft.W 'Y'tif Boiu'tt of D Ivor'or.*; of 8haw- T-«T Prnor-l l>isUict \'o. 10 n( Mi?- M'sippi Comity. Arknlisas, in cotn- A<-t inrj nf IDM mid of Amendment, N'rt. -40 to I he ConstiHUion nf the Sipfp of ArkanMs. have prepMrrd, -iimi'ovrd. and hnrby make public in.- prnpr<;rd biirlcel of rxpnicliturr.s ('•""crtlipr \vnh the tax rate a?; fo)- cicnrr.O Control. J2-100: Inslrur- i ri'>n. Sfil.OOO; Operntion of School ;-^'Honl rt:*n; atirt Ecjiiipinent, 5.inr)j. ; A'lvilinry A^rnrirs unchiriinB tran?- i T^'II i.TtiiMii, Jin.iSM): Fixed Cnarars. i >3.noo: cnmiAl Outlrtv, S3000; Debt "I I had lines, I'd walk right up there and I ell them that [ want lo gut married, too. And when they a*-kpd me my name, I'd 5ay Pegirjy Hopkins Joyce.' 1 STRONG MAN Da n Duryea, Ma ry A nder.^on, Bob Fallnii, jiewctnner Judy Brabaker and nine-year-old Gordon Gilbert are the principals before the camera in Arrowhead's "Chicago CalUiiK"—Dnryear's first stab at playing a non-hep]. The background 3s a small mo- rltsle shop and Director John Reln- liarrit Is having bin woes with young Gordon. Thr srrlpt calls for the moppet lo attempt to break away from Judy, but Gnrdon doesn't know bis own ulrrnjttli. "Carefully, sonny-boy.' 1 yells R^inhnrdt. ?.< 5-year-old Gordon al- nin-st bresk? Judy's arm. "She's only a grown-up woman," Application is for prrmit fn be issued for operat-ion beyinniuir nn the I d.iy of Aus;. ID51. and to expire on the 30 day of June, H)f>2. D. M. Mnnro Subscribed and sworn to before me this 35 dny of July 1931. Mrs. Marshall Bl&ckaid i Notary Public) My Commission expires: 3.D5J. WANTED MEN and WOMEN to follow leads on Hospital Insurant* (irt'^t demand — Good Pay When In the Hospital friends send! Flowers — We Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency 1 106 S. Hirst St. Blythevill*' t- "Everything In Insurance" At Lower Rates A. P. Olelrfc* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slnck Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Call 4553 M-12 H Cotton PIrVrr, laT* 49 modM ' 'li-k-rt Iru th»:i 50 halo BnrcBln Vhtallt OJa OO. Ph. 3634, Ds!! i 1,11 ck K i Insurance Protection \V. J Pollard Acon,:y PInniipfl Prntrrtitm 134 w A'h Pr GI .FN'COK HOTEL HUll.JHSfl _ *S .)t if for Rent, Miscellaneous Hnvpiial nprte. SR lX> jn-r mon'h whrrl rbalre. 5fi.0<i p rr niortth' h.ihv hrds, ifir«l pel month, var-jpim , :,^-if re. 11 on pf-r clay; wnvrr nnrt ptM^hf- j 1 (ci p^-r rlav WADB FUKMTliKK CO I'M "HP; CARL. PAUL man rn '.r* ir vosi'rp loofeinc 1*-, ! J*o provifie tor the rnrrpoin? pro«• 01 n?MORii F. R n*-a r.xir-! i>^-rri hudscL of rxpenrittdres 'be nr A noon r^Kn PAR H-'it ; MI\ IIC ) O f OuTrtoi.*; proposes n inx v«u trir tifst irariu m town I Vou 11 t , Xv pf 4n mJH _ ^^ (ax kvv ]n _ "I'idr? tile prr.^fni fontnunn** IP\ y f'T tlir rrliietnont of present m- rirlii^flnes5s. O.vcn this ?-T drty nf ,luiv. 1H.S1. f:n'l hi llnrnn--\ViE5(Ui Mnlnr Fhr»nr 10>fi Mcht 6 7(1 Help Wanted \\~h\\r wornflti or nir^n w<xnT rd «l's ra/c on A?h fttid (Jrnsdw.-rv Oil in r^OH. 7,17 c^= (f He/p Wonted, Male 7 »i-l nuirt nn-.-hAnlcs. hv O > T . Pral* •r. ConUi-l Btix I-O rn ConrlT ' .irri ot Sh^unre Scbo..l Dislriet N'o. 1ft of MisM&sippi County, Arkansas By K. B, Bell Pir,-idf]it aiui ,!. B. Wi^on Sperelar.r Federal Comnumicnl Lous • hf\s npflvly NOTK'F. Notice IP hereby Rivfln that fheun- derfrianert has filed with the Commissioner nf ncvpr.ncj: of the State of Arkansas for permit Lo sell and riispeme beer nt rrtnll on tho premises described as 3.V7 S, Division, ] Blytncville, Mi^i-^ippi County. 'l The niidersitrned states that he Is I a cifi/en of Arkansas, of Rood nirral[ character, tbat he has never been f convicted of a felony or other crime i involving mnral tnrpiTurtc: that, no| license to sell brer by the under-' sicncd has bcrn revoked within five years last past; and that, the undersigned has nevnr been convicted of; What Don't You Need? | OM rickety farniltirp, worn i clolhe*. fishInj; cfiufptnent ! Anything on tarlb tliat yon ; tlon't w^nl i» worth mnncy In Irarfcs anrt swup^ at H & M Sales Co. Rrl»K II down— | vou'll find something yon DO ales Co. IIT r. Main No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home ShrcH> fond w,is(e In sm^ll hits Washes It safrtj down (lie dra\n Simple as A-H-C. Fits almost any sink. See U to- rtsy at HUBBARD & HIM APPLIANCECO. 1,2', ck 6.1 radio authorizations outstanding. I SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shtaring up to U inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 SoHlh Broadway |>hont 2fi.M Choose A Horner-Wilson TRUCK! Toii'll tx- frlarl NKXT jear that you hoogM yoirr truck from Ilnrncr-WilMin. Choose from > hit sp|«lion or hte A older rrmdcl (rucks.. .ant) lr»de wilh the friendly pt, p |, hlre u serve you. TRUCK & TRAILER •49 Dodge 2-Ton Track Kllh 24 fl. Nnbers Trailer.. .Just what yon nt«d for hnulln); srrrt or soybeans. Trork has 800x20 lira— trailer ha.« new heavy duly a.vle. Wow! What a price! • '49 Chevrolet 14-Ton I'icknp wilh deluxe cab, radio & healer . . . har- Rain price, SSil.S. '30 CMC Ton Pickup with practically new (ires . . . very Inw mileajrc, now only $950. • 'JS tnlernaliona) l"/j- Ton LWB Truck with praclically new hc<i . . . S2S\20 new (ires. Save now. • '.in Forn 1 V, - Ton Pickup . . . clean as a pin? It's CLEANKR than a pin , . . now jusl 5795. • '49 CMC 3/4 - Ton Pickup* wilh rack, an im- tisually nice truck with new tires. A bargain. • '18 Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup in perfect shape . . . has deluxe cab & new tires , . . ?S75. • '-18 Chevrolet I'/,Ton SWB Truck. The best buy in Blytheville! Has new molor, 4 brand new tires. Deluxe cab. • '16 Chevrolet l*/ t Ton L\VB Truck. A per- feet truck for farming— has good tires and a new molor, HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Denier Used Car Lot ... 300 East Main Street

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