The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1951
Page 5
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BI.rntEVTU,E, (ARK.) COURTEK NEWS Arkansas Newt Briefs — CIO Threat to Destroy Paper Told in NLRB Strike Hearing LITTLE ROCK, July 27, W—The National Labor Relations Board hus been told lllat an officer of the CIO AnU'rit'ari Ncwspajx?r Guild once tlucatened to "destroy" the Arkansas Gazette. Tile NLRB is hearing charges of unfair liiuor practices against the Gazette, the result of the strike by ''3 newsmen and 10 circulation em- ployes in December, 1949. The strike ended three months of unsuccessful efforts by the union and company to negotiate a contract.. Robert S. Liniisc-y, a Gazelle attorney, took the stand last night at Ibe. first night se.sslon of the lengthy hearing. He attributed the statement to Sam B. Eiilinnks, former executive vice president of the guild. Lindsey said that at a cotifcrciicg he aticnded after a strike of 33 Gazette, employes had started, Eubanks told Editor J. N. Heiskell Utat if the Gazelle did not settle tlio strike the Guild would have no recourse "nxccpl to nmke every effort, to destroy the Gazelle." , Negro Executed for Slaying of Deputy Sheriff TUCKER PRISON FARM. Ark., July 27. Ml—Aubrey Smith. SI- yew-old negrp, died In the state's electric chair here Ihbi morning alter admitting again that he had slain St. Francis Oounly Deputy Sheriff Rj\y Campbell nearly a year ago. Just before two charges of electricity took his life ut 6:05 a.m.. Smith was asked by Prison Sup!. Leo Henslce.: "Are you guilty of the crime of which you were convicted?" 'Hie five-foot, 11-inch Negro nodded hla head and mumbled: "Uh huh." Then he went to his death without ullcrhiK another word. Smith's last, meal consisted of fish, fried chicken, pork sausage. Kveuch fried potatoes, hot rolls, milk, cold slaw, Ice cream, coconut pie, cake and dill pickles. FRIDAY", JULY 2T, 1951 Saga of 'Bill/ The Lady Turtle SANTA BARBARA, Calif. —(/P)— t takes four hours, 10 minutes to eac'i Tacorna, Wash., by commcr- lal airline It takes 18 holies by car, avcrag- ng 60 miles an hour. It txx>k Bill, , lady turtle, seven months. No- »tly knows whether she went by he shortest route, made any stop- vers, or hitched any rides. Bill's amazing Journey came to ight when Santa Barbar police ra- cived a letter from H. p. Routs, f Dempscy Mill Road, Tacoma. It aid: "Dear Sirs: The Tacoma Jhambcr of Commerce tells me that i large turtle we found on the road e painted in red and white '119 Ashly Rd-' meandered here, could I?" VTes, Bill belonged at that address and the owner was pleased o hear she was safe. Plans were nade immediately to bring Bill back lo her grieving mate, Willie. DRINK IN THE DRINK—This billboard near Kansas City, Kan., lent on ironic Hood situation as rising waters crept up over the soil drink adver ronic touch to the tragic 'ertised. Conway Men Arrested for Posing as FBI Agents LITTLE ROCK, July 27. Of.'—The Federal llureau of Investigation afient here has arrested two Comvay men on charges of Impersonating FBI agents. M. Wilson McF'arlin, special agent in charge of Ihc office here, identified the pair as Woody B. Crafted, 25. and "Red" Brooks, 30. He said the men allegcrtly represented llu'inselvos an PDI agents lo a Faulkner County Negro farm family July 1. 'flic family complained that the men. after finding a bottle of whiskey on the farm, demanded »100 for a "fine." The complainants said they gave $2S to the men. McMath Promises a Road But Commission Differs JONESBORO. Ark., July 27. (/!>,—The Arkansas Highway Commission will award Aug. 8 o contract for paving a six-mile stretch of Highway 30, says Governor McMath. The governor said here yesterday that the road between Tilton and Fair Oaks in Cross County would \x paved. McMalh stopped here en route to Tilton to attend Hie opening of a six-mile stretch of blacktopping on Highway 39 between Hickory Rklge and TIHoiL In Little Rock, the Hi B lAray Department said no such contract Is included in the list of roads that will be up lor bidding at tlio AUK 8 meeting. First Animal Nutrition Conference Planned FAYEITEVILLE, Ark., July 27. W -Thc first Animal Nutrition Conference ever held in this state will be at the University of Arkansas Sept. 27 and X. It will b« ,por«ofod by the University College of Agriculture In 00-oper.tlon will, the Arkansas Peed Manufacturers' Association and Feed Manufacturers' Association. Purpose of the meetly 1, to assist feed manufacturers In improving the aualitj- o, feed tor livestock and poultry. textured speaker al the conference will b« Dr. r. M Morrison nutrition e^ert and emeritm chairman of the Department „( Animal Science at Cornell University. W7 1948 1949 1950 1951 POLIO ON DECLINE—NewKcharl above shows decline In polio eases that led Dr. Fay M. Hemphill to predict that there will be a little more than hall as many polio cases this year as there were in the peak year of 1D49. Dr. Hemphill, a statistician for the University of Michigan School of Public MtaUh, uld the total this year probably wouldn't exceed 27,000 against 1949's 43,000. Painting Skill Delays Sentence HOCKFORD, III. (AP)—A convict won another delay from circuit Judge William R. Dusher in a habeas corpus petition to serve his sentence in the -Wlnncbago County Jail Instead ot the Joliet penitentiary, all because he's handy with a paint brush. His attorney told the court tha man was "doing a good job of rehabilitation" In the county Jail. "Ht does good work with a paint brush," the attorney said. "It's a strange request," Judge Dusher commented. "I'll take it under advisement at least until thi painting Is done." A sparrow's neck has 14 vertebra t. FEED PURINA ALL THE WAY && from Chick to Nest f John Paul Jones Effects to USNA ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP)--An ey- <nsive collection of items once owned by John Paul Jones now belongs to- the U.S. Naval Academy. The i relics have been on loan to the Academy for several years and exhibited in the Jones' crypt beneath the chapel and In the Academy museum. The collection was formally presented to the Academy by Mrs. John L. Senior of Lenox, Mass. Her husband, lawyer and cement industry executive, had assembled the scores of relics as a. hobby. The collection includes the original commission of the country's first naval hero. Signed by John Hancock in 1776 and issued to Jones as "Captain in the Navy of the United States", the commission has been appraised at $50.000. Jones carried It, with him when he boarded th captured British frigate Serapls from his sinking ship, the Bon Homme Richard. Tn Cleopatra's day the women stained their nails with henna Unheralded Visitor MONTREAL <AP) — Louie St Laurent of Ottawa, holder of a $2.50 radio licence, dropped Into the new Harilo-Canada Building ko see how the CDC was spending his money. Few of the other visitors Inspecting th« newly-opened building recoxnlrcct the prime nitoislei on his Informal tour. .About 'JOO languages are spoken h: India. Army Disbands Negro Unit Mov« Endi Segregation In Far East Command WASHINGTON. July 27. l/f t — An Army decision to end racial segregation in ihe Far East Command Is writing finis to ils oldest—and last — Negro regiment, the 24th. DLsbantinient of the 24th was nn- nounccd yesterday along with a FtAtemenl thai, the integration of white and Negro troops in Japan. Korea anil Okinawa would be completed In sbout six months. An infantry outfit in the 25! 1> Division, the 'J4th Regiment has fought throughout the Korean campaign. Organized at Fcrt Me- Kavitt. Tex., in !86P. It won first batlle honors in frontier campaigns asJirMt the Indians and achieved its greateal fame as one of the j unit* which stormed San Juan hill i at Santiago. Cuba, in the Spanish- American War. 1 The Armt said ye.sterdav that the end of segregation applied only to! the Far Eyst Command. In other commands it has a number of all- | N'earo units smaller than re*iment.s. I which have about 5.0CO men. \ A quota system limitmsr the number ol N'ccioes serving in the Army! was eniltd last year by a prc.iden- ' tial order by executive order, i 1 equality of treatment and opjior- j tunily lor advancement" \\as marie \ Army-wide policy. ' NOTICE | I'ropnspd Itinlert of K\|>ciiclilurc* • Together with lav I.cvv for fisrnlj Year llpginniiig July 1. lfl?i?. to nii[l Tl>e Board of Directors of Del] i S-..hool District Nn. 2:! of MississirM I Cntir.ty, Arkansas, in compliance with the requirement? of Act -103 of 1551 and nf Amer.cimciit No. ^0 u> ti-.e Constitution of tlir state o: Ark^mns. have prepared, approved \ and hereby make public Ihc pro- i b"rii:el of expenditures U)- i getlior with the tax rate as follows: General Control. $075.00; Ir.-lruc- lion. $52.900.00: Operation of School BuiktinRs. SHOO,00: Mainlonancc of Schnol riant ant! Equipment. 3816.flO: Auxiliary Agencies lir,chldiiip tra'liijorlationl. Sfi500_00: Fixed Charse?. Si.500.00: Debt Service $11.130.00. To j>royiue for the fon'Poine proposed bud^oi of expenditures the Kosrd of Directors prompts .1 tax It-vy of 39 mills. This tax )»vy includes the present continuing levy for ilie retirement of present Indebtedness. Given this 27 day of July, 1951. Board of Directors, t»] School District No. 23 of Mississippi County, Arkansas lly M. R. Griffin President ar.d R, B. Crawford Sccrelaiy NO RHEUMATISM, HfADACHES, WEAK KIDNCYS ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMENTS, NEURITIS DIZZY SPELLS, NERVOUSNESS, BLOATING' f Energy, Ity, aifflplcM Nlnht.-i. UiuIcTwolRhl Irrltnhlc, Und Complexion Rnct BrtatU, Ftcnitent KLiliig at Night. New Life HOW LONG HAVE YOU SUKKI'RKD Troin Ihi'M- rmi ,. pbinls? llDgnrcllcss of wliiil you have lrie*l In the imst, nr how lony you liavr init tip with llu-se ailnicnts. you can nmr lm;w for rvllcf wUh HOl'i; MfNKKAL TAI1I.KTS. In just a fitw days, y»« u-ill s<-c (lit waste, Iir.ACK AS NIGHT lir- S"i I" leave your hnely and you "ill feel the rcltrf nml won- droti.i change. nun-iint NATIVE MAS ni.ENUKU (racrs of flFTKKX dilTi-rrrtl nn'urrals in HO IT AIINEKA1. TAIILKT.S. M'hrn uchrs nnrt pains Kfl yrm down, perhaps yunr hoily is trying tn trll you i( nerds (host 1 minerals. Hope Mineral will net down to the root anil will start your hizy nrRans wnrhinx auatn. It will briny hack powers yuu thniight you liad lost. Free Your Body UOl'K iMINEKAl, will rnrlch your lilntul, sive yon pc-p and energy, and will help your hotly dri%-e out poi.^nnus \vaslr! The warm rci! i;ti>w of hralth ivill he in yntir checks and your eyes will .sparkle atrain. HOl'K MIXI'KAL Is not lihr oilier products Ihat ijive yon a l:irpe dose of ALCOHOI, jusl 1 0 .Cive you a temporary lift. The^c Minerals are not tn;in n in tic minerals. l!o[w ^tinenil is l.iTien from Ihc earlh from X.i- tnre's \Vnik Shop. l( contains only Natural inlneial.s, no dopes, no nils, and is not habit forming. TAKE NOTE OF VOUH ELIMINATION* a few riivs afler usin^ IfOl'E MINEHAK When the black waste begins to Iravt your hody. do nr*t lirrtnne alarnicri—(he minerals are dn- \ng tlirir work. When >oar or- K.ins are free of waste and im- pnriites. yon will hegin to frrl relief. Then hp thankful \, 1U have Imally found HOI'I; .Ml\. EK Al.. Nature Cures DOCTORS WM, I, TKt I YOU. It talios Gnil ninl Nalurr In lio Ilic real aurf final cnrin? AlorR ami more, Ihoy turn (n nature for liralinff. They me fi ralnral mold itroulli fci mix? prniciliin, Iher liave foiinil lhal raw onions will kill tur(er!a Thes* and f^cndrcda ot other Colon lllustrationi . ROCK L-KE IMPACTIOM IN • DESCENDING COLON AHNOHM.U. COLON. n CM -., re of tills co lUlou which mnj load ID cainpliratlont. NOBJI.M. COLON'. MlntrMs will help kl.,. n^ muKlrs ot yotir colon ntm and healthy. csamplrj prove lhal Nature Provides. All vie have lo ilo is use what she otTcrs. WliKX YOU AKK DEATHLY TIKEI). na^c no atiiMtion, nervous, Irrltahlr. liavr no apprtile and can't sleep at nigM. TAKK HOVE MIXK1JA1,. When jnn liavc no eolnr and yon fed anil look old tic-fore your tlm« and life seems to nave no interest for you, your body ro»7 bt craving these niillcrais. Guaranteed flo to your drujf store today And jret » nlllr of Hope Mineral Tablet.!—use. ll and if you arc nol MIRACULOUSLY satisfied, we nill refund your money. 1 his majr he Ihc best Investment of yimr PR1CF. Jl.M KIRBY DRUG STORES Start 'em on STARTENA, Grow 'em on GROWENA! Purina Growena with "Formula 1028" added, is built to grow big, fully-developed pullets that are ready for the nest in 20 weeks. This means more eggs, bigger eggs this fall. Order your supply of Growena today! L.K. ASHCRAFT CO. Railroad & Cherry Phone 4493 for Hollar Oitiiac Lquipmtnt, accessories and trim illtislmtcd are tubjeet la change idlhoul noltee. You CouIdn *t Mahe a Smarter Buy! B EVOKE you mnkc any kind of deal on a new cnr, remember this: One of the most important things von buy on <»iy ncir cur is its name! Just think for n minute what the I'ontiac name means: 11 means a car so thoroughly good it will give you years of carefree pleasure. 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