The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1951
Page 3
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PAGE FOUK Jane Sliellon, Society Editor Phone 4461 Former Resident to Claim Bride in Early August Dr. and Mrs. Chariot M. Smith of PavUs have announced the engage* ment and Approaching ftisirmsc of her sister. Lee Campbell Pennington to William A. Klilrcdgfi, .Jr.. tjf Llltle Roi:k, son of Mrs. Baki-r Wilson oi Blythev.lle and William A. Eldredge of Columbus, Miw. * The ceremony will lx- prrformpcl Aug. 4 At 1 p-ni. in the First Moih- odlst Church of Paris, A member of Delta BeU Sigma sorority, I he bride-olerl atlcmlrd Fort Smith Junior Collet;?. A graduate of Blythcville Hipli School, Mr. Etilmlgr was a participant In extra curruniliir activities and a member of I he Oik'kn.^.iw football tcnm.' A graduate of Die University of Arkansas, Fnyetiovillr he was president of Kappa Si^ma fraternity and a member of the Blue Key. He Is now practicing law in Liltle Rock, Mrs. Williams LuLerLains Bridge Club, Four Guests Whcti Mrs. J. M. William.-, ,Ji., entortalned the. Kibitzer Chin yesterday at her home OH West SVAlmil she Invited four guests also for tin- afternoon of bridge. Miss Arden Ferguson, Mrs, A. F. Jernti-an. Mrs.. Whitney Morgan p,nd Mrs. A. M.f A hrcath of siimrnrr-garden frc.slincss enhances (he (h;irm j of this yoinif wuni:in. who at\ ;u p hfs titiy sweetheart roses Lo j irr ears as lloral accent lur an i mporUnl i>vfiiin?. |Special Scent jFor Your Hair \ Is Final Bits of News ff/itif/ty /-^frJotiai Campaney, Jr., were Ihe gi guests. The entertain! UK room in which the afternoon was spent held arrangements of sumn 10r blooms in pale pink. Miss Ferguson Look (op honor-; for the quests, in the bridge same, Mr.>. Jim Smart led the club scnre,* Mrs. Williams served a dessert course. Out-of-town guests for the occasion was Mrs. Jenilgan who nin'<rs her home In Ashland, Ky., and is the of nor parents. Mr, and Mrs. F. B. Joyner, Mrs, Cam- jiancv of Shelby, who Li visiting Mr. anrt Mrs. J. M. William*. Watermelon Feast Follows Club's Weekly Session A watermelon feast yesterday followed, the weekly meeting oC the Thursday Rook Club when "Mrs. T. O. Huey entertained the group »t her h'ome. Dahlias and zinnias interspersed with greenery formed a summer bouquet for the entertaining room. Mrs. Grover Wren won high score. Mrs. Leon Scherer, second bi#h and Mrs. Cleo Wren, rooko In the afler- noon's ffflm«. ? • " * * Church ; Group Honored At Tompkmi Home Th« Burdette home of Mrs. Clirls Tompkhu last night was the scene of a «ocial honoring office™ and teachm at ihe Primary Department at tht First BaptM Church. Slimmer bloortu In an array ot •hadM were arranged about, Hie entertaining rooms used for the occasion. Th» hostese, who has recently returned (rotn a. Memphu clinic waj ihowered with sifts of handkerchiefs from her guests. Frosted drinks and party foods were served during Ihe evening of informal entertainment. By .U.ICI.A IIAHT M:.\ Sniff Writer Many women who like the .scent, •roiip'sjof flo-Aeis in Iheir tresses hnvc- ' sometimes found, to their cllsmny.i that the pi ires pnid for this fragrance Is dried-out or sticky hair. Perfume 1 makers Imve now come Mr. and Mrs. II. N. Smith left today for their hon>% in .lone.stooro nflor visilliiK here with their daughter. Mia. Winfoid Wyall and Mr. Wyatl. Mis. A. O. Shiuley it III ai her home on Kasl Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gentry and children will spend the weekend In nonncvlllc. Miss., as guesij of Mr. Genlry'ii sister. Mrs. Arthur Smith, I.I. Smith and family and his fa- llicr, Clovls Gentry. Mrs. Gentry. Mr. antl Mrs, James Harden returned hisl nlBht from a three weeks vacation in Charleston s. C., an Btlcsts of Mrs, Hiirden's sister. Mrs. .lark Oliver and mother, Mrs. Maggie L. nullard. Kn route, home they al'o vUitcd In Florida, Blloxj. Miss, and New Orleans. | Mr. and Mrs. l>. O. Rolluock and I -.on. 1'erry nre no»- at their new home at 1(50(1 VV. Walnut. They lor- [nierly resided Kt 117 E. Kentucky. | Mrs. David Harlon and daughter. j Kny of Calro]i, Mo., were Wednps | (lay Ruests of Mrs. Barton's par- enl.s. Mr. ajid Mrs. w. M. Hums. Mrs. A. M. Cnmuaney, Jr., and daughter. Kay will leave tomorrow lor their home in Shelby, Miss., alter visiting here as guests of Mr. and Mrs. j. M. Williams. >s Arden FciRilson has arrived Me university of Alabama, to thctr iiid with a product made especially for glorl/yint,' curls. This final Brooming accent Is neither oily nor Kmntny, jf s claimed, and It iiiuiart.s a lift of shine as u-cll as ftanrnnre lo your locks. The perlnnic is parkrd in n handy battle with an attached aiomiwr top. At the touch of your fingertip a fine mist spruys onto your coiffure; Since Ihe bottle Is hn!h spill-proof Tiis:caJ(io?a, w'hei-u she ix attending the slimmer session to he the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mm. Joe f-'eiKllson, Miss Ferguson will return 10 sdiool Ilils fall. Airman Apprentice William Joyner, F. is statione<t at the Naval Air Technical Training Center. Mllllniiton will be the weekend tuieM of his parentB, Mr. and Mrs P. ii. Juyucr. Mr. and Mrs. T. I. Seav and Mr. leak-proof, according lo i;staud Mrs. Paul Pryor left this morn- makcrs. it's a good traveler aa welll'n? for Lake Norfork to spend the (ARK.) COtTRrKW ITBTTl no longer ilis(r^sA«(l by .sun, since discovery nf cream lliat screens ultra-violel ravs from her skin. Cream Guards Sensitive Skins Against the Sun By AMCJA HART NF;.% .stHff Writer Tho^e ruir-skinned danuscl.s who- 'i'« unvi iiliiigly pluyed inai(l-in-il;e- shade while their linlcier companion s play ni beach, prx>l or tennis courts may find that they, Ux>. cati have fun in the sun (his summer. A product developed by a well- known company offers a new type protection to those whose Min-scn- b lock ing out the ultraviolet rays with blisters or varying shades of crlniJiDii. This cream, makers claim, forms an Invisable sun-proof screen by blocking not ihe ultra violet rays that caiLse burning. If your quarrel with'the snti Is serious—If Ihe bane nf yoiir- exwtence ii not Blistering but freckling—>ou nny still find this cream an aid in preventing the .speckled look Uml Is usually yours nt the season's enrl. Even If your skin Ls the hardy type that need no pampering, you mny find use for this product In maintaining the porcelain-while complexion ihat you favored for fashion's elegant mood la-st winter. FRTTUY, JULY 27, 1951 Baptist Youth Month Officers Named To Direct Services of th«"*Church HS a convenient stay-Ht-home your dressing t<ibte. Just Wrap and Bullon W, S, Longdon To Mark 88th " Birthday Sunday Fur the 181 h consecutive yenr. the blrdulay of W, 3. Lnngdon will lie mnrkcd by a Joint open ruid family reunion wlien he (or i weekend. j MM. Jnclc O'Kei>(e and daughter. j Darian of Memphis are spending j'thl.s week; In BlyUievitle »s guesls of Mr. nntl Mrs. W, M. Burns, j P. H. Hawkins of Columbia,Tenn-, is s-fsittiiK liis hroiher, R. L. Hawkins, and other relatives. P. H. Cutler is spending this week in Jackson, Ml.s.s., with his brother. II. H. Culler and Mrs. Culler, Mrs, Freeman Jernlgan and son. Freeman, Jr., have arrived from their home in Ashland, Ky,, Class Session in Home A business-social meeting was conducted by Ihe 12 members and one guest of the Dorcas Class of Cal- vnry Baptist Church who met last night in the home of Mrs, James Rambo. Prayer by Mrs. Ellen Conley preceded the business discussions led visit Mrs. Jernlgan's parenU, Mr. (by clas« president, Mrs. Herman ' May. Mrs. Fannie Lynn Bruce presented the devotional, after which Mrs. May led the adjourning prayer. Games In the social hour follow- IIIK were under the direction of Mrs. Wllma Alford. 'Hie hostess served refreshments. At Hie Hospitals Mo. observes'and Mrs. r. B. Joyner. ho^nt^'o'f , l ! lll 'i tla5 . * illnrtrl - v ^L V\ B j Linda Rayder and Ann Beay are The. annual event for ralatlvrs! Camp Rio Vista near Hardy. and frionris will be held from 1 toj Mr . n ,, d Mrs r ^ y Welch hav< . '*' 111 ' * [ rrtitrned from a vs'eek's visit in AHon, neliitlves arri^•^lig to join in the! III., and St. I.outs. While in St. fesnvilles are .1 drr.igiiter. Mrs. Wul-i l/>uis...they allr.nded the Municipal ter E. rt<'\nolrl<i. antl famllv of Ut-iOpe.iu- production, of Rogers and lie Rock; a dnuphter. Mrs. Almnj Hninmcrslcin's "Musical Fesllval." Smith of Alexandra. Va., n daugh-''Vliey also attended two ball games ter. Mrs. Ryron Uai tholomew aiuiUirtwcen St. I/iuis and Philadelphia. children. AMI fljul Chnrlw of Au-m-j .Marllin Ann Foster and Cera! Ann phis; n grandson. BUI Bartholomew.! Unit accompanied lihilda Lee to Mrs. Bartholomew and two sons of j Memphis today. Rhilttn had l>een Memphis: grandson, liay Revnolds.! suendhiB several days as guest of | Mrs. Reynolds and thiee sous of,(.'arol Ann. Martha Ann and Carol! Memphis: Kramlson. 5crt Drown i Ann will remain In Memphis tonight | °" .^rissouri. and Mrs. Brown: and pmnddaiign- for the MOAT production, "Princess Mr ' RIU| Mrs. Charles Nelson had ter Mrs. Alexander Browne n"d Mr. Pal." I 3S lnelr Wednesday quests Mrs. Browne all of Memphis: niece. Mis. j Mr. and Mrs. .James M. Barnes of 'Nelson's mother, Mrs. B. O. Ben- Emil Tipp, Mr. Ti|V,l nnd two dnugli-! Mcrn]ihls will be weekend juesls of|" tu and sis 'er. Mrs. Harold Jones ters of Poplar Bli.If. Mrs Barnes' parenls Mr and Mrs '' a1 "' daughter, Jane Ellen, of Car- Earl Damon. | lithersville. Mr. and Mrs. Houston Carter. Miss Leona Carter, Mrs. Clarence dimming* and sons, Clarence Wayne and Larry, and Mrs. Chartes Bill- Ingsley and daughter, Chariyn, returned yesterday from Chicago nnd Gary, lnd., where they were the llt Hospital >istnl**ed: Jewel Lf)Wis. Brag?adocl«, Adajiis. Tomato August has been designated Youth Month In the First Baptist Church and young people of the congregation will j«r« is leaden for various service*. Sunday School, Training Union, Men's Brotherhood, Woman'* Mission Union will be under the direction of the young people, who will also participate in Mid-week Prayer services. Youth Munth officers will he installed at th« Training Union Cmmcil Sunday at 6 p.m. At the Wednesday evening council-supper of the Sunday School, Aug. 1, Ihe Sunday School Yiuth Month olfi- cej-s will officially recehe keys of leadership. Approximately' 57 young people ol ihe Hapliht Church and Cha- uel Mission will participate in the month-long services. Officers will be: Sunday School: Murray Smart, geneial superintendent; Harry Ray Brooks, stneral secretary. Adult l>epartment,: Grady Magee. superintendent; Chester Caldu'ell, associate .superintendent and secretary; Harlem Monayhan, pianist. Voting People's Department: Robert Knight, superintendent; Kay Colston. a.,.-.o<;!!ite superintendent; J. I,. Wes.lbrooK, secretary; June SI ires, piftniir,; Billie Jane Rodgers. chorister. Inlt-rmeuiate Depnrtment: Mr.5. Orady Mugee, superintendent; J. C, DrcKe, Jr., a.'isoci^tt superintendent; Juluiny Buchanan, secretary; Millie Ann Mallory, pianist. Junif;r Department; Mrs. Robert Mcllaney, siiiierintcjident; Robert We.stlirook, associate suj>erinten- dent; Barbara Smith, secretary. Primary Department: cliffe Overman, superintendent; Mr.s. Billy Hyde, associate superintendent and sccrcitnry. Beglmier Department: Katlieriue Westbrook, superintendent; Billie Sue Burks, associate superintendent; Le',vis, secretary. Nursery II Department; Sllir- 1 e y Barksdale, superintendent; Mary Patricia Hobson, as-sociate superintendent. Nursery I Department: Mrs. Robert Westbrook, superintendent; Rosanna Cleveland, associate superintendent; Ramona Cra'ton, secretary. Baptist Training Union: Clovls Garnett, general director; Don Kerbough, general secretary. Adult Two Department: Mrs. Harry Ray Brooks, director; Beverly Jones, associate director and secretary; Millie Ann Mallory, pianist. Adult One Department.: Maxtne Hill, director; June stires, associate director and pianist: Patricia Regan, secretary. Intermediate Department: Harry Ray Brooks, director; Emma mam-hard nsscciale director and .•ecretary; Mrs. Ben Abbott, pianist. Junior Department: Maxine Overman, director; Patsy Bartholomew. associate director and secretary; Eiise Lewi^, sponsor; Johnny Buchanan, sponsor. Primary story Hour: June Buchanan, director; (Catherine Westbrook. associate rii- icctor; Peggy Ruth Zachary, secretary and leader. Beginner Story Hour: Lounel Overman, director; Barbara Oenninj, luoclate director; Betty Nell Tomllnson, secretary and leader. Woman's Missionary Union: Patsy Bartholomew, president. Men's Brotherhood: Jerry Berry, president; Jlmmjr Culbertson membership vice-president and chorister; Clovls Garnett, program vice-president; Jan Rayder, secretary; group capt«in.<: AJelton Sylvester. Wayne Crouch, Richard Wheeler, Denny Byrum. Freddie Mulllns, Jerry Halsell. Johnny Buchanan, Don Kerbough. Church ushers: Harry Ray Brooks, chairman; Chester Caldwell, Alan Berry, Fred Abbott, Peter Abbott, Rondall Johnson. J. L. Westbrook, and Robert Weslbrook. Chapel Mission on Lilly street: Rex Lovel! Sunday School superintendent; Gene Pierce, Training Union director. Juanita Overman, W.MS. Circle chairman, and Edward Peterson, Brotherhood president. The program was planned and Is under the direction of Hazel Brannen, educational secretary of the church. Coming Events Social Calendar DiipH( S.Ulinlj. Bridgn League playing at Hotel Noble. 1:30 p.m. Nationalization Opposed I By Burmese Newspaper RANGOON — M 1 ) — The "Bama Khit". a leading Burmese language newspaper, has editorially opposed the socialist government's nationalization plans, asserting nationalization !.i alien to the Burmese. The paper considered Burma's social, religious and economical environment are factors against nationalization B'hlch. It says, to be effective presupposes dictatorial methods In its application. The paper warned that nationalization, M forced upon the country, will bring only misery and dis- "alisfsvclion to the people. Aussie Version of UMT Slated to Start Soon CANBERRA (AP) — Compulsory training of Australian 18-year-olds for military service will begin soon. National Service Minister Harold K. Holt reported k> Parliament that 05 per cent of the 41.^'W eligible youths had registered for this first post-war compulsory callup. More than one-third of those registered had indicated preference for the Navy and Air Force, he said, but some of those would have to serve In the Army. A new 217-foot steel tower atop the high Empire State building in New YorV City, to be' used In television broadcasting, will enable receivers 50 miles away to pick tip clear pictures. STobleHowell Played by'League Hov.'ell movement D. (lie 1 was played last right at the bi- weekiv session of the Bridge League at Hole! O. W. M(Cutcl,tn and Mrs. \\ ChnmUlin look lop honors in Eaine. Se,-onrl pin re av.ard lent lo O. ?, Crowell and Jim R.ileson. Mr,-. Frank Ciricshy and Mis Foy F.'i'.iif- j-on v.ete ihlid place winner.". It was aniHKinu'd the ui'-'iiHilv ir.aitrrponu znnv- \vi.nlrf be priced lumcnrr.w nflernuoii nt 1:30 p.m al Il".e hotel. OPEN FOR INSPECTION 2011 Haorn Street From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Daily BEAI'TIFIJI, HOME—2 I.arg« Bedrooms. I.viing Room, ninlmj Room and Kitchen with plenty of built-his. Large Screened Porch Venetian Blinds, 2 Klonr Furnaces. Attic Pan. Aluminum Sldini I.eref I.ol ..n.ivHO ft. Carafe, raved Street, r.ovely Neighborhood! The time lo buy a home is when some one wants lo sell wt definitely want to sell! Marriage License* The foHmvitrc cou|iles nl lii:en^es vesterdju a! Hie olfice. of Mrs. Klizebetll Blvthe Parker, county clerk: Winfoid Hyde and Mis.- M,i: S m,.t M:iy John^nn. Ixilli nf Hl\tlv-villc l.urn .\kWilli. ( rns and Miss [.on Sanritl'ky. bnlh of Manila quests of Mr. and Mrs. Carter's Duplicate i dauslller, Mrs. Elmer Potts, Mr. I'ble. .\1:.< ! Polls and fnmily. Mr. and Mrs. Joe left Wednesday for their home in O.ilves- tiui. Tex., after spending several days here as quests of Mr. Dial's sisters. Mrs. Milford Mtllei. Mrs Irene Oi>lf and W. A. Moody uml fi.mily. U'iUlf lii-ie thny also vi>ltco other si.u-is of Mr Dial, Mis. \Villic nedritek of Hteclc. Mrs. u. o. Moss : nt H(K)nrvilli\ Miss . mid a nrwh"\>. Stanley N'cctiiiain and fa]nil> of Zel- Iinv'er. PA. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kiu-]s and clnueliler, .loan, ^nd son, Jimmv. moved to tlinir new home on Ilieli- 1 iva> til .V<7i;h yesterday. They for- mnly resided at 10JO West Main. Carol Aim Bailey. Rhonda Eaton. I). I.. Bailey and Mellon Sylves- ler will IH' in si. Louis Sunday to rmriid the Cardinal-Dodger baseball game. ! Mr.- E. R. Alley is ill a I, her horn. By Sue Burnett Slim princess lines on a youthful frock that wraps aroiinu and buttons down one side. Scallops make » pretty trim—and a bare-arm ver- sicn is also provided, making it doubly wearable. ; Pattern No. 8733 is a sew-rltc: perforated pattern In s;zes 12 H IB i 18. 20; 40, 42. 44, Size H, wilh sleeves. 4 1 : yards ot 33-inch, j For pattern, send 30c in COIN'S yo;u name, artdress. size j desired, and tl.e PA'l'I'KRIJ NU.M- ber to Sue Burnett. Courier News. 312 w. Qulncy Street. Chicago. 6, III The Pall and Winter Issue of j FASHION is Just what you've been I * ailing for—a con.plete guide in i Planning a wearable wardrobe for I • new season! Gift pr.t!«riu print«d i liuWe. V, cenu. Try Our "Taste Trcar of th« Month' FRESH PEACH T:ike llnrne a 1'inl WOODS DRUG STORE Blythevtllt, Ark. MOTHERS! See Your Child's Picture In Full Color On Our Theater Screen! Win A Big Prize 1st Prize-$25 Bond! 1951 "Child of The Year" Contest Here's How to Enter \. Ilre« yrvur child In rolnrful rlMhlns, and brinj jnnr rhild lo the Kit* Theater. 2. A scries of natural cnlor pcurs will he taken l>y a *iifci;il rhild pliutii^r,ipbcr. X You m.iy select Ilir ,,,n c , ov , w to enter—anct po^r wilt be shown on the the.iter srrren. I. The regional iviiiu fr bproines rlisihlf tor Ihf n.itional tjilr, "Child "I Ilif Veiir". Reislniilnt Monday jnu hive »n opportunity to e.ilrr lour child in this year's "Child of'th. \ ear" Contest. There are no entry fees, no rh,'r«es. nn obligations! Special prizes will tm aviarded lo habies. AM) the Grand Frire for the "Child of Ihe Vear" will he a real Holly- wcicMl Screen Tcstl Don't miss tills opportunity! 3 BIG DAYS! MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY July 30 & 31st and August 1 10:30 A.M. — 5:30 P.M. Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Listen to KI,CN al 10:10 a.m. anil 4:00 p.m. daily for our program announcements. Box Offit* l>hou« 2752 — Office Hume 691)8 IJ«x Office Opens a( 1:45—Show Starts 2:1)0 P.M. CONTINUOUS SHOWING EVKRYD.4Y "Moke the RITZ Your Entertainment Headquarters NO MOSQUITOES NO !HJ<;S '- OUNfl K TOR COJI1>I,ETK UK1.AXA- '' IO Y YOUR FAVOR1TK TKI.KV1SION THB RKA UT1FU1, HIT/ THLKVISION The Newest and Best Pictures First l.itsl Times Today ERRIU Paramount News & Selected Shorts Siilurdar fORREST TUCKER • ADEli»ll» fSTfUTA ROBRICUEZ nilh JIM DAVIS-PEIiR MILES • CHARLES KEUPFR-BUL WI1UAMS » "IPUBIIC PICIUBE Serial: Hour nf the Iron ITorse" No. B Coiit. Sat. ^:30-I1;30 SUNDAY & MONDAY by Broadway's ;famed lunesmiths 'Ailhur ScnwarU aail Dorolby Field! RED SKEITON SALLY FORREST-MACDONALD CAW PuraniunnL News & Selected Short3 4lr Conditioned by Refrigeration Box Office Opens 6:30 Show Starts 6:45 p.m. Last Times Today: Double Feature So Young, So Bad Paul Hcnrricl Ciillierine Mcl.eod Scleclcti Sliiifls Saturday Only OUTIAW MARAUKRS! — Western Hit -ALSO- SERIAL Don Daredevil No. fi and Cartoon Continuous Showing Saturday 12:.10-U ;yo Sunday & Monday — 2 Hits Metro News & Cartoon Conl. Showing Sim. 2:00-! 1 :00

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