The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 8
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1»AGE EIGHT You and Your income Tax- Most Married Couples Can Save Money by Filing Tax Jointly (EDITOR'S NOTE: Tills Is the arately, depending on your panic- fourth of 10 stories explaining how to make out your income tax re turn for 1951.) By JAMKS MAHt.OW WASHINGTON W — Although ular case, on 1040-A or the 1010 short-form. DEDUCTIONS • Anyone using 1040-A or the 1040 short-form automatically gets a • • ..~*-*»..».. * ^-n v . f — fnniwugn aihuii-iu,in rtuioniaiicaiiy gets a married couples ran file separate I deduction of about 10 per cent foi or joint Income tax returns, most will save by filing jointly. When a wife had HO Income, they cnn't lose with a Joint return. Its purpose is to . let a couple •plit their Income, even when the wife had none, to get a lower tax. For a return to be considered Joint, both should sign it. EXEMPTION PROBLEMS A wife with no Income doesn't have to make a return but her husband still gets a S600 exemption for her on his return whether or not she files Jointly with him, unless she's the dependent.of another taxpayer. Filt Srparalely or Jointly A wife with SGOO or more Income must file (A) separately, claiming her own $600 exemption on her return, or (B) Jointly, in which case the couple claims $1.200 In exemptions on one return, $600 for each Note: When a wife has any Income less than $600—no matter !:ow much less, say 535 for baby-sitting —her husband doesn't get that S60C exemption for her unless she files jointly with him. Thus he'd lose the difference between her under- 1600 Income and a $600 exemption for her. , FORMS FOR MARKIKII PEOPLE Form 1040-A and the 1040 short- form are for under-55,000 income. The 1040 long-form Is for incomes of $5.000 or more. If you're under $5,000 but can't use "1040-A, can use the 1040 short-form. yon Rule for using 1040-A: Full tax must have been withheld from all Income except for no more than $100 In (A) untnxcd wages, (I!) dividends, or (C) interest, Some couples' Income was $5,000 or more but individually less. They can file Jointly on the 1040 long- form or Individually on 1040-A.• if they fit the rule for It. or Individually on the 1040 short-form. An Example Examples: Your total Income was U.600. Full tax was withheld. Wife no Income. You can [lie Jointly on 1040-A. Or— Your total Income was S4.600. Full tax was withheld from $4,500. The remaining S100 wna your wife's In untsxed wages, Interest or dlvl- can file Jointly on dends. You 1040-A. If that untaxcd part of your Income amounted to In wages, dividends or interest — or if any part of It came from any other source, like rents or commissions— you couldn't .file Jointly on Idtt-A But you could file Jointly on the 1040 short-form. Or— Your total Income WBS &7.500, of which $4,000 was your and $3500 was your wife's. You can rile Jotnt- Jy on the 3040 long-form or sep- personal expenses like hospita bills. You don't have to claim 01 Itemize. It's allowed ror In the tflble used to figure out the tax 01 people using those two forms. There's no place on 1040-A or the short-form to clnlm or Itemize. But what ot thaw under—$5,000 people whose deductible expenses were nc- tually more than 10 per cent of income? Thcyci use the 1040 long- form but, because their income was under $5,000, they'd then have to Itemize but could claim their deductions In full. Note: When a couple llles separate returns, and one of them uses the 1040 Icmfi-form to itemize his expenses, both must use the long- form and Itemize. People with $5.000 or more Income filing jointly on the IOIIK- form can take n stnntlnrrt rtcduc- llon, without Itemizing, of 10 per cent of income up to a limit of $1 000. They Just knock 10 per cent off their Income before what's left is taxable. Total Income 17,000 Examples: The Joneses' total Income was $7.000. They Inke off tlOO. The Smiths' total Income was $10,000. They take off the limit $1,000. The Drowns' total Income was $11,000. They can't Inke of/ more than that limit of $1,000. ]f they v;ant to claim more, they'll linve to Itemize their deductions'In full and be prepared lo prove thev had them. Note: That rule about the $5.000 and over people—taking oft 10 per cent up to a limit of $1,030 without Itemizing — works equally for single- persons and married couples bill—only when married couples (lie Jointly on the 1040 long-form. The rule Is different for married couples when one, or boll), files separately on the 1040 long-form. If both had income of |5,DOO or more but file separately on the long- form, each cnn lake a standard deduction o! only «600 without Itemizing. Husband Had $9,000 Example: A husbnnil had $9.000 income, th« wife $2.000. They wish to iile separately. He uses the' long- form he has to, with that $0,000 Income taking the maximum tiednc- :ion allowed him, »500. She uses 1040-A or the 1040 short-form where site's allowed that automatic deduction of about 10 per cent on her $2,000 or about $200. That gives this particular couple, .•hose total Income was $11,000, a tolal deduction of around $700. If -hey had filed Jointly on the long- form they could have taken, without itemizing, a standard deduction of $1,000. Note: if husbands anrt wives— fll(nj{ separate returni on losi in come by March 15, 1952—decld alter tiling they would have save by a Joint return, then can go bac to Internal Revenue any time be fore March 15, 1955, withdraw thos- separate returns and file a join one. Tills Is a new feature in th law changed by Congress last fall New Hampshire Made Political Weather Vane NEW YORK MV-New Hampshlr Is now the nation's leading politic; weather-station, an t result of flurry of maneuvers affecting th primary elections. March 11. President Truman's name ha been entered. He has 10 day« 1 which to withdraw It, Promptly after that becam kmmn, the supporters of Sen Estc Kefauvcr put him In the race, a they said they would. If the Presl dent entered. And Sen. nobert A. Taft als took the plunge on the Republic*! side, giving formal consent to en tcilng the so-called "nopularlt coniest." as well as the battle fo delegates. Thus, New Hampshire can be come the scene of straight teat* o strength In both the major parties The all-star card may pit the Pros (dent against the Tennessee senn tor. Tnft opposes Elsenhower. Ex Oov. Harold Stassen Is also In th arena. German Police Raid 'Parties' FRANKF-URT, Germany (AP) — West German police began nation wklc raids this morning on parts icaclciuarters of Communists am the Nazi-type Socialist Reich Par ty. Frankfurt police said the action was ordered lo begin simultaneous y at 0 a.m. midnight EST In O West German cities. It wai orderee >y the West German Constitution M Court to gather evidence agains he two organizations. The federal government at Bonn IS asked the court to b*n both parties of unconslltutton»l. Drum-Beaten Entertain .SATOON. Indochlnn (AP> —You ilwnys k;iow when there'« some, hlng extra on the entertainmeni jrogram »t the bluest Chinwe heaters In Saigon and the twin elty of Cholon. You juit can't help it, for from an early morning hour until dusk in advertising van, c«rrvlng big Jgns and drawn by • )lttl« don<cy, moves through the main thoroughfares of the cltle.i. To «ttra« attention of the patrona. LTANE FOR BETTER TRACTOR PflWFPi Tractor & Engine Performance At It's Best! More power, less repairs, less oil, less failures, lomrer life no carbon or crank case dilution and still cheaper tnan any other motor muel and better too. Have your present tractor, cotton pickers, and grain combines changed to butane power. Order your new tractor for butane or have it converted. Century Gas Kqiupment has proven hotter and cheaper in the long i in «ith balanced performance pins a safe and neat in- nwn«nf 5 y°« r j^ctor dealer, or the fanner who OH ns one, for detailed information. WE IS BUTANE GAS CO CENTURY DISTRIBUTORS There is no better fuel for tractors than Butane Gas It's better than best gasoline "plus no tax problem.- U.S. Flying Toll Up, But Safety Records Are Set Planes Operate Far More Safely Than Prior to '50 WASHINGTON (IP, _ More persons were killed In airplane accident. In 1951 than In any jen r in American civil aviation history. Yet many of the scheduled airlines set Impressive safety records. Even tiie non-scheduled'or Irregular j- operated airllnes-desplte a fatality rate double that for 1850 Hew far more safely than In the yenrs before 1950. The volume of traffic was record- breaking, yet the Accident rate estimated from preliminary statistics, remained In t),e neighborhood of that for years of lesser air travel. 321 Person i Die The Civil Aeronautics Board to. Us show that 321 persons died In vllian air crashes last year compared with W In 1950. 220 In 1M9. 107 In 1948 and 2713 In 1047 The CAB says ti.ere were about 1.4 airplane passenger fatalities tost year on domestic scheduled airlines for every 100 million passenger mfics flown. That compares ?«« 'V n 1950 ' '' 3 ln 19i9 an " IMS and 3 . 2 ,„ lhc bad year 0 , J0',i Billion Miles Flown Last year the revenue passenger miles flown totalled about ]0',i billion, some two billion more than In 1050 and four billion more than In For the non-scheduled lines there were 7.4 passer, B er fatalities per one million passenger miles last year, compared with 3.7 in 1040 18.2 hi 1949 and 20.4 In 1948. The non-scheduled lines flew an estimated one billion passenger miles last year compared with somewhat less than 780 million In Jf?5Q, Donald Nyrop, CAB chairman, says the u. S. air mileage total In 1051 was the greatest ever flown by any nation. OSCEOLA NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 195Z Mr.5. H. J. Levcnsteln entertajn- ed the Widow's Pitch Club Thursday night, for supper. Mrs, Goode Bandy played with the members. Mrs. A. p. Williams won high score and Mrs. Maude Hudson second high. Potted plant* were used us floral decorations. Mr. and Mrs. David Liney and Mr. ana Mrs. Lloj'd Qodley are vacationing In Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Coleman spent several days In St. Louis last week. Mrs. John Douglas and Mrs. D. V. Malock were hostesses Monday night for a study lesson at the Baptist Church. The lesson was reviews by eacll of the members from the book. 'Tangled Threads." A dessert course was served. Mrs. Harry Matlock entertained her Monday night Bridge Club lor supper. Quests playing with the members were Mrs. Charles wlygul and Mrs. Billy Ayres. An array of colorful flowers were placed about the entertaining rooms. MIS D.-ir- rcll Crane won high score and Mrs. Wade Qulnn, second high, Mr. and Mrs, Stephen Lee Jef- fcry of Kelser announce the birth of a son Friday morning at Mem- Phis Methodist Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jeflery have a daughter. Phyllis, aged two years. Mrs. Jcffcry is the former Miss Betty Joe Crews. James Caudle visited in Columbia. Mo., over the weekend. His bvothi>". Frank Caudle of Memphis is visiting In Osceola this week. Mrs. Tony Adams and daughter Sandra Kate of Jonesboro were weekend guests ot Mrs. Adams sister, Mrs. Walter Dishoff and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Horton and Miss Cora Hogan spent Sunday In Greenville. Miss., as guests of Mr and Mrs. H. A. Coley and family Mr. and Mrs. E.-H. West have returned' to Osceola to make their home. Mr. West has resumed his work with the FiUpatrlck Jewelry 320 Go. They will be at home at North Pearl. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bowker announce the birth of a daughter Monday afternoon at Memphis Methodist Hospital. She has been named Deborah Kay. Mr. Bowker is manager of Swift and Company. Hollywood (Continued rrom Page 8) plug-uglies who siood bodyguard outside their booth whid dined." . . they Is Mickey Rooney taking over Jackie Cooper's jazz drummer role while MOM does the film version of (he Broadway comedy, "Remains To Be Seen"? Mickey, on Paramount^ "Military Policeman" set, looked pained and muttered that the studio had billed Sally Forrest over him "The Strip." "MGM," he said, "wouldn't let me even do tt cartoon for them at this point." Joan Cuulfield, on a personal appearance tour with "The Lady Says No," was asked by a Minneapolis 'reporter to describe the mink band she wore for a hat Oh," said Joan, "it's just some left-over fur attached la a bicycle NOTICE In the Probate Court o( Chicka- wbji District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF No. 2082 JASPER i,. ASHCRAFT, deceased Last known address of decedent: 423 North loth Street, Blytheville Arkansas. Date of death: January 1. 1952, An instrument -dated August 20, 1943, was on the 23rd day of January, 1953, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executrix thereun- der. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit In the estate. Tills notice first published 24 day of January, 1352. Thehna Ashcraft, (Executrix) «3 North loth Sheet, Blytheville, Ark. 1124-31 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chick*. UKb* District, MlvMppi Count/, Arkanu*. Joe D. Martin and . Anna c. Marlln, Ptf, vs. No. 11MI Charles Wampler, D't The defendant, Charles Wampler, Is hereby warned to appear within Ihlrty clays in the court named In the caption hereof arid answer th» complaint of the plaintiffs, Jo« D. Martin and Anna C, Martin. Dated this Bth day of Januarjr,' 1852. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sykes, D. O. C. F. Cooper, attorney for ptf. Gene Bradley, attorney ad Ittem. 1I10-17-24.-31 , EXCLUSIVE! vx Every Ounce a Mans Whisky/' 7 THIS WHISKY IS 4 YEARS OLD • 16 PROOF tARlY TIMESi QISTILLtRY COMPANY • lou/ivill. 1, K.nfucijr tor •*o*» Ford Track lifr-b.p. Kmf V-S deUrvn ovbie inch of any track iiihii uon« MM New FORD TRUCKS for'52 Engineered for modern, low-cost Speed Hauling NOW FIVE 9>-«<>t Ford Truck »n- glnei parmlt cloi«r "tailoring" of truck power to your specific truck lob. No other truck line In the low- price field gives you so many power choices, series for series, in '/i-ton to 3-ton trucks! I'* ONLY FORD TRUCKS GIVI YOU Alt THESE OTHER FEATURES! 1. Choice of V-8 or Six! Full-flow oil fllttf clean* tvery drop of ell. Autolharmlc pitloni to mafntatn high comprestion fit. 4, Preciiion-moldtd alloy crankshaft reduces Journal friction. 5. Two fine tabi, 1h* 5-STAjl r and (at odd«d coil) th« 5-StAR ExTtAl r. c. A, Ford Trucks for '52 cost still less to run! Come in and see us [[tomorrow! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chiekosawba Phone 4453

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