The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1951
Page 15
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THURSDAY JTTLT 86, (ARK.) COURIER XETTS PAOB FIFTEEN Our Boarding House with Mai. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ehE= WAS SITTIM' WITH A \ I / YOU MUST HAVE <3OOFV C3LAre IN) HER 1 f TX>JE A LITTLE MOKG EYES AM' HE HAC? HLS / I I THAW JUST PA& BY.' UPPER LIP HOOKEP IN ^NJ / BOV, SOLVRE, OOOP— HER EAR AM' TRVIW TO \ ( AMP I KJMP Of= PILE UP CURL^ ON HIS NOSE \ V LIVCE IT EVE>J IP" ,AW MUMBL1M"SUV\P'>J LIKE 1 / IT IS- OtMLV AM J 6006&Y ISOOBSV"-- J ( IMf™""-"- 1 ' ' AM 1 I DOM'T THIKIK THE 1 / >/ EVEM KNtW I PARSED EM ON TlV TAkE I ITAUW6 WHYTH5 Tetescope ? we DOMT IT MIGHT COME IIO SIGHT USEFUL LQPKIW FOR SPEED POLICE IFFEfi WE COULD eklMl FAST ENiOUSH TO ATTRACK TH' WHICH WE I F66L LI KB COLUM80S EMBARKING Ohi AM UMCHART6D OC6 ASJ-—DON'T DEKSV WHICH WAV GCHNS', -To toon HARVARD CjEADV — FOR FIRST LAP JO THE IMPERSONATOR TUNNED, I sliu-Qd at the man. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO&8EB It's a Secr«t Mary took her lunch to school, Twai Meyer's Bread, mow whlU, Tht kiddie* ganged around and cried, Please give M all » bite I" SUNDAI rnjij Eifluini DAIRY QUEEN In ^ONES * SUNDAES • WAITS ** QUIIHTS • PIHTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 LAWN MOWER & Washing Machine Repair Service For prompt service and expert work, »lw»T« Call 6738 Herbert Graham 721 Jamison gradually his face came back into focus. Arrested! For esplon- l It was unbelievable! I buried my scratched, bruised face in my nantis. Me—under arrest. Carl bad won, ;n a sense. Nobody would beJieve ^ow that I was not guilty. Once accused, the stigma of treason would be hard to live down. "Bart, I'm not guUty," I told nim, and was surprised that my voice was so level. "You've got to oelieve me!" "Of course I believe you." But it was too pat His heart was not in it. "O'Brien's wrong." "You've got to leave, Mr. Jona- ihan," the otlicer said again, "Mr O'Brien said—" "Okay, okay." Impatiently, Bart stood up. "Don't worry, Mary You've got the'best lawyer in Hoi- lister." Lie grinned. "Can't pe helped, I'm the only one too." By that time he was at the door talking over his shoulder. The qiiard followed him into the hall Neither of them could wait to ge away trom me. I didn't cry. There are timi when you just don't, whether because there isn't another tear left in you or whether the shock too great, 1 don't know. I fus sal there in the .middle -ot th nospital bed. trying to see myse] as' O'Brien must see me—as th accused. Gingerly, I feJt my bandagec head. It felt fine, no buzzing throbbing, as there had been first. If 1 had my clothes—1 dia carded the thought. When you' innocent, you don't run from th FBI. If my guard was still in the ha] be was mighty quiet. 1 rang. The nurse had a harried look, a U the supper hour was almost u> uch for her. "Yes. Miss Tobias?" "Could I have a newspaper. ease?" "I'll see if I can find one." She sounded tired and a bit jgravaied that uch a request. aper Instead I 1 should make I didn't gel my goi beef broth, eas and carrots and a glas? ot iilk. I cleaned the tray; they were long time coming after it. Aside from a brief visil from my octor, who pronounced me "fit as fiddle" and said I must have a cull of cast iron, and the bedtime Isit from the nurse. I was left retty much alone. Once the guard ooked in to say Bart hod called to ell me he had not been able to nd Timothy O'Brien but for me id to worry. I said dryly, "Thanks. Any news f Carl Metzker?" <r No, ma'am," 1 the man admitted and popped back into his shell >efore I could t^ip him on another. I didn't have a watch but when he noise subsided I could tell that isiting hours had ended- A • * • FHE hospital settled down, grew quiet 11 my guard had not cleared his throat frequently. I might have suspected the hall was deserted. After a time I flicked off my light Surrounded a« I was by the antiseptic illence, the darkness wai not as frightening as it might have been. I thought or Bart, of Carl, of Timothy O'Brien who had been "willing to be convinced" until he went away Then what? I asked the dark-' ness. What had O'Brien been told that accused me along with Carl Metzker, Van, Frank, the Bursons? Who had lied to him? Why? O'Brien would not be easily fooled. He had known that Caroline was linked, by name at least, to the Washington Burson whom they had identified as the man 1 had heard Carl tell "I will have them copied by midnight, you snail li n ve I he ori gi -5 n Is for vour lop serrel liJcs." O'Urion knew thai and so much of Hie rcsi ol the story tliar tiis Onger on me was going lo be tiard to budge. Someone had done a good job framing — or of weaving circumstantial evidence At the moment ii didn't make much diftercnce which. It was a very legal trap. and 1 was caught in it I didn't sleep. Too many memories kept crowding out of my subconscious, Lieutenant Stuart's smirk lowed me out of police headquarters back in New York. Carl's accusing anger me? me at the ollice. fled all over again, through the hellish night and morning and the long train ride that followed. Hoi- lister's bare little depot; pleasant, and that Street; the big where Bart Jonathan still kept the neat gilt-lettered sign, "Jonathan & Son, Attorneys." in the yard although he told mo his father bad died last year. T L •*• to LOOKED at the window. The PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores ft "B» right back! We're on our way to GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for one of those fast loans of theirs!" HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY I'lace Your Order Now! Blytheville Soybean Corp, We Accept I'M A Purchase Orders- Phone—6856 — 6857 FOR SALE Concrete estTerl*. 12 inch !• <R Inch, plain or rc«nforctd Also C»n*ret* Building Ulorks che*p CT than limber f«r barns chicken tiotDtet. pimp honsf», tf nanl housei. l«*k ihfri* We delirer Call *• (or (re* estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. FAST.' NEVER; MISSES .'WHAT*; !M I OT5 TO DO. SOTTA *- CHEdK THIS PAMBLEC DAfAE / MeHTA HID HER OVJM JEWELS; TH£ INSURANCE/ NOBOOVS KNOW IM A OtCK/ UNDERSTAND? HE'S A SUMSHOB, EH? WEU,,1 CAN USE THAT INFO.' "Wake Dad and tell him tio's got five minutes more to eat or sleep—then leave the room at oncel" PRTSCII.I.A'S POP Double Negative BY AL VERMEER 'CM, DEAR! ^ I HOPE THF. HOUSE DOESN'T BURN DOWN! BLESS YOUR IE ART, PR1SC1LLA! YOU MEAN YOU TURNED THE STOVE OFF? NO... BUT I THINK I LEFT THE WATER RUNNING IN THE BATHTUB YES... 1 THINK I LEFT THE QAS STOVE BURNING AT HOME*. O'JIALLEY and RALPH LANS VHAT FOOLS THES& MORTALS BE/ COP«, I94» BY'NEA *tnvKt. iwc. T. u CAPTAIN EASY Coker Is Captured BY LESLIE TURNER WV PAL SHUDDERED HIMi fOR WEEKS TO MAKE SURE! ~~ , IWHWT IO DOCTOR THIS LITTLE ir^i lit,, i &CRMCK BEFORE 1 X\U VOU 6OYS ."EV'W«:...\, M THE THM-GOOM UWPER CONTROLJ (To Be Con tinned) BUGS BUNNY He's Cot a i'ull Pull the Switch / LOOK BEHIMD YOll.OO? -X \ BACK DOWn TM 1 "MIL'/ GUZ vS THERE'S TROUP.LC I MIS WHOLE A-COMIN'TH'SIZe /A MOOVIAN OFAWHftLE „,. '.}i Sii^Ai. >i.-' '• ; .*« TAM f ..•'<•'*£«!&' CAREFUL WHERE Y'STICKTHEM SPEARS, MEN... I DON'T CARE WHCTCHA DOTO OOf? BUT I DON'T WANT MY ROYAL TUNIC ALL PUNCHED FULLA HOLES.' 'Ssing treetops beyond it tened damply in light reflected from street looked lonely, as lonely as the old pines around the Leigh house that had been sanctuary for a li ttl« while. J wondered if the pines had burned with the house. That would be a shame, I thought But then. Car] didn't care for the majesty oi old trees. It didnt matter ID Car) Metzker if trees died or If men died. Or a woman — Mary Tobias. 1 turned over, away from the trees. -My door was opening. The nurs* ca m e in quietly, closi ng the d oor behind hex As she approached the bed, said, "I didn't ring, nurse." She didn*t answer. She was at the bed, her white uniform pale in the darkness. Why didn't she Why— That perfum It wasn't my nurse H was Caroline! She had come to kill me. With a cry, I flung myself awaj from her "We Stop Termite Traffic No Charge lor Inspection AD Work Guaranteed PHONE 2350 Superior Termite Co Now Open: Musick CABINET SHOP •121 East Davis • Cnhincts Built • Screens Made Expertly! MAMA GET , REAL-KILL **•) (OOK CHfMKM Ms i» \ REAL-KILLsM K PREVENTS MOLD AND MILDEW GROWTH, TOO MOTHS SllVERFISH ROACHES ANTS CARPET BEETLES FLIES SPIDERS WASPS FLEAJ

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