The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Laborites to Attack British Removal of Free Medicine LONDON (05—Labor members of Parliament readied a strong attack today on th« decision by Prime Minister Churchill's Conservative government to charge patients for some more of Britain's socialized medical and dental services. Aneurin Bevan, the fiery Socialist who Quit (he former I^abor government last spring because the cost of arming led the government to charge for false teeth, spearheaded the attack. Laboriles Agree Otherwise the Laborites agreed on the necessity of financial nxe- ttrnkes wielded yesterday against government spending by Chancellor Commodity And Stock Markets— N«w York Cot-ton Open High Low 1:30 Mar 4187 4213 4180 4196 May 4166 4100 4151 41TO July 4122 4138 4111 4125 OCt 3880 3890 3B10 3881 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:30 Mar 4191 4211 4182 4190 May 416G 4191 4158 4113 July 4123 4143 4112 4125 OCt 3870 3896 3870 3883 Soybean* High Low Close Mch 3Q4',4 302ii 303M ' May . 291'i MB 29014 July 205 293« 294 Sep 28751 285W 288S New York Stocks 1:30 Quotations: A T <k T 156 1-4 Amer Tobacco 65 3-4 Anaconda Copper 54 3-4 Beth Steel 54 1-4 Chryeler ' 70 1-8 Cooe-Cola , 105 1-2 Gen Electric 5ft 3-4 Gen Motors 613-8 Montgomery Ward 64 1-4 N T Central ; 20 5-8 Int Harvester 35 7-8 J C Penney 70 3-4 Republic Steel 43 3-4 .Radio 25 3-8 fiocony Vacuum. 40 1-2 Studebaker 33 5-8 Standard ol H J 82 1-4 Texas Corp 60 Sean '. 6« 1-8 TJ B 8t«el 42 1-4 So Pao 86 1-4 Livestock NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS 111 UP)— USDA — Hogs 10.000; uneven; barrows and gilts 180 Ibs tip steady to 25 lower than Tuesday's aver- «ge; later largely 10 to 25 oft; no It* down 26 to 50 lower; sows steady to strong; bulk 180-220 Ibs largely choice No. 1 and 3 to -snip- pers and butchers 18.35-80; few lots 18.65; some 220s late down to 18.25- choice No. 1, 2 and e 230-240 Ibs to most Interests 18.00-25; 250-270 Ibs 17.50-18.00; 270-300 Jus 1700-5160-170 Ibs 16.25-18,00; 120-140 Ibs 14,00-16.25; 100-110 Ib pigs 12.5014.00; choice sows 40fl Ibs down 15.76-16.50; largely 10.25 down- heavy BOWS 13.75-15.GO; stags 12.0013.00. Cattle 2.500; calves 500; about 30 loads of steers offered with about 25 per cent of receipts cows; open- Ing slow on steers with Initial bids unevenly lower; few odd lots near steady Including commercial and good at 30.50-32.00; small lots high choice 35.25; heifers and mixed butcher yearlings opening nbout steady; little done or, cows; generally bidding unevenly lower on all grades; bulls and vealers steady utility and commercial bulls 240028.00; cutter bulls 21.00-23.00; individual head of prime sorted veal- ers to 43,00; majority good to hl"h choice vcalers 32,00-40.00: utility and commercial vealers 21.00-30.00. of the Exchequer B. A. Butler. Butler announced another cut of 150 million pounds (420 million dollars) in imports. Last Noveriiiber lie slashed them by 350 million pounds "10 million dollars) In the first Conservative move to save the nation from bankruptcy. Socialists charged Butler's new medical charges violated a Con- scrvnllvc promise in last October's election campaign not to curtail the national medical services. Duller Mules Denial Butler announced dental patients would have tn pay up to one pound (12,8(1) for treatment, Imposed a charge of one shilling (H cents) for prescript ions, and decided lo collect for such things as surgical belts, wigs and hearing aids. The House of Commons scheduled a debate today on the government's plan. Churchill's government, with a working majority of 14 votes, felt confident of defeating whatever critical motions the MClallsU leveled at them. The spending cut will affect all Britain's 50 million people. Newspapers said it will bring the sharpest cut in a century to already low living standards. HIGHWAY (Continued from Page n gravel and other roart building materials from companies doing business with the state nt prices lower than those paid by the state Sen. Taf t Blasts John L Lewis Mine Talk Called 'Red Herring' WASHINGTON (yp>—Senator Tail (n-Ohio) today accused John L. Lewis of Injecting n "red herring" into Senate hearings on mine safety. Taft said it Is "entirely untrue" that miners arc denied the right lo walk out of unsafe mines because of the Taft-Hnrtley Law. Lewis hit nvi-ay yesterday nt what he called "Bob Tuft's slave statute." The OOP presidential hopeful lilt back today. Taft, entered the mine safely hearing lute. Almost nt once lie asked to Interrupt testimony being given and to make a statement on Lewis' attack. Said Tall: "ire blames It all on the Tan- Hartley Law." But, speaking clcnrly and very slowly.. Tnft Intoned: "Mr. Lewis' Klntcment yesterday wns entirely irrelevant and entirely untrue." U.S. Steel Says Pay Hike Would Up Business Cost NEW YORK (AP)—United Stales Steel Corporation officials cslimali that should the company meet the demands of steclworkers for n boost of 16 cents nn hour In baste wage rates, its cost of doing business would Increase by about 300 million dollars a year. Chairman Irving S. OIils of "Big Steel" reported thU nt s news conference late Tuesday. He snlil to offset the higher costs resulting from such a wapc Increase, a rise of $B to S9 H ton in the price of finished steel products would be required. He spoke after the nation's biggest steel producer mnde public its W51 operating and financial figures, many of which reached new record totals. U. S. BatHe Toll Reaches 105,001 WASHINGTON (API—Announced U. S. batlle casualties in Korea reached 105,001 toiliiy, nn Increase of 357 since Inst week. 'Hie defense department's weekly summary onset! on notifications to fnmilies through Frulnv reported: Killed in action 1G.'.!70, an increase of 119; wounded 16.112. an lncrea:.c of 293 and missing 12,019. n decrease of 55. You Can't Beat a Medicine That's GOOD I HERFS HOW YOU CAN RELIEVE A REAL CAUSE of STOMACH DISTRESS DTu o E Deficiencies of Vitamins i, Ba* Niacin and Iron K ? ou / e bothered by » stomach disturbance (gns, indigestion, heartburn and can't ever eat good lood without suffering nfterwnrrl) cue to deficiencies of Vitamins B., Bi, Nlachi and Iron in your systrm — donx be satisfied to merely relieve your symp tons. Not when I t's possible for HADACOL to relieve the deficiencies which may be tlie real and underlying CAUSE of your stomach distress. Let HADACOL bring about an amazing Improvement In your condition. And so important! Continued use of HADACOL not only gives continuant, complete relief out helps prevent such deficiency- caused stomach disturbances . from coming back. This Is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH tlllU 110 One C1I> deny. This Is what you must rlo If you want honcst-to-goodncss real relief and freedom from the miseries of such disturbances Y °;i can't beat a product that's coon! Buy a bottle ot HADACOI. todny and tAke it faithfully HADACOL »»(»«» i»>iHI.I«l-T>nr«'i Only On •••«!*. HiiAiJH House Ready To Investigate J. H. McGrath WASHINGTON (AP)—House investigators began clearing Ihe ground loday for an Invcsllgallon Ihat may go deep Inlo the personal and official activities of Atty Gen McGrath. Matters proposed for inquiry already Include McGralh's reputed race track interests, and his onetime role of $15,000-a-year trustee of Rhode fsland trust connected with the textile firm of Textron, Inc. Investigators also liavo been pre- icnted with charges of "unwarranted" Interference with federal grand juries and of prosecution failures or delnys of the Justice Department. McOrnth and the department became the subject of an Investigation by Ihe House Jutllclary Committee yesterday In what was reported to be n. unanimous action of the 16 Democrat and 13 Republican members. Grunewald Faces Contempt Citation For 'Big Silence' WASHINGTON t/P> — Steadfast refusal by Henry W. Grunewald to answer any questions put to him by House tax probers brought him face to face today with a possible contempt citation. The full House Ways and Means Committee meets to pass on a recommendation by its lax Investigating subcommittee to cite Grunewald and his attorney. Wll|lam Power Maloney, for contempt of Congress. While this was not the first time Grunewald has been la bad with a congressional committee, he now faces up to a year In jail and a $10,000 fine if eventually found in contempt by the House and federal courts. CEASE-FIRE Continued Iroro Page 1 almost to the top of a ChWsc-hetd hill but heavy resistance forced them to withdraiv. In n new nlr battle one Russian- type Jet was sent iltunlng to earth as American Sabre Jets took on MIO-15S. Warm weather melted snows turning sections of the Korean round front Into a quagmire. Itahlcrs FIcM Two Hours Allied raiders struck through this muck northwest of Chorwon before dawn, and ran Into two hours of sharp fighting. The main body of the raiders fought lip the slippery slopes of the Red-held hill througi heavy rifle ami innchine-Eim fire to within GO yards of the crest. Tho U. N. liifiintryinen broke off the fight at 8:30 fl.m. and pulled back lo their own lines. Dozens of small patrol actions erupted all along the front, particularly in Mumlung Valley neat Heartbreak Ridge in Ihn 'Eastern mountains. Three rights lusting from half an hour to an hour broke out there. Fur over Northwest Korea Capt Frcehiml if. Mnthews shot down a HiLsslan-type Jet In MIO Alley. It streaked down In flames and exploded when it hit the ground. Mnthews was one of la P-80 Sabre Jet pilots who tangled with 12 MIGs in one of the unusual battles where American jets outnumbered the Reds. Enlistments Now Open Again at Navy Office Here Chief Gunner's Mate H. O. Tie- water, In charge of the Navy Recruiting station in City Hall here. said today the enlistment quota for this area has been "unfrozen" and enlistments are now being acceptcw. The quota ha-s been frozen since Jan. 15, he said. He also pointed out that <lrart-np.e men may still enlist nfter taking draft physical exams If they do r.o before receiving their induction notices. Iceland exjwrlx cod, hruMock and herring to the world. EISENHOWER (Continued from Page ]) Esles Kefauver of Tennessee. In Concord. N. H., Truman Irack- ers said they would enter the President's name before today's <lena- Ilue. but the White House declined comment. The move stirred Kefauver supporters, who have said previously that. If Mr. Truman enters the New Hampshire nrena. the crime-hunting senator will climb in, too. AIR BASE (Continued from Pig« i) crlbed as being final action prior •> a Washington decision on reac- ivatlon of the base here. Asked letter of Intent Tlie Air Force has not said, def- nitely, it would favor reactivation M this base and even If approved >y the Air Force, Congressional appropriations still would be necessary. However, Air Force officials here >aid Blytheville's chances of get-Ing the base would be greater if the City would forward a letter of Intent to Washington outlining the amount of community cooperation 'he Air Force could expect. Inayor Dan Hlodgett said "if anything Is worth having, It's worth fighting for. I feel the organizations favoring It are strong enough to overcome the opposition and If we do obtain the base, we will have something, in my opinion." The petition Is as follows: "We, the undersigned residents and citizens of Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas, respectfully dissent and disapprove of the contemplated action of the Secretary of the Air Force to reactivate the Air Base at Blytheville, Arkansas. Our opinion is based upon the firm belief that the Air Force personnel will not receive the cooperation of the local citizens: that Ihe great clamor for reactivation of the base Is coming from a small percentage of the people who are looking for financial gain only: that the municipal system Is under a strain with the present population to properly function; that the condition of the Air Base docs not merit future outlay of taxpayers' money and that the Letter of Intent from the City government does not represent the true feeling of the people of this community." Council lo Consider Letter A proposer] letter of Intent stating the part Blytheville is willing to ulay In getting 'the base reactivated is to be presented to City Council at 8 o'clock tonight. City Council meetings, held in the court room nt City Hall, are open to the public and citizens are permitted to express their views at the meetings. Mr. Logan said: Speaking as president of the Italy Needs Wheat ROME CAP)—Italy will have to import 180,000 tons of wheat to meet the nation's requirements in 1052. according to year-end estimates. The major part, 110,000 tons, is expected to come from Italy's quota under the International Wheat Agreement, other likely sources given in a reccnlly published survey include: 20.000 Ions from Hllssin, and 40,000 tons from Ar- senlinn. oO, 'Chevrolet Feature Show Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. it pays to GO GREYH&UNL1 • Grej hounJ'j your best buy in travel every d.i)-, every irjsun. Bin nfi;iaUy lit uiit- tn, it's p'oJ iude,mi:ni to choose this tlirrcr, | dcptiubblt service to any pirt of Amcrkl. it pays in contort. ., SIIK M.L in Jeep a«liion< ir,il rth.v jis TOU net: inihemnJ:inSu|xiCoi>.hivilhillcant[olicilhcit- in$, elK-ltnr ventilation. it pays in <tcjte*e(A6iUtif... Ol all drivers on Amction Mjluvtri, Gtcyhound opcnro:* are rarc.l among the finest, mostilcpcnj- al'k, CTOU careful. it pays .. On businesi or pleasure, visit or vacation —voa •nioy korh th; scenery and the congenial company «bo»rj your SuitrCojch. it pays In <&&tt<*,.. Compare the price nf a Gre)hcnird tkVft \n'tti Olhtrdrei! There arc no greater savings, no loner tiles, oo bctlrr bayll LOW FARtS UKI THIS! TO ALL AMERICA! Chamber of Commerce, and as past president of Its Industrial Committee, I wus surprised that opposition, though apparently minor, has developed In regard to re-activation of the Blytheville air base. "Many of the city's leading citizens have been working toward the goal of having the air base reactivated for more than two years. We have made no effort to conceal the fact that we have been diligently working to gain reactivation. Yet. no opposition has made Itself known lo me or to members of the Industrial committee until now. This strikes me as being rather odd. "In flies. v;e have letters, some 100 of them, from people, generally considered to be the city's leading business and professional men, and a resolution from the Blytheville Ministerial Alliance, all going on record favoring reactivation. Seek lo Provide Jobs "I think It is worth noting that one of Mayor Dan Blodgett's principal pre-election platform planks was that he would give the Chamber 'active co-operation' in its efforts to reactivate the bits'. This vote I consider the voice of the people, expressing approval. "We believe that Blytheville is now In the throes of an economic crisis, due largely to the fact that the enormous defense . elfort has caused labor to migrate to defense areas, seeking Jobs which they can't find at home. "It is our intention, not only to serve the Air Force and thereby Ihe nation, in cooperating with the Air Force's expansion program, but also to provide Jobs for these Blytheville citizens who bad to give up their homes here and move elsewhere. "The city government will not require any additional taxes to assist this program, and lias no power to levee any tax for this purpose even if there were the slightest desire to do so. . "Tlie government has a SM.OOO.OOO stake in this air base already. By taking advantage of these existing facilities, the Air Force has led us to believe it will greatly expedite their expansion program, in that, it would not require the usual great expenditures for land and construction, as it would in building a new base elsewhere. "Of course, I feel that the economic good, which the city would derive from a $900.000 monthly payroll is too obvious to requir a de- Churchill Says Britain Did Not 'Promise' to Punish Chinese LONDON (If) — Prime Minister Winston Churchill said today Britain had no "formal commitment" to Join with the united States In tailed explanation. Asks Opinion* "To the many people who have called us the past two months, seeking information as to what we are doing and expressing their intention to help in any way to get this done, I ask that each and every one write to the Chamber of Commerce, a letter showing exactly how they feel. Now Is the time to go on record and stand up and be counted. "I am well acquainted with many of Ihe outstanding young men and v.-omen who have left Blytheville to enter the Armed Service and I consider them to be among our finest citizens. I know that wherever they 60, they will be an asset to those communities where they are stationed, and will represent us in a manner in which we will all be proud. Naturally, other towns and cities feel the same way about their sons and daughters who are away from home, and the least implication that they are not of the highest, moral character is a reflection on all of us, as Christian citizens, united in this world-wide fight against the forces of Communist evil." any punitive action against Chin» If a Korean truce is broken. Churchill told the House ol Com. mons the whole Question was discussed among Britain, the-United States and other governmcnts-irlth forces In Korea before he w«nt lo visit President Truman. "It was agreed that clearly i very serious situation would arise In such an event and various contingencies had been examined without any definite or formal commitment being entered Into," said Churchill. , Churchill said, "No change wai made in this situation while we were In the United Stales." "In fact," he added, "the matter did not figure to any large extent in our discussions." < But Churchill also cautioned the House: "It Is not wise when a war is going on to tell everything always, to everybody, including the enemy. They might, I think, sometimes b» left something to guess about." Higher Than Nlajarl Southeastern Venezuela's Angel Falls drops more than 5500 feet In a single, unbroken sheet of water. These falls are nearly 33 times as high as Niagara Falls. SAVE! With Sofety Get Service Have Satisfaction Lower Cost insurance HOME _ AUTOMOBILE — BUSINESS STANDAD NON-ASSESSABLE POLICIES RAYMOND ZACHRY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 3J90 202 Isaal . 5 Bldgi CUT INSURANCE COSTS BANK THE DIFFERENCE War T.:, Memphis. Tcnn. ..3 1.90 S 315 SI. Louis. Mo 4.80 8,65 Chirago. Ill 9.10 16.10 Drtroll, JUrh 13.15 W.I5 Kansas fit). Mo... 8.65 15.60 llcnver. Colo 20.10 36.75 5;\n Fr.inclsco, Cal. 38.90 66.15 Portland, Ore 44.00 IZ.OO (U. 1. 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