The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 9
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WTOWHSDAY, JANUARY 89, 1*M OUR WARDING HOUSE — with Major HeopU I'M A rJEW IMMAT6. /W MAWS I4TWISSS/ •SO 1 MIGHT fi& Wei_L.JI Like SOME- IF THW M6LPS YOU.' GOT A "fj LISTIHS THIS 6EN57 f^SP^.^^^HOMV LIK5 A -J \*llTHTHe DUCK CALLS/ '''* WOT A , MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COITRIER NEWS When preparing the exterior of a structure loi painting, it is Important to clean out crevices and cracks around windows door frames and chimneys with a knife followed by Political Announcements Subject to Preferential July 22, 1952 Election For County Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTOS There may be over a blliion star systems In existence, some of them bigger than the Milky Way system with its many billion suns. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Slies up to 56 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slies up to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Mftal Sfpllc Tankl S«wer TH« Best Prlcti »'e Deliver Highway 61 at Slate-Lin* Phone 7U FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS »tst lor GERM! NATION Send Samples to Woodson-Tenent Laboratories 611 West A>h Bi. ' . Blytheville, Arkansas FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Delicioui COUNTRY OUT OUR WAY "I'll run down to the corner! I've only got a long-distance businest call to make—not as important as homework!" Hailstones have [alien which weighed a pound or more each a itlff whisk broom. • Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith ZOO E. KentDek; Ave. Phone 2865 BUILDERS SUPPLY Va Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now In Progress I JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERA SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself ... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 Dr. Logan's Wife By Dt«ts€«MM TW* ITORTi Jr.xt l.^t.,.. « m ^ fftltmff trllk -rtncior'. p.r,|»." ••• »IW»JB bcpa lx»rtdont aHtlJ «hc •ll»<< ».<r „ rke »„„, ., Dt »« Mr,. P«]|,,| rr Tltrr, w |,» •« r h»«b«Ba. Dr. G*» I.OICIIB. Je»- •cl MMt* P«ier Svrlnov. • ronnic mmi e kirn I** blopknlrl.! »„- . tell. Dr. I n..n . . = . bonk, bun » <•„«. Hr MnrnfnR IT a I n |c »TCT QUS sfgl.ed and took his glasses v off. Without them his eyes hardened and lost size. He frowned »nd the deep V she knew so wcU appeared over the bridge of bis cose. With the cruelty so often present in a mate's silence she •earched th tired, sweet, pudgy face for e (ace she had mar- Mlrt Her memory was as cold as V photographer's retouching pencil. It hoisted the jowled 8esh covered the skull bump with the remembered brown curl, blurred the unes around u.e eycr where musc!e tone no longer resisted tocket. erased the two lillle square pillows of flesh at the corners of the upper Up that lent sullcnness to sobriety. Could these little deteriorations make the difference between pride of ownership and reluctant fealty? Was it the merciless years between 41 and 55 that had wrou&ht the changes or was It her own merciless heart that had ch;*iged? Resolutely, she dragged mind from his face and applied it to his words. "1 thinl: we ought to be a little more saving, Jen," he was saying l,? Ve " Wi m my pracllce Curtailed, toercs still about $25,800 a year coming in—on the books. tha> is Collections don't come up to that « <w>ra. Mow tfau U* house Is almost paid ofl. w» ought to try to put something by." H* gave a little laugh. "I cant a»lj> thinking ot that old Joke at th« robber sticking a gun in a m«n'§ ribs, saying, 'Your life or your moneyl' And the man says, " my life, 1 need the money.' That'i about Ui spot I'm In, As long at my ticker holdi out. we're all right Bui it it'j ffoing to act up. we'd be better off to have it Hop altogether. I'm worth a tot more dear! than disabled." He Ignored Jenny's shocked inhalation. "And even dead, I'm wx worth u much as I'd like to be for you. i should have had life insurance before, but until we married there wai no reason ior it—and that first year 1 didn't think ot it. All of a nid- dcn the war was on. «nd there waj need for .. and 1 got a bargain— the G.I. cut-rate price. After the war I took out that J50.000 polkr/. So that makes $60,000—sounds like 3 lot. but it wouldn't keep you In comfort for more than veven, eight years, maybe 10 il you Invested it right" "Giis, stop it, will you? I cant bear it!" Jennet put her hands over ner ears. "It's tou early in the morning for this morbid kind of talk." "I'm not being morbid. I'm •' « talking things over with yo*' you'll have some Idea. Aii«r »_ you can't look to your folks for cushion. It's touch and go with them all the time If anything should happen to your father ..." • • •. JENNET jerked out ot th« chair. •* lit a cigarct with exaggerated movements. "1 don't want to think of death. 1 don'i want to jlan for terrible things to happen. I want to enjoy today. Forget tomorrow. You J on't have to keep me wrapped In asbestos. I can always go to work.' 1 "X«h <• OBUK*" k* Mid. Td bate to feel jou _ad to work to Mve. It'j different when a per•on's TTMing. ..." -Gust" The worn caught flre, Wsjed Mk« a MM. Tm not even Jt WM Gua*i turn to becom* Impatient. "But jou won't aiwayi b*C 1 doo*t know w •• you'r* being 10 touchy. 1 may live lo a rip* old •£•, but tt t dont, I want to know you're safe— Is that auc* a detestable attitude?" Six rushed to the aide at ft. bed, dropped to he. kne««, "Oh, 1 know, Gu«. 1 'oiow. You're so food. I have no ght to be croai It'i ]u« I hate facing thint,. ltk« tola. 1 dont want you to leave She brought her head up aharp- lj. opened ner eye* wide and added. "I'm wicked. Gum. I'm »ain and I'm (hallow, and I hate myself Without you, I'd be lost." JT" blew hi. nose. -There are a few things j ought to attend to today. I may go down to the village latei I feel much better." "No," at* «akj. -You're to nay nome today. What things—cant I take care ot them for you?" "Well, a check I wanted to de- aoult to our account And 1 proro- «d PeUetier I'd return Uiia preliminary paper he asked me to read last night He'« been doing some exciting work with radio- odine cocktail* for heart trouble. :'ve been toying with the Idea at tiling him about my own condition. Only I rather hate to have t known around the hospital. I don't want to scare away business." She (ot up and itretched and y**oed. "1'li be glad to take your paper to Pelletier. 1 want to arrange about that volunteer lob anyway. Thli will keep me from procrastinating. And the bank u on th« way." She lingered at the door, so eager to be gone that »he could no* permit herself to ourry. "Will you promise to take a sunbath—and drink lots ot fruit Juices? Ill be back fa an bow or two." "Urn." GUI wai back at the newspaper and he barely heard her. .(!» B« C«atl»uea) . PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed liesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores ^ A* —"~ ~f KREAM KASTLE Drive-In SHOE REPAIR HflLTCRS qc-v SHOC SHOE *> W. MflIM ST. Jam Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day Speedometer REPAIR is part of our e'xlra One Day Service—All Cars & Trucks T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. .Main Pl, one J12Z FRECKLES AND KIS FRIENDS >CS SGU4RE WlMdS WITM A BIG WRAPPED up M n,,,, ART Benefit' by Reading and Using Courier Ntwi Classified Ads ON THE SCOPE- BUT THAT MOM, CAN I USE THE VACUUM CLEANER- WHY, PRISCILLA! HOW NICE! VOU MEAN VtX! WANT OLJ&T TO /MAKE THERE'LL .BE NO WANT YOU TO BE AT THE *YA\ PHONY HALL WE'LL KNOW THE WORTH/UORES- ARE THERE. THAT WAY— I.SHOULD N/ I AM, JAWET'. AND I POU9T THIWK YOU'D \IF IM (JUITff WORTHY OF IT. BE FLATTERED \BUT OH6 THING DISTUR&S BY WY UNPYIM" ' ' • - OEWTIOM TO OH.WELl.l GUESS ILL KTRGWE-A let's STOP HttH. THM'S ODD! I'D SWENR FOR GAS AT THE SAME CfXR Hfxs 8EEM F01- / THE NEX.T LOWING US FOR TWO HOURsf/ PLf^CE, WMD SEE IF He KEEPS COWS DOC CANT ASK ME/ I DON'T RECKON HE CAN. , POQEIV PMP SOLDIE WITH ft SICK AWST'tlE LET WiV lW^G\^J^Tlo^l RUM WITH ME VVHEK THEY KEPT PRES5INC „ WE FOR DETMLS! ^JB ^^iK IT'^SONN*. v -reAH/i'/vv 9-Be FUN \ANXIOU* T WITH \ TfTV OUT THCM PETUNIA AT I PANCIN THE Coe>TUN\e BAU_. „ _.._ GIVIN WHY NOT? AFTER \ BUT THIS TIME ALL, I MEAN, HE'S \KE WOULDN'T ' , TH' GUY WHO RUN . • TK 1 MACHINE.' J YOU WOULD! 2 «8 -===^3c:^ifc !"&*•* ''V/f •30

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