The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY SO, 195S BLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE YM md YMM. IMONM T«— On Each Exemption, You Legally Knock Off $600 from. Your Income (EDiTOtVI NOTE: Thl* U Ihc ahM ta a Mrfa* «»Utain4- koir to ''•afcr ••* T** hKome tax return 'tar Mat.) •r JAMH MAKIXW WAaaKWOTOK Wj — For each ex- «mptioft you can legally claim you knotk Mot off yom Incom* btfore the mi ta taxable. Thav* we vaxiou* exemptions and nilaa eoterlf* them: Husbands. »-iTM, dependent!, blind people. Deopl* M at over, and people who rfrtre born or died in 1951. . BMbanila and Wlve> Evtrfone with WOO or more In- comt lut ye*r must file a return, And treryone who does so gets • >6po exemption tor himself. : A wife i« not considered a dependent. If she had no Income. »nd you fll« » return but she doesn't you claim an exemption for her. If she had any Income, no matter how small, you let no exemption for her unless she (lies jointly with you. Where a husband and wife each had Income but file seperate returns, each claims hus own exemp tlon. Can a wife be claimed M a de pendent by someone like her (atiie —it must be a close relative— whc supported her? Yes. " But then her husband can't claln any exemption for her because when she's claimed »s the depen dent of another, she can neithe file Jointly with her husband no claim any exemption for herself. :• If » wife doe* file Jointly with he husband, she can't be claimed as dependent br anyone else eve though the latter supported he -in short, a wife can't be claimed t. OJT exemption on two returns. Tco«ple« divorced or legally sep arawd anf *"« hi 1951— even late M D*c. 31-murt file jeperab retime *or the year. Each the get* onljr hi« own exemption. S»MI tri<Mgh'a husband paid the wippoTt of a divorced or le .% MfMnted wir. h. can't c!»l ««winj>tion tor h«r. ?r exemption. If » dependent died In 1951—even s early as Jan. 1, 1951—you can aim the full WOO exemption for im, provided he was truly a de- endent during: that part oi the ear In which he lived. Blind Besides his regular WOO exemption, person filing a return gets an ex- a $600 exemption if he is blind i Dec. 31, 1951 and *000 extra for is wife If she was blind. InNut ion (o the regular exemption for er, provided she was blind on the day of 1951 and files ji>Unl> r lth him, or If she had no Income, :e alone files a return. Where husband and wife file sep- .rately, the otie who is blind claims ils or her own regular $600 exemp- lon, plus »800 for blindness. Where husband or wife died bllnc uiy time In 1951, the surviving •pouse, by filing a joint return, car claim that extra |«00 exemption for the blind one who died. You can't claim an extra aaoo exemption for a blind dependent. People 15 or Older A Uxpayer who wai «5 tn l»il can claim In addition to hi* reguli WOO exemption an extra IWO because he was 65. He gets an extra $600 exemption for hU wife If sin was 85 in 1»51—provided she filej jointly with him or, having no Income, she doesn't file at all. If she had any income he gets no exemption for her unless she do* file Jointly with him, Where hus band and wife are'65 but file sepe- rate returns, each claim* his own exemption on his own return. Who was 65 In 1851? The court- consider people 65 on the day be fore their 65th birthday. So if yo didn't have your 65th birthday un til Jan. 1, 1952, you can conslde yourself 65 In 1961 for Income ta purposes. State Department Says China, Russia May Drift Apart By EDWARD E. BOMAR WASHINGTON f^» — The State Department took note today of reports that Red China and Soviet Russia are drifting apart. The department's official bulletin In a review of happenings behind 'Ike' Cracks Wall 01 Tail Support Oklahomons Think Genera! to Divide Vote in Primary OKLAHOMA CITY (SV -Enthusiasm for Gen. Dwtght D. Eisenhower '• flMbwidJ and -wlT** Hrkig apart i appei(r to have crac |< ed wlde opl , n »y DM. II. 1«61 but not divorced the almost so | ld wall of Oklahoma a, legally separated during •ear, maf file a joint return. - A. 'man and wife are cons for all at 19*1 K they wer * *M la* M Dee. SI, 1W1. that . considered Republican support for Sen. Robert A. Taft's bid Tor the GOP presidential nomination. Starting almost from scratch H-Bomb Plant Will Cost Double Estimate, A EC Says no one ha* to lil« * retUKi'wilei. he had »600 or more Income, a quirt in the old law «ald Jem ooiildn't claim a« a dependent inroaw "*«> bad «600 or more in- eom«. That'a been changed. Now you ean claim a» a dependent—no matMT how young or old -anyone "Who had les» than MOO income in 1*51, who received more than half hlJ support from yon. and'wbo ai cloeely related by blood, marria«« or adoption a» tollowi: Yow ohlld or grandchild; a step- phild bu« not hta children; a legally Jliuijecd child; a brother, lister, 7*»p-fKtber, rtep-Mter; your parent*, grmrulparents, or other anoe«- *o«- your stop-lather, step-mother; •«KiH wnolee, ni«ce«, nephews; your J«ther-ln-law, mother-in-law, Coat»r-*i-law; sister-in-law, »on- te-l»w. car daughter-in-law. AJ an kaukratlon of what cJoee telaHoa by bkxxl meana. you oan't claim a ooiwtn aa a dependent. • florae .o»emment payments to ret- vrana are tax-free. You ean claim u a dependent a Teteran who, al- thoufh receiving tax-free govern tnent money, had less than »600 lax- nblt income of hia own and fitted the other requirement* listed abor* tor a dependent. To« ftan claim a* a dependent for all of 1951 anyone born as lat* as Dec. 31. 1951 who truly fits the rules covering dependents, even though the child died a moment alter birth You can't claim a* .a. dependent an unborn child or one born dead. > Can husband wife, when lilinj separate returns, divide the exenip fcions for dependents between them' » Only the person who has pro ed more than half the auppor of a dependent can claim him. • When husband and wife file »ep Rrately in cmnmnnity propert; property states, even though the: contributed equally to the suppor of a dependent, either the hnsbsm or wife must take the entire credit. People Who Died . - If your husband or wife died dur ing the year—even as early as Ian 1, 1951—you are considered marne for the year. So you can file a Join return, getting the benefit of his o wtlh Elsenhower's announcement several weeks ago that he IB a Republican and available for the nom- nation, the general's hasltly or- anlxed backers have the Taft orces fighting a desperate battle n an area they believed safely within their hands. This state's Republicans will be- :ln tomorrow, at a district meeting n Durant, the selection of their j fi-vote delegation to the July Re- niblknn National Convention. Af-' .er other district meetings, they will complete the delegation choice at ft state convention here Feb. II, of its kind In the nation. Whereas a month ago it had been generally assumed here the delegation would go to Chicago un- nstnieted but at least 12 to 4 behind Talt, competent observers now say they expect the vote to about- equally divided between Tnft and Elsenhower. the Iron Curtain during 1951 led of with this comment on China: "In China, one of the country* where food production has fallen In spite of .so-called 'land reform', mass executions, and the liquidation of landlords, year-end reports describe & growing coolness between Pel plug and Moscow." The department did not enlarge on the point but said that In general "1951 proved to be an unhappy year behind the Iron Curtain." "Month after month, and In country after, country, the story has been the snme," the summary said. "It lj one of Increasing dissatisfaction, unsuccessful repression, new purges, ma-ss deportations, and other forms of Communist frlghtfulneas In the now familiar Soviet' pattern. "In the free world, by contrast, 1&51 has been a y«ar of rising strength, rising hope, and rising production, combining to build new bulwarlcs against Soviet aggression and promote the cause of peace." The country by country survey of devellpment* in the Soviet bloc In eluded a report that more than 16,000 private industrial, trade and handcraft enterprises in the Soviet zone of Orernany went out of busi- South May Set Up Private School Plan ness during the past 12 month*. "In Brussells an internationa comm Isslon of Ju r Is ta li eard t estl - mony from former Inmates of. Soviet slave-labor camps and , rulet that the Soviet Union's oppression In this re-spec t equalled that o: Hitler," said' the survey. "Prose cutor David Rousset estimated tha between 15 million and 25 million wrsons are being worked &a So vie 'ofced laborers. Democrats Seek Russell Entry Into 1952 Race WASHINGTON (**) — Southern Democrats today were reported putting "heavy pressure on Sen, Russell (D-Ga.) to formally enter the party's presidential race. At the same time, Sen. Maybank A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Creotnutsian TelievtsprcTipilybecausa it goes light to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature 1o soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion. has •tood the t«t of million! of users. CREOMUL'SION r«ll«vM Cwoto. Col*. Acvt. WIMDFALL FROM UNCLE SAM—William Moor«, a printer of Cleveland, Ohio, finally got the refund for overpayment of his 1949 Income tax. On January 22, 1952, he received a Treasury Department check dated March 28, 1950. Here he looks with puzzled admiration at the pretty baby-blue check, printed on heavy, expensive paper, all fixed up wiih punch holes for those "thinking" machines they have down in Washington. The check was for on* cenl—the amount of his refund. Moore is trying to find out how much of his tax money it cost the government to do the bookkeeping, write and mail the check and nurse it along on Its nearly two-vear trio to his mailbox. •7 HUNK I. CAXEY WASHINGTON (f>— The nillon's' vast plant, for the projected hydrogen bomb will cost more than twice as much a* originally estimated, the Atomic Energy Commission reported today. Chalrmnn Gordon D«an of the AEC declared at a newa conference the estimate of cott has risen from 600 million dollars a year and a half ago to 1'4 billion dollan. Dean aald It Is apparent now that "reactors" will cost more than had been expected. Reactors are devices for making atomic explosives. The new estimate was contained In the AEO's semi-annual report to Congress today. The commission described "Intense activity" In the past six months throughout the entire, atomic enterprise — Including an "expanding atomic weapons program." It told of: 1. Pull-blast operation of all tt.- existing plants including thoM for making atomic explosives. Z. Prorreas on new construction rEit:iilhi5 tlirre per cent of the nation's total buildlnr expenditure* and employing nearly two per cent of the conntry'i total construction force. a. "Continued" Increase In the output of fissionable materials—at . lower cost, than ever. 4. "Substantial" and "significant advances" In wcapont re- a**rch and development. I. Increased domestic production of uranium ores thanks to expanded exploration, opening of new producing areas, and incentive bonuses for uranium producers who collected more than $250,000 In such 'prlie-s" last year. 4. Research findings with radioactive Isotopes that may lead to Improved methods of farming "and lowered costi of food and fibre production." 1. Further agricultural research Indicating that atomic "rays," while providing no stimulus to plants, may aid In breeding new varieties of crop*, and also aid In the ftght against certain crop diseases. Labor Market Disrupted LOS ANOELBS (Alt*)—Th* lafcor market In Southern Nevada ha* been disrupted by exceulvt «v«r- tlme paid by cost-plus contractor! at the. Atomic Energy Commission'! test site, nn AEC dispute panel hai been told. In 101!) It took a British dirigible 108 hours to fly acrou tha Atlantic. Read Courier News Classified Ads TIRED FROM BEATING! BATTERS P-"TRY WONDER MIXING HUMKo MONTGOMERY, Ala. ace-conscious Southern states jay resort to.drastic legislative ae- ons La keop Negroes out of their White schools If tlie Supreme Court rally outlaws segregation. Steps leading toward abolition of he public school system in favor f privately operated classrooms ave already been taken in Geor- la. South Carolina and Virginia. Similar measures have been op- nly threatened In Alabama and trongly hinted In Mississippi. One Negro educator, President F. D. Patterson of Tuskegcc Institute, (AP> — expressed doubt that a majority of he White people of the South vould consent to a private school ystem as long as they pay taxes or education. Are Memorialized LONDON (AP)- -Londoners and visitors alike would have a hard ;tme forgetting the imporance of English kings with a dozen memorialized in statutes about the city The most recent is that of George V In Westminster. The oldest outdoor statue In London Is said to be that of King Alfred erected In 1 Other English moiiarchs so honored are Charles I and II. Henry III and VIII, George II, TH, and IV James IT, Edward III and Edvarc the Confessor. TB Leads Death To//, Official Report Says ROME </P>—Diseases of the respiratory system remain the chief cause of death In Italy, n recent official report states. In 1950, tuberculosis and allied ailments acrounted for 30 per cent of the deaths In this country. Heart disease brought the second largest number of deaths. Thirteen per cent of all deaths came from this disease. Cancer and other malignant tumors were put In third place causing ll per cent of all deaths in 1950. Irritation of Externally CauMd PIMPLES To gently cleans* broken out skin, then soothe itchy irritition, »nd no aid healing—UM tint* toted RESINOr"™"" r Ml SOAP (D-S.C.) heatedly denied that Rus sell's backers are out "to stop Sen. Kefnuver (D-Tenn.). Prusiden Truman, or any other Democrat. "I hope Sen. Russell will allow us to nominate him." Maybank told a reporter. "His friends are not limited to Southern Democrats." Sen. Maybank »ald he entertained Oov. James r. Byrnes of South Carolina her« this week end. Byrnes, former secretary of state. U. 3. Senator and associate Justice of the Supreme Court, has been highly critical of the President and his "Fair Deal" In recent months. If you don't find us at home, next Sunday, we'll be having- dinner at the RAZORBACK.' &ffj m l ennA How do we Pare make this Guarantee? NOW OPEN the DAIRY QUEEN Daily 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily Wl«t MIVINTIONT Yes! Il k«ps corrosion and friction from harming your engine — guards piston rinps and cylinder wall.?. KIARIN6 MOTICTIOH? Yes! Acids are neutrali/ciJ — protecting bearing .surfaces from pining. CLtANING ABILITY* Ycx! And • cle^n engine means more power, and lc\s gasoline consumption. IOW OIL CONSUMPTION? Yes! It resists decomposition—keeji* oil control rings free. So eens oil — fewer IT'S FREE! Fill your crankceie with new. Improved Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor OH. Try Iff art an day*—or up to I^OOO If It doesn't safUfy you on »v»ry covnf go to any Phillip* 66 D«a.*r and h*'M arrangofora r«r11l using any available oil you want of ovr «yp«ns«. The reason w« dare make this guarantee is simple. We are sure this new and improved Phillips 66 Heavy Duty Premium will please you. It's a great motor oil. It gives you a new high in Lubri-tcction: make-up quarts are needed over thousands of miles of operation. It's because of important features like these that Phillips 6/> Heavy Only Premium Molor Oil surpasses manofacturers' speciftcx- tions for all makes of cars. It's truly a "Uea\y Duty" motor oil- will do an outstanding job in Try I'milips (>6 Heavy Ou?y Premium Motor Oil today. W> g*ar~ *ntet satisfaction! 'Chevrolet Feature Show' Now Going On! Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. 301 West \Vnlnul Blytheville Serve what guests enjoy Thirst knows no season— nor does ice-cold Coca-Cola. It's 'round-the-clock, day-in-day-out refreslm.erU. 6 Bottle Carton 25^ Ply* Deposit IOITLID UNDII HUTMOKITT Of 1HI COCA-COI* COMTAHY »V COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE 1953, THE COCA-COIA COMPANY • FOR SALE! Calcium Ammonium 201 PER CENT NITROGEN , Ger New, Improved "ll/6/j-f8C//0/l For Information and Price, Call WEST MEMPHIS COTTON OIL MILL WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. 'hone West Memphis, 81 Phone Memphis, 5-4040

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