The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1951
Page 7
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JULY 2«, 19S1 BLYTHEVIU-K. (ARK.} COURIER NEW3 Mac Arthurs Talk Marks Him As Either Candidate or Campaigner PAGE SEVEN State Department Says Russia Uses Slave Labor in Mines BOSTON. July 26. (te> — Gen. Douglas MacArthur has thrown himself into the 1952 presidential fight as a candidate or campaigner—at least in the eyes of Massachusetts politicians. Both Rtpublican and Democra- Jtfic leaders see the 71-year-old ••Seueral as far from "fading away" after he opened a two-day tour of the bay state with a bristling attack on administration policies— foreign and domestic. And MacArthur himself—while claiming "neither partisan affiliation nor political purpose" — served defiant notice he intends "lo raise my voice as loud and as often as I believe it to be in the interest of the American people." Whether the general hopes to ' run himself In 1S52—or merely take the stump as a champion for his policies—drew divided opinions in this historic countryside. MacArthur chose a. bi-partisan Massacnusctts legislature—a Republican Senate and a Democratic House—to lash out last night with one of the bitterest attacks on American [Kilicy since, President Truman fired him from his Far Eastern commands. Grim-faced and even more determined than when he addressed Congress, the old soldier charged that United States has "no plan" —either for Korea or at home. While skirling around the current cease-fire negotiations underway in Kaesong, he declared: "Now that the fighting has temporarily abated the outstanding impression which emerges from (he scene is the utter use- leKsness or the enormous sacrifices in life and limb which has resulted." MacArthur contended the result of the wai' in Korea has been "in- decisive" and charged Russian propaganda "completely dominates American foreign policy." The general said one of the reasons for his ouster was for offer- Ing "to meet the enemy commander at any time to discuss acceptable terms of a cease fire arrangement." "Yet," he added, with a tone of sarcasm, "for this proposal. I was relieved of my command by the same authorities who since have received so enthusiastically the Identical proiwsal when made by the Soviet government." But MacArthur struck out even more vigorously—and drew some of his loudest applause—In denouncing policies on the home front. With emphasis, he criticized rising taxes, inflation and what he called a threat to the "system of free enterprise." WASHINGTON, July 26. (AP) — Men 111 Russia's slave labor uran-r lum mines must clamber nearly 500 feet down wooden ladders so slick many fall to their death, the State Department radio reported yesterday. The "Voice of America" was broadcasting what it called an eyewitness account at life in a uranium mine In Russian-ruled nast Germany. The account snid high- grade ore is so precious it is flown to Leningrad for Russia's atomic production program. But working methods \vcre described as so ante- quatetl that ore comes from the mines in sacks, buckets and even knapsacks. Other "first hand" sources, the "Voice" said, told of pit disaster due to "lack of safety precautions, miserable working conditions and even sabotage." The latest mine mishap was reported recently from the uranium mining area outside of Zwickau, near the cast German-Czechoslovak border, with nine workmen reporter! killed and IB others Injured. Quoting mi unidentified worker "who finally managed lo escape to the west," the'voice gave this picture of life in a mine In the Frohnau region: '•The pits wnere we worked are about ISO meters (400 feet) deep. We went down Into these shafts on wooden ladders, each one about eight meters (26 feet) high. Each ladder connects to the shaft below. These ladders cause many fatal accidents because they get wet and slippery. Dui'ing the winter the lad ders get icy. This means more ac cidpnts. "Last year about 80 miners were killed in my mine from falling. A lot more were killed when underground shafts fell in on them. "The uranium ere is brovight to the surface In buckets, in ordinal- c sacks, and In knapsacks. The quota of each brigade (10 men) for each shift is from five to eight buckets of ore. with each bucket weighing about 100 pounds. '•11 they use sacks they must bring up 15 to 20 sacks. Each sack weighs between 20 and 30 pounds. Tivj knapsack carriers must bring up from 25 to 30 knapsacks of approximately 50 jxnmds each. 'The ore Is packed in wooden boxes marked "mining machine parts." 'Ore shipments go to Freiberg, northeast of Chemnitz, where they arc graded by Soviet experts.'Especially good ore Is riown to Leningrad. At least 25 ore-filled boxcars go from Krohnau to Freiberg each day. They are moved only at night." The miner was quoted as saying the mines are surrounded by a security zone 35 miles deep which is off limits to civilians. The miner reported, according lo the Slate Department radio, that nevertheless I. sabotage; active and pa,- Q ne sive." Other unidentified miners were quoted as saying thai In the areas around Jolmamigeorgenstadt and Annarjerg there are so-called free workers employed oti a contract basis and paid from 33 to 66 cents a day, and political prisoners serv- ini! sentences at forced labor. Workers in both categories must fullljii their production quotas to get vouchers for meals at the canteen, the "Voice" saw. It added Uiat ihcse mines are under Soviet, supervision with Russian engineering officers seen every- K'herc in uniform or In overalls. „ DARWIN — UP) — An aborlgln* claims 27 mid ducks killed with one shot from a shot gun. The wizard shot was made on a lagoon near Daly Waters. Northern Territory. H. B. Saltercd told about th» shot when he arrived in Darwin (rom Daly Waters. He said the lagoon was black with birds. KILL' the ACHE, BURN, ITCH e! ATHLETES FOOT «RM 01 YOUR 40c BACK. "M-l. SKIN to Imbedded Joftcllon «Jld kill. on cojU.l.. C«« !n . t .,,,-dryl ns T-4-l. at nil dru» .Urct. Todav /.I KIKIiY BUGS. DRUG STORKS In (he fall, water holes near White Sands. N.M., often turn red In color. Chemists say Hlgae. which thrive on sulphur water, are the cause. MEETING Thursday Niffhl 7:30 Local 593 of Rice Stix ill the WOMAN'S CLUB KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nn£« in R backache, lo« of p«paaden«rffy 4 headaches an>J Jixiinwarnay bcdua toeloiv- oown at kidney function. Doctors «ny yoo4 kLilnpy function la very important to itooj hr'allh. When somt everyday condition, »uc)i as r tress and lirain k caused this important function tot tow .lown. many folks Aufferna*. K>"K bacKoc>ie-/Wl miserable. Mtnor bfad- titr LniUtionB due lo cold ov wrone diet may caiiJic eoltfng up nlghte or frequent pUBtEee. IXm't RFfftect four kl<fn ? y fl If lh«« conrft- tioni bother you. Try Dean's Filla-a mild diuretic. Used aucceisfuUy by millions tat over 50 year*. Il'a MJIRIJTIB how many tfim* )r>a n a five relief from Ihes* dkcnm- fort a -helpihelfim!VaofkirJneytub*«Bn<!fi!. (ere flush out waalc. Gel Doan'a FLib today t &OOD/TEAR Greatest GENERAL™ ELECTRIC FRIGERATORS Model NB-33, Refrigerator, A practical 8-ou.-ft. Seneral Electric Space Malar model. lc» cubei freeia in a hurry in the roomy freezer compartment. Room for as much as 24 pounds of frozen foods, too. Bottla fforaga it high enough fo." tall bottles—holds «i many at hvelva squara, quarl-siie milk bottles. Covered metal draws* betow freozar keeps meats moist and fresh. Full-width drawer provides high-humidity storage for three-quarteri of a bushel of Iresh fruits and vegetables. And ihera are 14 square feet of refrigerated storage space on the sturdy- corrosion-resistant tisel shelves. REGULAR PRICi Lvstt Trade-In AHoivunev . Your C.E. costs only . . •ilus! Bo i» WorMnu Condition, Ready lor. Resale—.Vol Obloleta! Model NC-lOOi Refrigerator Designed especially for larga family use. Provides full 10 cuble feet of /af/igerated jloroga space. Almost 13 squara f«et of storaga space on tha corrosion-resistant steel shelves. Plenty o< room for targa quantities of the' usual household items, plui tuch article* as a 25-pound turkey, a large watermelon, 14 dozen eggs and many other itemi. Large freezer compartment has four ice troys, holds up to 32 pounds of frozen foodi. Two roomy fruit and vegetabfa drawers, plus a bfg, ifx-inoK deep drawer for fresh meat storage. Handy, removobla utility' ihelf above boltlo storage offer! convenient storags for small package's. REGULAR P81CS F,m» Trarfe-In $1 AAOO' AU&'^anee ... JLl/U Yowr G.E. cvsts only . 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Sliding wire basVct h porJect for storing eggi or ojfcer jmoll artlclas. Aluminum rust« proof shclvoi oro cl3^?*w!rcd to prevent small ortlclei from tip^ plflij. G-E sealcd-ln refrl^cfatlng i/slem oisvret years of d&p«no% REGULAR PRICZ Your G. costs •ifiwt He in Working On Goodyear's 1-AND ONLY Plan! Com9 In and Se.ect the G . E. Rector rf V our CUcel We Made,

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