The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY. MAY 30, 1931 K. MltK.1 roiJKIBn NRWS liayti )'.:tV 1 Cl' liner yaestion with his jinrciits,] ;JIII!RO and Mrs. J. F. Duncan. i i P. S. Rnveintpin returned home I I Tuesday evpuliij; from Fayetle. Mo., ac.-oiii|irinic(l Ijy his rtim-hU'r. Mary |Cntl;>i-l!iL-, and Mainine MoNiil.l I who havo been alimdiiv^ CVn!r:a ; Mrs. Hi'ynolils DavU w.-.s hostr^ . collide at Fuycll?. While there M;- . ! to tlu' Wii'iian'.s My.-.loiiF.ry bin-ifly • RaveiisU'ln nllrneicil Hie ' of tl:e Hapjivi I'h'.ircii Wc:!i!-=Jnv ' of liu -' cliureli . ' nflrrinrjii. Mrs. T. J. Cillliam open- ! c - K 'it Hiuiiiiiini accompanied by i cd tin- ii!«-'.ins with ;:r.iyei. S>fi]i- j - hllj brolhrr. Unnar Hranninn (i: : tiirc was ;T;K| uy Mrs. li. U. linn 1 ::. \ Uiiminnham. A!a.. de|;:i:l?d fur i Necklines, Sleeves Get Intricate Treatment .-_„ I^J.I ..-.n r — PACK Til: 1 .?. Blair Uiii-k!.'y '.«?. 1o die Ann Ciiltets:-:! cia's of l!:c diiii-i-h. ilr.s. Hi-m-y K.vcll nnene:! (lie iv.;T'.!r.!j v.'ilh prayer Tim program consisted ol jii'.c-- cstins Mlks on Poland. Mis. Piier- iran Hill wiis :v,vi,r:!<'ti a jivire for tiif quickest soliiti.1!) of a piuulc ccinlr-st involving the nam-'S of tii? \arions inKsi'jmxry C'VuiitiK. 1 .'. Mcrdames firargc Comoro!'., M •)'.•- Abies and Ohnrle; Folcy we:o dinner ('."("its o! M:-«. Uim Pr.'.tl:;'- KI-JSS of CanitV.crsvilic W« Tile I'atiies n:ot< re: 1 , to C:)'.r.;inw: i :jd I'pii.t :nirt visited Mrs. Phillip jlol'. . . . . . In the aVence of the ]::esi(bnt. j San Antonio, Tex. '.vhoiv ihey will Mrs. n. I,. Ollbirl. !ho fcusiiii-f.-. vliU "'la'.ives for about v:i day:,. stvstoii was conducted by Mrs. J. Wolf Kliuiirle and D.i'w- | W. Cimiii!i«lii>iii. Prayc-r by Mis. ' r 'ii V/i-lls t-njoyeu u ibhin-.; trip to i B. I. Allen "<liMiiiv.i-:l t!ic inei.'!iii:;. Woif liayou Wedsiesdiiy. | Mrs. Allen uiil bi: liifctess at next | Mls - J - 11 '''. Jtolley jr., |;n:l ns her; week's inoftiiis o'. I in- tocioiy. Kuests Tues:l.iy a[u-i-i:oon Mrs. MU.--I:?!! M.nina and small son I'hll of Cai-.-.thersrilli.. Hll! Mcllaney ul Jaek'on, Mi-i, is here \isi!jii|{ i:i the ho:ne of ]"•! dmi'ihter. Mr.s. W. T. Nuheiy. 'IJiv VoHsv' Women's Anxiltiity cf i 1 :::- "jptisl cli'.iiL-h. cliiij:n-cni.''l h;' Mi"d;>n:-i J. ! . Xiinmcr, Jim !Ii 111=11 and R(v. .1. w. Cimninx- I'.'i'i, :::]jv.ei! a:i o'.:till': al Bi- L.ikc, ArS;., TlmraHiy cvr-ni'iy. '1 v.i n'.y yi--.i:iti wc>;i,«.ii and a.sis Mr. ur.d Mrs. (;lii;. CliisM. Hr:::: Mr.ivi.-.N cf Sviii'iulp, Ok!a..| mill Mar;-JIM ChaM'in o[ K;':;-,:is! C.iy. Me. ;!l -..-/!• on .1 i:uck '.o ih, |iicr!ri:>" '.'round'.. Gain's u!«: i: pi™:,- ;,;i|:;c.- M.IS jvr^d. Hilly Hopkins, who has bc;-n here. '< !''ii":lav .-icriioun. MvMiamcs .'.:.•,!!im; his |!rai::lnin'.hcr. Mrs. li.; J '*• H'-iKm-.';.-!!. YScliy Ui.rris. Al ^JJ. Hayes, and iiir. aunt, Mrs. R. !•:. ' ^'licl-jilull s'.r.d Henry Kuiil '.me "Brasher, left Thursday for Chance.' li c: lr -' s '' ;: lf > the Hcd Robin Silver Mrs. Clyde Shc.-kler. Ins l:^C!i iil.' 1 ' 11 ' "' !!l!; M'lhcdist P-.uvunaje. this week but Ls P.O-.V nni'.-ii iisijirov-. "'•'—" '•eon and DE:J!I:U rcn- ed. ' ; dci'.fl ninny Iriiiitifiil sM;:b Mvc r. T! Ar,, n M I,.,,: nc I,*,- : aK<1 C! " MS '' A!>«Ucr i'V.t RStill" Margaret and Helon Corclanct or Sleele. Mrs. Philip Hainra ar.d daughter Faulinr> o! Caru'.l'.ersville and Miss Wadad Hainra o! P'M!? vi^jicd Mrs. W. K. Khnurie here Wednrsclsiy. Mrs. Bo!; Dortch is cciifincd lo h?r room by ilhies.-. Bill Shaw returned Thiirsdny from a three v;ecks pieasure Irip to Colorado. Miss Miljrest Popham, who h?.s liren n'.teiuling Sinillu'asl MissDiiri Tearhrrs coKeye at Cape ntrard.-mi. arrived hoie Tisesaay ior a va-:a- tion with I'.or liavent 1 ;, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Poniiam. Miss Margaret ClJilinn. \vho is taking a nurse's Iraitiiny course at St. Luke's hoipitfil at Kansas City. R oane, who ha, hcen vi, relatives at Marked Trcr, !or the past nvo weeks, IT- 'i?' " £S; ' aV - , , -. f Kliounc .spent Mordny and in Liixora and Jomcr. Tile W. M. S. cf the Baptist church served i!ie Lions club dinner Monday evening at the Bap- list church. Mr. nnd Mrs. li. M. Morgan and children. Louise. Maciine and !J. J. and Mr. and T.ivs. Earl Austin. :i!l of Seminole. Okla., arrived here Monday evening for a week's visit with relative.*. Mr. and Mrs. Dobcr; Dov.-dy accompanied by Mr. Dowilv's sister, MLss Ada Uor:dy. r.f Mccarty, motored t oMemphis Monday, Ihe former icliirning home, while .Miss Dowdy and entered the Baptist hospital for treatment. :Urs. S. E. Nethcry and small daughter Sally Joe. who have been in Car'.hauv, Mo., t!i? past w-c!:. returned home Monday afternoon. Mrs. Nelhevy took Sally Joe to Carthage to receive treatment, for her eyes. Miss Huth Cunningham leU Tuesday to visit wilh Miss Maude Heard of Ecowah, Ark. Mrs. Cecil Brannum. who is at- ler.rtlng school at Southea.s', Missouri Teachers ccllcBe nt Cape Oi| lardeau. arrived here Tuesday for i week's, visit, with her husband, ^ccil Brannum. Sterling Duncan, who is nltcnrl- itiS Southeast Missouri Tenchcrs colles;? nt Cape Girardoau. arrived here Tuesday lo spend the sum- Ma:g::ix?t. Shtmiacher. j WiSMs Iiie/ s::id Lc-on Uaniord ! ?!iii!rti!ii!orl classes four ami li,(i cf Ihe M:lhc<'isL church Tiuits- ; c.fy c\cni:i5 in the church b,s-- . inei'.t. The idrls :uul boys phvcd j ijai^es of various kin:!:, suid the ! hoste=ics scivril sandwiches arid ' soda, i Mr. and Mrs. Rchert, Dawtly and • ion, ISctby departed fo: 1 a iwo w;eks vacation at Nashville, Tenn . V.'hile enioiite to Nivhville they v.'ili f,;:L'I!il n d?.y '.viih. Mr. IJov.ciy':; tis; hospital in Moinphii;. ; Mrs. H. G. Ha:mon and (!au«h- • t = is. Christina :ind Orada Mai veiled Mr. and Mrs. M. Cox and ! Mvs. Henry liyars of this city the Eastern -Star , chapter of Carmhersviile to Horn- t ciovillc Monday evening where they j'.isited the chaptvr of that city. Mrs. A. G. Sanders accompanied by her two daughters, Jasymn : and Virginia drove to .St. Louis i Friday morning where Ihey will I visit over the week-end i i . Mr. J. T. B'.ickiey and Joe Kohn j . Wednesday from Car- \vhprc tiiey attended; inr. ronvcr.tion. '< ' fiamra of Caruthers-' .. inied by Miss Watlad Hnmra of steelc and [-.Irs. U'olf Khcurle of (his city, motored to Cas-dweli Thursday afternoon and visited with Mr. and Mrs. Kcmi- liii!.' Hamra. Mr. and Mrs. Chariiy Trainor nnd Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Duncan and family enjoyed a picnic al : . Wolf Bayoti Friday. j Mrs. B. n. Crowe ar.d Mrs. | Hujh DoiTir, !e!t for Memphis Wednesday to visit relatives. Mrs. Waiter Chil'.on and .Mrs. | Rener.ii Giico-.v arrived Thursday I from Trumann. Ark., wliere Ihev have been visiting. j l.uthcr CJillcn left Thursday ev- |was called to wosk al Vciing Spring j and Wire company. Now They'll Launch Bombers at Sea SS^S:^^- 1 ^^ 5 & " f«Kf> v.s are p'.iin little trll!es, | l-:t,K!IA!i'r. Iiullana. CUP) —The I.IU tine i -:rciin bii'lons. r,n<l a i (Ulc of Ctijpf IMj; Kn»\f iii cf l':o,ui ijivc them {llnnlliril I crnkriort um.n iiubsit K. 1'roclc.r, hn|:oH:uice. The neckline l:.i-; no|iiuirn.r .itat • :;:n.-.tor- and na'.lciMl simplicity ttliutrtvor about It. H : ine>![lc-iii if the Fratrnml OrJcv I'i most intricately ijin with n one- uf U'a-jles, here bv Kloux Indlai-,:,. sided CHWI, a one-sided rti'nlnn. Ciikl l!la;:kfr.i:iv 'from Ihu and a one-fidrd . scarf th:U leiervsilbn at I'hu-rldxe, !:3 brought around the neck lo fly | Dalir.ia, rum:, here for (lie buck o\er Its haiue-.shoulu'jr. j mom 1 . Tho other froc*; I.s n cimrinlni; v,Ijite crf|je with ft dainty daisy tiiiu. The daisies are of the whit-.' ik'. mnile vvllh hand-hiEerted jell:w centers. The liny sleeves, diilsy bound, llnro smartly. Tnc soltly drapfd collai, iilso daisy kciind, loons nrounil In scarf-like innnncr and ends at one side. This is nn Inlrleately cut little Irr.ek. wilh a perfectly sUmnint; III In (I nnd ri llaie that. Is; ncreiu- ed by the little yi<llb\v-ciiilireil daisies all around the bnltmi. rt " rnec ' ISV JOAN SAVOY Fuv of the real summery thmgs for hot days 'have a full sh've. Icuslli of style In them. It is much smarter to end sleeves np where the old vaccination marks used to go Just how you end them there Is of vast importance. Also just how much yon make of what- sleeve you have is no mean test of the '.-hii; of your costume. Having settled the sleeve problem hi shcit order, the next thing PHTI.ADiiLHHiA Peiv.i (UP) - | ' Dt '- TO'BC D Yenson. noted N«,r- • wc ., ian rcr ,. mh wo .,. pl , ,,.,„ J11M , discov : recl a ne,v m^netic alloy ; called Iii| Wl -iii; : . accordm« to officials of (!,; Wes.tinehou.e Electric Research Laboratories. f THIS_ CURIOUS WORLDj ^ P 1 _ K_J*i-,^^Ba3M^M^M ^k*^ t^tMH «*f^A l^V^ jm3 • i JOHN PAUL JONES ;, W4SSORMIM • SCO7MNO, VMS A CAPTAW \H THE US. NAVX SERVSOAS A REAR AOMKAL IN OIEO 4Nt> WAS IN 100 WAS RBVOVEO 10 ANNAPOilff, TflR B4MOOS OLO HANSMAN'S -TREE, iOME SO WOS£ THLEVfS XriC> COOOKS (N TiS 'S/AMESe ^SIWWS/ fed THESH two of impoiUmcc in ihcsc dainty new "hot.' 1 numbers is Hit nartdine iroaimcnt. : .VfiV Collar Lines Appear It is hufd to iTnltzp (is you gaze upon the nattering necklines tralay just hem- much punishment everybody stood a year or ro n(jo by (hat naked colludes^ neckline thai snorts things nuu!e such a vo^ue. ; Tins summer you must have : something soft nbout yoiii nect:. It may tic. it may (jo cowl. It may be a .scarf Iliat fllpplty-llops in the breezes, lint It usually adds in looming lady-like .softness nnd Jit should add a bit of color loo. I Two of the Inlest ml'1-simiiiicr i tracks (o march Into £rnart shoixi accent Ihcsc two importaul, fashion fealnre.5. 1 Slrfvrs Arc Merc Trifles j If ymi nre addicwd (o Brecu 'costunirn yo;i ^'111 welcome Q ne\v- cciucr thai, inkcs soft light yvccn crcpc anil pipes the frocks nnd adds billions o[ wood brown. The BOSTON. Mass, <U!>) — The uininunnealtli of Mas? icluisutls HD ri'lmluivsrd Wlllinm II. Urccn <> lh~ oxii-nt of JJW.I1 to covtr nmairc lo h!s Charlcstown |)ri)|i- eity 0:1 (lie night of Ihc exccullon oi Hit 1 intrrniitlonally - known Communists, Saccn and Vnnv.clll, In 10117. Fearing that trouble nlillht develop around Massa- chiispls Ktnle Prison Hint :vcnlug. •.rotes of [Mllcrnifii Innk slands on vcmfs ol building..* owned by Bvcon. 'cau.iln,; tip ilAir-ixns In (jiieslloii. WANT V Tft* HORTEST UNE [HAVE CIVILIZATION'S DIARY Civilization is a manner of living — and civilized people seek to live as comfortably, healthfully and pleasantly as they can. To this end, the wheels of industry turn unceasingly, producing-civilized goods for the use oC civilized people. Leaders of industry lay far-reaching plans to provide better services for a civilized world. In countless laboratories, new things and better ways are constantly being developed. Advertisements arc the daily record of civilization's progress. They are civilization's open diary- brought to you in the columns of this paper. Diaries make good reading, and the advertisements are no exception. Read them every day . .. and keep posted on the things that make civilized living ever more livable. Main Street Goes Rio Cebolla! You may have a flair for formal attire, flannels or Palm Beach togs . .. You may want to dine a la Shanleys, ' n Rectors or Delinonicos . . . Your home may have been appointed t by the New York Galleries . . . I In other words—your tastes run to the really better things of life . . . ! But you'll never know what a real vacation is 'till you come to Rancho Real It's a Park Avenue Club transplanted to the wilds of Rio Cebolla! Well-groomed in all things. • "Forget Business! Lay off goli for one vacation—The ticker can wait until you come back!" Your vacation from business worries and a high-altitude physical build-up will treble your punch when you get back to your desk. The Ladies love it—and the young folks—and the young old folks too. It's paradise in the mountains with a million acres for just our folks to play in—no outsiders. "Let's go fishing—riding—hunting—poloing—swimming." Choose your own amusements morning, noon or night on your own time schedule at luxurious Rancho Rea—most glorious mountain resort playground in the south- ' west. Even the most elite hotels of this country can't give you finer luxury nor better service. It is only natural that charming people come to Rancho Real Eight thousand feet up in the cool, green Jemez Moun'. tains of New Mexico . . . \ Season — May 1st toThanks- giving Day . . . Reservations going rapidly. Jcnu:/, Springs, New Mexico Please Addt-ess Chicago Offlct 155 E. Superior Street, Chicago, 111,

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