The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 11
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, JAMTTASY OUK BOARDING HOUSI BLYTHEVULE _ with M.|«r !5. rtooeie, THAI tJO CftBBAGC YMg MAO TOfJiSHT WCULO _ A SlOfJe LION) DROOL.' THAT CAM IF YOU WAKiT TO B&.Y- EMTER, MR. GUMHORM -~ tfOR CRECHT AlflMAGER. « OM VACAT!OM,'~~-n-IOSe- rJWO MESL6CT THE: CASHIER H£RS ARE SIV6W EXCLOS1ME HJ AWHILE A9 A TEADy BOARDER (P YW\I& SOT A -SPARE C61L.' IM SOME- FARMER'S Political Announcements Subject to Preferential July 22, 1952 Election For County Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk OERAIJ5INE LISTON" CONCRETE CULVERT TILI SiiM up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal CulverU Sli« up to H in. A. H. WIBB Automatic Flood Gate* Concrete it MeUl Septic Tanki Sewer Ttfe B»st Price* We Dellrrr Highway 61 at State, Line Phone 71i - COAL Phon* 3186 Prompt Oe/ivery NOW/ HESTER'S Coal Yard Courteous Service FARMERS Besur* t, j, ave vour COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS IMK "or GERM I NATION Scud Samples to Woodson-T«nent Laboratories •t« West A* St. BlylheviHe, Arkansas (ARK.) COURIER — ' ' ' •• I... OUT OUR WAY •X J- R. Willwm* 'U-S 1 / SHOES Wm?OLG> l^'^w^ifte ^ WORKS, AM' I W6VCR .^g^aagsas I I DOWH TO WOR- PRA<Sl£W I I. Desert Landj It has been estimated that of the square miles or the sur! face of the earth, or which 57,150000 miles are land, 5,000.000 square miles are desert. Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith ' 260 E. Kentucky Ave. Phone ?6€5 FUEL OIL B.-.B. POETZ OIL GO. "/ Se// That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office £ Bulk Plant—Promised Land Delicious COUNTRY BUILDERS SUPPLY V* Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in ProgressI JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERR SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself ,.. With « box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2008 West Main Phone 3647 Wlf* « m. M « „ lfcc fc ,D. * ttn, I-«le«<.,. Tk« re , |» „_; >7 wltk kcr kuh»4. »r «_ •• «»"*«», IDIMAr awokt the i^ k>« wi mom- k>« with a tingling, n,* enti mpltwant tense oJ le«r. Sh« , dream content mi- escaped her. The fear, evtr, seemed to come not from ttw dream but from Ihe danger of baring awakened. She considered taint b»ck to sleep but the day WM already a bright insistent prwence m the room. It lay cool on her checks, prickjed her nos- trili, and outside her open windows it swung on trail pepper leaves, tentative with dew, un- and setting wch a high Ipr «« fca, ^n WSM * ear - She glanced at the clock-8:38— ami she thought of Gus who was, undoubtedly at this moment threading the curves o( Sunset Boulevard, the lop of Ihe convertible rolled back and the 'hSd^* 11 ***** ** Tisor -«>PI>«<' She enried Gus the necessity o< being somewhere at a certain time of a day filled wilh preor- appointments, obviating Jeaact mapped off the twHeh that controlled her blanket, flung herself out of the bed, and pressed the wall button which would ring in the kitchen, thus informing Ingrid that she would soon be ready for her breakfast tray. This mom- ing the button-pushing embarrassed her, pointed op the pampered iwrposelessnes! of her exk- Sbt brwhed her tee4h JuUIJ.. There wai a rip M the door. To«r breakfMt Is Mmd, Mr*. Logan. 1 * Ingrid attend wMb «h* tr»y. 'The d-jctor is in bed this morning," she told Jennet. "H« tut • UUle cold." 'He has? A eoWT- Jennefi hand froze to the cup. "Oh, heavens, you should have called me Is it « bad one? I'll get him tome aureomycin and some . . ." She started up, and then »t down again, reminding her.wlf ol Dr. Flynn's edict: "No over-solicltou»- ncss. Be casual about slight disturbances. Don't let him get tr* Idea he's an invalid." "No." she said aloud, "I'll finish my breakfast first." "Why, jure." Ingrid agreed. The doctor Is fln«. I g» v . him orange lulce and canteloupe and English muffin* with poached eggs. Two cups o[ coflee. Ate all that he can't be very sick. He's reading the paper," JENNET umlled, comforted by •> the orderly picture Ingrid painted. It was hard to praise Ingrid directly; Instead she )okert, "Ingrid. I think I see canary fealhers on your mouih!" free h«r Up*, her p«]a ey« blank. Jennet explained kindly -j mean like the cat that swallowed *• canary. I mean you're glad to have a patient to take care of I believe yo« en jo, fussing over toe doctor." "Mottling rm not willing and gtaxl to do lor the doctor," Ingrid inai»t«d, as if the staunchness of her tone would clothe the shame of h«r plethoric face. "He's a very flne man. Not to say I wouldn't do as much for you, Mrs. Logan." Gus heard her coming down the stairs. That you, huddy?" Her heart sank at his nasality ?r^an.- in>de * r - JuS * going for On her way hack, ahe glanced through the letters. A thick, Drown, windowed envelope from the bank, an airmail letter from her mother, several bills. "Oood morohig, poor love," ahe said, cnterinc Gus's room. Site towed all ta* her mother's letter onto the bed. Gus picked wp the bundle at canceled checks. "Look at this check made out k> cash, April 15 »ao«. 'What WM tha* »or?" JENNET wcked ^ ttlurnbi frightened In spttc of a clear conscience. "April 15, two hundred. Gosh," and then, "Oh, I know. That was for those two cases or Scotch you harl rne pick up. And I made tt out tn round numbers so I'd have some cash." "Urn. Well, look, Jenny, try to make as few checks out to cash as possible. When income-tax time comes, I've got to know what our dough went for. For deductions I mean. Make the checks out to a firm name." "1 know, darling. I'm sorry. I'll Lry to remember. Also, I'm afraid t forgot to record some counter check! la« month. What's our balance? n« correct my check book from the statement" GUI shook hii head. T guess you wouldn't be a womsn If you didn't think that banks were infallible." It* Be r«a«laaiaJ RESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores Sundae, YREAM ' j(ASTLE Drive-In a. Pit .l vecue SHOE REPAIR Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day Speedometer REPAIR is part of our extra One Day Service— All Cars & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. .,, h "? slc r- p lj-moiith Dtalsr 121 E. Main phone Z1Z 55ES2w :C /? l-3» BORU THIgTV >EAgg, TOO soOM JW*™^"^ WELL.VOU CAW josr &UH-D >tlM A DOG HOUSE OOTSIPC- AWO'IEACK HIM TO BARK/ V/AUDVKe ^1 THAT$TAK,CHKfi fteCOBD NOMADS IF THAT WAP HAS A UA&ITA&LE PLANET otIK MAVgE«CK.V£ WIFE'S BIRTHDAY! ' '^* Jl^^r f-M>4^ I3lJl A GET-WELL CARD ^= LE J* 6 JJ_9VT OP^ es SUSfKCT THAT AW WERE THftT LITTLE ,.C fOe MOO ML THE5E VEARi, , u fHKT IfD MAKE TttE PkPSKS NEIGHBORHOOD KID y^.^s WD AS TH6V DRIVE ? FOUOW*«-*wsotters J]| |f AW. IT'S THAT HOLUS DOPE.'HE GETS IN MY HAIR/ IMAGINE ME HAMN'\WELL MOV/ \T'WET-NURS6 THATlOOP WHO x CLUNK ALOTX3 Oft TO TH' LAST A tETTER. A-GONNA flHAT/ Y'CAM'T DO If/ ^/TURN DCK DOWN LIKE THAT. jKJ» $Wjl \i& NO...NOTJUSrteABISJOB.OOR-(OOXL LIKE THAT.BOTlRMOrrSO.THIMKlN' I'LL THINK OP JW A 6UBST)TUTEV L SUMPIN.' ^L FOR "NO".' Zs X 8 "O, ^.'"irr- C>^->. I . ^ » , ^ „ O t-it

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