The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 7
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TintDAY. JANUARY », 195J Threwboek— BLYTHEVILU5. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AtlO,KidsCalledShelley'Zombie; Queen Wasan Ugly Duckling EDITOR'S NOTE* H.U.V .1.- _._-_,-.._ " ^ EDITOR'S NOTE: Her*', the weMd W four dispatcher that (Ire jut an Intimate ehMtup of Shelter Winter., Holjfwood'i mod— i renlon o* Ihe old-style movie Sl ButT-en as recently as five year, m °* mal " UP '" " M * m <"* <— :si£!^Mrvte ^rraa i jz,v"- By ERSKJNE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD (NBA) - A 10- year-old blonde girl sat before her mirror one day in 1933 in St. Loul. and cried her heart out. A neighborhood boy had just called her a "»mbie," There »'M no argument about It Shirley Schrift was a champion ugly duckling. There, was a mole between her eyes. She had uncontrollable hair and crooked teeth She yts painfully skinny and she had the personality of the backside gf a handball court The children she played with frequently suggested a game of coo. and robbers and Shirley was tied to a post. "So we could escape from her," one of them remembers Today Shirley Schrift is Hollywood's sexiest siren—Shelley Winters. The «tory uf how Shirley the zombie, became Shelley, the sultry is the story of a girl who knew what she wanted. Mllettones Listed Milestones along the way Include clothes modeling, clerking In a five- Shelley remembers; 'I thought he w.s rum| n » nw I wanted, to IOOK like a Holl>»pod fi H*?- Id . sneak .on the set »llh lipstick and false eyeiashe*. He'd yell at me, 'Take 'em orf, Shelley Don't b« an actress. Be a waitress' So I took off the eyelashes and the lipstick and what happeni-I be- AT RIGHT, Shelley''looked'Ilk* thta an her way to aehool Uit." Shelley Winters was still looking a Into mirror and saying•You're a zombie." Hollywood agreed with her. Her first movie contract at Columbia, lasted only six months. The' studio gave up In despair A makeup min told her 'You nee d to have your hairline raised.-You need your teeth braced, arid'you "ought to have your-nose, bobbed." Shelley took a Jucfclew film test at MGM. she was made-up to look •omethlng like Lucille Ball, when «h» protested the makeup man.said: "Ye Gads, you don't want to look like YOU, do you?" She Was Brushed Off earthy, natural sex appeal that has been popplni the popcorn In movie theateri ever since, The acting, once she jot a break came natural | 0 Shelley, she's an' extrovert who has been acting 011 her life— When I rn not acting for money Im acting tor tree" Shelley fi the daughter of Rose winters, who »as an opera, slng- «r with the SI Louli - Municipal Opera, and John Schrlft, a'itai's coining designer She made her Jtage debut at four, singing "On the Good Ship Lollipop' in .movie theatei, Shnley Temple' contest— and uouldnt, leaie the footlights! until they h.nded her « consolation prl?e, a sweater J4 sues too big. ** *' lne Sfhil/t zombie moved »lth hei famll* to Brooklyn. She payed Katiiha )„ • Tlle JJij^f. at .Thorn.. Jefferson High School • lid changed nor name from Shirks ,, S l!f" e> (l " d toolt "•"•molh- ei s ma den name) "because the kids called me Shirley Temple!' • Six months before high school traduaiion she quit to become a 'by nigm day " nd a Clr * ma stllctent »1» a Week Job i Broadway casting directors remember her us "that aggressive blonde without, talent." she remembers a job In the ftve-anrt-ten • ch . orl !» »IH'«Job at lh» J ja conpa ni«ht club in New York, and a $10- a-week Summer season In a stock company on ihe'bortcht circuit. T Chester Erskine, who gave Sheley her first s ta' E e rolti °^ t ^ s »ier: -she was about IB and had a wild mop of hair and heavy shell- rimmed Biases, I didn't Dave a Job lor her but after 10 mlm.les of salesmanship, she' » job for « M • , '" nily tlle » 25 80 « he could join the actors' union" marrmge to an Army officer, Mack Mayer. Tiwy were married on New Year', Day, 1313, but spent only 6 ix months to B ether in almost five Hoover Warns Of U. S. Policy NEW YORK (AP) - "Dangerous overtiralnlrijE" of American .'economy and continental Burop»'» r "M- erfla" in rearming, Herbert Hoover says, make it advisable that'con- gress reconsider u. s. forum p^ll- e former President, calling for a study of alternative' actions, proposes that American ground forces eventually he withdrawn frorii Europe while the country concentrates on air and sen power, He salt! an exception would be made, for those U. S. forces needed to p< otect American nir bases outside Atlantic ."net nations. Plant Fire Put Out SINGAPORE IAPJ— Hundreds of persons at Singapore's . icallanr Airport held (heir, breath as they watched'a two-engined plane of the Malayan Airways swoop down for an emergency landing—it* slar- bonrri engine iplttlttf smoke and (lame. Some of them knew. there were 21 passeneers on the plane, arriving from KuaJa tumpur. As airport fire engines reached the, stricken craft, ihe smoke ceased. /The pilot had doused Die fire In time with an^niergency extinguisher. : years of marriage.' They were divorced in 1947. Explains Shdlcy: 'It was jiist a situation', the war." But Is was bnc'k to New .York again for Shelley, this time as "Ado Annie" for a summer season of "Oklahoma" before Director Oeoree Cukor tested her for the role of the waitress who dished up sex In "A Double Life." tomorrow-! Th« not) "temperamental" actress, in Hollno Man Plans Repeat on 'Funeral' BURMNOTOH, Colo _ Jim Bernhart U pl»nnm» * repeat performance of hli own "funer- 11 Ain't lot my p!«ns all made yet, he told newsmen yesterday "but there'll be something this .,•'''"• »'ho Is approaching his 75th birthday, presided at hli own ••funeral" In June. 1951. It cost him an estimated »15,000. which In- eluded i M.OQO copper coffin i.2 500 granite monument, and hid. dentals. "I rton't think It will be near as big a blowout as it was last lime • he said of this year's event •Those big funerals are mighty tiring, you know. A man can take just so much of them." Same Oppotltlon Jim, a retired farmer, ran into mild opposition from some of the Burlington townspeople soon after announcing plans lor last year's proceedings, which he undertook, he said, iiartly to make sure he wasn't "buried like R dog," nnd partly to spend some of his estimated »76,0oo fortune before his death ."so that relatives won't set It." But If his neighbors were opposed 'o the funeral, they didn't show It When Ihe W« day came. Almost to a man Burlington turned out for the services, rubbing shoulders with curious visitors from halt a dozen states. Biz Dinner Fallow. A huge dinner, which Jim cooked himself, followed. Another event In the '»«•» i« threatening .to "mess^ up my plans" thia yenr, lie said. "I put a notice i,, t), e paper that-I was going to have a service June 1," he explained. "So what do they do, but they schedule the dedication of this dam lor that d.yl' . The dam Is Bonny 0am, . reclamation Bureau project. "I suppose rll hnve to put my services off for a week on account of. this; he snld. "it would serve them right, though. If i went "head with my plnns and took the crowd away from them" Since last years "services" Jim itys he has h«d :SI5 letters from women all over the world-some of them "hinting strongly" «t marriage, "Not imcl for a man almost 75 years old, eh?" he boasted.'"Borne Of Ihent sent pictures which dld- nt look bad at all." But, He-added, "I'm not tnkjmj any of them too seriously.", ..' ."• ke «P« himself buiy- "}lu» . puttering aromid" and talking (• ' t ,. • int that, they'd like to ''' "V*** * SEE $10,000 : PN PAGE 3 AT 19, Shelley ha* her first bl part In rhna4el|ihU •nd-ten, night elub singing r dancing, bit roles in BroedWf and movie., andh., .,"Tou^e, a h n opeS. b Y U our e vo?c'e f ta'all Hut* *""'""" """"• Y ° U '^ ^•SSSIS?- o u ?~ r,o^ -p& Iged vlncea that she nwrtwi If ?' '?"' " CePt that when sn « to °l' off th necaea at "ast a makeup, Shelley', l ace took on and your share will be ;.__ fc _ (hast you have for any commodity biougiyihtrryour'home" 36 " Now IhatM's going to cost/many mor« millions (o keep on fcnnsnn* you water, how will it affect your pocketbook? No matter hnw (his cost is met, g(K)(f mana g ement wi ,, ouire that vour wafer bi!I he Increased fnhrir,^ ;« iu! ' ."_ whe Ttrs^ 1 ^: your ow ' n bi " "">• *° u " — But wait— figure what that comes to in actual cash! Today, the average vnte for water figures out at two r«,f. Per day per person. Under the increases whEh may bl appfied H could go (o two and a half or three c«n(s. applied, vnnl* m *^ COSt -T th , irleen cents a n hour Instead of ten to iriv. your garden an hour's soaking. And three baths w»f «rt M much as four do now— roughly four cents. Bui place fhcse costs ngainst the. prices you are paving for «ver,-th,n ? ? lse and water will continue to be the one great bar- y K£( , a , ny - kind nf ™'™* M *•»"« for an'hTng ap- even the increased rates which may lie ahead. of a Even though the price of increased facilities mav be in remam jusl R drop Ln tht hucket « f >»Blytheville Water Co. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" "W "«fACt.fUNNED'- INrEHOIK WINDOW *»EA MW «J«.SCOof' HOOa to Gome HEW SUPEM.FE 80X.RH1 F«AME 610 POWERFUL 8«»KES WI1H "FLOOR-FBEr PEBUl . CttOICl Of 1 HEA7 IMNSMISSIOfiJ fllERCURY^ »f* HSt-AlIt VENflUTIDN MERC o MWIC Ht re't the ntw iteppcrf-up .ucwwor to Ihe enf \ n , l" rLtn!? ""''^ 1C "' "»" "" ««• ^«n in otliualiy iponwrcd economy Icjl, Thij v«r . 'Optional at extra coil ...... r"lcstof all automii your eyes on this, America. Mercury has done brought you a really new '«canh«i' s f ar , f« r ahead... that vands as an even grcalcr cliallcnuc to ihe moloring world tlian last year's Mercury, one o/ inc mas.1 ;>o/,t,l a , can ,/,„, fl . ff came rfoioi ihe American Road. Vour firsi look begins lo tell you why. For here's something wirrcly new :., ,- dr design . . . swift, clean linrj tl, a( 5werp f rom the new "Jct-scoop" hood (in- si'ircd by |l, e smurlcst European cars) to a strikingly new rear deck <icjign. Itcrc'j styling made possible for Ilic first lime in automo- live history i,y revoluticmary new Don't mils the bis television hit, ' Sallivan. Sunday Evening 1»:3» t. techniques in mclal engineering. But wait liil you feel Ihe slcpped-tip pace, the ..t«,rf y balance of this heaiily. There's more power-125-hor.sepowcr high- comprc-iion V-8- grcalcr pick"P, and even ncller efficiency. And that's saying p| cnt y w l lcn you think of the prize-winning .Mercury performance of recent years, So hurry on down to our sfiow- ropm. De one of ibc firsi |o see, drive, and oun llic car willi ihe future features" (orfoy . . ,i ie challenging new 1952 Mercury. TOAST OF THE TOWA- with Ed M:3» P-M. SUllon WMC, Channel t —. -. —t-t-ii^tfn^ /vj-rv rvfi/f€C fyyWitKcS No other car on the rond offers so many advanced icatures for your comfort and convenience. Features like the up-front, "qulk-slght" Interceptor Instrument panel, matchless Merc-O-Mntlc Drive- snspenslon-moumerl "Floor-hVee " brake pedal and the centralized-"Hide-Away", gas cap for ew fueling from cither the right .or left. if. your looV. today at the r«r« of tomorrow. ' STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walitvt mt Fint StrMt

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