Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on September 1, 1968 · Page 44
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 44

Abilene, Texas
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Sunday, September 1, 1968
Page 44
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DUNCAN BOYER WINS, 2-UP 67 Champ Wroten Men's City Victim Alilsirand, Friday's medalist with a ?;!, who won 3 and 2 over quite well lately. "Things didn't go well for me. Nothing would dnip," Another serious contender for iiy JSM GINTONIO Reporter-News Sports Writer Duncan Boyer was feeling Jon Bradley, quite good on the 18lh green i n ! Boyer meets veteran Travis HIP second rnund of the annual 1 Holl °"' 5 aml 3 v i t t u r om ' Biilifhampionship honors is Wayne l i e second rouna o i m e rinniMi JDo(((j Sun(|ay . (flel . uoon a|1( , Jowe ,. S- the I060 chmllp jr,,,. Mens City (jolf rournamenli Ah]slr ., |1(i ., ro s | ]0|) employe! Jnwei.s topped Kon English, 1 Saturday evening at Maxwell a( Max ; vcn ; , acc ' s |{ a |pi,| U p. Golf Course. Weatherbv, wlio needed 21 holes .lowers was one of many ·Ihe defending champion, 1 , 0 , E( j- Kcr ] cv , j up . '.golfers who canted 7Vs m Wiley Wroten, was just a few, .,,,,,, a )julc , s | lookc d," Wrotenj Friday's opening round of medal second? away from being ;lt j nlj , tcd ..| )U( . , d u a l l y , play.' knocked out of the championship. Boyc| ., s w j n w . (s nnt |(X) T be championship flight losers bracket by Boyer. Afterwards Wroten shoved one out of bounds, settled for a double-bogey and forced a smile, shaking"hands with Boyer, who still had a 15-foot putt. Looking away from the hole, Boyer nonchalantly alpped the ball with his left hand, right in, much to Ihe crowd's ai and Wroten's chagrin. - w IT \A/CKIT HUYY I I Y Y t N l surprising, lie's been playing now fall back to make up the _.! First Flight. In all, ten flights are now scheduled for the tourney's final two days, I Oilier championship f l i g h t ] an. M a r l , 2 ,mll: w i n n e r s WCl'C Al AlSdOl'f (2 lllld l i id's; over Richard H a r t ) ; Don] Kncholl* (1 up over M a c ] Davis!; James Johnson (3 ami ITEXANS FINISH HIGH Fleisher Grabs U. S. Amateur By M A I . i'AHIS Associated Press Spnrls COI.iIMBllS, Ohiii I A I' I Young Bruce Fleishrr \villisUiod Ihe fuvimis late v % haru' "' Marvin · · V i i i u y " dill's I I I Saturday lvnt " ami rode an even (tar 70 In u - h o l e . one-stroke victory in th · With i ago in a pro-am t o u r n a m e n ttrili'r Atlarkiim Ihc course hrilh- I n n t l v . (liles Infilled Nos t. 6, 7, 't. II and 17 slumhlin!; only lir Ixigi'yi'd thr eighth (; Amateur (lolf fhnmpion- nicn! b ost last year's lourna- .)y on:' stroke to Hob Dickson, who since has t u r n e d professional. In third place a l t e r a hoi 67 was John J5uhinann of Sequinn, Ul'SKT W I N ' N K I ! -- D u n c a n Boyer, who ii|scl d e f e n d i n g cily Rolf t h m n p i n n Wiley Wniteu ,-U Maxwell Saturilay, lilasls a shot fvom the off fairway. Boyer rales ;is one of the favorites in Hie c l K i m p i o n s l i i p f l i g h t , w h i c h concludes Monday evening. ( S t a f f Photo by B i l l y Adams) ..ucriolli del. oavis. l up; John Gray. 3 and 2; Runsch def. Klrxj. 6 , ATiislrand def. Bradley, 3 end 3; WM1h much to the crowd's amusement 1 oJvis^V £"'"«' dfi^siaiDTand 51 '! 1 ; 'Ballev dsf Carter. 1 up; Wv.vt dr-f. - , ; B i n l o n . I op. Rlley d l l , B a l r d . » ar.il 3s 2 OVCr Ralph CiVBy V, Bill 1UII)SCH| The result was a surprising 2.'«·»"·· M f f f ^ VilioKT !(C ar-d S over' Tom Hint!):! up victory and established Boycrj^co^ioii^rt^py^n, ? d »nd^ D,*b5; Travis Brl] | 0n ( 2 ;m d t over] as one of the favorites with two:,,;,·,,,, u/ Levins dpi. Barbie, * and';ip r p ( i l o l l a r ) 1 Stubbv Grecr ( 2 s rounds still remaining. tei!TM.'!' """" ' "" " '""" '" The victory .set up a possible'i; n«es« dot^waiiojv showdown on the final day --| Ho*»m ati. mi Monday -- with big Bob|S a ? n '^- T '«X - ' - "- il'»t? ; d" r KXiS ( 3an'dT^nili,;^^:iover J. T. Carter); Riley Wyalt n ; p dtt.f 1 O V P I " Bob WITH 67 AT T - B I R D Player Pilfers Lead jWecks i l up over Jay Davis1:j CMKTON. X.J. (AD -- R a r y j "1 pulled very w. u'djKrank How (3 and 2 over Dick p| a y cri South Africa's muscula'riplaycd well, hut put Frank Bailey 1 Trio of 74s Pace Shooting Bob Wiggin, Jack llaynes and Eddie Crier pui identical 74s on the scorocan! to !e;id the Abilene Country Club mens championship after first round play. Play is set for Sunday and Monday in the championship and three other flights. In junior championship play Scoll Adams and P a u l SLurzenbergcr lied with 70s, followed by Ken Hughes at 72. In all, 12 matches were settled I tip, wilh two--Uie match between Knlph Hardy aiic Charles Meadows in the second flight, and the Hank Sebastian Hubert Scale match in third flight--decided on one extra hole. CHAMPIONSHIP Jade Haynes . . . '· Eddie Grlcr ' Don McDonald '' Wiley ConnaUy ' Don Jackson - · ' · Johnny Rtcc T* Jim Cross SI W.R, Slblev ' 5' Frank King 8* Fred Olds 85 F I R S T Jerry Armsnong del. Vrf.R. Ratoev- * up; George EdgerTon def. Eddie Barton, 3 and 2; Bcrnle Aills def. Garth McLean, \ up; Fred Gerlach def Sren Wilson, t and 1; BIN Saxon def. Bill Robcrson, 1 up; O D- McClure Ucf. George Breuniq, 1 UP; Garnet Gracey tJel. Joe Cofbln, * ard 3; PreslOTi Pelrv de'. Jerry Warren, 1 up. SECOND Aldan Cathey def. Tom Adams, 5 and 4; Jerry Spires def. Ruben A n t o n , S and 3r Bill Cope rfef. Louis Wicker, 1 up; DiH KoUc'«tM del. Sob Surov'iX. ^ and Ralph Hardy def. Charles Meadows, 1 . fn IS; Jim Mines def. Lloyd Brown, 5 and 4; C.A. Hlnson del. Richard Bacon, * ''" Bob Slurieribej-(jer di-f. Charles Gr .Cloud, ? and ». FOURTH FUHHT ' Harper dpi. ,'^Anlooth, t, ard !i; \Vhflc- ( idet CAllowey, 1 Br,d 5; Rurlcson Get r - VVMIIs, 5 one? 1; Douglas del. Com per F-, ' ntO IJclirdl H.mmelt art. Ru.ord, 4 a n d . l ; . 1T|)js j s R w[ . y 1(1 up over Jim Hinionl; and ·jctydc Kili'y (4 and 3 over Con- litlli' British Open cliampion.lly sharp." fired a blistering 67, f i v e under par. and seix.ed the second round load Saturday in the $150,000 Tlumderbird Golf Clas- a 20-foot pull on No. 'i and sis lie had no bodies and live birdies, including three 1 in a row starling on the lOlh. He also luid ·ell. ami alsuleycd a couple of holes on !H; pulled rspv; ial-jliack nine. "I never saw any:tm hit hi? U.K. ship The 19-ye.ir old junior iMlli'^c .voulh from Iliali'ali. Kla., i\ r ii\nl (lo\va thP bif; jn'iv.i: in nis l i r s i nalioiml louniiimenl. f i n i s h i i i H j T e x . , a Texan LiitliiTan w i t h a 1'i-hole t o t a l of 28-1, ' o n r l u l i o finislu-d four U'lnml o\ - i i i' ]iar for ttu' dislancf. \?\- \vith a ifift. Cilcs. dm 2:Vyciir-ol(l rmv.'r. 1 [iiihu- (Irei-n. t h e 2|.yrar-old sily rif Vir ( ;itiia law sii«!rnt ; A l a b a m a A i i i ; i l « : u r k u i from Ctiarloltcsvillf, m.\A- i i ; w a s ii (iiri'jil here: lliroui;!) three gallant bict to nvi-rtakr !hp !' :ul-r|. mi1|( | s s | lnl a 73 f n r , n 2119 alu | or w i t h ;\ si/.?.linK dTM nirfn iia.-|( l)U |n, pliu'e. lir., a course record on tin- tun(;u| H J ^ Massongalc of Austin. l,762-ynrtls Sciolo Country (,'luhi'ivs.. jxislcd a BO for a 291. tyinK I layout. 'llnh Haibarossa nf Ossto, KinisluiiR in tho riiiinrr-iipuMi,,!, . W | U) dosed w i t h a 74. spot for the si't'oud sU'iii'^'^t ^ (Mies rolled in i l"j-fr,o: ~~" pult on No. 17. !ii.; y i x t l i bird uf tlie day. to com 1 w i t h i n ! ~-a shot of FU-ishcr. \ tt ',""\ ', B u t OlO ( i - d l O l - l l . [ft? ] ) l l . l l « l | A ^ r ' J , n ' ' , k-lianip. playint; il tool iill t;iyij.ih!"i"! year, _ , w , . , «-- 1 1 1 -r-r- FINAL RESULTS irons like Mruce was ilmni; today," said playing parli'tr ItiHy ^iU'ryiu^ ;i \\vo-slrok'! vantage into Itie f i n a l 18 - liolp!,,,! 1 ,, 1 ;",'' 1 )^ contest, came through willi parsi ','"'','· Wr on his f i n a l llu'ee .!incrgc 11 itnnjiliaul. linhvs In \.isfin n 70 71-70-331 T. 73 /] 4S--33S 71 ;;- 47--:as 1 3 7 1 - 7 ] 7 1 --73? n ;,- ji}-/4--wi n ^ 7M7 -- 2'J1 / I 71 7Q-75--29J . . SEVENTH FLIGHT Young del. con. 5 and 4; Russell d f f . l .iincfieid, 2 up; Kitgoro cicf. Miiiei, ^competition in a field like this, e'Jce' r d t1 ,"'Ha n v. d ?'-u» P o'" ( 20; v.'hiwjrijsilicr- t l l i s lOliriiameill IS OI1C Of · Evan's'b7e : C "" em " M ' ^""^ ' i t l i e biggest iU'OUnd." E I G H T H F L I G H T t C c U l l t i l l g tile j l l l l i O l ' S , 198 Clayton d i l . C o l l i e r , ? and Jordai dpf. Pftysler, 3 and ilacoi', 3 and 1; Smith del. Oliver, yalter del. smlih. I un; Refse dpi.: lichots, 1 up nr\ 19; Hoohs dfl. j Kuv^endall. 3 ^nd 3; Hou^rwrfqhl dfl.r Baccus, i and . NINTH FLIGHT Spriftaer del. French, 5 ind I; . Ocl. Hall. ? and I; Wcavor d"l. Va. . ? and I r Davis def. Robcrfsnn. } an6 6; levllle def. Waller. 4 and 3; Lorw del. 'ills. I up on 19; Peikins def. Lesley. 3 : fid ?; Corley, bve. T E N T H FLIGHT Gage def. Goldslon, 5 and 4; Helli def. Basslnqer, S and 3: Nobfe del Sellers, ? and 1; Scoll del. Slewcnso", J 3; Morris del. Smilh, 1 up; Avcock def. Mclvor, 9 and 7, D e t m c f e del. ShiD lev, ? and 1. golfers are participating in the Many «f tliu (toy's liollcr matches occurred in Ihe lowci n j flights, \vlicre 2 and 1 and 1 up were not common. second British Open title, aJmit- tedly was surprised. "1 came here hoping jus! to make the cul and play four rounds of tournament golf before the World Series of (loll next week," lie said. "This is like a little extra b'i- I nus. lmw jTO 44,4 SECONDS 16 Advance In Big Spring BIG SPRING-Kixteen golfers advanced to lite second round oi the annual B i g S p r i n g Invitational President C u p Matches at the Big Spring Golf; Course Saturday. The winners now form the President's Flight for the.lhree- tlay tournament, Monday. Matthews Slices Mark The field wns cut to Ihc low fed. 70s ;ind lie's for the f i n a l rounds Sunday with 12 making belter. ;il M(J fir saving only with his puller. l i p had five birdies anu Iliroc bti^cys. "I h.ul sotnc i^renl ups and downs oul lliei't 1 ," ho ^iici. "but when you're putting li^s- 1 «ini.| il'.s hard to score badlv." i Cratuplon, r i f l i n g ins shots to! the green wilh machine prrci-i sion, had birdie putts of ·, 2, 7. 8 and ^ feet in his ^inu siring, also had birdie on No. S lull Nj-j^----^77;-- v" 1 7!~FVF~~" : ' 3^i on I lie w;iy lo InxNikinU Kob| o^icnL n.c. j d O i O h v ' S 117 SCM'('(f ! W l l V O E M ' S R,,h"rl Rods Ir !auiiene Reporter · T H E L E A D E R S 1 up. THIRD i Schulli del. Bill Ray, 3 ard 7r Randal J a c k s o n cfef. D.L. Roblnsi Eddie Hodoes del. B.E. Galrtes, 1 Don 1 .IP; ' up; V/aqes. Jack Wildrcn 4 and 3 i; Bill Ratncy del. Ed Rood, 3 and 3; Eddie Palmer de Eddie Bnvkirx, ? up: Hank Sebailian def. Hubecl Sealc, 1 up in 19; Wayn« Humphrey ctcf. Glen Churchill JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP Scolf Adams 70 Paul Stuuenbcrgc' K e n Hughes Bob Gee . L a n y L a v / l c r SOUTH LAKE TA1IOE, Calif. .broke (,\l'| _ vince Matthews bcl-|Larry tered the world record for the 400-meter run Saturday in Olympic intrasquad meet. Matthews' time was 4'1.4 seconds. Tlie world record of 4J.S the record James of They were Villiinnva at · - Oob Murphy Bruce Cramplo Mason Rudtileh Billy Casper Lionel Heberl CM Chi Rodriciu Arnold Palmer Hcmrjro BlancA Tommy Aaron . sel I e n d i n g S a n Jose, Tommic Smilh May 20, 1067. iViiittiiews, who attends Johnson The tourney features eight! 0 - Snlilh Collc 8 e iri Charloltft, golfers f r o m ' B i s Spring atKi! N - c - w a s competing f n r ^ eight out of town shooters. ' N e w York pioncer Clljb Many of the opening-day matches were clo.se, wilh Hie nolnblc exception of John Comcron's 6 and 5 smash of Dyess Winner' World Champ LAFAYETTE, L a . - T h e Strategic Air Command soflball team, formed from t li e participants of ttic command- wide tourney at Dyess AFB two weeks ago, won the Air Forcc| worldwide tournament a t England AFB here this week. SAC went undefeated in the double elimination playoff defeating A F S y s t e m s Command, 2-0, Air Defense Command, 2-0, Military Airlift Command, l-ll, AF Loghlics Command, 2-0, and MAC again! for the title, G-3. ' Wolfgang Halbig. a member of; the Dyess team and picked np| by Barksdalc AFB for the SAC tourney and named to the SAC all-star team, hit a home rim to win tlie 1-0 verdict over MAC. He hit the round-tripper off tough hurlcr Jim Lindsay. Don Short, pitcher from (loose AFB, Labrador, hurled for SAC. John Tepper, stationed at Offult AFB, SAC headquarters in Omaha Nebraska coached the team. TITTLE CANS 'USELESS' ACE Jim Tilllc scorcci ;i Iiole- in-onc on the 189-yard eighth hole al Abilene Counir r Club, but it didn't count toward tourney results since Tittle was not entered in Ihc Labor Day championship competition. Tittle used a four iron for Ihe ace thai was witnessed by Bob Gee, Lanny Lawler, Tom Rurditl nnd Ken Hughes, Ronnie Anderson of Slephcnville. PRESIDENT C'JP MATCHES FIRST ROUND RESULTS Barren def. Esmonds. 1 and I; Brinkpr tief. Hair, I up on 19; Perry del. Howell, 1 up; Broadrkk def. Wilkerson, 4 nnd 3; WcN'sbb del. Howell, 1 wp; Cameron def. Anderson, 4 and 5; Tnomai def. Brtgcji: ' and I; Wafl.uke del. Fannin. 3 and T; Hcherti def. Pcle, 2 and 1; Cameron def Cockrell, 4 and 3; Pilfman dcf Cnmppfl!, 4 ard 3,- Griflin clef. Powell. 1 up,- Gro^;? def. Weaver, l up on 19; Cleckkr dflf. \Viltiiim, ) up,- Lovelady del. CooV, 4 and 3; Jnnos drf. Ardin, 1 up on 19. The 20-year-old Matthews said he never thnughl he was going as fiisl »s he was but everything clicketi perfectly, including start, Earlier, Lee Evans of San Jose State broke Ihe world mark for the fiOO-mctcr r u n . Evans 1 lime was 1:14.3, which 'jjheUercd the mark of 1:16,S by Army CpL Tom Farrell in in intra.squad meet liore a month ago. Three other runners a 70 -4?-- U? 63-?0--TJa 70.48--138 JO 69-- 1 3V 70-70-HO 73*7-141 ;0-71 -- \4\ M-TO-UI ?0-7I-H! SEASON OPENS SUNDAY 1: 14.fi, Mark Win/ini ied {if Wisconsin ill 1:14. and Ron Free| man of Avi/ona Stale at 3:15.9. Evans s;ml he slacked up at the wire. He said he was very tired but was wearing a new s c t l of track shoes which helped hisl effort immensely. Echo Summit, silc of Iho races* is at the 7,377-Enot level of Ihe Sierra Nevada, eight feel higher than Mexico Cily wlierc Ihe Olympics will be held Oct. XAS, S U N . M O R N I N G , SKIT. 1, 1HBH SKC'l'lON Defenders Dove Hunt 12-27. Flag Football Loop Planned by City Interested in "flag" football? The City Recreation Dopt. is sponsoring such a program ami will hold a meeting for a 11 interested individuals al 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Hose Hark Recreation Center. Mac McLcndon Larry Mo.vry Dudley Wysong , Dan SikC!i Paul Mor.in J e r r y /AcGee , . . I c? Elder T e r r y Wilcox , Charles Cccdy Her! V/caver . . Jr-rry Abboll Chuck, Courtney K t ! Hag\c O i l ! G a r r c l r Dick Lofz Gardner Dickinson poug Snndcf s ... DfcV, Crftv4ord . Dave Gurnlia Bob Shields Lloyd WonroP D,iv* Eichrlbergpr A\ Bnldir.g . . . . CIHf Brown . Dean Relram Ron Cerj-udo Jack Monrqomory Frank Diard B i l l y AA3xv;e1l . . . 73-77-- I'M . 7 ^ . 7 0 - M ( t . 74.;o-- 144 . 7C-7S--145 73-72-HS . 71-74-1J5 70-75 - U S 70-75--14S 73-77-145 | 74-71--145 73-73--141 JV71 -- US . 74-70-! W , 72-74-US 1 . 7A-70-1-I4 73-73-lii , 73-;i-- i4i 77-67-- I « 71-7J 144 . 74-72-U-i . 71-75-HS 74-72-lii 71-74-1 i; H u n t i n g for dove o f f i c i a l l y bcijiins at 1 p.m. (C'l)Ti Sunday in all bill three counties in Texas. M o u r n - ing dove season e x t e n d s f r o m today through Oct. 30, w h i l e w h i t e - w i n g e d dove season in tin; .southern y.onu of llm state is Hniitcd to Sqit. 1-2 and 7-fi, plii.-i Nov. 1-15. Inspii'cd by one of tin: big a n n u a l events in tlic Lone Star slate, h u n t e r s arrive in droves today to iniliato, tlie JOfiii season, that extends for one v a r i e t y or a n o t h e r of v a r m i n t or f o w l u n t i l J a n u a r y , M o u r n i n g dove h u n t i n g is expected to tic good. lvil few heavy flocks are. expected. While-winged dove h i i n t i n g in the south part of the. state uvilli t l i u exception of a closed area along t h e M e x i c a n border; is predicted as good to cxcolk'iil. AS NEW 'AD' McMurry Se Hershel Kimbre Srownwood i BHOW\WOO»-.I.K. Ray and C.K. ("iiviiigliin of Sj») Angelo iipsui dc'fpruliiij; chumpinns l.iiwrcnte Armstrong and Joe ;KI;ir of l-'ort Worth. I up in first Tnuml ;idion (if the !irov/nwoal [Cininliy Chit) partnership gol( jtmirni'v S.'ilnrday. ! The medalist loiim of T.A. j A v i ' i i l l r i iiiiu Frank Luke ,il(?fi';il((l liolaiul lloyt and Ted I C i i v i n K l i m , 4 anil 2, also :championship flight. | All f l i g h t s ten off ill 8:30 Sunday i n o r n i n g w i l h 18 Dialed iud;iy and :it; set for i M o i i c l a v . IN TEXAS PRO CHAMPIONSHIP' Cowboys Cap Oiler Gusher, 33-19 By B. F. KELLUM [Dallas Cowboys to a 33-19 inlra- Associatcd 1'ress Writer jlcgauge exhibition football vie- HOUSTON ( A P ) -- A second-jtory over the Houston Oilers half charge led by the passing|Saturday night, of Craig Morion, I he running of, A standing-room crowd of Don Perkins and the receiving 52.289 watched the two Texas Aslrodome. Morton took over at the half with the Cowboys leading 13-12 and guided Dallas on two long- scoring drivers to a 27-12 advantage. Ifcrshoi Kimbroll, M c M n i r y College Ijaskellwll coach n i u l assistant fnolijall toach. i.s Coordinator of A t h l e t i c s for tlic Abilene schiKil replacing retired j n t h l c l i c director P.K. (I'elel [Shntwcll; it was aimouncc.d After Houston managed to cut'Salurday by M c M u r r y picsidcnt tlie score to 27-19 in The fourlhitiordon R. liennett. period on :m eight-year pass! Called Coordinator of Alhle.tics and the other 73. of Craig Baynham carried the professional teams battle in the! Oac drive covered 75 s from Bob Davis to Lionel Tay- , . . . jlor, Morton pul Dallas out o f i yaids danger with n 36-yard scoring strike In Baynham. Dallas, runnerup t h e past seasons, now is 3-2 in pre-season play. HouMon, defending Amen- ibecause of the athletic college director w a n t s In keep intercollegiate, athletics as of the overall physical program, serve for the Kimhrcll 1068-1909 can Football League eastern d i - j a t h l e t i c year. vision champion, lost its first i Knotball coach Iluddy Fornes game after four straiglil v,c.| wi| , , h( . n . (ss(lmi . , h( , (lulic ,. f(lr . , , '" nc ' s - one-year stint in I%0-in70. The hig play in Dallas' f i r s t ! .. W[ . hi)VC pu , ,, |e j (lb m ;l , second half touchdown drive was revolving basis." llennctl s a i d 1 a Mnrlon-lopl.ancc Hcrit7.fl pass y Lead To Swenson, Browiifie'd for 43 yards. Hcnlzel fumbled but Ihe ball rolled out on the ibroe. Baynham eventually scored from Ihe one. Perkins, who carried 13 limes don't know of two finer mcni*'""""^'-'- have on a college alh]etic; ann:i!s - Kmilircl! r'ntervd M''.\tui'ry 'I to staff t h a n Hershe] and Iluddy was an awfully hard decision l CLOSE, BUT STICK A R O U N D -- Dallas Cowboy halfback Us Shy is caught, two yards short of payclirl a f t e r a nine-yard j a u n t againsl Houston Saturday. But Shy inade il on the next play, touching off a Dallas rally that resulted in a 33-19 win. Tlwt's Oiler Garland Boycttc (52) and W. K. Hicks (33) m a k i n g Ihe stop on Shy. (A I 1 Wircpholo) Musgrove Takes UIL to Task AIULKNE, Tex. (AP) -State Rep. Burke Musgrove Saturday for the second time look exception with the University Interscholastic League's h a n d l i n g of highschool athletes. Musgrove said he disagreed with a U f L rule which made a prep football player ineligible for one year if lie moves In another city. make since both have given s n i , \ b i l c n e much to McMurry athletics °verL ra( | ln . j t h c years. I wouldn't t r a d e Ihem'^ ' (for any other coaches in Hie 1 ''' ' [country." (19-month M i n i in the U.S. Navy. Kimbrcll will h a n d l e all d u t i e s ' Ilis 39 points 'cored agamv. A L U A N Y -- Jam; ^ Swenson and C h a r l e s I J r n w n f i S t a m f o r d , wi.-i' 1 one-under par at iiS In lead t l i r championship flight allcr f u s i round pl;'y of the Albany l.abur I) a y championship S a t u r d a y An elite clv.imini'.iiihip Ilighl of IS golfers w i l l tee off at 8:.1II n l t j i i g wii!i first t h r o u g h (lighi , ,i! 8'oO a in Sunday, w h d f u u r l h t h r o u c i x i h f l i g h Ices »f| ,-'.1 1:30 p.rn ,,,,.,, , h r , I U L , t , ' s l x l h i::f ,| U w j i l l!)45 n f t f r R r a d u a i i n R (mm |ji ; ,y match 'play ;tgnin today, H K K S J I K I , K1MHKK1J. . . I ' f l n n l l n i i l u r of a t h l e t i c s winningeM rev'ird m M c M u v r y School Hi' 1!50 a f t e r Ins .U'lTmtlfd w i t h . ihf'ii Monday. lie hi ml S Brr^vnfif-lil v Breckcnridgo. play medal !«f »n allilelic director except tl!c ! s«vitliwtstern UiuvcrsUv in 19W · l ( ) h n ^ n ; i n 1 ' i l l h " ' Vc ' nl ' 'business end of athletics. A | s ( o f ) ( 1 .,. .,,, ,,,,,,.,,,' , c o r i j "· and J.rn W h m a k c r . jbusiness manager of allilelics is 1 ] expected to be named in near future. Kimbrcll is starling his year as head basketball cn:tc!:.[ K i m u r c l l assists A f t e r nine successful years at Onrliiml High School in Ihe Dallas area, in which his teams .,,,.record foi 1 13 vears u n t i l I'lvsion . I [M. ' [ jr_i(| iVice hit 41 againsl Trinity in I0lh:l%2. c ,,, c n s o n and Hobby Rust, at 71. Don tied at Chuck Krmvnhrld and Charles Lavcry I 7:t, CHAMPIONSHIP defensive backfield doubles up on the field and the gym in November coaching £[; Fornes as J^" 1 *! ***''«". SHmiora , .iBcbby RulN OrecS-ervirtg* eoac 11 andlccn jci-nvja. Ai^n Jcfin W^bft. Albany \Vhil1.)Xfr. Swcr-r^A'L-r tcrtl won eight district champion- football and basketball. ships, he returned to his almai lie is married to ihe forme.' mater in the f a l l nf 1!)M and has " coached (our Indian learns to NA1A zone championships. His Hr.^ilcn C u r t i s C i l . a v . r/. Ciico children, Harris Kim, and has a 1 l-yoar UOG1-G2 club went 24-5, Ihe boy. daughler, and K i t , a 10-year o l i i i o S h t r m i r i , K i l l - e n , ,,... i Jannf* Lrnsmon. Denlort l -'"i Jchn Ro^. Alb^fly QlfJjM H S f f w ^ r l , FtKf W o r f n i N^c!r-.im, wroti Ptalnl n^rij Tcrnlininn. Olnpy i Dcriric, Ciuo . 73 . 75 «o .;

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