The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 6
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sa R B Wl JK oc hf at J* THE BLYTHEVILLJE COURIER NEWS THZ COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAWK, Asaistant Publisher A. A. FHEDRICKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Manaaer •ole NatloMl _Adt>crtftlnt ""-"-- - , New York. He Gave His the Hard Way MZMMM*^HA__ .„ „ _ . ' e! £ e Member of The Associated Presj payable Meditations Barbs Moat people art now worrying about their ; income tax, and all people about how the out- fo taxe sui, For . «„ rf*«wa>h. narrower, and ih. „,» fc kelnt ' An A! thief rtole t maMre« from the •to-worn of a ho.p4tal. PoU« may oafch him napping-. and lew hi wen budn«a«. Proposed Volunteer' UMT Violates Purpose of Plan / No political realist Imagined that UMT WM going to have an ^y tjmt . n ix>ngrw« in a year when th« lawmaker* muirt far* mother", fathers and ierv- fc«-«hRtt>]t youngsters of voting ag« .t the polls. K ha« b«en hoped, n«vertbe)eB», that •noufrh Lifislator. would hear the call o f •tatesmwuhip to insure the prompt enactment of thi« vital defense measure First reactions in the new session do not encourage this hope. Already there i, talk of , li mp com . promise: the proposal that for the first 60,000 trainees be drawn from volunteers. The very essence of any sound military training projrram ig that the burden of service shall fall fairly upon sl i young men. Deferment for good reason may play some part in the plan, but exemption- complete freedom from sen-ice—has no proper place. To inaugurate a UMT plan with a call for volunteers is therefore a totat violation of the spirit and purpose of the program. It puls a premium upon the man who does not choose to offer his services bestowing special favol - on him at ^ expense of his volunteering- comrade If, in, spite of n ]|. Congress should initiate the program on a volunteer basis, ,t will amount to the lawmakers saying: "We do not have the nerve to put this plan into effect on R compulsory fooling, as it should be. Therefore we are risking damage to the whole UMT concept by asking for volunteers this first year." The wise and brave course is ad- miUedJy difficult for a politician to fol- 1!^' t 1 , 16 ,,'"'? 1 '** 6 co "8 rcss man's mail undoubtedly Js nmn i n g heavily against But most of those who write are not thinking of the welfare and safely of their country. They are simply thinking of themselves. It ig * lawmaker's business to reflect the views of his constituents to represent them. But it i, also his business to net for the good of the country m times of stress. Unless Congress can figure some wav to repeal the Russians; it must be forced to concede that these are perilous days bnprep.redne.4i w 8S a !uxury we man . •S»d to enjoy without fatal consequent, in the two world wars. Hardly a military man alive believes i in Entered u second claw matter at tn« Dost- office at Blytheville, Arkansa., under acHf c£n trett, October t. 1917 " SUBSCRIPTION RATES: iburba* F ta ' h * City "' B!ythevlllt or «ny M»f. In »» tb**c thtaji »« arc mon thaa WMOTon tbr«wh him (hat ton* Mi.—Roman 1:17. * * * Christ U known only by them that receive Him into their love, their faith, IhHr deep want; known only u He li enshrined within, felt u a divine force, breathed in the inspiration* of the •ecret lift.—Horace Bushnell, crushing defeat is too great Those who insist on thinking In teims of former wars or who .imply wish to give way to selfish emotion are iirm against the adoption of UMT The most charitable thing to be said about then, i s that they do not understand what kind of world they are living ]„ UMT is one vital ingredient in America s considered formula for security in a dangerous world. It is incumbent on those who would eliminate it to demonstrate how they would project the United btates in national emergency, Rough Outlook For New French Cabinet At last the French have a new premier, the relatively young Edgar Faui-e He hM succeeded in setting up a cabinet, which has 30 of the same 36 member.-, who served under Rene Pleven, ousted leader. It is worth noting that the French themselves are referring to Faure's government as an "emergency coalition" and a 'stop-gap cabinet." They don't want the rest of the world to get its hopes up ami go around acting as ,f this government might ) a .st for several months. That's an uncommon thing for a French government under any circumstances. Ami it's especially unlikely now. Faure's government has two tough problems to face right off: anti-French agitation in Tunisia, and a worsening financial situation in France. And Faure must confront these difficulties with a cabinet that is without the support of the important Socialist Party. The Socialists and the DeGaulists are the free-wheelers in current French pol- • itics. They are critical of almost everything and responsible for nothing. From this distance it is hard to discern their contribution to French welfare. Th« DOCTOR SAYS JORDAN, M.D. NBA Service •>•> heart disease.) , ase. There are several klnd$ of heart " ear disease : for which In the past mo" ™ uldb « ° n «- but which now can W " h the P"J8«ss in this recent years, the end reached new , K CBn s of heart surgery to more and more people. ? ne of . the most Important gives the common name is ca -- — the coloring matter of the "eflcien <* " blood vessels e '«tive stmctures MALFORMATIONS VARF There are several kinds of mal TUESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1952 once over tightly- Bj A. A. Fredrickson <* SUCh vacuous '° llt5 in the • At ' but U> nt ' th ° # The sort of president I have In mind, for instance, wouldn't get off the starting blocks the way we go at It now. Between the unreliable results of a handful of state primaries, strategically-planned convention demonstrations nnd those total strangers called electors, you and I get sold a. mighty narrow selection. .. plicated to be THAT th n ls . d « n >ocrat!c. It's too com- anything But no «- ay for my i. o get ntmse]f would not be politically acceptable e few I have confessed earlier that T paCrkTo^o'S iva> " of are eolng anywhere^poMttcalry' e*! to the dogs. For all T know rSZf^^^S Seems f , of promises. to me that it has /»«*er tdson's Washington Kefauver-for-President Clubs Are All Set to Back Their Man Views of Others Research Expanding Market for Cotton A revolution I. going on In th« cotton-growin, marketing «,,d processing Industry, though the public knows little about it. Bottom CIUM O J the revolution is learning, at thU late date, just what oatton la, wher, (t grow, best and to what use, it* Mrym» fibers are best adapted. It Is » little «m«rkabl« that a commercial product which date, from the dawn of history h w not been mor» thoroughly Investigated until the present but it is true, nevertheless. It U going to help cotton .hiuta-nght for a market (n competition with HrtTblhw natural fiber, and the synthetics. Because experiment. •« centered here, it I, going • to • help American cotton In Its competition with foreign cotton Re- March li under way at several different point. In the cotton Belt, but probably the most outstanding ls thai of Ihe Cotton Research Commlt- t« of Texas, a joint program O f the University of Texas, Texas Agricultural lt Mechanical College »nd Texas Teclmologica! College Recently, for example, the British Ra w Cot . ton Commission condemned as inferior the drouth- srown 1951 Texas cotton crop, but the CRC put its machines to work and proved that the British commission was in error because H had used only old standards of measurement. H demonstrated that the shorter staple length of ,95, had other qualities equal to the crop of the preceding year. A bulletin recently issued by the CRC -Research Report No. ,4." goes into some hating detail on spinning performance and fiber properties of various varieties of cotton grown in an parts of Texas, it further substantiates other work of the CfiC ,„ , ts lhe . ta th . t there u £ bad cotton but mom,- different kinds of cotton and each with its proper uses. These hitherto hidden properties of the cotton staple are being discovered, and domestic and foreign mills are bcine adjoin"" "•* k ' ea "' " mWng USe °' ' hem by ? eir preceding methods to cotton char- U all adds up to the fact that cotton's day 15 ';° l dwlc , by '"f "«••«. It to Just waking up from a thousand years of stagnation because" tor the first time, It has some real competition. —DALLAS MORNING NEWS WASHINGTON (NBA) - Before Senator Estcs Kefauver of Tennessee went to the White House or, Jan. 15 to talk politics with the President, he got all ki ,, ds 0 , ™ vl " °" wh "t he ought to say and B-irat he ought to do. Half the self- appointed political experts in the country, It seemed, knew exactly how Estes "ough t to tell Harry oft." The way It worked out. SMI- Feter c&sea a t o T needed Kefauver none of .. . , iiceuca none of this advice. President Truman look -narge o( the conversation. Every- however, two shrewd political de Auctions can be made with assur- ancc; One. Harry Truman still hasn' made up nu ,nind. fully and final- nmn? , S goi " 8 to a ° »"»"* gave TO 1^ rc " elcction hlmic »- fauver. a or Two. At the convention, it ma v te found that President Truman is aennitely in the Estes Kcfm corner. How Will He Show in the Primaries? .hD'ni *"' [| ' ;pc " tl O" now good a Cloning Kefauver will make in thn l-rimarles. if he shows sUeng h these trim heats, he will be flood nan for the Democrats to put their money on for the big race. --•"-o" ^i unc (-uiiverAOUOn. El'CrV- PrnVl^ L m & *rtLe. W'l'ig was as pleasant as BpP Te ^ c,Uon ofl. 7"","" g " VC no lndl and ice cream. cation of what place on the ticket " ,l en ", tor «•'"•«' ««nl.d io or° s'^ S?..!!? f i 1 '« f f "-'fct and ice cream. If Senator Kefauver wanton to r in for the nomination, it was all right with n, e President, it was a rood thing lo have the younger men «,» i V l y • Step forwartl and «- sume IcjidcMhip. The full s tory of tim Trumnii-Kc- fauver tnlk hns not yet come mil Senator Kefsuve.-s iwsitloii is that If there are any disclosures, they ought to conic from the White House—not from him. a result of lhe conversation. or second. S e,i; t o r -K'; v rm',n S SSJln, 1 ", 1 *,, 11 " "°<~t ^5jJX«S2fr.^ ^ to rrr^«- f,' r ;.. S ™. lor Kefauver has indicat- contender for the first" place be ,first choice for :hump if he didn't » the natural-heir-toTtaVe^- ™«c nomination in 195 6, if noti- on to Mr. Truman shows une^- ven if 5tr 1', 18th at the Chicago con- slarr £' 'If ma " With the head ninl ^ the best chance ol "toning the nomination for the presidency-assuming Truman can"t get Itrf»"fi, t0r Kefauvc r U now definitely the man with the head start The senator I s still a political anomaly—a wh ' •• t^^un-ai :o have no no ut»c*aj Kinos OI formations of the heart which will permit this mixing of oxviren containing and non-oxygen conl talning Wood. The various klnSs are too numerous and too cated to describe In detail " They carry such technical names as coarctetlon of the aorta tetra logy of Pallot and pulmonary ste- nosis with intact ventricular sen- turn.' But it does make a difte?. ence to the patient because some of operating our gove-n- ful Wh * Sha<JC ' 6SS than =««ej s . 'ul. Who can do better is <nn V matter of debate and you and I will ha "e to content ourselves with pick between a couple of guys that -e party bosses we've never seen nave handed us as candidates kinds can now be successfuly * i ^ i. ^ ou^cessiuil 1 treated by surgery and others can In nne of these conditions the Ef"7 1 'X._ be ' TO » the h '«t and one of the large blood" which should non fore birth falls to essels se be- „ organLat on Jyer-for-Presldent elite'orgaS- inti - Ver> ' °" C ° f Tcnnes see'£ 95 statos. Kcfauver's name Is bein» ntered m California. Oregon, ohto nd other primaries. Nol Impossible for Him > pe™uadTt C he°Se h na Bd> ' i5e " Med rerruled^em Prfaary ' K " ef auver Ksible stateVr ™°to win? that i^-l h6 wantecl to be in. „! i- ,1° do the '-"Possible. It d sennt'- '° r h ' m to >* elec " or^',-11 1 ^ T =nnemee in 1948. _ »EE IDSOX on Pa s e I» This opening can be closed by heart surgery with great success Some of the other congenital malformations of the heart (or results of disease) can also be treated successfully but not all of them, ' h « - 4usf for of>-to contemplate °f President needed to "! esen needed to move the resemblance between the taiSSTT' and the need m one,', we who ' onl >' wants on» Z " ' hat What h " '' - render him Politically what his party, we half-safe. No matter »..„» IU5 par! would "i"""" 1 "* "'he man^wrj- when it P y ft( r " thless s«««ta™ ^:.:s^^rthr,!n! try just to show th r the payroll parasites. . i WhO Wouldn't about p!e • ng people "ump- r?t ; ' Who by surgery. For this'reason"careful study of ach ra.wt ho r t~ L_ _ _ . . y U1 HOLLYWOOD _ (NEA5 _ Holly wood'* green-cycrt about television jor more reasons than one. It's strictly a bchinrt-trie-scenei secret, but n-.ovfe-makcrs arc pre- tllat smootchlng Ls longer "and "hotter, love talk franker, mul subject matter se.vicr on television than in movies. Purpose: To prrsiwctc the Jolin 5ton office ( co<lc. - rrhx the movie crn- For the child with con K enital heart disease who cannot £ treated by surgery. cer tain precauUoris hw Par " CUlarly n««sary. Such children must, of c<mrse , yta ^™ n fully examined and ever/ effort must be made to avoid 7nfecHon and excessive physical strain '5 Years Ago In Blytheyitle _ At least 20 trains of other lines ' split hairs about what Is ,1, h^ What ' s "'"Proner;" • stubborn about morality in t emment but who is not too b nels and other idiocies of indirw-" lion; who is not afraid to stick hu neck out occasicnally-a neck re inforced with^e backbone . WHO DOESN'T give a rfamn about the politically expedient So Is not afraid to step O n toes and ,,'V* J 1 ^' '.'" *«™* '" n,,("n C . 1>lclll " s ""»«"'«ht' »ime Bill ii's a lot or f,, n .. Ipri nn th • ^ OI " ^ e t ra P- He S^|i3SS£ SO THEY SAY Bruce Bennett will replace Jcfi . Fa " Emerson's nskinr price !„ ChBiullcr In Iho TV version of Evei slnr in " ""' " ' ' Ardcn's "Our Mi M Bronks." Jcfl'J ?* Ilr " ccl -- " UIUL- oy tnc a,- gnnshini! his teeth about the whole i L r , CM wll ° tml t< > <1 movlctown for TV iliing but there's nothing he can' *'""" Th " ~" " ' do. His ut sturtio bavrs pointed to „„ ,, . "»«n.v , Ws contract niul said. "No TV," nl_ , !" B honors will ft will be Richard Conic, net Herbert Marshall, ns tlic star when! «t ™ -•••^»i iiiovieiown for Ti ^^^r----;;^ ^W'S£S&V"r$ ^alnry was short o ,- pi ,,. e . s pr( lnc •J«nT^«St'-£^«- The defenders had all the time t fs^ n ' oheB nT^.««W nncf r. club. Sou 1 tricks but na pfcj dlfiiculties and floods sed by high regular Congressman W. J. Driver who has arrived home from Walntagton f^l 6 ? cltizens here tod ^ t^Si federal government is preparing to emec * eIK y that might » rs s^ts^^xi ^Sa^-s^r«»- ft*in('t«t«Mi ^K^.,,,. «i^ _ _ .... . t ,. »*ua.*>LU, R li ft Prncfrti ?«S-iHS SF f r~^r [n r s s ^", e Hr?.. tt : or V nH '?" y ^ (t success In "Bell You must not expect the Americans to solve ouv domestic problen* for us. , No one. i, sol , 1R to keep the British lion as a pet-Winston Church * » « There'i a chance for real democracy here. I Ihmk they can make » real go of it-lhe Ubvan, •« Ml of beans and ready to try.-AdrUn Pelt UN CommKsfoiier in Lybis, ahl anslhing she does or anything she wrurs. There's more to flamour than sticking your chest out. -Actress zsa Zsa Gabor on French movie actress Oortnne Calveu * * * t certainly cannot subscribe to such a m»s- querac-e.-Dr. o,mn.,r ounderwii. on refuting an — ..^, ^ »„!,* itirmigji (tie television channels ns n film series: Conte will ? rl n 5D per cent cut In lhe pro-, Its. plus r csld»nl rights. Uu Coftrllo and Bud Abbott are 'crs (o live just about ready to announce that I In spite of h tncfr series o( 38 film comedies for Book and Candi°""""""" ' TV has been purchased for si.m.- M'isosi will, IUUXT TV I'm tr.Id that offorR exceeding a million were m.idc. but thai the t'-nm held out for thrir full price A FAMIIr-TYPE HERO Tliorc's a ncu tviie of movic-wrs- tcrn hero Helm* Ihc TV channels and mothers from const to coast H? JM"" R " Yi "'- (- - c - e -" nlong with I Ihe kids from logo scats on family sofas. Williams, the movie bobby sox hero who switched to western Snnrh • met nr Cm ' W have nl rac ,. of course, if he two diamonds had eight eas; 1 all for had nn (h*> r^ j — *.",ii uuiiLin At least ? r ° llnd "' that 5 »« At least a oozcn of his frier «omted o«t this fact to him ,t t en,l o, the evening's plav. souths "asperated reply was a " C ±,,™T P1 = Si the . 'eft-handed JACOBY ON BRIDGE , Be Alerted For Opponents' Trap ... - -.„ <-><••>-<.• i L M 4.1.J » CMtTll Rr f)SlT"i t rx villains and then uoppcrt up on the w'rltltn lor VF*"« "V p ra-a-a-js; ^'^i£m? ^ f "-"-' XKS r, roach to - 1 "" 1 - '^i- ? v^^-nUT^r "I'm the family ly pr o , wc,ton,! of scS" h,,^? 11 ^''- " mlnds me hero." Bill told me in reference to i in iw« ,, hundrcrt nand ^ played s Sdi,,d^t ?^d'of £| S £r<-~ -« ffit^-s^- ^r- -E5&T7 "" s a60 ' u ,T, ™, (OP ™M. fhe . dM « <". heana. f -~ - - ••- •• MI <\ v* ;, IIIAb. .K.; , llcver '*>""'"'' nnd *'"> po'itc about everything, it's: pleflsp El(t mil" • n «, e 01 ncar '*. won P u-,V U ^?« 3 U «1 »." d So "th everything, it's: -wni you won with the khT'n 'Y'" S °" th He up the hor.«cs?' Instead ' tha" h, nwdl-rt V g ' Declarer «w : up them nags!'" j ' a> ". c n «°c<t two diamond tricks ., -,, •"•" '•"" uiamono tricks LH VI , 5Ure <<f hls ""Ifact. so he compliment and pretty," "When they're hc snortedf "I NORTH A A75 «T 54. t» WEST 485 VJ97J » AS2 EAST 410953 VQ103 + Q104S SOUTH (D) *KQJ . » AKS8 4 104 ,*AK72 Both sides vul. Wnl Nortli 2N.T. Pass Pass Cut Pass Pas* Opening lead—\ figure them to be smart too c?rti f *' ay ' lf you want «« see r! i * stllai 't' It was to refuse rvler^f ^™" '' r E«t' r take* f *th t ; ?l e S"?' d i a ™. on « s «onc«. The de - ..,, nn. | lu , v t ^^^ara^vi^sS^wSaxS • "i VIAM& at once, me ac* d^monV 8 "^" 1 tw ° hciirU snd ™» ^,Ti? , l thp - v can » ot t se in lhe event 0[ a br Mississippi River levee, but S T£ dmce the Ievee withstand the anticipated rise ex- . who would Insist on a iifri» collateral from our Sorrowing „ S who would not promise things such as governmental clean-ups wWch he has no Intention of doine- who would tell us all we should know 3ut worrying about nolitical . Ing" or trying to feed J } .^ ical pablum instead, » m? *? is ' 5 a " sort of Sill 5'- s u=h a man does not exist if hp HIH Vi would have to camouflage these ^ of 6 Wer6 ' he C ° Uld narbor accrue an 'impressive list «r ^H ta ™ m lL«''«'-n,: i UJ wnniri r». wuiiticians. who 1° 'i d " e i?5 ^-^^te him. But HORIZONTAL «Concreted I.« Singing star 11 Bellowed 13Letharg, H Violate 15 Drivers' meccaj 16 Recompense n Young street Arab 19 Born 20 She has matter 7 Rude sh alter 8 Unclosed 9 Stage part iO Gaelic 12 Darling* 13 Buffets 18 Fusion of ch rom at in granules 20 Mayan 27 Verbal 28 Greek letier 14 Pewter coins °f-Thailand 25 Sain._ , 26 Mantle 30 Hike 32 Sought ' 3< Gibbon 35 European mountain 37 Oval 38 Involve 41 Ardor *2 She sings types of songi 4* Qualified 47 Props 48 Hasten 51 Tower S3 Ssa ducks 55 Negotiate* 56 Breathes deep 57 Percolates slowly U Birds VERTICAL JFall in drops 2 Hebride island 3 Fleet of ships 4 Brazilian macaw

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