The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1951
Page 13
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WWHTOTOAY, TULT M, 1991 Our Boarding House with Maj. H.cople BtVinETn-,LB, (AftK.y COURTIER rtETTJ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IF WE'RE FOU-OVJ- IMG MO6E5, 1 VOTfe ' MAJOR'S .' IS Cf COURSE "THEY WIU---THEY ALV-ERS SOLVE ALL TH' PEOBLGMS: WE'LL BB HAVIM' TELEVISION OUT HEAH TORE. SOU KWOW rr . „ PITCH IS tHIMli OF US FARlMGR WEARING WRTM1& CCr^M AS FKE&A Me A* BIRDS—-NO «%a —OH. FOUOVJIU600E. '"" ^ E L| — ALWAY? Y?l SUyH*S £\THe RIGHT GCWJ' TO SIT WHERE NOW TILL I HAVE O THEM THINGS/ WHGW I SOT MY RAWCH , BUT HIS SMELLIER. 66 A NEOW BEACOi THEM MY CATTLE AMP OM.' WHLTTS CAUGHT OFF OMCE/ 19 W TCCHMlCOlOE = f 1 HEROES ARe ^\A.PE-^!OT BOEM The Dodecanese Islands In the Aegean Sea. are marie up of about SO Inlands and Islets. lsm |M« K NCA SEUVta. 5000 FIKT HIM Far Completing Jingle In BIG 10-2-4 CONTEST /tf . " "W ** \ V %. WIN A WILIYS Station Wagon! A TRIP TO MEXICO For Twe! 1001 VALUABLE PRIZES! •tt*»l*IWH«tlYH«IHS»TYOU« MAUI'S •rWMTf M. Ptmi, l>< MM, BtUAS.tlMS Mary took her lunch to school, "Twai Meyer's Bread, snow whit*. The kiddies ganged around and crle*, Plea» giv« us all a bite I" PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores DAIRV QUEEN J DONT think 1 explained M well (of Timothy O'Brien heard m* out with skepticism oo his Lr^h pan. "You dont beUeve OK, do you?" J finished lamely. H« looked Jong and IntenUr »« hie bands, clasped around the crossed Sne«. "It's no« exactly that." I wln'Wd at the "exactly," emphasized u surely as U the human voice wer« equipped with varlotM tonw of oril typ«, like some stxanRe vocal linotype machin*. "If» Just—Good Lord. Mias Tobias! Didnt you tvw near of the FBI? People like Metz- Ker and the Bursoes are our buii- nesef* "But I'm telling the truthr He shrugged it oS. Obviously he could not understand the animal urg« to run, even when your iii* depend! on K. "At any rate," he went on, "k looked like you ran-aw ay for one )t two reasons: you had stumbled mto some very dangerous inlor- nation, ai you told Lieutenant Stuart, or—" he looked at me very straight—"you were getting a lit. tie too deep in Metzker's game and you wanted out." I sat boH upright "You think I—I" "If« a definite possibfllry, Hiss Tobias." O'Brien" was very blarid about it. *"ihe same thing has nappened before and wiD happen again, idealists find themselves throttling the very things men are willing to die for and, all o* a sudden, they want out. And «o they disappear. Too often before they get a chance to cry traitor." Timothy O'Brien took a deep breath, expelled it noisily. "You get the point?" I nodded. "Carl said I was Idealistic, too. And patriotic." "That's why you had to die." "Then you do oelleve met* "1 didn't say that Miss "i'ooias." He added. "Let's say I'm willing to be convinced." JTOR a long time after tit left. 1 lay there, thinking. 1 scarcely touched the lunch the flint-faced nurse brought UK- O'Brien's suspjaons were logical, I suppose- It would stand to reason thai a man like Carl Metzker would surround nlmsell with em- ployes he could trust witn hi! nefarious -secret* On (he other hand. I argued from nay viewpoint not Timothy O'Brien's. what greater security ttian • legitimate public relation! front? Recalling tb« tub-thumping we had done via newspaper radio and word-of-mouth for the witch- hunting oook. "There's A Spy In Our Midst." I almost laughed. Carl must have gotten a bang out of tha« I rang for the nurse. "I feel perfectly well." I told the student nurse who came. "Can you get m* a robe or somethingf I want to ma'-e a phone call." 1 dont think yon ran, Miss Tobias." She looked scared; perturbed ringers smoothed the blue and white striped uniform. "Am 1 a prisoner?" "Oh, nol" Her eyes widened. "Then why can't 1 use the telephone? Did that Mr. O'Brien say I couldnn?" The girl gave me a smile then, but it was not nearly as assured and professional as she thought rt was. "Oh, oo," she said Quickly. Almost too quickly. "But you have had a bad shock. Miss Tobias. You have a serious head injury and your—" She nad started to say "your face." the startled look on her own pretty features said, but she substituted, "—your doctor sajrs you must have absolute quiet." 1 Just looked at her Absolute quiet—when 1 had Been accused |o< being a spy who had run to keep from oeing liquidated oy others of my Uk. Absolute quiet—when they hadn't [ound -ari I turneo my back to ner ana closed my eyes Absolute quiet It was easy to say. Around rne the nospital lived and breathed Footsteps whispered as visitors sailed by theli voice* subdued The man on iruard outside my doot flirted with 'the nurses: the voice was not O'Brier>'« he must nave been relieved fhe afternoon dragged on K was nard not to thin* of Carl out there somewhere now that he oad tailed. i shuddered, lhankfiit rW «r" guard in the hail Outside my window. treetop- bowed and scraped U) the rising wind. It was not raining, but tbr sky looked leaden I WAS asleep when Barf Jons- than came, t awoke to see blm silling on the chair beside my bea an solemn-eyed, n good-looking in thai ugly awkward way ttiat women love, as tie nad been that day when I sat acros* the desk from him and said 1 had come to see "my poor Paul's property." How could a week seem so long! "I'm sorry 1 lied to TOU. But J had to tell you 1 was Caroline There seemed no other w^V to escape them " They weren't the words I had planned to say They weren't even the words I wanted to say Bu' Bart Jonathan sort of chuckled and the irrirf sprrnrt an over hi.*lean face. "You should he! You stopper! mt cold the minute I saw you. Mar? Tobias. You weren't (he girl on Uncle Peter Leigh'j mantle but why In blazes were TOU nretend- ing to Be? The property wasnt that valuable. You aren't the tyue for country living—" "I'm—not?" Darn ft? What 1 wanted to hear from Bart Jonathan was that I did belong In Hollister It was a long time [before J heard anything more than the echo of the policeman telling Ban he had to leave, that O'Brien had called and Miss Tobias was not to have callers None at aH. "She's under arrest." (To Be Continued) 1UNDAI ui»i tiiiiit nu JMJKS . KdllJ OUUTS • PIHTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 SHtXES © -—-TT—— Get The Best Car Service! All Makes snd Models! 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