Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on August 14, 1968 · Page 10
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 10

Abilene, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1968
Page 10
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10-A THE A B I L E N E REPORTER-NEWS Abilene, Texas, Wednesday Evening, A u g u s t 11, 1968 Morning ' .\f AWct Kv R I U , HAI-STIiAI) EVER SO often, a person pops up wilh tlic same name as sonie well-known sports figure, On record are a "civilian" Micky Mantle, a John Brotlic, a Hal Greer, and who knows how many Hal Smiths after a pair of former major league catchers with that monicker. Reverse Is Weird Not Inn o f t e n , I hough, docs an Instance occur when a well-known sports figure has virtually the same n a m e as an obscure sports writer. And when Dial is a fact, strange tilings can happen. Which is why this writer is going i n t o hiding Friday. Why Friday? Because t h a t ' s I he day I h e S w e c t w a I e r M e n ' s P a r t n e r s h i p G o l { Tournament opens, sporting an entry list of most of the top amateur swatters in North Central and West Texas. One of them is stmie nut from W i c h i t a Falls who lias the audacity til call himself Dill llolstead. Now, trying lo trade on such a name will get him practically nowhere, I can assure him. But let the record show that he, like me, is stuck w i t h it in one form or anolher, so he is forgiven. Hill Holstciul of Wichita Falls is a top-notch golfer, who was a high school .standout and has carved several louniatiient viclorics -anti there the dissimilarity ends. He is, 1 believe, 23 -- as is (his writer. He is somewhat lanky -- as is I h i s writer. He is right-handed in golf -- as is Ihis writer. And his reputation can he a real nuisance when you are on his 'turf." as it were. Trying lo make one's way around Wichita Falls while saddled w i l h such a name is a sad experience, believe me. I gol the full Irealment about the lime 1 was a sophomore in high school. My Dad had to go lo Wichita Boot- Into Oblivion Suddenly I fell like a f i g u r a t i v e field goal -kicked oft the tee into a three-point landing. And I slill didn't know what had happened. Chastened, I played alone and grimly returned the next day. Once more, the s i t u a t i o n presented itself tin Ihe firsl tee. "Bill Holstead, hah? Yeah, well, you must be prclly good, from all I read in Ihc papers. Slcp up and belt one and show us how it's done." No sir. 1 wasn't about lo make a fool of myself. One swing and they'd know I wasn'l Ihcir hometown hero R E A L fast. And then Ihe fun would begin all over again. Meekly I lied t h a t I was waiting for some friends lo show up. So the group teed off w i t h o u t me -- and I stormed i n t o Ihe clubhouse. "Hoy, jusl who the heck is Ihis Bill Holstead, anyway?" J fired al (he attendant. With a benign look, he informed me t h a t the young man was one of Ihc belter a m a t e u r golfers in Ihe area, and t h e n licked off a lengthy list of his accomplishments. "Say, tie should be rut here in a while -- you could ineel him if you stick a r o u n d . W h a t ' s your name, by Ihe way?'' HURLS SHUTOUT Falls on business, and he look the entire family along for a three-day scmi- vacalhin. Well, the old pro here promptly loaded his golt clubs, hot to try out a new course oi 1 two. Never one lo wait around, I showed up al Ihe Weeks Park municipal layout Ihe morning a f t e r we arrived. The course was hard-baked and made a prodigious driver oul ot anyone who could keep Hie ball low and hard. Thus, with a notable lack o( accuracy, I loured the place in 77 -- far belter t h a n t had ever done in Dallas. Cynics will note I lie round was shot in obscurity -- 1 played alone. Hindsight later fold me Ihe following two days should have been played liie same -- but ol' stupid paid no heed. The second morning, 1 ran i n t o a threesome on the first tec -- and Ihe spectre of Bill llolslead loomed for the firsl time. One of Ihcir number politely asked me lo join their group. Courteously, he introduced himself and his two buddies. W i t h an innocent grin, ! announced my i d e n t i t y -- anil was greeted with a stone-cold silence. Then, in a self-righteous roar, the biggest man let me have it. "What! Wlm're you k i d d i n g ? We all know Bill llolslead, and you aren't him. "What are you trying lo prove, fella? We won't stand for this nonsense -- get mil of here!" MarichaS Nabs 21st Victory liy I I A I / H O C K Assnclah'i! Press Spnrls Writer' Twenty one is Ihc magic number for Willie Mays and J u a n Donn Clendcnon in the second walks helped Pittsburgh load the buses with two out in of Ihc year for Cincinnati while second but Mariclial struck Mariclial. Mays needs Ihcm iiml' r u l Rol) Vc; ' lc ' omli " K tllc · ' threat. The Cubs, valiantly trying lo create a p e n n a n t race in Ihc NL, heat Si. Louis for Ihc seventh .straight lime wilh Ron ilo d r i v i n g in four r u n s on a double and a homer. Santo'.s 17th homer of the year snapped a 3-3 tie in the seventh and Chicago w r a p p e d it up with a live-run eighth inning. Kergu- .Jenkins won his llllli game Mariclial has Ihcm. Marie-hat won Ills 21st game of tiu season Tuesday night, and San Francisco blanked Pitts- jurgh 3-0 on Mays' 5791)1 career lomcr. The eighth inning shot eft Willie just 21 short of t h e coveted GOO mark. The homer was only Iho second in a month for Mays and his 5th this season. His' last one ivas on Aug. 2, also against lhcl;md struck nut 12, increasing his oague-leadhig total In 180, Marichiil pitched a two ind now is 14-1 on the roi only ?··) il home Hits season.I Cardinals. The s h u t o u t was Ihe 37lh of h i s j New York's Don Cardwell liar career, placing him second on t h e Dodgers shut mil on three. »L... h ,^ ,v..i,,,, h ,,*., i uiuii-^ UIIHILU inu .spin wnen vo.!iit(er| The victory l e f t t h e second Gary .Sutherland's pinch single oad andiph:co Cubs 12 game, back of lhej ( | m ,;, 0 m Ihe lic-broakinc run in "A'hilficld drove in Ihree runs with a single and his first homer Felix Millan and Bob .Johnson had llirec each and Tito Francona three RBI for A t l a n t a Don Wilson pitched a four-hit- ler and Doug Rader tagged a two-run homer, helping Houston lo its firsl game victory over Philadelphia. bases-loaded Denis single Menke's keyed a Iho three-run wrapup rally in sixlh inning for the Astros. Rich Allen's two-run homer in e second inning of t h e n i g h t - ' cap halted a 30-inning Philadelphia scoring drought and the Phillies gained the .split when he all-lime G i a n t list, one ahead hits u n t i l Ihe n i n l h but when I,en Carl Hubbell. Christy Ma- Galmclson and Willie Davis iopened w i l h singles, Met Man hewson holds the club record vilh 83. lager Gil Elsewhere in Iho National southpaw Hodges brought on H i l l y Short lo face rampaging Louis 10-3, left-handed bailer Tom Hnller. The strategy worked will .eaguc, Chicago's liihs walloped St _ , ,,. \cw York used three pitchers to (taller, a t t e m p t i n g lo bunt, fore hut out Los Angeles 2-0, ('infill- ing Gabriclson al t h i r d . Then l a t i milslugged A l l a n l a !)-R and Hodges I louslon split a Iwi-night double- to retire Ken lioycr and leader wilh P h i l a d e l p h i a , w i n - ' B a i l e y and wrap it up. ling 5-0 and then losing 4-2. | Larry Slab! tagged three hits in a i a n r i drove in one of i\cw York'. 1 Mariclial was locked corclcss pitching duel 'itlsburgli's Boh Veale u n t i l Hie ·ighlli. Then Hal Lanier w a l k e d nd lion H u n t was hit by a i t c h , s e t t i n g lays. the stage for The only Pirate hits against l a r l c h a l , 21-5, were a leadoff ingle by Maury Wills in Ihc r.st and a one-out single by Leo Cardenas' ninlh i n n i n g homer tied Ihe game for Cincinnati ami the Reds beat Ihe Braves in (he 10th on Mack Jones' double and a run-scoring single by Tony Perez. The Reds lagged ID hits--four of them by Pcle Rose--and the Braves had 1C safeties. Fred U.S. AMATEUR QUALIFIERS run in a two-run seventh inning rally. SI, Louis 01? COO COO-- 3 17 1 Chicago D13 C«t S i x -- t o 13 0, Wastibifrr,, Hoerner [7, Willis (8), Ne!-i son IS] and Edwards; Jenkins and Hun! dley. w--Jenkins 11-11. L--Washburn 1C- 1 i. HRs-SI, Louis. Edwards ( 3 ) . C h i c a g o , ' Sanfo [ t 7 l , i First Game Houston 000 MJ 000--S B 0 Philadelphia . 000 OCO 000-0 4 0 Wilson and Dalernan; Wise, Farvcll {61, Johnson (7) and Dalrymple. W--Wilson. ?·!?. L -Wisp, B-9. HR--Houifon, Rader Second Gam? Houilon .......... OCQ 100 IW-J II 1 PhiLicfrlphta ...... MX) 200 30x~i 4 ] Cucllar, and Baleman; James, Wncjnfr (81 and Dalrymcle. W-- James 4-1. I -Cuellar. 6-8. HRs- Houston, Torres (1. Philadelphia, Allen (34). Atlanta Reed, Kelley f 3 ) , ) ; j o h n s o n t7, Papi 110] Torre; Clonlrwer, Culver 3 ) , Ah- erpalhy ( 5 ) , Carroll { 8 J and Bench. W»»- Carrolf, i-5. L-- Pampas. 8 9 . HRs-Clncin. · . Whlflirld ( 1 ) , Cardenas (3). IJI.EFARY CIIKCKK THE U M P -- B a l t i m o r e l o f t fielder Curt Blefary anxious look at I h o umpire for a decision ;l the plate in (he fourth i n n i n the game against Oakland Tuesday n i g h L His worries were needless. He was safe. M a k i n g the lag a t t e m p t is Athletics 1 catcher Jim Pagiiaroni. (AP Wire- photo i Lei AngeJcs cw YorJt b V 1 '°"' a " OCO COO 000 - 0 5 : . , ooo coi OIK--? a i [8 and Hallcr; Card Sconce (9) and Grote. Vj ·mshurgh co ...... OCO 000 030 -- 3 . . . 0 0 0 0 0 0 COO-0 and D l o l r j V e a l 5 1 and May. W-- Mdrlchal, 21-S. L-- V HR-- San Francisco, Mays ((5), Joy Sylvester In Discus Exhibition Englehorn Up To 9lh Place jwi'.h th? runib'jr of tMirnnneiils-! 1 * j w o n in parent hoses: in Carol M a n n (71 $32,2IO, Kalh'y I Whilworth (4) $29,675, Sandra . jl-laynic in.) $18,138, Mickey jl C I N C I N N A T I ( A P I -- ShirloyjWri.KM H) $17,004, M a r i l y n n Englehorn, winning her first tournament of the year at the m i l t '' Clifford Ann Creed 10) $13,069, Sandra Spuz-il ich (01 $11,899, Sandra Palmer Concord Opra in Kiamcsha (O) ?9.68l, Shirley Englehorn ( l ) i l Hastily, I heal a rclrcnl mil lo ttie back nine before disaster cmilrt strike again. And t h e n , lo top the irony, thai clown in Wichita Falls slarled w i n n i n g meels like crazy (lie rest of the summer. And Ihe results frequently appeared in t h e Dallas papers. You guessed i t . My friends slarled c a l l i n g wilh congratulations -- a n d .sympathetic words about Hie obviously misspelled name. Determined to salvage something f r o m the cockeyed coincidence, I greedily accepted tlic praise without revealing Ihc true nature of Ihe s i t u a t i o n . All t h a t 'twas 7-8 years ago, and [ had nearly forgotten it -- u n t i l the Swcetwaler entry l i s t appeared in the paper Sunday. II shook me a lilllc, seeing dial name, and it drought back some a h s u i 1 d 1 y humorous memories. I hope ol' Hill IlnHcad and his partner win tlie tournament. Hut surely he will understand if I don't .show up lo write Ihe story. A f t e r a l l , it would look .T bit presumptuous if the winner's name t u r n e d up in Ihe byline. A ^ Gfltdfin Cily, Jatk W. Lewis. Jr. Hcrrnc". S , C . Dub Z a c h s r / Wayen. N J . Bill Z i o b r n r r y C o u r v i l l e iiasl Unrv.'.llk b Harlia.-0'.sa Tori Laudcrijal* Jim Hrjsrwicl: Jerlclio. N.Y. Dick Siderowl Perl Wasllinutn Okk ftcmsen Locusl Valley, Al Hunlino.10:i. V, 1 Jim Wai c Hudtintilon. V/.^ Jop Frsnanes Huntinglon, w,' A t Caslo'nia, N.C JOG Inman, Jr. G r c LPcnard Thornr! ,aillv JOE Pallc 1 Al H vinnv Wayne Nrlson At S Npil Cl °AI Unlana Fla. " i Cofumbus, Ohio . ;,v;0-U]|Yai* Meislcr avejira, Ohio . Dob Allnn ..... Colubus. Ohio om Mammons .. Cotumbjs, Ohio im Con ne c . . lumbus. OMo , 7 . 75 _ ;J7 I HOUSTON , thrower Jay 7J 71 -Ms 7 t J 5 - - U S , 7 S 7 2 - U 7 . 7 1 - 7 4 - U 7 . 76-71--147 75-7J--146 7 4 - 7 4 - 14B 71-74 - I 4 J 49-79-113 45.73--ui r i n h u r n 70-71-141 . 73-TJ--147 7 4 . 7 J -- 1 4 1 Ed t Columbus. Ohio Joe Harper Columbus, Ohln Ray Flc.illo Clpvelard Deb L?.wis. Jr. .. Warrpn, Ohio Chuck M.ieCallum Del Roy Beach, Al Marshlield, f, 1 Hartford, Conn Triornns Jenkins . Houiton, T e x . O e v f r l y , Mass.' Tfd liisl'or. n C.lp'ers III' , Robprl McKlnney A t P,i|^s. IPX. Chip Slew.irl JO-7B--M! 73-75--14! Lake, N . Y . , Mrmday, picked up|$3,n9 f S\m\n\ Pof=l 1 1 ) |§4,275 and jumped from 21st loj ;!Hli in Ihe o f f i c i a l I n u r n a n i f i U ; I w h i n i n g s list of the IflGR Ladies! (AP) -- [jj sclls i Professional Golf Association : Syiveslcr, who T c n i r - BE SURE AND PLAY YOUR QUALIFING ROUND On Thursdoy, Aug. 15 For the Annual PUTT PUTT GOLF TOURNAMENT Aug. 15, 16, 17 ISlh CALL 6 7 2 - 0 5 9 6 holds the world's record of 218 feet inches, will be in the 18 Olympic loam exhibition here Aug. 2-1, a spokesman said Tuesday. Sylvester also will compete against Handy Malson i" Hie shot p u t , said Dave Rickey, coach of (he Houston Slriders [track team. Miss Englehorn's victory gave her $f»,139 for the 1988 tour, LPGA headquarters here announced today. Carol Mann, a soven-toiirmy winner, stayed in the top spot of winnings. She f i n i s h e d in a t i c i for third and won $2,280, for a' $32,20(1 total. League CIlSW in the foil fresh pouch rucc Fleischer. Mialtvh, At Hoi Snrirqs, Arh. ^iili.ini Hall. Favrlleville A t Jacksonville, Fla lownino Gray. Pi'nsfKOia Ray Tprry Jacksonville. I y. Vrqrite, L.irqn, Fla. Eddie Pearcc, Temple Drn Brown Dallas Ed Hopkins Dallas A t Buftolii, N.Y. AUrn Pochrs'cr. M.Y. 1JI ,. Jotln V Mike . Jo^n Cuomo IMica. N.Y. A f Lincoln, Net). Bot) AiUcfnrH 1 Oniflhd. Nrh. ·Jim Shnrtp MnrltilX, Neb . 70-77--1J3 j . 7 3 - 7 1 - 1 4 J J 73 7! I 4 4 J 73-73 -us; First Two Games Texcis Amateurs by Rogers By TUB ASSOCJATKI) PRKSS Tho Tpxns qualifying champi- nn for Iho U. S. A m a l o u r Coif C h n n i p i n n s h t p in Cohimhu.s. Oliio A u g . 2fl-^0 is J I a m i l l o n Rogers of Corpus Cliristi. Rogers carved out a si.x-tmdcr par 67-71--138 Tuesday over Ihc par 72 Luhbock Country Cluh. D A V I D BONDS R E L E A S E D KANSAS CITY ( A P ) - Tlic Kansas Cily Chiefs released defensive halfback David Bonds Tuesday aflor carrying him for two years on the taxi squad. Bonds played at McMuvry College and was released in IOG6 by Iho Washington Redskins of Ihe Nallotial Fool- ball league. The other l.uhbock r j i i n l i f i e r was lioherl McKinncv who sliol flfl-7,1-142. Dallas fiitalifiors were Chip Slo- warl Jr.. of Dallas, 7 1 - 7 0 -- M l ; Iliik Masscngalsof .lackshoro. 70'73--113; Hoi) R a w l i n s of Dallas, ,71-75-HG; Oon Brown of Dallas. 75-72--117; Kd Hopkins of Dalllas. 7-I-71-M8 anri .lolin Koli- j n i a n n of Dallas. 75-72--M7. i Hopkins had lo birdie the first [linlc of a swnlfcsl with David ;-Tiirner of l-'oil Wnrlh and Tom Kile of A u s t i n . Turner, who shot 72-76--M8 and Kile, who had ,1 73-75--118, were n.imed alternates. Three golfers qualified Monday in Houston at t h e par 71 Sharpslown Country Club. Floyd W. Addmglon of Jasper, Tex., had n 138 which was four-umlet 1 - p;ir. John Paul Cain of Houston wilh a 111) and Tommy Cruse of Houslon wilh a 141 also qualified. ' . Slillwfltpr Ok la 'Crtrlrr H^n i Ft. Sill, Oku. Al Mrmpriii, Tenn Bobby Grffnv.T,"d C c o k c v i l f c . Tenn. Steve Ug firman . . . Mcmr-his Al Crevr C o c w , ,M James HolKiricwe SI. Louis . Richard Dillo 51. Lr^ui^ Jerry Gl^nn Chuck Knsc R e d Ru Chrislinn K Jnp Grace Delreit Ted Talbol Sarnia. Al Coin: IDale Wore ! Hiqn Pr, rrd Hilk, Mich. Hrs ^le AFB, w i n n e r of l a s t i dis'ricl l o u r n a i n e n t , 74.)i_K5 l :;pli! its firsl Iwo g a m e s i 71 ?» u a ^ i n Ihc SAC C o m m a n d softliall ' t o u r n a m e n t al Dycss Tucsdav 6 9 - 7 ! - 1 4 l | ' 7j 70 147' A" c r clobbering ( J r a n d Forks' njt .^jjAFl!, 11-1, [iarksdale fell to! Castle AFii of C a l i f o r n i a , 2-1,1 H-;3-i«..j,,.]y \Vcdnesday morning. j "·'?-'": i n other games, Gnose AFB of ] u Labrador, bumped off Hamcy 21, anil Riimcy dropped G r a n d " i K n r k s ? - ! . · Two Dyess players picked up · by l i a r k s d a l o for 'he »SAC 1 5 0 ilournnmeiit led the Louisiana · · · · 1 5 1 ;liase l o i t s victory over Grand 7.us n i''' f l '^ S i ^ ' ' ' I'l'lcrsoii hurled a i n i f t y five · h i t l e r , while holding ""'· " ! ; Grand Forks lo a lone first - "·"-t«; inning r u n , and Wolfgang Halbig 73-7!_)4i||innicre(l lo d r i v e in Iwo r u n s to ss 77-T4S lead a IS · hit attack. ii-n-m.\ Four games are on lap Wed-] [ncsrlay in t h e Olympic style "'""'"jvonnd-robin louniampiil. wit h i "·"-i«|lwo games scheduled to! 7774 146 complete action T h u r s cl a v ·rigikini AUTO AIRJDGNOJTtONER COOLS cms msTE_Ri PRICES , START AT... NO MONEY DOWN! ?! 0.00 MONTH TAKE A FREE FUN RIDE SHOP NOW AND SAVE *TJ ..-- , I -'·£*. ' . . 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