The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1952
Page 3
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TUESDAT, JANTJARY 99, 1998 BLTTHEVILLE {ARK.l COURTER NEW* PAGE THREE You and Yow I mom* T Three Forms Should Give Little Trouble in. Choosing for Return (EDITOR'S NOTE: This k the * •ccond In l ftrln explaining how to make out your Income tax return for 19M.) By JAMES MARLOW . WASHINGTON «>/—YOU should have no trouble choosing the lorm lor your 1951 Income tax return. Form 1040-A. Strictly for under- 45,000 income people who had all or most of the tax withheld from ' them. No figuring. Answer questions. Mail to the collector. He figures the tax for you. Form 1040 Short-Form. For under-$5,000 people who don't lit the rules for using form 1040-A. No figuring, rind your tax in the table on the back. That's why it's called the Short-Form. The lx>ng Form Form 1040 Long-Form. It's the same form ;040 but is called the long-form when instead of using the tax table, you figure you own tax. A person with $5.000 or mor income has no choice. He must use this long-form, figuring his tax. This 1040-Long-Form can also be used by any of the under-55.000 people whose deductible expenses, such as charitable contributoins or medical bills, were unusually large. Here's an explanation. Most people's deductible expenses don't amount to 10 per cent of income. Still, anyone using form 1040-A automatically gets a deduction of 10 per cent before the rest of his income is taxable. Collector Figures Tax When you mail form 1040-A to the collector he figures ybiir tax according to a- table in which al- n ]owance already has been made for ** that 10 per cent or so of deductible expenses. So, in using form 1040-A, you don't have to itemize a single expense. , But don't use form 1040-A if 1 you're one of those under-SS.OOO people whose deductible expenses were actually more than 10 per cent. Instead, use the 1040 Long Form. There you'll have to figure your own tax and itemize every expense you wish to deduct. But, in this way, you can claim the full Japan Resumes Making of Munitions, Plans to Begin Building Tanks c or/orn Aussie Lover Sits in Japanese Jail TOKYO <AP>—Japan, pledged by* IU Constitution to outlaw war, ha* resumed making munitions and has plans for building tanks, the newspaper Yomiurl cald today. Tokyo's largest afternoon dally said: •fiilrty workshops have delivered 300 million small anti-personnel bombs. One of Japan's heaviest Industrial companies has been asked to submit estimates for the assembly of 20 and 4Q-tanks. The Toyoda Automobile Co. is estimating the cost of making T-41, T-4fi and T-47 tanks. The Japanese Overseas Agency in Washington has notified the Japanese government that « five-man mission, headed by Nobel Clark, will leave Washington Feb. 1 for Japan to conduct a 30-day survey on: 1. How much Japan can export in 'machine tools to the united States. 2. How mucn or machine tools designated for reparations could be made up to u. S. standards. 3. How much Investment is necessary to step up Japanese production. Legless Veteran Claims Car Part Of Self in Tax Case DALLAS (AP)—Seeking to avoid payment of city taxes on his automobile, a World War II veteran who lost both legs on Bougainville, today claimed his car—like his false teeth—is an artificial part of his person. The veteran, Roscoe H. Collier made his claim in answer to a suit filed by the city of Dallas. The city claimed Collier owes personal property taxes on his car for the last four years, amounting to $64.30. Collier maintained his car was a "prosthetic appliance." and h!s onl> mode of transportation. Dal* has not been set for a hear Ing. Head Courier News Classified Ads Regular Churchgoer HUMBOLDT, Neb., (AP) — Mrs Ward Merrltt has attended churc every Sunday for 20 years—or 1, 040 consecutive Sundays. Her hus band is a minister. TOKYO Off) — There's a tragic ew twist lo the old and ever-sad tory of "Madame Butterfly". In the 1952 version of the tender ove story of Cio cio San. the vic- 1m Isn't the girl from the Orient. t's Hie serviceman from the West. The man is a heart-broken for- Weaver's troubles began after World War II. He made several attempts to stay Sachiko because ncr Australian soldier—Frank L. Veaver. Or, as he prefers to be :alled, Telsuichiro Kitagawa. Today, Weaver — Kltngiuva sits onely and forlorn In a Japanese [all. He faces a deportation trial .n a Japanese court for a seventh attempt to smuggle himself back into Japan to be with his little Japanese wife, Sachiko. Sachiko Didn't Walt But worse than his trouble with the law Is his heartache. He tolc Japanese newsmen Sachiko hadn't waited for him. He said she gave her heart—in succession—to two other Australian servicemen at Kurea, main depo for Australians on occupation or Korean service. In Puccini's opera, "Madam Butterfly," the Japanese girl, waited for her man. She was wed In Japan to Lt. B. P. plnkerton of the U. S. Navy and never gave up hope when he sailed away, promising to return. When he came back to Nagasaki with an American wife, three years laU>r, Madame Butter- Ily yielded their son lo the officer nnd committed suicide. In Japan Australia with bars Japanese Immigrants, even wives of Australians. Each time he was tracked down and returned to Australia. In October. 1950. he was arrested and sentenced to hard labor for one year nnd finally deported In August. 1951. Japanese Name Taken When here Inst time he renounced his Australian citizenship, adopted the Japanese name of Tetsui- rhiro Kitagawa, and vowed he intended to become a subject of Htrohlto — if only he could stay with liitle Sachiko. But a court martial was unmoved. Ihe Australian Army said he had a criminal record besides' hi illegal entries and did not deserve sympathy. So he was sent h,ome again. Life in Australia was bitter. He was unpopular. Workmen walked out when he was hired. Even his own father wouldn't speak to him, anese public, government and and swears he "hates Australia and all Australians who have Intervened in my affairs and robbed me of. my wife." Wandering forlorn on the streets of Tokyo, Weaver was picked up by a British MP. He was turned over to Japanese authorities Instead of to the commonwealth forces that have handled his case. Magic Lover Is Loved Weaver-Kltagawa is > popular man In Japan, where everyone Inves a lover, especially a tragic one. Two Japanese lawyers have volunteered to defend him. One Is Miss Chiri Muraki, who specializes In Western cases. In addition. Socialist Representative Ichiro sho]i has volunteered to adopt him. Which U more than anyone offered to do for Madame Butterfly. he said. Sneaked Aboard Plane So on Jan. 21 he sneaked aboard an American airplane, reached Japan and stole away under cover of pre-dawn darkness. Then followed a quick dash lo Ki:re and terrible disillusionment. Now he has appealed to the Jap- Italian Strike Loss ROME (/P)—Italian workers lost $12,800,000 In wages in strikes during the 18 months ending In June 1951, according to the latest published reports. Chubb Crater In Northern Quebec is thought to be the largest mrteorit" crate in the world. CUP FOR CAPTAIN CARLSEN—Boston University co-ed Morm Bloomberg holds a 124-year-old silver chalice which will be awarded to Capt. Henrik Kurt Cartsen, heroic skipper of the lost American freighter Flying Enterprise. The chalice previously awarded to sea Capt. Ingram Chapman in 1828, will be presented to Carlsen by the New England Antique Association tor his gallant efforts to save his storm-battered ship. In its million-dollar mixed cargo, the Flying Enterprise carried a small irreplaceable fortune in European art objects and antique furniture destined for U. S. collectors. Rtnount of your deductions. Deduction I* Automatic The under-$5,000 people can't use form 1040-A but use the 1040 short-form also automatically get a deduction of about 10 per cent for expenses. It's allowed for hi th« table they use on the back of form 1010. H their expenses run to more than 10 per cent of Income, they too, should use the 1040 Long-Form •nd claim their deductions in full even though it means the extra trouble of figuring their own tax and itemizing deductions. Anyone with $5,000 or more Income, using the 1040 . Long-Form, takes a deduction of 10 per cent up to a limit of $1,000 without f. iteming. He subtracts that deduction -before applying the tax to what's left of his income. Note to married people: married couples filing jointly on the 1040 Jong-form take that 10 per cent, up to a limit of $1,000, without itemizing. But if they file separately, no more than $500, Examples: Jones' income was $7,800. He deducts $780 from his who income before applying the tax to the remainder. Smith's Income was $10,000. He knocks off $1,000. Brown's Income was $11,000. He can't claim any more than the $1.000 limit without itemizing. . In short, anyone with $5.000 or more income but less than $10,000 must itemize his deductions Sf he wants to claim more than 10 per cent of his income. Anyone with $10,000 or more who wants to claim more than $1.000 must Itemize. Here are the rules: 1040-A. You can use It If your Income was under $6,000 and all of It^—except for no more than $100 in untaxed wages, dividends or interest—had tax withheld from it. Examples: Jones: Income was $4,600. Tax was withheld from all but $100 in untaxed wages, dividends, or interest. He can use form 1040-A. But If that extra income from untaxed wages or interest or divi- each to limited to a deduction of dends amounted to as much as $100.01 he couldnt use it. And If le has any other kind of income no matter how small—say a commission or rent or money from farm- ,ng—he couldn't use form 1040-A. I But any under-$5,000 person who can't use form 1040-A can use the [ 1040 short-form. Or, if his deductions are more than 10 per cent of his Income, he can use the 1040 long-form where, although hell have to itemlie his deductions, he can claim them fully. Husbands and wives may use form 1040-A or the 1040 short-form to file » joint return and, by splitting their Income, save money if — their combined income is under $5,000 and it fits the rules for using form 1040-A or the 1040 short-form. Husband-wife problems will be treated mow fully in a later story. Remember this: No matter what form you use, attach to It all the receipts — called form W-2 — given you by your employer or employers for all the fcsx withheld from you during the year. Form W-2 shows how much pay you got from each AND A17 ADMIRAL TELEVISION SET TO BE GIVEN AWAY! employer. Here's your big opportunity to participate in Halsell & White's $10,000 Discount Check Event and Big FREE Television Drawing! It's all FREE, costs you nothing, no obligations! It's your big chance to save on household needs! It's your chance to win a Television Set!' Simply fill out the coupon below (or a reasonable facsimile). Mail or bring it to Halsell & White, Furniture. You will receive a Valuable Discount Check thaf will apply to the cost of any household item you indicate. Understand, you're not obligated in any way. A total of $10,000 in Discount Checks will be given away! Too, you have the opportunity of winning a beautiful 17" Admiral Television Table Model set to be given away at the Big FREE Drawing Feb. 29th. You do not have to be present to win! Own the newest of the new for'52 1952 STUDEBAKER COMMANDER V-8 ..and in tJi* lowttl price field '52 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION ? Styled with the swept-back grace of a new-type jet plane: Brilliant 120 h. p. performance without premium fuel! Advanced V-8 engine saves gallon after gallon of gas! o* dty&y/Sei, <# ot Stvd«bok*r Automatic Driv« or Overdrive available in all mod«U at ralra co*t CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY W. D. "Bill" Chamblin, Owner Railroad & Ash Streets Phone 6888 Top gat tavtr of the fop 4. HALSELL & WHITE FURNITURE CO. V13 Sv-ith Division Street Blyttievllle, Arkansas Name _._ „; ..Address City__ _ State Where Employed _ _.„ Phone Please check below your furniture needs for valuable Gift Discount Check. Living Room Suit* Dining Room Suite Bed Room Suite Dinette D Carpets D Venetian Blinds Small Appliances Pillows Springs Q Mattresses Deep Freezer Refrigerator Washing Machine D Automatic Washer Q Radio n Television D Clocks Lawn Furniture Occasional Chairs Stoves (Elec., Gas Oil) Choose Your Household Needs From These Famous Names! ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Admiral Radio & TV Zenith Radio A-B-C O'Matic Washers Whirlpool Washers & Dryers Ben Hur Deep Freeze Florence Sunbeam G. E. Small Appliances White Elec. 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