Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 26, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Page 4
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$!"'• John Gray's COENER THIS WEEK ON WHITE GOODS Toweling and Lace Curtains,beau tlful. Dimity and > T a.nsook for the coining season. Best value in Towels ever offered, and Lace Curtuins at unheard of prices The putterns are entirely new, and quality cannot be . eaten. P. a. Also a handsome assortment Of striped and 'lotted Swisses for •nrtaius and sash dooru. State Kational hi DAILY JOURNAL J?obll.-tied every day In the week (except Monday; DI th« LoaiHSMBT JOtJKS-VL CO. Logansport, Indiana. CAPITAL $200,000 vr. s A. HARDY C. W. GRATES 3. B. B'JYZB PKESID1OJT. VlCK PRE3IDX.VT SECKKTAHT. TllKASTOKK Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder PURE Price per Annum Price per Month $6.OO . 60 THE OFFICIAL PAPKE OF THK CITY. [Entered as second-claw matter at the Logani- portPoii Office, February 8, JfcU&l CHINESE CIIUELTY. Horrors of the Place Execution. of Public The Terrible Entchcrj- of Criminals Rm- Karded by tho People ai »n O.TUIIOD for Joking RDd nejolciii;;— Work of the Hcadjmaii. YOUTH RENEWED. Ctua TUESDAY MORNING, MAKCH 26. i. V. JOHBSOH. fiaa. S- W. tuuoiT , Tl ICE PMS H, T. HKITIIRINX, CASUIKB. —DIKKCTOHS.— t. t. JobDHOJi 3. W. Ullery, J. T. Elliott, W. M. Elliott, W. H. Snider. Bay and sell Government Bond*. Loan money on personal seouritj and collaterals. Issue special certificates of deposit bearing 8 per oenl When left one year; 2 par cent pei ftnnnm when deposited 0 month*. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults oi this bank for the deposit of deeds Insurance policies, mortgages and Other valuable*, rented at from $( to $15 per year HOYT'S Sure Cure for Plies. LmxiiTY CKNMR.O,, Feb. 1 TO whomTTSmy concirn: I niOHt heartily recommend "Hoyt'a Snre Cnre tor Piles" to nil who sutlm Irom ibis annoying «UM«O, I DuUereu with Files for yenrs and tried ntrlou.i r«n,edle», none of wiilch iiflordfd more than temporary relief, ADont six months ago I •rocurtxJ one tube of Hoyt'aS'ire Cure lor files and un«l It iiccorrtli'R to directions two weeks, at In* end of which time the ulcers dlsai peared nna kave not slus» returned. I belli!»« the; mre> is twnplote. »• 3- MlRfcS. yoc Sate by Ben Sister. Lake Erie & Western, Peru Union Station, Thronuli tickets sold to points In the United fltatennnd Canada. SOUTH.: Arrlre.; Depart.; Mo.211ndlnnapollsEx.,D ii 7 ;2??SS o. 28 Hill I *Kxpre«»S ll:28am ll:4Sa«.. o. 25 Toledo K» press, 9 3^6 p m Depart. 10:22 am 4.40 pra 7:00 am . 0.25 Toledo KJ press, 8. Ho. W JCvenlnK Express S...- 8:10 p m go 161 Local i'rolKtutt •».•« p m NOBTH.I fjfrt ; -' -'"i JArrlve. lo. V> Mnll ft Express 3 10:12 a m NO. 22 MlchUon Cltr D» 4:30 p m No 24 Detroit Kxproso S 8»o P m No. 160 Accommodation -if.. D. Dallri S. Dully except Sandnr. •No. 2i! (1- <«« not run north ot Pe> tRtms Moiiiliiya, Wodiiei«lny» Fildays and ban.* i r£icn» Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and iSatut- Y'ulon ilKHOt connections at Bloornlngton and feorla Hit P--IIIW west, noulnwestund uorthwost. Dlr-cl connections nmde (U I.lnm, losiorla, ITremont or Sammskj for nil point" east immediate connections ut Tlpton with trains •nMttln Line ami 1. AM C- Dlv., lor nil points Morth.South. Mislaid We»t , . , „ ^o"tS«t» riiws,«idfwi,eri»l Information will on THUS. FOLLKN, Tlcxet AKeut I- E. AW. B'y P«u, in-nana. C. X. Tne Ideal Wheel, TnEKE should be a lav? In this State prohibiting persona convicted of crlmee, the penalty of whlob IB confinement in tbe penitentiary, from being released on bond pending the hearing- of a motion for a new trial. The escape from justice of Lewis Porter, after he had been convicted of larceny and his penalty fixed by the jury at three years in the penitentiary 'proves the necessity for such legislation. Porter had spent one year in prison, and sooner than serve another term of three years he made good hid escape, leaving his relatives and others who were on his bond to suffer a loss of $1,000. While it is not charged In this case, there have been inatanoee where relatives or friends of a convicted criminal have furnished bond knowing that H would be forfeited, in order that the guilty person might escape. An instance of this kind in one of the eastern States resulted In legislation in that State that prevents bonds from being accepted in such oases. A young lawyer was convicted o( an assault upon a woman and sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. Fending tbe hearing of a mo. tion for a new trial he was released on $5,000 ball. This was furnished by his relatives who were wealthy and of high social standing. The young man fled to Europe and the bond was forfeited. A few years later his relative! who were influential, secured his pardon from the Governor of the State in which the crime was committed and the man who was sentenced to five years In prison never spent a single day there and is today living '.n hie native State. • • AS jyj ,t nl<5 Hloi'g me Hitb or life, T.'iko phwuiv imd Joj us you pass along (Jiw .1 ippl'ioss to children nnd wile A btcjvk) makes Ufa on® glad sons, . Call and see Tho Eajrle, Spaldiog, Royal Hurl Winton bicyclo, The light'st in- weight aud running there's nothing beats them. ;BURGMAN .CYCLE CO. «eiuli)U?.rci»rs of the Elcyc-1* *!l JIARKET »T, Servlw PHONE SO. WANTED, to unvel lor reliable tionse with rapen?es paW. •«larj t«X'. Aavano-ment for Hilrhtul and sue l wrk. Ke'erttiw. Enclo»f wil addressed vnlope. --ecii'tarj, Lock Drawer P. ' MI B <iii> Mriit riutrr or i*klnx orders lor plat MCt*ui. formulas, receluii «te., ilng. . fornl»twd frw- A good ogeM 'can nrnke two So nre ihvroutnd doliws p-sr vmr. with ue-Boyal ' ONE of the beet authorities on trade matters'ItTthe country', Dun's Weekly Review of Trade last Saturday contained the following: "Indications of Improvement in business grow more distinct. Tte most obtrusive of them, the speculative advance on cotton and In stocks la the least reliable, nor can either o! these be said to reflect actual improvement In business conditions. Railroad earnings are scarcely better, and the speculation is largely baaed on expectation of more effective monopoly in coal and some other products London was buying largely, but likely to sell on any rise More valuable indications are that the volume of domestic trado gains a little, money is In much better legitimate demand, and the force of hands at work gradually 'acreages in some industries and In others Is restricted only by strikes, which are presumably temporary," CJIOVER baa given a soft berth lo another of bis favorites amoog the host of ex congressmen who the. peo. pie strove to relegate to obscurity. ••Joe' 1 Outhwaiteof Ohio, is the latest friend of the President that has been provided for. Ee was yesterday ap pointed a member of tho Board o! Ordinance and Fortification and will receive about §7.000 per annum. Joirx L. SUU.IVAX appe.irs to havt> about reached tbo end o( his string. Dissipation has ruined him as a prize fighter, his career on the stage has, been disastrous and he is now lying ill in Boston with pneumonia, and is practically without a dollar. THE attempt to muider LI Hung- Chaog the Chinese Eavoy while in Japan to per/ect the peace negotia- ilons is vary dUcreditable to the Japanese. It must, however, be viewed as the act of an individual and not instigated by tho Japanese government. ALREADY have the Germans begun the celebration of the 80th anDiver* sary of the birth of Prince Bismarck,, which occurs April 1st. Bismarck's enemies, however, are active in the Reichstag and throughout th« Some four years ago I spent four days in Canton, the metropolis of southern China, on a special mission to investigate Chinese justice, and the results surpassed my most ghastly anticipation, says a writer in Harper's Weekly, What I witnessed was nothing 1 unusual, and is the daily practice of the country, but I am compelled to tone down the details to make them presentable for publication. Nothing but the strongest spirit of inquiry, supported by an iron resolution, carried me through the horrors of those days, and for weeks afterward I suffered from perpetual nightmare. . The place of execution, or "Matou," as it is called by the Chinese, is a filthy yard, long and narrow, like' a blind alloy, and, singularly enough, it is used as a potter's field when not required for execution. On a cold January afternoon I proceeded thither t» witness the final release of a batch of poor wretches who had already undergone a prolonged course of torture. On this occasion tho death squad consists of thirteen, who are tightly bound hand and foot- and carried in, huddled up in baskets slung on a bamboo between two coolies. On arriving at the center of the ground these living- loads are pitched out unceremoniously, and immediately seized by the executioner and his assistants, who arrange them in two lines in a kneeling position. At a nod from the presiding mandarin, and with incredible swiftness,.the butchery commences. The assistant seizes the first victim by the shoulders from behind, while the executioner steps up to his left side, armed with an enormously heavy' short sword with a broad blade and arazorlikeedge. Without any compulsion, the victim, still kneeling, bends bis head forward,, and almost instantaneously it leaps from his body, severed by one swift stroke. The assistant pushes the trunk over forward, and a shrill burst of approving "Qi-yahs" goes up from the crowd. ., After the uncertain and clumsy operations of the medieval headsman, one had been led to suppose that a human head required a great deal of severance; but so adept arc the Chinese"'executioners that they seem to display no more effort or emotion in cutting off a head than they would in lopping a. poppy from its stalk. With fearful rapidity the slaughter proceeds, and not five seconds elapse between the fall of each head. One unerring stroke ends each life, and the victims arc so arranged that each can witness the fate of ail those in front of him before his turn comes. The crowd is now in the most jovial humor, and signifies its light-hearted enjoyment by ribald chaff at the expense of the remaining victims, who frequently retort defiantly, and exhibit the most stolid indifference to their fate. Suddenly a burst of merriment arises in one corner. A portly merchant has approached too near, and his long white coat is splashed with blood. How the bystanders laugh! Was there ever such a good joke! Tho last few heads are falling now, when my hand is plucked by an excited youngster of ten, dancing with delight, who cries, eagerly: "Ho-tai?" (Isn't it beautiful?) I repress a fierce desire to throttle him, and in a few seconds all is over. Justice is vindicated, and the crowd quickly disperses/all but the city gamins, who remain behind to •rehearse the whole proceedings and to skylark with the bodies. llorrible though the sight has been, .•death has, at any rate, being swift and merciful, but another day the supreme horror of Chinese justice is revealed to us. For certain offenders, notably parricides and women who kill their husbands, tie penalty is the "Ling-choc," or "thousand cuts." This is too ghastly for detailed description, but suffice it to say that, the victim is firs {.crucified to a low cross, and then slowly sliced to pieces with a knife. So skillful is the executioner that although his victim soon becomes, unrecognizable as a human being, yet, no vital wound is inflicted tin perhaps half an hour of this torture has elapsed, •when tho agony is ended by decapitation. So superior an entertainment as this is naturally rewarded by a full house, and eccu greater merriment prevails than at mere head-chopping displays, which savor'somewhat of monotony "to the blase Cantonese. What tho Maclc of Modern Science Accomplished. At a recent meeting of a medical association in Philadelphia one of the speakers drew attention to the significant .facts that the average length of life is increasing and that the period of activity, in which the best work is accomplished, with both men and women is extending. The advance of sanitary and hygienic science, says the Baltimore American, has offered fair prospect to the average man and •woman for increase of days, and modern invention, by lessening the wear and tear entailed by the discomforts of former generations, has still further prevented the waste of vitality and nervous energy. Life is also lengthened in another way, by the fact that time is minimized, and that travel and all necessary communication now take up a marvelously short space of modern life, leaving so much more time to devote to other objects that the practical effect is to add more days to one's account. With this increase of life and this extension of activity a man is far younger to-day than his ancestors were at a given ago. The magic of modern times has literally performed that impossible miracle of olden times and legends—the renewal of youth. The wearing drudgery of labor has been vastly lightened on the one hand, while broader interests on the other keep the modern brain from the rusting process of age narrow lives and restricted ideas formerly brought on it, at a time when that brain is now in its prime. Yet we hear all about us complaints that the rush and wear of modern life Is hurrying men into premature graves at .increasing rate. It is sadly true that the great virtue of temperance, oi moderation in all things, has not been assigned its due importance in this vast scientific development. It is in spite of the advantages of the times, not because of them, that this longer life is not the lot of more. We appreciate the stores of vitality laid up by them for us, but will not resist the temptation to be intemperate in its use. The youth and strength of 'the brain and body are drawn upon too frequently. We will not be content to live within our vast means of vitality, but draw recklessly upon the fund, until nature refuses to honor our drafts, and we'find ourselves bankrupt. The business man of to-day puts into his career of comparatively few years the energy, the thought, the vigor, that formerly spread over the enterprise of centuries. We speculate with our vital energies, and sometime we stake all on a single throw. But if we do not make a safe investment of youth and health, it is not for lack of the opportunities of the times. FRESH FISH! Tf you want a fine fresh PISH leave your order with F. W, KINNEY, -TELEPHONE 172.- A fine variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold" storage goods. We dress and deliver without extra charge. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrit.nl method that has given wonderful results, Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures when everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtiThe Medical and SurgicaHInstllute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind, IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It;will pay you to be particular as to whose seeds yon buy. We are now In the market with a full line of Landreth'8 see&s for the season of 1895, and I wish to say to the gardeners and others usinff seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then some others they are always fresh, clean and true to Dame, and as we handle no other seeds eicept those grown by Lapdreth & Sons of Philadelphia our customers may rely on getting nothing but the very best. I. believe that the cost of the seeds is nothing compared to tbe crop, and when a person has tbe trouble to put out a garden, be should use nothing but the very best,. We handled Landreth's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them, perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logan sport as welj as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more- thttn tenfold since we have been in tbe business? We also have a full line of garden tools and field seeds Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons has been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. CELTIC CIVILITY. It Is Manifested In tho J\lo»t Ordinary Conversation**. The gift of the Irish peasant for making expressive and humorous phrases is not by any means a fiction o< literature. The use of "pat : ' phrases is natural to him. A clerical traveler in Cavan not long ago asked a peasant how far it was to a certain village and was answered: "Two miles." "What! Only two miles?" said the traveler, who had before traversed the distance and found it a long road. "Well, your raverence," answered the peasant, "it is two miles shtrong and rich, so to spake!" A somewhat similar story is told by one of Lord Zetland's party, who were making inquiries into the condition oi a distressed district. They were crossing a lake; a gale was blowing and waves were dashing over the boat. The gentleman" referred to had been assured that an Irish peasant, if treated well, will always agree with what is said to him rather tlian appear disagreeable. It struck the gentleman that here was a good chance to put the assertion to the proof. "There is very little w;n<3,_Pat," he said to one of the boatmen. The answer came through the howling of the elements: "Verv little, indadc, yer honor, but fwhat there is i* moighty shtrong!" THE PARROT KEPT HIS HtAD. YOUR NAME IN PRINT. HemH" of *;Person»l~ Character Con- cernlnK log *nsporter»;an<l,Thclr Frlenda. In the city yesterday : Geo. Hurd of Big Indian. O, C. Cook of Kewanna. John R. Tyson of Hoovers. John B. Baxter of Auburn. Richard Arnold of Wabaah. ' S. P. Bevlngtonpf Galveeton. H. H. Shaferlng of Westville. Mrs. .Gruwell of Royal Center. Alex. A. Knapp of Union City. Misses B. A. and Katie Gray and J. St. John of Delphi. H. A. Brown has been called to Rockfield by the death of a brother. Mrs. Will Hann came over Saturday from Converse for a visit with her ils- tsr and other frienda. Mrs. J. W. Ball ard was at Delphi vetterday to attecd her mother's 70th birthday celebration. MieB Eva Wonea, who baa been ai~ tending school at DePauw, baa returned home for tbe spring vacation. HON. HORACE P.'BIDDLE. ongrti TS.idly Shaken by an KxploMnn Ue Didn't Forgot to niock AfLiTw-jird. Marshall P. Wilder is never chary oi K«pt Both Flaee*. TVhcn the czar was made colonel of the Koyal Scots Grays tin officer of the regiment said to his orderly: "Donald, have you heard that the new emperor of .Russia has been appointed colonel .of' the regiment?" "Indeed, sir," replied • Donald, "it is a vera, prood thinjr.-" Then, after .''a ; pause:; . ''Beg pardon, sir, ••' ' .bit •be'.;. »blV. • to l ; ; ; keep -' his stories, says a .Xevr York cxchang-e. Either 'they are inexhaustible or he doesn't fear tliat they will lose their edge by private repetition. Here is a late one: ''Two Yankee sailors strolled into a show in Guatemala, where a prestidijritateur was entertaining- the audience. A parrot was perched on the back of the bench- where they sat. After every surprising- feat one sailor would turn to the other with the remark: 'That was pretty g-ood! I wonder what will come next'?' That was repeated till it made the parrot tired. Presently one of them, threw, down a burning- match with which he had lighted his pipe. It fell tiiroug-h a crack in the floor and info a powder magazine. Eiff! went the whole build- .ing, people and all, and nothing- was left but a hole in the ground and the parrot, which was uninjured thong-h badly shaken up; Tie bird pulled .itself together, straightened out its; ,Jeathejrs, ; flBppcd^! its'-.-way.-to a.heap-of ^i^lina;alld; l : croaked::.-.'Thatiiwas.Tpretfcy: l; come l '-l.l" Earl Cbappelow is home from school. Judge N. O. Ross IB in St. Louis on business. J. J. Campbell is infjKentland for a few days. Ike Oppenheimer went to Cincinnati last night. J. C. Nelson was attending court at Delphi yesterday. -Mrs. J. B. Messinger is visiting her ion, Ed., at Delphi. Sam Jones was up from Blooming, ton to spend Sunday. Simon Swartz of Wabash is In the city calling on friends. Oliver Kelly of Peru, was here Sunday visiting friends. Alex Boyer of Wabash College, spent Sunday in the city. Mr. Elmo Wier of Fort Wayne is in the city calling on friends. Marskall Sedam was home from Greencastle td spend Spnday. Abaer Seybold of the Trade Palace goes to Chicago today on bueineES. Miss Mabel Doggett leaves today for an extended visit at Indianapolis and Hamilton, Ohio. Miss Dsesie Moore of Huntington, conference o.-gaoist, is the guest of Mrs. W. T. Giffe. Mr. and Mrs. F. Van Orman of Richmond were the guest of Iriecds in the city yesterday. Mies Jessie Cummirgs and Will Cummiogs went to Chicago this morning to ri=it several days. Herman Schmltt, Joseph Meie, aod Charles Leachem were the guests of E. Scbmitt Sunday, coming over from Danville, 111. Mrs. Rankle of Royal Centre goes from here to Chicago tomorrow. She will be accompanied^ by. MIw Harriet ' Tlie Cental Judge CelebraUtt Hli» ElehlyFonrib Birth . I>ny Anniversary SnndBj 1 . Fourteen years ago Sunday at tbe expiration of the span usually allotted to man, Judge Btddlo gave up the pur. suit of fortune, and in a quiet way began the pursuit of happiness. Sunday be pasted tbe eighty-fourth milestone, and to all appearances, bi» step Is as light and bia love of bia home, his books and for all mankind is as strong as It WM when he rounded off the three score and. ten. There is no region to think that tbe grand old man la net contented, and It eeemi probable he will live to see many happy returns of tbe day. That be may ece them come with an undlmmed eye ie tbe sincere wi&u of the maoy who hare enjoyed the hospitality of bis Island Home. A trcbool Without Stndcuta. Mine Cora Walters' school in Clinton township, closed last week. During the last two week* of the school term, not a pupil attended school, but ;he teacher opened school e.very morning and drew her salary for the time. The trouble, it is said, wae between the trustee and the s:udetits. End tho latter Btru <•*• • :-v ,t (WOHAN'S FRIEND.) is the BEST REMEDY* for GIRL, WIFE, m.

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