The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 9
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»AT, M MM BLITHE TfLLE (ARK.) COUrUEK JfEWI PAGE KIN* •OARDINO HOUSE — with M«|«r H««pW HELLO, 80YS? TW6 MA30R HAS SEEM L>D WE SHOW •)OU THE 6ECTOM OP T>KS trlft LITTL6 DUTCH HIM TO 566 frW Of COW. THE EARLY AND eiWER.' MEET HIS THUMB IflTO AMD H£UD SACK -We POCAHOJTAS AND AlAMED FOR WM / •*- HE'S SOT $OMe DADDIES AHEM/ Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY Far Circuit Clerk GEBALDINE LISTON CONCRETE CULVERT TILE SiiM up ta 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culvert* Site* np to 84 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gate* Concrete A Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Pricet We Deliver Highway «1 at State Line Phone 714 T. M. ••«- u. •. r«L ea. ' *^£ Cof.. 1MI ^ Ufa 9^c«. ^. OUT OUH WAY By J. R. QUIOC-- CAUL THE POLICE.' THERE'S A PROWLER WITH A BLUDGEON OUTSIDE.' "Y»u bad th« right of w»y? Young mm, I'm afr»W your •toUMr didn't teach you to b« polite!" Ore*' COAL Phon* 3186 • Prompt Delivery NOW/ HESTER'S Coal Yard • Courteous Service FARMERS B* swc to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS twt for GERMINATION W«o4s«n-Tcnent Laboratories 112 Wwt Ash St. Mytheville, Arkansas President Franklin D. Roosebelt vetoed more bills than any othpx U.S. President In history, a total of 631. This 'was 156 more than the second highest total amassed by President Cleveland. Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith 2M E. Kentucky Are, Phone 2665 BUILDERS SUPPLY 1 /2 Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS t/Ht STUMNT BODY K GATHfKfDTO I Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads —SO YOU CAM SEE WHAT 1 \. HE'S BEEN CHlPfVJ 1 WENT THROUGH Tb FWO OUR. . UMta . 6eLO/ED MASCOT.' ANO *•- ^ lfJUTe FURTHERMORE — 1 NOW PCESEMT HIS LORDSHIP, VANDYKE/ BUT CONCLUSION, I'D LIKE T POINT OUT PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock , Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores B// £ WALKCR mwa. ^. ^ a^c a (Proof Next Week) When yoa travel —whether by boat, train or ear—lnctmd« Per- ^»onal Eff««U Innrmticc: Jrj^ yemr plans. Then 70* ean'l^lo*« . . . whether T<MW baxfmre I» stolen, lost or damaged. SM iu abrat modern InMM-anec. One Not Born in America ( May Become President The Constitution apecifle^ "natural born" . .. . and not "native born." Therefore, one born *f American parents In & foreign country would be eligible In respect to citizenship. 1. "Fopvlar Questions Answered," Geo. W. Stlmpson. JUST RENT A CAMERA ' from oiir Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 (REAM KASTLE Drive-In ^wwiH arcoal J it V->a.rbccue X2. $ n ' ie J, •! <n . ^..Jt !/««* 1XIK/WD DK. WDD lMLK/>TOf- TME Fl-yiN6TEIA«6LEO**1rt6Weri<:- 6OLED SHOES- WHICH PREVENT M1/5CUMR co i *TAV geuiND ? DOE* CMKIS WELKIN THINK JAM INFERIOR COM£ FKOM A DYIH& PLAN WHO WILL SET CHRIS" WELKIN ME DIPNT kVANT VOW TO <5ET HURTV AMAIZA £ A WOMAH t If- KAOAE KKACUEC THE 'YOU POOR DEARP t YOUR PIPE AND 'SLIPPERS ARE WAITING FOR, YOU! 'PLfff PUFF!) ON A COLD NIGHT LIKE THIS, A PIPE SURE TASTES SWELL NOW IF I ONLY HAD A GOOD BOOK TO y I KNOW GO WITH MY PIPE, /JUST EVERYTHING *-><->^» WOULD & Dr. Logan's Wife -"" * m panic* THK STORYl JtBncf : rr1«Brc with *'do<.rn n» *|IT»J» b«rn hor •fcr nn^ brr hn^tinnil. llr. r:n« l.o~ *>*•. Kn IA (he hnmp «r llr. nnd Mr.. WiilKr r<-llc.|!<T. Tkrrp «lic «Ht. P*I*T gurhiOT. enunRrd IH r«»eitrcb ID alrimtr mrrtlclnr Mt Ai*K«-l'» hnnpltnl. \Vhr» Jr»nrl U • •tiF4 kT Tctrr wlint IntrrrKr* «kr hn'i Jtnact nxfrirnly rr*IUe« (hm •kr *•• nnnr. She In dr. l.nxnn'm wlffe. (hftl l» nil. She hn» no children, MM hohblm. her work IN dour . IH •r« tknr tier lorr ror mHl {• nnrthtnuc hrroncl e«»rlly. she IrlU Peter! " hnn- TTTE A Td III others had left the table The ladies were already merging from the powder room with freshened faces, and the voices of the men trickled in from the living room. They two sat on, talking of I .art In the y 'low brightness of the chandelier which stole all but the blackened wick from the candle tames. He observed the shambles. "Now the pressures are gone. Ttiere is no hurry. Nothing we have to do, not even find the ehoic* piece on the platter. We can relax and enjoy the fullness at owr btllies"—the back of his hand dapped air—"amid the sacri- Cdal debris." "Except that we might he considered rude if we don't Join the others pretty soon," she said, feel- inn hot because there was guilt and she should not have tried to share it. "But will you really paint this, do you think?" he asked, untroubled by the amenities. Jennet looked at him. "I've n*%'er painted in my life," she said Jennet's delight a» they entered UK Irving room was an elastic :cocoon in which there was room Jor «Tt*70o«. She «mUe<l round the room, from left to ight, female to male. With un- rudtfing obedience Uj rule, indeed 'ilh iiii eagerness to conform, sh« ook a scat beside the most bosomy f the silk-printed ladies, and to heir views on charcoal-broiled meats she opened her face like a flower to the early sun. Stella Pelletier bore down pur- msefiilly upon the other camp. 'Really, we ladies are beginning o ff-el sadly neglected. All this :hop talk. Peter, wouldn't you ing some of your wonderful jypsy ballads for us?" Peter Surinov began to untangle his long legs. He stood up, moved the mantel for support "I— well. sure. I'd be glad to, but I haven't got my guitar." Stella Pelletier uniled. "Now ?eter, I'm not going to let you out of it that easily. There's a ukulele in Dick's room. I'll get it. You can be going me-me-me." 'T'O Jennet's surprise, Peter Suri•^ nov accepted the ukulele from his hostess gravity by with an unblushing no means reluctant He sat down with it on the floor cross-tcgged, backed by the newspaper fan which hid the hcarth'i cavity, «nd he began to strum His body began to sway a tittle and Jennet tensed with ernbar rassment for him. But as the first few bars fell impersonally from his lips, she realized that the performance was not going to lack dignity and her shoulder! sagged in relief. He sang in Russian In a voice that had body without vohurie. He used his voice not as a gift but in preoccupation, did not fill the room with it nor compel attention, but merely dispensed the measure of comfort inherent la melancholy oft s4raina. The songs—maay of T«ry ihoct—were sMghtij int, with simple repetitive mournful rfaythma not unlike the r«*em cowboy song*. There was n fact one tune on whiefe ""Git long tittle dogie" eould have been •uperifnpoced with almoet no notes eft over. When at 11:M Cw came avei o her and announced that H w»! ime for them to leave, she had ler usual mixed reaction. Tlier* wai release in departure, bul there was also an ending. Jennet treaded endings. The others knotted hi tne doorway, tag-ending earlier conversa- ion«. Only Jennet and Peter Swri- nov were disengaged from trrf group. They stood together, took- ng away from each other, unabtt to *;ink of anything more to say. "Where ever did you learn Russian?" Jennet brought up. "Oh, from my folks," Petvf told wr. "They were both born there. They came over here in their teens. They used to sing tnese songs to me when 1 was a kid." "How nice to have been sung to! I thought that only happened n the movies." T*O save GUB (urther exertion, Jennet toe* the wheel. He s«t beside her with his head resting on the seat. "Well, that wasn't too bad, was it?" he asked. "It was kind of hard going on the ladies' side till the Surinov man broke into song," Jennet said. Gus laughed. "We're a dull lot we doctors," he said. "But I'm fond of the Pelletiers." "So am I," Jennet said. "They're re«lly dear—both of them." She glanced at her husband, saw that his eyes were closed. "Tired. Gus3" SHOE REPAIR H-H LTCRS aL" v SWOC SHO 1 ' W. M O I N ST. "A little. But I keep my eyes closed so I don't try to drive toe you." The a*r rushed, noisy as surf, past her ear. She slowed clown "Gus?" "Urn." "i tniiik i will take a volunteer Job at the hospital. I feel like a dreadful parasite." (Ta Be C«Bila»e4) THAT'S \ THAT VAWPEWATEe JOS AVM7E A - I fJEAT LITTLE HAUL.! X TDLC7 SOU THIMS, / p you STUCK TO /ME YOUi? ff6 RTAJLi NOW TO CLOSE. UP THE '0AWK'. THE SLryTHAT FUILT THIS OLC7 JOIMT AfJ[7 P6UIZEC7 OUT THAT StCIZET VAULT sure WAS A C5UBE1?. A.S KAIL PRESSES THE RUT- TQSJ, THE CEMTEE SECTION OP THE FLOOK P&SCENC'S. IWbS OWLV TWELVE WHEN VOU WERE THE«ISH SCHOOL IWTBALL-STARr EASY. TO«E VOU WERE PRIWCE tfHMZMlWG HIMSELF. BUT VOL) HftRPLV XWEW I Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day AlCOOUINfv, l« WAITING IWPMIENTLV ACROSS THE ft grocer / fi LISTEN TO THIS IT6W FROM MY MEMOEY BOOK.,. 'OH.THKILL^! IPftSSEDHWtOM THE STREErrOWW! IT HAPPENED 6O SUDOtM I SWALLOWED MY GlUA AMD FELL OVER ». TRICVCLE, BUT HE DIDN'T 5EEM TO NOTICE..."}-' (U «V CREAM5 VO J W£KE T«£ KWIGHT IU 5H1MIWG ARMOR/ LUCKl OF All THE WHO SAVED ME IU THg WICK V CARS HEADED FOE OF HUE. AND I WEYEUGOT \TflE BOSC*K,IBW) OVER. IT. 6A5V1 THESE SCRAPt rO PICK THAT OW BOOKS AR6 CUPPINS5 OF \ \0 HIDE THE STUf f TOUR EXPtOlte THftT TUB KEPT THRU THE '(EARS... UHlj L\I i & V GREAT I WHAT'S SO THI8 / WONDERFUL ABOUT HIM THE WORLD'3 FOREMO5T\ ETHNOSRAPHER.A —' MAN OF BROAD, COMPREHENSIV! VISION.- COURAGE FOR HIM TO COME TO U5 FOR HELP IN HIS STUDY OF EARLY MANS MIGRATIONS.., ..I KNOW WE'LL Km* BE VERY HAPPY AIDING HIM IN MIS PROJECT/ fe - 1-28 \ Ic,. ,„:„«-...-..- Ci-r. 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