The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1951
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JTJLY 25, 1951 BIA'THEVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THK NATION TODAY State Department's 'Voice Is GOP Target By JAMES MAR tOW WASHINGTON, July 25. (API — This week (he'House votes on money for tile State Dcpartmpnt. which Includes money for its "Voii-e of America." ^ The Republicans, hanging away *t the State Department and Secretary Acheson for years, have made a special target of the "voice." They're not talking of abolislilui; It. They wanted to cut down the! money [or it. They say they don't! Jihe thfl way ll's run. Further, they dr.n't like tlie people running it. They call them nincompoops nnrt fuzzy-minded, not unusual phrases In attacks on the State Department. Speak* 45 rairxliagcs The "voice' Is part of the Dcpail- rr.ent's information and pr lirocram Intended to win friends' and Influence people abroad. The "voice" broadcasts daily In 4S languages nroimd the world,! providing news, features and com-i nicnls on world affairs. j The atiuc Department'also main-! tains libraries abroad, distributes' films in what countries it ran. and send-; out nishlly 10,000 words o! world news by wireless to 1QO American missions abroad. The libraries, films and news mil-, Ictins are practically useless in reaching people In the CommmiiU: countries. Being seen iislHR tliemj v.oulu be dangerous, if not fatal. So the "voire" broadcasts through the iron curtain this country's best hope o! Betting some information, news and American propaganda to the people living under Communism. Still, no one can say how effec- tive the "voice" ie !n reaching those people. All you can ever get. is guesses for the obvious reason thai the State Department can't take a radio audience poll in Communist countries. Attempt la "Jam" Vole* The number of people behind the curtain who'd dare listen, or couluj listen if they dared, is probably comparatively small. That's czily a guess, of course. But, for one thing, the Russian;, put a lot ol effort into jamming tiie "voice" to keep the people behind the curtain from hearing. And in Russia it is estimated that there are only 5.000,000 receiving sets. The Republicans not only don't 1'ke Ihe people running the infer mation - propaganda program but they don't like what the "voice" is doing. For Instance. Rep. Taber, N'ew York Republican, says the "nincompoops" and the fuzzy-minded people should be cleaned out. along with Secretary Acheson, who Is the main Republican target anyway. And Fep. Clarence Brown, Ohio Republican, mnde a lone speech in Ihe House this week, saying of the "voice"; "The opinion is almost universa (hat there Is entir too much I PAGE SEVEN American big-heartccinoss." Goal Is Question But when you cut through tlv! 1NDIANOLA, MlM.. July 25 i,Vj— Republicans' altruk ana the Dem-1 ' I!re PBI h conducting a prdimln- ocrats' defense—and plenty of thcm! ar y invMtlpntlnn of n revmrt by Ihe arc rising to defend the ''voice"—j.sheriff hc-rt' (lint three Neju-irj.s \veve the b,isic qucMlon Mirks out: i forced lo admit a Nriun .slaying Just what Is the "voice" trying to; winch apparently never a,-c'iim'ti. do with the people behind the Ironj Sheriff George Marshall of sun- curtain. living t;nder Communism? fioivcr Cour.ty 5aici cue rtf hU riep- It can be sui'.uneri up this way: lilies and a private detective proh- It enn hardly ur^e them to out- ably used a tauhcr strap One of rieht revolt usainst their Cotmmi- [ the Necrnei. »-as ber.len so badlv nist masters. It is tryins, though, to] thai Jie irauired medical -iiten- fill them with discontent, drum Into [lion the nht-i-iff said them (he merits of frcertom, ami Th , ,,„, ,,.„',, i try to win goodwill for this com.- ,. f, ' s 'r,, ,. SSil f llln «'°n thai lrv ' will report !l.s flmilnas for con- lii this country there Is still much sldf ' n ? lfot \ «/ "« Juslire Ocpart- Inctance and tiivlrierl feeling abo,,t m "J" s ,°"' l! 'R'Shts Bivlsion, I • v . Investi 9° tes Negroes' Confession! f Q MurdCf after 'Victim' FoUnd AllVC Plague Cause of Bon On Moslem Pilgrimage rel sending American troops nbroad fc.r any reason. And this country's for- Marshall explained that han- pened without my knowledge, sanction, approval or consent ... I am ?oing to do everything I can to j make amends." The sheriff said he planned no ! action against the two white men j involved. Deputy Sheriff c, H, Slief- i field and Private Detective Charles R. Underwood of Cleveland, Mis.!., formerly of Memphis, Tcnn. The victims u-ere je.«o Davis, Je.sse Jame.s and Amos c. Redmond. T.'io miMing man was listed as Robert McKinney. McKinney's mctiier reported him missing las-, week. Davis, James and Redmond were picked up for turns| tioning. Sheriff Marshall said that "after some heat probably had I Vcn applied." one ol them said 1 the trio killed McKinney with a I brick and threw his body into the 'Sunflower River. Officers starled dragging the river, the sheriff reported, but the next morning McKinney's mother received a letter from her son in East St. CAIRO, Egypt, July newspaper Ai Mlsn sa; ERypt will ban her K maktnK the nnnujil r Mecca because of reports of bubonic plague In Yeman and Saudi Arabia. The paper said that 90 deaths from Pl'Bue had been reported 25 W-The I from Saudi Arabia and that .n- tllat °""' r m caECS of the disease wm from w to e sease wm reported in Yeman. on the south- «TMF tip of the Arabian peninsula SAVE MONEY O.N FARM & COMMERCIAL STORAGE! When you store merchandise in oar modern warehouse, you stive money on insurance rates and !iand)m« costs. Quantity rniyinir saves freight expense, too. \Vant figures? Let's discuss your storage prohlcm lodny! BLYTHEVILLE WAREHOUSE CO. Phone 6277 policy, while anti-Communist.! For Instance: violent uprising and if they diet, might be drowned in a bloodljajli. Read Courier Newn Classified Ads Greatest GENERAL ELECTRIC Mode! NC-103 Refrigerator M-de! NI-19 Refrlger«t*r A pr«fl««! S-on.-ft. S«n»r»l Baafrl* Span* Malor mo<j»l. !«• (ubat (.'»«:» in « hurry M ttS< roomy )r«>:er compatt/r,«n». Room for at much at 24 pounds of froi«n foods, too. BoHii storage ii Wqn «nougS {or tefl borilei—holds a« many M twfflvt.fquara, quart-iiw milk botilai, Covarad mstal drdwaf below freenf lesp« meati moist and fresh. Full-widlh dfaw»f provide* nigh-humidity storag» for fhr»a-quartats of a busW of fresS fruih and vegetables. And th«r» ar» 14 squam f«e* of refrigerated storage space on tha sturdy coffosion-rasistan-f s|«sl shalvM. REGULAR PRICE Trade-in $QA^O' •ancc .... Oil Allowance Four G.E. costs only .. •ituil Be In WorWng Condition, Ready /or Eejdle—.Vd I Designed especially For Urge family use. 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Xoro> ilol iaik«t v \f each door ihu» light. ConvinUnt loot ptdil opens iff' door. No talchei, no flamming. Freei«r eomj>or(m«it koilt i lo S3 poundi of IroieH loads ot sero temporatiro. R«tft.Cvb* 9 troyi *llow plcHnj of ftbei ifnjly »r oil at onto. TharnonnH* H door. lompartmti-t holds as m«ch Froih feed at 9 itaftdoro 1 9« •tt. ralrlgecafor. Glv.i molit eoM—ilimlnotis need to eavor ods. N»»«r n»«di dtfroiMnj. Butior conditioner In door keef>» oHtr at H« rigVt coniiitency tor saiy. waiUlest spreading. New olio-Drawers 9llrf0 Tn and out of a lauch ho!d up ta 2-3 b'jf 1 :?! fnitts and vagetablsl. AltracJiv* r\tal Ircy. Sliding wire basE:3* perfect for storing «qgj or other small arliclai. Aluminurn rinr- •roof ihilves are close-wired (o prevent small orllcfti from lio. • Inf. »•! i«nl«l-ill rtfriat/gtJDg lyjlem cissrei years of itftti- oblo servle*. REGULAR PRICE i) Less Trad&"Sn Allowance . . $125r, Y~re.1l. $^1l9 r J costs onliji ... 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