The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 28, 1952
Page 5
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MOWDAY, JANUARY », 1»5* s GM>r*««iM Throwback— BLYTHEVTU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Shelley Winters Becomes Queen Of Modern - Day Screen in U. S. Inside Lead Shelley Winters J-38 EDITOR'S NOTE: Urn'* the ftni «f (o«r dbpatehet that give }•« aa latlnaate eloceup el shel- 1«T WtaUra, HallywMd'i tarter* •( ito oM->t;le •**!• BT ERSKINE JOHNSON . HOLLYWOOD (NBA)—it happened at the annual Hollywood Pres. Photograph*™ costume ball. - Hollywood aUra weru Invited to ./com* drewed x their suppressed ;jljleslre«. There was »n uninspired ^collection of p4rat«, army generals and football alars, 11th Century eourte*ans, * couple of Florence Nightingale* and a Little Ml-* Muttet. And there was Mucy, sassy, sexy Shelley Winters! Shelley, who has the kind of a shape the world should be In, was clad in bl»ck-lace tlghls and bodice and a purple-trimmed leotard. There 1 was * halo over her head and she wan carrying a harp! "I'm a sexy ange), 1 explained Shelley, who has the title of Hollywood's sexiest ilren. "No matter how hard I try to be angelic, the wickedness in me takes over." Hollywood — In the midst of a campaign to convince the U. S. that movie stars ire Just like your next door neighbors and folksy as »pple pie—gasped and blushed. But next day, when they uw Shelley'i "aexy angel" photograph In all the newspapers, movlepoers all over America nudged each olh- er and said: "Hey, there's a MOVIE STAR by herkl" There's no mistaking hlp-fllp- plng Shelley Winters for the girl next door or somebody's secretary, She's Jn the same temperamental finger-snapping, tiger-skin rug league made famous by Thccta Bara, Mae Murray. Gloria Swanson, Mae West and Jean Harlow. Tlie fan magazines have dubbed Shelley "the most temperamental star In Hollywood". She's bombastic and magnetic and natural. She's impulsive and flamboyant, unpredictable and battling, scatter-brained and witty. She's volatile and wacky, warm-hearted and generous, she's slangy and uninhibited and sincere. She Becomes Legend Wilhin two years after her film click is the sexy waitress Ronald Colman; strangled in "A Double Life" she was a Hollywood legend. She aclmist she's temperamental but defends herself'claiming-. "I'm not temperamental about the size of my dressing room or the color of my director's hair I have arguments only about scenes and my acting. 1 want to make my pictures and my acting better. "I didn't Bet out to be a glamour girl. I wanted to be another Helen "*V« MNN9B, T*X>," Mtt Sheltoy U Italian actor. dire*** YttUH. niiwia wh*» h. »I1M her »p for cockUiU. when h*'« lefall/ Ire* Hayes—and I (till do. I found th« Pot of Gold I wasn't looking for" McCrea Would Explain ' Only one fellow co-.tar, Joel McCrea, has ever'dared trying to explain Shelley Winters. Sayjjoel- "Shelley fights the wrong war 'or the right things. The trouble with her Is that she has an Inarticulate approach. She smells a mous, and knows something |* wront but can't put her finger on It" ' About being "inarticulate" Shelley herself walls: "I get carried away with the sound of my own mouth. I'm al- vyays saying 'the wrong things I talk too much. I'm the kind ol a girl who walks up to a big 'movie producer and asks him what, he does to earn his pay checks." As the rtrab factory girl In Paramount's "A Place In the Sun", sh« ••pened the orbs of everyone to the fact that she-could act and probably will be nominated for an Oscar Then she popped up as a .com- inedfenne In "Behave- y&i'irsejf" Now- she's .surprising- 'Hollywood asain with a singing-'role In "Meet Danny Wilson".- ' Explaining'this versatility, shel- ley wink's and says: "I Invented myself — and I'm still inventing." Then she adds a serious note: "Really, people don't realize how hard I've worked'and studied." That first real chance at acting in "A Place In the Sun" convinced Shelley she should have a "dignity" campaign. Press agents «t Universal - International studio where she's under contract, were briefed to soft-pedal the glamour publicity. Shelley even went to a psychiatrist: "He promised me dignity or my money back. I got my money back." The dignity campaign was forgotten- even before the film's release and now Shelley wails: . "Dignity? I've tried H. It lasted two days. People started asking me if I was ill." . Slack* and Evening Gowni Off the screen she's "a slacks -«nd evening gown girl. In slacks I disillusion people by being a human being. I guess they expect sex on wheels. But when I dress UB to kill—I km ;em." But even In her off-screen slacks, sweater and bandana. Shelley Is an exciting personality and she knows it. 'A studio waitress who saw her without makeup one morn- Ing said: "Ho*v-y, this morning your face Is like a sexy bowl of cereal." Says Shelley: "I'm the type of a girl who makes wives mad. None of the wives will talk to me at the HOLLYWOOD'S GORGEOUS THROWBACK. do (a. wen a. net-it«klnse<! le«.) take, movie, back to days of Mae j- . WARNING ORDER ~ -'In :the Chincery Conn, Chlcka- «awb» District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, .-."Bobby L. Smith, Ptf. £..' .vs. No. 11961 >',. - Jacqueline Marie Thompson Smith, Dft. The defendant, Jacqueline Marie -.nbmpson Smith, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court nam-j !;. the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Bobby L. Srriih. ; Dated this IBtH day of January, •1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk ~- By Anita Sykes, D. C, C. T. Cooper, attorney for ptf. •- Ed B. Cook, attorney ad litem. owing off a "shell blonde" tub- Murray (right) and Jean Harloir. -IX THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWRA Times Tonite j "TOMAHAWK" ;, In TcihrticeJor Van Heflin — : Yvonne de Carlo Also 2 Cartoons Tuesday Bargain Nile! 1,-ic (o All! "LAW AND THE LADY" Joel McCrea • Allan Hale DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS V. B. Keith, Ptf. vs. Henry Backstrom and Mary Sue Bickstrom. Dfts. \VAhXING ORDER These defendants Henry Backstrom and Mary Sue Bnckstrom arc warned ' to appear In this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the Complaint ol the plaintiff v'B Keith. This the 12th day of January J952. Harvey Morris, Clerk 1J14-21-28-23 NEW Air Conditioned ' By Refrigeration "Your Comrntmily Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Saf. & Sun. Phone 58 I-ast Times Tonite 'LITTLE EGYPT' Mark Stevens Rhonda Fleming Tucstiav "WOMAN IN THE DARK" Penny Edwards Wednesday & Thursday "STARS IN MY CROWN" Greer Garson RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. PAGE FT?1 Marie Wilson To Put in Day For Dimes Drive HOLLYWOOD. MV-Aclresj Ma . rl« Wilson flies to Texas some time tills week to put in an tight-hour day as a secretary »t the March of Dimes headquarters In Fort Worth. Her pay for the Job: »5 000 It will be the winduii of a stunt the wacky blonde of radio and TV staged to help the anti-polio drive. She offered her services for • day to the highest bidder, with the money to go to the March of Dimes 'urid. The Coca-Cola Bottling Co of Ft. Worth submitted the high bid'. There were three bids of «1,000— from Hairy H. Caswell ot Springfield, Mass., John C. Edgar of Los Angeles nnd Station WBIV of Belle* vllle. 111. Said Miss Wilson, after learning a Texas City is the winner: "I'm not sure I can learn to speak the language In Just one day but »s long as they talk money' who cares?" British Envoy Leaves Iran with Plea From Mossadegh for New Discussion ,3±s£ »r^,.-^si t 's iinui the ™ mp "^ h °""»" «Ambassador Sir Wncls llwBherd ">mpanys Holdings In leaves for home tod™,taking wUh Ir * n wer * MlM<t by the «"> ve ™im a bedside appeal from Prettier Mohammed Mossadegh for ——• Britain to make a new try at set- L tling the Anglo-Iranian oil dispute. Mossadegh handed his new, last- minute message to Shepherd when he called on the aged Premier yesterday to say farewell before departing for s neTV ambassadorial post in Warsaw, Poliir.d. The message showed no Inclination on the part of the Premier to modify his stand that Iran must have complete control of the oil wealth which Britain's Anglo-Iran- Ian Oil Co. developed and marketed Monday & Tuesday R/AJNIEST ever' whin i*cr«t ag«ni Hop* long I.. w ;th rf,« lamarr-v«loui fa MC SPIT Wcdncsda.\' & Thursday "CRAZY OVER HORSES" I.eo Gorcey & th* y Bo.vs "I'M A SEXV ANGEL," says Shelley winlers, who has the kind of »hape, sajs Ersklne Johnson, lhat the world should be In. One Mid Si. Tlw "Eternal Soubrette" made a (timorous career of seeking the tounUtn of youth, and said she found It In a secret facial treatment learned from French stage sUr Oiby Deslys. Her efforts to stay young—they pemlUed her to play a 14-year-old when she was at leost 40—made her an International celebrity for more than half a century. West Side Tennis Club. They have an antl-S'-elley Winters club." No "Anli" Club But there's no anti-Shelley Winters club among the men. She's dated just about every eligible mnle In Hollywood except Mickey Mouse. Until recently everyone expected would marry Farley Granger, with whom she- toured Europe this Summer. But- while visitlTig Italy Shelley met »nd fell in love with Italian ictor-director Vittorlo Gassman. who played the gangster In the Italian movie, "Bitter Rice". "We nere Introduced ta the ballet," says Shelley. "He called me •Jp at my hotel and said. 'How about cocktails?' I said, 'Fine, let's have dinner, too.' " Vitlorio. who is awaiting » divorce, visited Shelley In Hollywood for live d a y 5 j, lst before Christmas. Shelley U saying they'll be married as soon as he's legally free to wed—"He's the only man 1 ever met who refuses to fight with me •' (Tomorrow; The neighborhood xtimbie who became * star.) 'Eternal Youth' Flapper Fannee Ward Is Dead NEW YORK. W-Actress Fannie Ward, who sought "eternal youth" and looked like a flapper even In old age. died yesterday at LcnK Hill Hospital. She admitted to being 79 but j friends said she w«s in he,- 80s. Chlorophyll Effects Studied at Boys Town BOYS TOWN, Neb. (/P)— All tlw students of Boys Town are taking part In a two-year test to learn what effects chlorophyll in tooth- apsle may have on tooth decay and •rfngtvitls, a gum condition. The boys range from 8 to 17 years ta which teeth are highly susceptible to cavities. The study was announced by Msgr. Nicholas H. Wegner, director of Boys Town. Feuful Forrrt. The forests figures largely In the religious beliefs of primitive races all over the world, according to the Encyclopedia Brlfannica. MOX Phone 4621 Show Start9 Weekday! 7:M S»t,-Sun. I:M Always a Double Featur* Last Times Tonite Cartoon & Short Tuesday & Wednesday i-warm. kind... human motion picture! —PlU!^- Leon Brrol Comedy lent. Last Times Tonile "FLAME OF ARABY" fn Technicolor Maureen O'Hara Jeff Chandler IN TUB CHA.VCtRV COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS GLEN HAYES, Et al.. Ptts. v " No. 11,961 WILL HAYES. Et al., Dtts. WAKN1NO ORDKB The defendant* Will Han* UM hit wire Marjr Eten'Cody Marti, John Hayes and hlj *u» Annl* M»r Britton Hayei, Robert Haje« Ii« Hayes McDonald, Alva Hayes Po»ten and her husband E. L Pottos. Evelyn Hayes Hatcherj Blanch* Hayes LamberUon and her hti«- band George LimberUon, chrl»- tine Austin Lynch and her hurran* Ocoixe Lynch »re warned to as. pear In this Court within thirty (JO) days and answer complaint at plaintiffs Glen Hiyes Et al. Thfc the 12 day of January, 1952. Harvey Morria, Clark Read Courier News Clu»ill*d Ad* TH^ CRITICS ALL A6REE... ...AND SO WILL YOU... Thai It's the Greatest Shew o1 AH ( ^ ts-Jlhfd urtlll I W[(d . . . V. V. UALI.MAK Illi.tlt «' • TAHF.TI «n« In oi* li«uj"r*. . !n?'ui!«"; T2 ? ^ ln ? bclu '' ' raj n the lint UM nrlt blidt Ullichf* the Ice." DAILY OK I,AHUM AN Monday, Jan. 28 Nltely 8:30, TTim Swday, Feb. 1 Matinees Saturday and Sunday 2:30 P.M, **", 3 »«•.. •»* S«». Mat. U.M. ».». 11.84. Jl. r^la .MitiaM ^«(. AimltM t '9tM t tS.99. |l.5^ \t half rrie« • ' AUDITORIUM-MEMPHIS PEMVEY'S TERRIFIC VALUES! HURRY! LIMITED QUANTITIES! ALWAYS FlifST QUALITY END-OF-MONTH ^•••^^•^•^^^•^•^••••i^HHH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H Permanent Fiiiisli Organdy Priscillas 3 < • ( SEE HOW YOU SAVE AT PINNEY'S! (84" wid.-itandard length) +^ pr . Good news for homemaker*: These never need starching! Permanent finish k«ep« Ihem crisp looking, helps shed dirl! And just see the wide * picoted ruffles. They're back hemmed. Choose „ __ . —^.. vu . ^ »i^,j i K iracn, , white and many pastel shades. FOR MEN PAJAMAS Women's tot- | CC] ton Flannel l.WV,] Garment Bag Sturdy Vinyl 1 ftft Plastic V™ Bedspreads Crinkle Crtpe O "17 Full Size W«i • ALL WOOL TOPCOATS Fancy Plaids - and 1 size FOR BOYS MAROON REVERSIBLE JACKETS . . . Grey Satin COAT LENGTH & SHORT JACKETS $7 PONYSKIN JACKET 1 only . . . . 13°° Winter Caps Satins, twills, ' J 00 warm lining. . . \ Beacon Robes Comfortable 4.00 Pajamas Stripes and gay patterns . 99 Hip Boots 6.00 Top quality rubber. . Dress Rubbers fn Brown 4 %^ •r ««*.... 1.JJ LEATHER CAPS Were much more 1.66 Wool fluid Jackets Mostly large sizes. 3.00 CORDUROY PANTS "'""3.00 ten FLANNEL PAJAMAS Most sites, Jt Great value | Satin Twill Jackets Pile lining, *j A A Mouton collar j m \)\) FLANNEL SHIRTS Novelty pat- A 00 terns, greet yal. \ LONG UNDERWEAR Long sleeves & legs, 6 to 12 PLAYSUITS full zipper J front. Mo 6 I m FOR CHILDREN MEN'S SHORT RUBBER BOOTS 4.00 Complete waterproof protection up to your knee. Rugged red rubber outsole with a sure-grip diamond design. Sizes 6-12. Boys' sizes 1-5 .3.00 Cotton Flannel Sleepers, 2 to 5 88 Girls Flannel Pajamas & Gowns 1.44 Priced for Quick Clearance STORE HOURS Saturday, 9 till 9 — Week Day*, 9 till 5

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