The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 215, 1931 Highway Audit Group Schedules Aug. 15 Hearing Allegations of Abut* Of State Road Funds Will Be Heard Then LE ROCK, July 28. (Ap) _ Arkansas Highway Audit Com- ission will hear all allegations at abuse or misuse of highway funds on Auc. 15. R. H. Dickenhorst of Morrllton. chairman or the commission, announced yesterday the group would hold a public hearing at Ule ciipilol He also said the commission hup- ed to have by that dale applications from engineers to work with the auditing jj rm . The auditors — Peat. Manvick Mitchell and Co., of St. Ix>uk- -yesterday pave the commission a preliminary report. E. c. Boye, a partner in the company, estimated that a complex report, on the 1D49. 1050 and 1951 fiscal years will be available for public Inspection by the end of Octol>er. Dickcnhorst said the commission already has found some loom lor Improvement in highway administration, and mentioned purchasing. Asked if any irregularities had been tiiincd up, he replied: "We have found some things which look peculiar but they may be cleared up." Korean Truce Conditions Set Secretary Marshal! Lists 4 Major Points Marsha... Outlining the terms at a news conference yesterday, Marshall also said withdrawal of foreign troops from Korea at "tile proper time" will pose no problem if the Reds sincerely want peace there. But he said the question is not a fit one for armistice talks. Communist insistence on withdrawal of all foreign troops has been the point, holding up negotiations on a cease-fire agenda. The conditions the secretary oaH- «d basic to an armistice: 1. Agreement on "a military line which will be defensible in the event of any renewal of hostilities." 2. Agreement "not 'to reinforce the troops now in Korea." 3. Provision for "adequate supervision and actual inspection" by bolh sides to insure against any ^Separations for fy»urprise >attack. 'Jf 4. "Satisfactory agreement regarding prisoners of war." Corny Story of Seed Corn Told by Figures NEW YORK—WV-it takes only 82 kernels of seed com per capita In the U.S. to grow the more than 2,340,000.000 pounds of corn needed each year to meet the country's nearly insatiable appetite for can- (A7UC.) COURIER NEWS Arkansan on FBI's Top JO' List RETIRING GENERAL - iT-" Gen. Elwood R. (Pete) Quesada, one of the Air Force's top tactical commanders, plans to retire soon at the age of 47. He is reported at odds with his superiori over the role of strategic bombing. A native of Washington, D. C., he has been in the Air Force since 1924, his most recent assignment having been as commander of the joint task force that conducted atomic tests at Eniwetok (his year. Jordan Regent- Names Premier AMMAN. Jordan. July 2S. W) — Jordan's regent, Emu- Naif, Uxlay asked former Premier Tewfik Pasha, Abul Huda—onetime foe of peace with Israel—to form a new cabinet. Premier Samir Pasha El Hifai submitted his government's resignation earlier today, in accordance with constitutional custom, as a result of the assassination last week of King Abdullah. Abul Huda was expected to name fo his cabinet a number of persons who served formerly with him is the government. He was ousted in March. 1950. for open hostility to peace talks King Abdullah then was holding with Israel, Habitual Drunkard? 'It's Just My Aching Teeth' CUMBERLAND, Md., July 25 <AP>—His real trouble, said the defendant up on a drunk charge for the 15th time this year, was "couple of achin' jaw teeth." Best pain killer he'd round ws« whiskey, he told-Pollce Court Magistrate J, Milton Dick. The magistrate thinks he's not both problems licked now. He gave the man six months In Jai! but suspended the sentence providing the habitual drunkard get* MB two aching teeth yanked. ned and frosen varieties of th« vegetable. • This, the American Can Co. noted, is almost four time* the crop oi sweet corn grown for canning 50 years ago when It started in business. fiery, Smarting Itch of Common Skin RashM Dcm'J stand such torment another hourl Just smooth Resinol Ointment on your irritated »kin at once. See how quickjy il« medically woven ingredtcnti in lan- otin bring blissful, long-lasting Belief. STOP GET THIS Ford Brake Special TODAY! Properly courted brakes odd thot extra margin of lofery ' 10 essential to you otid ywr,family. Don't rok* dioncei i . . Tck« advantage of this Broke Adjustment Special L.t rord-froir*d Mechamo WwrougWy and .xpertty adjujt your brake*. ' BRING YOUR CAR IN ... HERE'S WHAT Wl DOj • Reploca atl brain ihoei • Ch»ck hydraulic tysrem for taaki • Repack front wheel bear in 91 • Add brake fluid • Check condition of brake drum* • Acfjurt brake pedal play, if needed • Adjutt brake* (including parking brake) • Road feir yew car Complete Job Only $17.50! ompang •f»*4way It ChUktwawb* WASHINGTON, July 25, A 32-year-old gunman wanted for bank robbery was added by the FBI today to Its list of ten top fugitives He Is Ollie acne Embry. also known as Gene Craig, a native of Harrlsburg, Ark., who has been !n trouble with the police since he was 15. He is now sought for the daylight holdup of the Monro* National Bank at Columbia. Ill, last Feb. 6. I^ur men art believed to have had a hand In that robbery, fleeing with nearly J9.000 In cash. Three have been arrested and have pleaded guilty. The FBI Haaned Embry as the fourth. He is described as a pcrsoiiabla young man of relatively high Intelligence, usually presenting a good appearance. A non-drinker, he is reported to be a user of a stimulating drug. About six feet tall and of medium-slender build, he has a distinctive cut scar between the lower lip and the point of his chin. The bureau, urging extreme caution In attempting his capture, said he is known to carry guns in both hip nnd shoulder holsters. 3/rfest Female 'Private Eye' Is Dead at 74 CHICAGO, July 25. Ifit — Mrs. Daisy Mae Hargrave, 74, believed to be the nation's oldest woman private detective, died yesterday In a Count- Sforza Seriously III RO.\fE. July K. MV-Count Carlo Eforza, Italy's foreign minister .'ince 1MT was reported seriously ill today after taking a turn for the worse last night. Sforza, who is 71. suffered a heart attack seveial days ago. The veteran diplomat with the rest o< Christian Democrat Premier AJciiic de Gasperi's sixth cabinet resigned July 16 to permit the premier to form a stronger government. Political circles said the ailing Sforza, a Republican, would not be included in the new cabinet. l/N to Consider Egypt's Blockade of Suez Canal UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., July 25. (iP>— Sir Gladwyn Jebb of Britain, July president of the United Nations security council, yesterday called a meeting for Thursday to consider Egypt's blockade of ihe Suez Canal. A meeting was requested by Israel 12 days ago. but Jebb postponed action while efforts were made behlnd-the scenes to find a solution w the ticklish problem. Singer Soy* Marriage Full of Sour Notes LOS ANGELES. July 25. f(P) — All was not sweet music when Freddie Slack was on the bandstand, his singer-wife testified yesterday. Joan Greer, British Airmen Flyover Pole FAIRBANKS, Alaska, July 25. (fl-j —Ten crewmen of a British bomber stretcher! their air legs Uxiay nfter a casual hop over the top of the world from Iceland to Fairbanks. It look Die four-engined Aries bomber IP. hours and 54 minutes to so over the North role to Fairbanks from Ihe takeoff point at Kefiavik. Iceland, a 3,558-mile Jaunt. "It was a DCiuitiiul day at the North Pole'- and a "Jolly good 'light." Wing Cmdr. R. T. "rroglcy commented briskly after arriving here through "typical English weather" in an instrument landing yesterday. Israeli Sailors End Strike for More Pay HAIFA, Israel, July 23, (/Vj Three hundred sailors of the National Israeli Shipping Company (Shomahl ended their five-day strike for more pay today. The strike hod tied up all five ships of the company iioy.' in. Israeli ports. Strikers and the company man- snement agreed to open talks on the wa^e demands immediately. The company also agreed to reinstate snilon- on the ship "Negbah," who struck last month while their vessel was In Marseilles. vorce, told the judge: "He would swear at me from the bandstand where all the people could hear, and he gave me a big ! inferiority complex in front of peo- wirming a di- pie." suburban Oftk Pwk hotpttal. Mr«. Hargrar* «nd hw !»(« husband, Edward J., founded the Kd- wturd 1. Hvgran Secret servlot Agency In Chicago ana at. Louts more than 80 years ago. The agency has branches In «veral cltlw. Mrs. Hit Brave had been active In the operation of the agency's offices until she became 111 two monShs ago. The whippet, fastest dog in the world, is a cross between a greyhound and a terrier. A television pointer, whfafe ••. pears in white or Mack Mpw. Imposed over th« plchire on the screen of tto viewer, li operate* by (h« commentator. It make* foot. ball play, eaiy to follow, or Idea- tines a speaker in & group. licious with food Coke is the natural partner of good things to eat . . . easy to serve . . . easy on i-he budget . . . and so welcome. Shop at the sign of ^pi 15 -/uly 31 • OTTKO UNDEI AUTHOR* Of THe COCA-COU COMPANY «r COCA-COLA BOTTLiHG CO. OF BLYTHEVILLI _ __ _ _ " "" ."-« -- *-*-•- A\ r E you taken a good look at a 1951 Buick SPECIAL? Have you checked it against the field —for room and power and ride and handling-and all the things that go with a really great automobile? SLIVERED ! Do you know what gas mileage owners are getting from its F-263 Fireball Engine - newest of Buick's famed valve-in-head power plants? Do you know that this is the most powerful engine you'll find in any automobile of the same . size and price? Do you know.what headroom and legroom and tnmk space this big and beautiful bargain gives you? Do you know that this SPECIAL has the road-steady ride of soft-action coil springs on every wheel — and the firm keel of Buick's torque- tube drive? Do you know the lift that you'll get behind the wheel of this trim and talented traveler—as it steps away from a traffic light or rolls up the miles on the open road? Fact is-by every check —this Buick's a buy too good to miss. Come in, look it over, and you'll agree. WHEN SITTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM 'j* rev TO G^TER v.*i'jf LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway Dial 4555

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