The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1951
Page 2
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TWO Douglas Gaining Headway in His Judgeship Bailie Judiciary Committee To Follow Its Usual Procedure, However WASHINGTON. July 25. ifi — Senator Douglas ID-HI) gained aouie headway today in n flgbt against two Chicago fertpral Judge BT.nhEVri.LB. /ARK.I OOUHIEU IfBWl Philippines Threatening Treaty Balk MANILA, July 25 W'i—A threat lo refuse to sign the Japanese peace treaty—thus keeping (he Philippines technically at war with Japan —surcharged the atmosphere of, »n official conference today. The threat was voiced last night •n a public address by Eugetilo Perez, speaker of the house and president of the dominant Liberal Partv, Jn i States bitter foreign attack on United policy, Perex said made by Pro.sldenl.jhis country would: 'refuse to sign nominations TTllms " 1 - ,'he treaty as it is now framed; piill But chairman M<?Carr,in (D-Nev) }her consular representatives out of Aaid the Judiciary Committee willj'lapan; abrogate existing comnier- "proceed in the u.sual ivay" to coti-jcial treaties, and remain technically Rider the controversial appoint- ft t war. mente, despite results ol an unusual Today Foreign Secretary Carlos poil of Northern Illinois lawyers by p - Romulo met for the fifth time the Slate Bar <issccial:on ! m 'l^fc (Jays with U.S. Ambassador TV,- « n ii «„.,„.„ ,„„,. f ,,,.,,r»i,.»! XI >' r °n M - CoMn '° r tillks ° n P" 11 - PresidtMit's felectiotxs. McCarmn denied u> a reporter he had asked the Illinois bar to make any such poll. Us said lie merely had requested the state bnr's recommendation on (lie apjxjintrr.s, along with these of the American Bar Association. j "When we get. the American Bar j recommendations, J will post a no-! lice of a public hearing for a week hence," McCarran said. "At, that hearing, anyone who svaius to can ! testify about Ihe nominees. Thatj Is the ttsiiai procedure and it- will j be followed." i No Interest in Racking McCarran saiti that so far as the committee is concerned, it hns no j interest Ir. the fact time DoiiBlits had recommended Willinm H. King Jr., and Benjamin P. Epstein (or appointment!! the President gave to Cornelius J. Harrington and Joseph Driicker. Douglas asked the Chicago and Cook County Bar Associations to poll their memberships on the mcr- lt£ ol King compared with Harrington and of Epstein compared with Drucker. The results haven't been announced. The President and Douglas agreed on > third apjxiintment. which went lo Joseph Sam Perry. ThB Senntoi has snid Ihe men Mr. Truman named are capable but that he regards his choices as better ones. The state bar polled Its Northern Illinois members on all five men, asking for votes on the question of whether they were qualified to be > federal district Judge. King led the list with 2,552 favorable and 159 "no" votes, while Harrington had 2,085 favorable and 561 adverse votes. t IJrucker a municipal police Judge, i'^tlw, ontatin* who got more - **no w tharf "yfe 1 * votes *The caunt fof him w«i ^4 tftvoraile and 1^48 adverse Epstein. Douglas' choice for the post that went to Drucker, got 2,415 favorable and 354 adverse votes. Perry's count was 5,106 favorable ind 334 adverse. treaty. Ctaustrophobiac Contino Spends Night in 5 x 8 Cell on Draft Charge SAN FRANCISCO. July 25. (A") —Accordionist Dick Contino, who ifot -panic claustrophobia" on 28,600-acrr Port Ord. Calif., spent last night in a 5 x 8 foot clunty jail cell. Contino. at 21 a M.OOO a wee* entertainer, entered a surprise plea of guilty at his draft evasion trial yesterday. He loltl Federal Judge Michael J. Roche he li now ready to EO Into the'Army. "I know I can be a good soldier—a vury good sildler." he said. Instead, the Judge sent Contino to JnU to await sentence Aug.*7. ' "Ever since this started. I've felt like i lousy heel," Contlno told the jurist. Deputies said Contino apparently settled Into prison routine without trouble. Thousand Filipinos Start Pilgrimage to Mtcca MANILA. July 2S tin— A thousand Filipino Mohammedans will begin loading Friday for their annual pilgrimase to Mecca. The Philippine News Service aaltl they will be the first of an estlm- nt?l J.OOO Fillplons who will attend the rites Sep*. »-u at Kn»b» shrine. The first contingent wffl board (lie Brltir.h owned Hoi How at CoU- baKO on Mindanao. The ship will stop at Singapore. Colombo, Alden and Camarang and will arrive In Saudi Arabia about Sept. I. * SfRVtNGS SIXUAVOMi, NOWiSEITHENEW ADMIRAL REFRIGERATOI THAT PUTS^EVERY INCH Of SPACE TO WORK Th«t new Admirals ac<- ,hc mo! t com- tw tcfnscritors evci builj-7!-; cu. ft. in tht Hoot sj-icc of ,|, c smiths! prt.wit "kiictirnetie" models; 9.3 cu. ft. in the sfjte of the old-siylc "6", 11.3 cu ft. in the spice or mold -Kyle "«". With thcsr new supcr.sltc..m. lintJ cibiticts, thcrt's not an inch of •'"'e»(•""... jou tan enjoy {/i'jttiai, even in tiny kitchens. EASY TERMS! GENEROUS rRAD COME IN /VOW,' r*l Gel ycHir complimtn^ory bicrlplicm lo "Am*mo'i RCM-I S«t", Co« Toss Employe Not Journalist' Editor Asks Congress To Check 'Reporter' HAMILTON, N.V., July 25. fAPI Alexander F. Jones, president of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, yesterday demanded a. government investigation of the head of the Tass News. Agency In Wash. Ineton. Jonrs, In a talk prepared for the third annual foreign policy conference at Coleale University, charged I nut the Soviet (jovernment hail as- signeel Mikhail Fedorov to Wash- njctcn because of his politburo Tic s'iui " ther tha " Ws Jo " rnf - 1 - ••Fcderov It not a newspaperman at al,. Jonen said. jet. "he Is listed as a member of the Congressional prew corps and (s entitled lo walk Into the White House." "r do not ask the closing of Tars I ask an Investigation of Pcdorov .is an Individual." he declared. Jones, executive editor of the Sv- racwe Herald-Journal, made tiie demand after reviewing the case of William H. Calls. Prague correspondent of the Associated Press Oatlj was sentenced to 10 years In prison by a Czechoslovakia!) court after what Jone.s called a "farcUl trial" for espionage. In Washington Federov described Jones' statement at. a "crazy Idea." «nd "most Irresponsible." Fe- (lerov said Jones "has no foundation for saying I had no training. I worked in the Moscow office o( Tass." To Head Delegation BRUSSELS, Belgium, July ss"W) —Foreign Minister Van Zeeland »'lll head the Delgian delegation to the San Francisco signing of the peace treaty with Japan sept, 4. Van Zeeland Is also chearman of |th« North Atlanta Pact Council ol Ministers. NOTICK Proposed BurUet of Kipeniilturet Toitelher with Tan Levy for Fi«»l Ve«r HtglniiliiK July 1, 1952, lo *tirl Including June 30, 1953 The Board oj Direttors of Brinkley School District No. K of Mississippi County. Arkansas, In com- pllance with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment No. 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures lopetncr with the tax rate as follows: General Control, 250.00; Instruction, H2.030; Operation of School Buildings. $1,125; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, <2,COO; Auxiliary Agencies (Including transportation). $3,000; Fixed Charges. $300; Capital out-, lay. $3.000; Debt Service, $2,208. I To provide for !hc foregoing pro-' posed budget of expenditures Ihe Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 40 mills. This tax levy includes the present continuing levy tor the retirement of present indebtedness. Olven this 24 day of July, 1851. 41 Board of Directors, Brinklcy School District No. 52 of Miss. County, Arkansas By T A. Bonrlnnrt, President and Mannerlng Towlcs, Secretary Gen. M'Arthur To Speak to Boston So/ons BOSTON. July 25. MV -A hcro . s welcome awaits General Douglas MacArthur today when he arrives lor a two-day visit to Massachusetts. The highlight of his visit will be his appearance tonight before a special Joint session of the Massachusetts legislature. The speech he Is to deliver U i well-kept secret but the legislative committee which planned the vtolt said it would be of major Importance. His Helise appearance will be televised, and the speech will be car- r!ed on radio networks. | General and Mrs. MacArthur will I arrive l:i Boston on a special train,! riding In (he private car ol New I Haven Railroad President Frederic! C. Dumaine, Jr. Manufacturer Of AgryrolDies PHOENIXVILLE, Fa., July 28 «•) —Dr. Albert C. Barnes. 18. who became, a millionaire in the IWO's as the result of his discovery and manufacture of argyrol, was thrown from his convertible and killed yesterday at a highway Intersection near here. State Police jald Dr. Barn*!' car collided with a truck driven by Samuel 8 Ash. SO, Phoenixville who was uninjured. WEDNESDAY, JULY W, TM| Dr. Barne4, who devot*J tht last 20 year* to amusing a fabulous art collection, »-as president of the «.000.000 endowed Barnes Foundation he established In nearby Mej- ion. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ' Wilkool Cilon«l—A>d You'll l,mp O.I •( Bid ia U« Morvlaf Rtria' U Go Thuiver •hnuld ,,ou, nut ,b«,, K 1 *. ("K "! l ° >""' 'liKMlivB II (Mis t»lfi is tint flowing fi^ly, yo , nnl iligMt. Jt may Just tkray in t tf.ct. Th»n K» Upiti up you, »t, Go 2 pint, ot nsi-h. Y/>u k .nd th« . Mini. lhr»« inild, tmtlf C.Hcr', I.itll, It ta!< I.lvt, Pitts td get lhw R 2 iMi'-Sivi'" «t' """* 2 i*' 1 "'«' ^i''»»" Inn finely to make you [e*l "up anrl un 'dpi ?J7 f VT 1 "?: EB ~«»" I" »'ki.ii &. fli" K; *;! 1[ .ta, l i* rlw • "•"• L1 ™ pji '. «* Check Your Speedometer! ti Will San loa Monej Are you sure your speedometer reads correctly? It's no excuse for speeding. Come In tomorrow one day service for til car» and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrj§ler-Fl.Tmoulh Dealer 121 E. Main Phone Ladies Summer SHOES FINAL CLOSE-OUT $1.49 Houer's Shoe Store 406 W. Main Phone 459] Auto and Outdoor Needs Sale Priced 'eat Cover Sale - Installed Free ALL TAILOR-MADES REDUCED \Q% ,27 Saran plottii Reg. 30.95 Sedan READY-MADES—LOW SALE PRICE '74 i«H.r pl«ii|« I / g. 19.75 sedan Whether you chcx»« tailor-mades of Saron plastic. Rayon, ^ or Fiber, you'll get finest available materials, superb ft. Reg. 26.45 Rayon, sedan models now only 23.80 Reg. 1 9.X5 fiber, sedcm models now only 17 50 For economy, without sacrifice of fine materials and workmanship, Wardi reody-madei of Saran plastic and Bes4 fiber are your best buy. Big selection to fit most sedans. Kvg. 15.75 Best Fiber, sedan models reduced (n .1.3.71 Reg. 24e SALE OF VITALIZED MOTOR OIL Premium Grade. On» of rh« world'j flnetl oili. Why pay up to 45e • quart eljewher*? Ferf. Tax bcl.* Reg. 2.19 Two GRlIon Can only . In yo ur eo n . 1.67* 6.95 SPORT KING GLASS ROD Solid molded fiber-gloss, jquare blode. Tapered to medium aclion. Chromed itainless guidei. Plate-locfc reel »eat. Shakespear 1958 Keel 6.30* " SEA KINO •12" WITH GEARSHIFT 23700 New 1951 Deluxe Twin — jhifli Into forward, neutral, r«v«nel Twist- grip Ihroltl* control) waterproof magneto. S»a King S H.P. Twin— •hifli forward, neutral 141.00 REGULAR 49e SPARK PLUG SALI Guaranteed lo | B .sl us lonjj «nd perform as well as any plu^ made regardless of price. Save gas. add new pep. Buy a complete set now. Sale priced. 37<s E»rh REG. 1.85 BALLOON BIKE TIRE 1.67 Wards Riverside tire for smooth ridinp, long wear. Two-ply cord, three-ply in tread area. 2fix'2,125 size. 9Sr "Air-Cushion" Tub* ... Sic SPECIAL WHITE COTTON T-SHIRT Comfnrlahle for sports, work, or play. Knit cotton. Men's and hoys' sixes. Athletic Socks, sizes in-11-12 5!lc In Wards Sporting Good* [>», partment. • 53* REGULAR 98c SOFTBALL OR BAT Day-or-Nit« 12-inch boll. Latqutrsd horjehlde cover. Lively kopok cenier. Official KicVory bar, tbony finish. Reg. 69e Two-color Soflball Cap..59c

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