The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 26, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1952
Page 7
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•ATURDAT, JANUARY M, 19M OUR WARDING HOUSI — with Major Hoopl* (ARK.) COURIER NETfS ,RlX eye OVEK. fm* IM tue ftSJfrL&'bp :«JRT/ £|R SQS&KT =ccx?«reo BY V i+- U&ff ff/t .-, . ^ ~"*+*1\\smTn ttexz fue PENTS OF Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk GEBAUMNE LIETCW Read Courier News Classified Ads. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to ZS in. Corrugaled Metal Culverts Sizes up to 81 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete A Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at Slatt Line Phone 714 V^u^rj^. (-36 T. M. R*{. U. «. P»t. OH. Copr, I9S1 by KCA St'.ic*. Ir OUT OUR WAY |y j. R. Wlllicm, PAGE SEVEN BQgSi THIRTV V6ARS TOO SOOtJ Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS . TMAT6OA.T CUASBTUS WEEK HAS we BOSHCO Yes To FOR M EVENW& c PAMCW& / "We didn't write—we wanted to be sure you'd be home this time!" Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith 200 E. Kentucky Ave. Phoae 2665 Dr. Logan's Wife k "•' By Diana Gaine; . with MM pnHMitn, hmdM, Hoys*. Si MEA S€KVKE, hie. with her ! several can parked t oC ttw Pelletier house *r 1b» HBM Jennet and Cue Lo•«• arrived. In the moment oC «J>M «A«r (her rang the chiming b*m. tbey fctcea e«etr other con- No man, J«nnet look mart impec- *» mapte gabardine. And nlaid organza and •-mink tkote, found reas- > tt not satisfaction, first In , •* in Curt gUsse*. «nd Mhtnd Iheat, te «x magnified •andaoaB ft his tree. The door - apaaarl, atuHerioc inward tooua, •ad tber broke Into WCCUM* for tatnc bite. Relieved of their gpata, they entered the traditions: •Mag room in which great vases ft acaeia were H patently there *r «he party M the guests tfaem- H waa very much ac Jennet had anticipated. Two couples she had met at other doctors' parties iwhose namei she would again target. One couple she had not met, though Gas knew them. The ladies in silk prints, so that for a moment Jennet felt overdressed, and then, in the next moment, glad of it because it set her apart :froro these women who had lost their shape and color to age. She arailed to their smiles, weighed "a** be '* appraising glances, accepted •^P« cigaret, a light, a "Scotch on th* rocks," and a chair which Dr Pelletier pushed to the outer concentric circle. The next ring was formed by a heavy, polished cot- fee table—one of those antique ones whose legs have been cut of! —and the next, a plater of round open - faced cocktail sandwiches Dead center was a grapefruit used like a pincushion for bacon- wrapped livers on toolbpicks. Jennet had already adjusted to the tedium by concentrating on the hors d'ocuvre when the chimes heralded another arrival. Dr. Pelletier excused himself «nd. returned with a tall, dark young man whom he introdnccc as "Peter Surinov, our prize-winning biophysicist." For all the thousands of people whoso faces i>r? easily either because their looks »ave in large measure molded their personalities or because their personalities have transformed their Ica- tures. there ts now and then an individual whose [ace not onlj gives no clue to the essence behind it but gradually changes Bunder the eye so that evaluations like "handsome" or "ugly" or "plain" are never agreed upon., Surh a face was Peter Sur- inov's. II belonged less to him than to the emotion others helc him in. JENNET'S conscious reaction u, •* the man introduced at a dull party as Peter Surinov was cmi tlonlcss In the extreme. She saw a mask of prominent bones, a body awkward and lank In wools thj shone from use, a pair ol board-fla. wrists extending well beyond the sleeves. Hi, hair was dark and wiry and Its ends gleamed will some substance intended but signally failing to depress therri. Jennet found herself seated next to him at the dining table presumably because she was near- .«*t hi. age. She was rather conscious o! his silence during the *ah court*. By UM tin* toe aex« t* Patar Sm r M ike tree lad been passed. Jennet began to feel hie silence oppressive, and she turned to him. "What is your specialty, Dr. Surovy?" "Surinov," he corrected. Tm a biophysicist, not a medical doc-. tor. Just a Ph. D. H 'Oh, well, that com*," Jennet said airily. "But I understood that you were in Dr. Pellekier's department." 'That's right, I am. Tm in the atomic research lab, which is an offspring of radiation therapy. But I work on rats instead of people." Gus f directly across the table, heard the remark and smiled. "I'd say that'was an overftne distinction," "Afaybe so," Surinov said, lifting his shoulder. "But there are differences. For one tiling, I've never had to develop a bedside manner." « • . s J^VERYONE laughed at that, and ~ J since Jetinot had found his tongue, the women began to ask him about atomic medicine. Suri- nov talked simply and well, wilh no fumbling for words, no pomposity. Curiously enough, his voice held all the assurance which Ins L;o<ly propulsions lacked. "The isotopes," lie explained, "nre made at Oak Ridge by exposing certain elements like phosphorus or gold to the atomic pile. These radioactive materials ore down here to us every two weeks or so. according to our needs. They come in solution in a medicine bottle which in turn is carefully packed in a scaled lead container." "Why do they have to keep flying ihe stufT in in little dribbles?" ov.e woman wanted to know. Wouldn't it save time and money if the government sent you a good-sued batch lhat would last you?" "Well, you see, radioactivity loses strength with time. Certain known lengths of time. For in- sfance, we know lhal radioactive phosphorus loses half its strength every 15 days. Irxltnc in eight days, and so on." !!ow do you handle the Iso- lopes? I moan—how do you keep from getting the rays on you?" Ji-niiet asked, more to gel his attention than out of a thirst for information. "You can't touch it, can you?" "No, 1 should say noL It's whai e call 'hot sturT. 1 We keep covered from head to toe in case of splashing and work behind lead- brick fences wllh mirrors strategically placed so lhal the fences don't impair precision. We try to stay arm's length torn the stock solution by means of remote action devices. And t won't try to J you aal the metan and gadget* we check ourselves with. It's hard to explain, but H's really an Interesting set-up, you ought to come down and see it sometime." The invitation wa» issued so generally that it occurred: to Jennet that this young man might be more shy than cold or superior. There were 'more questions What diseases did it cure? How was it administered to patients? "Ah. now you're getting into the clinical side of the picture," Suri- nov said. "That's Dr. Pellelicr's territory." Dr. Pelietier laughed and said they were all getting as bad us the DOS* doctor whose practice was so specialized that he treated only the left nostril. Having withdrawn from the table conversation, Surinov attended to Jennet. "And what u your specialty, Mrs, Logan?" "My specialty? I don't have one. I'm not particularly good at anything.* "Do you have children?" "No, none." "That's unfortunate. How, then, do you spend your lite?" TENNET looked squarely into the J bone-framed eyes but she saw no hint of satire, only the fogbound politeness of a loan-company interviewer. She looked down at tlic empty dessert plate as a brown-skinned hand set It belore her. It was a preposterous question, but the answer, as she began to grope for it. became tar more preposterous. How did she spend her life? The hard white porcelain plate in front of her became an amorphous glob of dazzling activated dots. Time was lost in the dot- ailed space and she was lost in it, bogged in il, soon to be bak^d in it like the wedding ring,and the thimble. Panic filled her. She could not look again into the (act that waited above and beside her until she had the answer. A good answer, the right answer, the answer the face wanted and would, therefore, like. The staring plate began to break up into opaline cracks and before the cracks could brighten with color, she shouted firmly, "1 palntl" When she looked up at him, the bony serenity of his unknown lace was both a shock and a relict, but her relic? was short-lived because she met Gus's surprised eyes across the table. She glanced quickly about to see who else had caught her In the lie. No one was looking at her and the din ol chatter twirled ibout her. "It must be a great satisfaction to have a creative talent," Suri- nov laid. ' (T. 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I'OXfOSE VOU'RE TOO STUBBORN APMITTEO we mite PeAcVAJ-™- » ^- T1CALI.V STRANGERS?! 1 . NOW HE'S EYBMG Mt SUSPICtOUSLV! kSVx PAKT OF TOWN._ "WHAT you SONNA PO ABFOUT PL6NTV/ THI5 WAS AW /PBA UMTIL KAIU KA)U HA5 KNOCKED' IW. WELL NOW TCM THE ONE , WHO'S MUSCL'MS IW/ OPF ANOTHER ONE.' THAT DONOU RECALL WHO; LIVED IN THE 1 OlO SIMMS HOUSE WHILE- YOU WERE W HI6H «CHOOt VAGUELY. THEY HAD k SPOILED, i SPINDLY-LEGGEP LlrUE 6RATMTH BR^ES OM HER TEETH WJD & MOP O-YELLOW— GOSH O'MIGHiy) Y-YOU DOUT MEAN VOU- H $ I DO! &NDtr*SlrTsPUILED' ( >M), THERE'S THB MOW IF WUU KIMDIV SET f COWVER.T1BU! BUT «Y BLOCK. e«kGOUTOFTH&aUKW=TA. WWtFM TRUNK III. &iOltt YOU !Wi A BETTER CMWJCE I THOUGHT Of you FIRST V WHEN I HM> TO NWAE M» '«USBMIP"OWCKLY! SO IT'S YOU.NOr / VES...IT'5TO BE BRON8ON,WHas/ fc3COMPLETE ^ DOING THE \ COVER AS EOI-- EARLY HUMAN THIS IS 1NOO- X I M08TSAY 1 EUROPEAN... PRE-\ HOLLB, FOR SUMERIAN...THEN ) A VOUNG HERE'S ANOTHER (MAN YCXJRF. POINT OF PO5SIBt.6\CERTAINLY WESTERN J ROPE AN./ t OH.I'M NOT SO YOUNG, DOCTOR! REALLY I'VE... $m 2 MS. 60VOV50 RW ,\M CW.CWW4' OVS WW XVUWl WC\h VK. Y-SOYVJl OUR YA Xo OMJW'. t PvNl

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