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The Press-Tribune from Roseville, California • Page 2
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The Press-Tribune from Roseville, California • Page 2

The Press-Tribunei
Roseville, California
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i The Press-Tribune, ResevIIIe, California Monday, April 27. I9o4 'Very Reliable Witness' Its Smell Is Vile Ruby Ramp Eaiers Gather COSBY. Tenn. (UPI) The'Feslival in the pasture of Shan-ithe best, or worst, features State Solon Dies Policeman Sees UFO SOCORRO, N.M. (UPI) It's' thing very few have everjflew away after ht pt within good plact for a flying sau-jseen." about 100 yards, ht said.

Of nninn and rarlir Hill, Takes Tesfs faithful gathered by the thou- grila There was speech-making by"? nme lor ine veS" sands in Luther Valentine's cer. Right on the edge of White 'i was scared," Zamora said. Two investigating officer Sands missile range on the jie njs expereince taught were at the scene Sunday from wide open New Mexico desert, jnjm 0ne If it happens Kirtland Air Force Base in Al- itLOUlt J- LUG OiliUiU lWUwtUUl rnw riQctnro hero impair t- nnlitirians. as wrll as hillhillv -j maceae. received1 tne name pay homage to the vilest smell-and rock n' roll music, and iramp because it resembles the just 3D miles northwest of the'8ajn he will s'ill run awayjbuquerque.

Maj. William Con- ling, sweetest tasting vegetable about 100 bushels of ramps. European rampion, in the same DALLAS (UPI) Jack Ruby, known to mankind. I For $1, Mrs. Hollis Padgett vegetable family.

I SACRAMENTO (UPI)- L.M. Backstrand, 65, Riverside, died site of the world's first atomic 'like he did Friday, but he will! nor and Sgt. David Moody used euu buic uum a uwum iney tame overaus, cusi- soia ramp piates containing! ine ramp is eaten raw, of a heart attack in his Sacra- into hlS Cell Wall in an oPDar- pp snit rinaham Hroecpc nor hnilod romne crromHloH crromKloH uiUVi unnc nurhnil.J blast. Socorro policeman Lonnie Zamora says he saw it, and police and militarv men seem in- ent suicide attempt, was ex- and shawls young and eggs, corn bread cakes fried in! or fried. Regardless of how it ment0 aPartmcnt bmaay aUer' not tell a soul about what he a Geiger counter to check the saw area, where the only evidence Zamora said he spotted an of an unusual visitor was a egg-shaped object on the desert burned bush and four small about a mile south of Socorro.

depressions in the ground. He denied seeing any signs of Zamora said the machine had life around the object and said been supported on the ground pectea DacK in coun toaay ranch an(j poor in tribute to oversized skillets and country-lis prepared, the after effect is noon kAAn i 4 rt Anil Inn hiia nl.ntinrti4 irti4 111 U'lf A Vl 3 fried bascon utc" 41 4. puiciI to believe him asK lor more meniai icsis. trie ramp. Rubv, awaiting death in the! Despite rain and cold, an es "We could have sold another Zamora is a ery reliable iiiuuiudiu an lanes uie wurry juai lciuincu uuui a nmnwiu out of beine too close to a ramn in the Fort Brasi area.

His electric chair for the murder timated 8,000 to 10,000 persons truck load," said Mrs. Padgett i i ti i 1 1 a Ian. 'I h. witness," Army "itntaa, mint i-i xaui. Kicnara rr marninft rnse ana iiew.ov iuui tuuci-um ina The ramp is said to eater.

of accused presidential assassin attended the 11th annual Ramp iRflr.iKtrand suffered a 'J dWdy UIUU ldUCU "um bush supposedly was burned by exhaust from the saucer. fiT lAmia Qnnc vr-i uahn la hoart attnrk in 1961. xvauSe. wpni. Holder said he checked with said.

Holder, whose headquart- He said he spotted what ap- The Riverside KepuDiican ers npar fentrai in ua nf whifp hnth Whits Sands and nearbv 1r-A 1 LV- JUI lie 10 tne legislature fawn, wac rallprf in hu rmar hut Wnllnman Air Forrft Basft. to tne leg siature as Mexico town was jn bv coveralls the saucer. butiHolloman Air Force Base. first came near I i Vj ci ana ilea i oauti.i Schools Told To Desegregate an assemblyman in mi. Alter iocai police after Zamora re- could not tell if anything or i Neither base, he said, is usinj eight years in the lower cham-lDOrted seein thft ohiftri thpm Tup nhiwr romnarable to Za- r.

Police Probe Killing ber, he was elected to the ben- ir. tho Con Lee Harvey Oswald, was not seriously hurt in the incident early Sunday morning. He was expected to appear with his lawyers this morning before Dist. Judge Joe B. Brown, who presided over his trial, to argue that mental tests given him before the trial did not go deep enough.

His attorney's headed by lawyer-physician Dr. Hubert Winston Smith, filed a request for the tests aay. ject, about the height of a carmoras machine. Deputy Sheriff James Luckle but larger, appeared to be Government agencies said he believes "it's some-made of a shiny, aluminum-! continue the investigation, thing out of the ordinary, some-like substance, Zamora said. It Holder said.

ate in 1950. He was noted for his knowledge and work in the field of transportation. He was chairman of the Assembly Transpor- By United Press International Another southern racial cus-Roman Catholics in Alabama toms Sunday sparked a walk-today greeted with quiet ac-out of the New York delegation CeDtance the news that all tr tho AHintante r.eneral Accv. JOLIET, 111. (UPI) Police tation Committee in 19o5 and nm'npH the.

mvsterious asain in 1959. He wrote legisla- 1cf tirooV TVior caiH thpv U'ant miriMth nf an 11-vear-old Salva-ltion dealing with highways and Nine Socialises Face Charges amoiic scnoois in tne state ciation convention meeUne more tests, including the use of would be desegregated next Orleans. hT)notism andtruth serum isegro member or the Lincoln Readies For Event Armv "inninr soldier" as well as a number of New; hlnn(1v hndv was found laws pertaining to water codes. services are jmv- dium penwmm). Archbishop Thomas J.

Toolen York delegation, Col. Otho Shenf Bill Decker said Ruby Sunday signaled the most Exel, was refused hotel The youth was John C4UW1 was wiping iu o. j. Duwuii, sweeping lniegration yet ot Aia modations at the all-white facil- BALTIMORE (UPI) NinejCity, N.Y., who was freer on rlpsrrihpd hv Salvation one ot tne deputies wno Keep bama schools by announcmg ity where his associates were LINCOLN Banners are fly young socialites, charged wnn probation irom similar cnarges an around-the-clock watch on the plan which would affect ap- i registered. The delegation act- ing above downtown Lincoln malicious destruction of prop-i stemming from a house-wrecking party that followed the Capt.

Ross Zarfas as a "live-wire and eager beaver." His body was found beneath a Santa Fe Railroad trestle iing on orders of New York him, when uownn turnea away proximately 25,000 students, to get a drink. Alabama currently has only a streets and preparations are be-'erty, faced a court hearing to- Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, pulled Decker said Kuoy suddenly! handful of Negroes attending Cranston Appears At Event vlrv Tnr hl annn 7, connection with wide- coming-out of debutante Fer- Park for the annual Placer i County Holy Ghost celebration t0 a motel Wanamaker Wetherill backed on two or inree ieeij integrated classes. The order, which also affects to he hpM here fsatnrrlaw nH ta2ft fOl OWU12 the "u' at eleven north Florida counties in out of convention because of the discrimination. Other racial developments: New York: NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins charged Sunday that the U.S.

along the Des Plaines River about two miles from his home. He had been missing since Friday night. Police found a bloodied 20-nound flagstone near the Sunday, N.Y. A total of 14 young blue-bloods were indicted for.caus- Hunt Cup races. the diocese, was contained in a A carnival Is expected to ar- One of those arrested was1 pastoral letter read to each U.S.

Senate candidate Alan David M. Knott, 19, of Garden to a mansion rented to serv- in his 10-foot wide cell and hurled himself into the plaster wall. He was taken to Parkland Hospital, where President Kennedy and Oswald were pronounced dead last November, and treated by an intern for a one-inch gash on his head. X-rays showed no other dam- 9op nnd Vio was rptnrnprt to. congregation Sunday at ices.

Senate was engaged in an ir-j youngster's crushed skull. The Cranston made a brief appear- iireworks Saturday night, responsible "stall-in" on the; boy's hands were also bloodied, ance Saturday night at the Sons civil rights bill. Wilkins madelas if he tried to protect him- of Italv annual dinner dance Sunday there will be a parade from the park to St. Joseph's Catholic church at 10 a.m. and More his comments in a televised ia held in Johnson Hall on the Pla- self, police said.

Willard cer County Fairgrounds Monkeys Proving A Puzzle Will County Coroner house out-of-town guests. Knott, because he was only 18 at the time, came under juvenile court jurisdiction. Baltimore County police said nine boys and one girl were arrested Sunday morning after the owner of the Lan Lee Motel in Lutherville, discov- ptpA the rntfaoe thev Viarl need terview. New York: Integration lead tf. ahUt a parade with visiting bands, More than 475 persons attend Blood said John's death was IMS illdMUiuiu acLUiujr lcii.

AXOTHF.R ROSFVn.T V. floats and marching units along ed the event. In coniunction The gash swelled into a small bay and the Pacific Ocean with ers warned that civil rights i "definitely homicide." rljsmnnctratirine urmiM hta cforroH Drtlina left imrfict i rva toil a with Roseville's Centennial downtown streets at 11:30 follow- bump. the Silver Gate between the end at rnntnirtinn it in NPwWihiiihr Tnhn wsq thA virtim 'celebration this year, Joe Chia-1 lng the crowning of Queen Carol It was the second commotion 0f the DOint and North Island in UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. York City to protest alleced'of a freak accident, such as 'liva, 92, was honored at the din- Croft in the Church the bay, in three days at the tumult-torn country courthouse.

On There will be a free barbecue job discrimination. They also a train jarring the large flag-(ner as the oldest living Italian Roseville is in the middle of disclosed plans to hold a large stone off the trestle while the in tne uiy 01 Kosevme. Thursday night, 163 Negro pris- i the small peninsula between fhialiva. who first came to 4 outside boy walked beneath. demonstration May oners rioted for two hours, Loma Portal and La Playa.

It (UPI)-The monkey may extensively apparent-able to help the newest branch after a wid party following of his family tree with man's raceSi most pressing problem the Police said the three-room population explosion. junit was filled with broken Scientists are studying a col-beer bottles and smashed eggs; the General Motors headquar- at the park at 1 p.m. Seven or eight thousand persons are expected to visit Lincoln during the celebration. La Croix Wins ters in Detroit to protest alleged discrimination in hiring practices of the huge firm. Chester, Gov.

William the United States in 1890, has been living in Roseville 14 years. Cranston, who gave part of his greeting in Italian, told the Sons and Daughters of Italy that California farmers and mnsumers are "caueht in a Deaths ELSIE ARLYS JACOBS Funeral services for Elsie Ar- ony of howler monkeys on the rugs, windows and doors were DreaKing windows ana nurung joins the City of San Diego as blazing mattresses, until, part of an old Spanish land quelled by fire hoses, fist-(grant, swinging deputies, and police Both Rosevilles have in corn-dogs. Ruby, whose cell is on mon their proximity to metropo-the floor above the Negro pris-jiitan areas, oners, was not involved. But there is one distinct dif- During Ruby's trial, seven ference. Island of Barro Colorado in the broken, and furniture tossed Panama Canal Zone.

The col-about. An insurance inspector 4i. Silver Belt W. Scranton flew to Philadel Jacobs, were at p.m. nm? rofncec tn ot itse hernme ebiimdieu me QamiEt at phia Sunday for a series today in the Lamber! FuneraI ciant food profit squeeze, with NORDEN, Calif.

(UPI)- Leo' even thrnirii the'SUOO. meetings to ti.u u.iil Hnme th thP Rev. C. T- npene a Croix, 25, of France, who rinhtc- in tnie'l -r. larm DIUULS uunu nnw in an iHeai RetJ sen of those arrested spent prisoners broke out, aided by while the other Roseville has -o-- carnaro oi me rrev eood prices going up." the nisht in iail when thev missed winning Saturday's Bud- nearDy suDum put a negro byterian church officiating.

ting. ting. II I Ii.m.j 1 RATI U.J The Democratic Mate a fake "pistol" carved from been swallowed up by San soap and dyed with shoe Diego" there is no'danger of that One of them marched a haooenins to this Roseville. the oaredbaSI Dr. Carpenter, professor set for each count leader said tne demonstrating gurial was in against de facto segregation "a federal investigation of ex- Sunday to win the 22nd annual )of Psycholoy.

at Pennsylvania court clerk Tw0.Genevieve Du schools would continue today. If for no other reason, there The former Elsie Arlys Jones, screaming woman hostage past the courtroom door. cessive promeering belt iant th.iMaie university, is 20. Palm Beach. she had spent most of her life marketing is always the county line to halt the growth of Sacramento to the final weekend of major -ski com- in2 thc mnkeys don pro-iand j0hn Baierd, 18, Tampa, Decker said Ruby was quiet Six policemen and 20 demonstrators were injured in a melee here Friday night.

duce more offspring. were released when they petition at the Sugar Bowl. in Roseville, attending eiemen- xhe dinner-dance was spon-tary and high school here. Is0red by lne sons of Italy She is survived by her hus- Loci2e No. 1413 of Roseville.

The leaf-eating monkeys are met bail. La Croix finished the silver for the rest of the day, and: northeast was being kept under constant guard. A jailer denied a report! Others were: Hamilton Jerome Whitlock belt just two-tenths of a second by a lush food sup-faster than Karl Schranz of P'y and nave no predatory ani-Austria, who had edged Lanials to contend with. Croix in the Werner memorial Dr. Carnenter.

who has been he tried to tear his clothes off later Sunday, and had to have them taken away. 20, Morristown, N.J.: Knott; Walter G. Terry, 20, Sy- The Frenchman zipped down the 'observing and collecting datai0sset- N-Y-: Arthur Hopper, 20, band, l-redenck G. Jacobs of Roseville; one daughter, Joanna Marie Jacobs; her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Forrest Jones; a sister, Trenna Louise Walther, all of Roseville; and grandparents, Emma Jones, Roseville, and Gus Stallman, Loomis. 5.500-fOOt COUrse on Mt. T.innnlnlnr, the famed mnnteu nnnnla. relr nnil M'U1C1 l' Planners Slate Special Meeting The Roseville Planning Commission will hold a special meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. in the City Hall council chambers.

ter, 19, Haverford, John Sunday in 1:27. Ition for 30 years, believes the i nun iui uv wti wiiw ww iuv i i itaiv's Pia Riva whn 4. iBishop, 20, Chester, ana liiuoncu answer wnv uie nuiKevsi. second in the women's JJonn ipeer, mtnerviiie, John Md. of the werncr siamom, alsoimav have some bearing on the NELLIE BLY BRYAN Funeral services for Mrs.

On the agenda is discussion of Police would not make public came on to take first in the name of a 10th youth in- 4 i ln rif a. 1 Caps Stolen Two persons reported hub caps taken from their vehicles during the weekend. Tim Riolo of Route 1, Roseville, said the hub caps were taken from his car while parked in the 300 block on Street and James H. Isham of Modesto reported the hub caps were taken from his vehicle while parked at 1148 Conroy Lane. iNellie Bly Bryan, 60, will be Wednesday at 2 p.m.

in Coch- silver belt with a timing 1:39.2. Edith Zimmerman rith timinn reumi reiauve-man. volved because he was under ui one nf nr. n. a i Austria, who won SatnrnWc years oiq.

ne laceu a near- rilllll -IIMV HI II 71 in juvenile court. meet, was disqualified Sunday densely populated monkey areas ior missing a gate might tend to reduce the fertility in females. Subscribe to the TreM-Tribune of Roseville, All-America Cily. a proposed planning program, a fairgrounds circulation study and a proposed fence amendment regarding wrecking and junk yards. Fires ROSEVILLE Friday at 1:33 a.m., resuscl-tator call for Joseph Dutra, 64, at 202 Elefa who was having dificulty breathing.

He was taken to Roseville Hospital. lane a lidyti vi uie Ixodes, with the Rev. Wallace Moore of the First Baptist Church officiating. Cremation will follow. Mrs.

Bryan, who moved from Seal Beach, to Rancho Cordova three weeks ago, died yesterday in a Sacramento convalescent home. A native of Missouri, she had lived at Seal Beach since 1932. She is survived by her hus CHBG33 -co i I The Press-Tribune Kiv vfc i BwwtWMn turn ttnwut Published Monday through Friday evenings at 106 Judah Roseville, Calif. Entered as second class matter at Roseville Post Office. Guaranteed Delivery Service Subscribers who do not receive delivery of the Press-Tribune by 5:13, call 782-2145 and one will be delivered to your home.

Subscription Rate: $1.50 mo. SB0NauNBZA Featuring Spanish American Dishes At Their Best Orders To Go Phone 782-9077 1 1 4 Pacific Street- Roseville band, Leo M. Bryan of Los An- Lal majoring ln Edu. geles; two daughters, Mrs. 6 6 ma Smith of Yucaipa, and In R'oscville she was a mm.

'nS' of Heber Chapter, Order of dren. (Bexalt) riROif 2E3 Garden Club, r.nd Roseville Better Gardens Club. She was the widow of the late Joseph L. Goulard, who died July 1, 1961. Survivors include CARRIE ROSE GOULARD The Order of Eastern Star was in charge of private funeral services for Mrs.

Carrie Rose BERT BURNS, left, a salesman for Turner Auto Sales, 415 Riverside and his wife, Wilma, received from Ken Ains-worth, the firm's general manager, tickets for an all-expense paid trip to the New York World's Fair for being selected as one of the top 100 salesmen In the nation for the Chrysler Plymouth Division of the Chrysler Corporation for 1963. (Press-Tribune Photo) Goulard, at 10 a.m. today in! three sons, Stanley E. Goulard, Cochrane's Chapel of the Roses. I Sacramento, Lowell J.

Goulard, America's Greofesf 1 Drug Store Event CIS Mrs. Thclma Piatt, acting wor-j Roseville, and E. Gou-thy matron, Heber Chapter No.i'ard, also of Sacramento; two 181, officiated. Burial was In 'daughters, Mrs. Margaret Mca-Roseville Cemetery.

Ilia. Roseville, and Mrs. Helen Mrs. Goulard, 80, of 715 Sun- Sessarego, Carmichacl; 1 rise Roseville. died FH- grandchildren; two great-grand IIIIE II TII1TIC fiE nww SI 2-2MS tl I 7JM FIEEIATMNSEfim Opens 7:30 Show At Dusk children, and a sister, Mrs.

James Dugan, Sacramento. cURlS APRIL 30 Week Nites At 7:00 Sun' Cont. from 1 pm oay in tne Koscviiie Hospital. A native of Frecport, she moved to Sacramento in 13SD and to Roseville in 1914. She attended Howes Business College 4R IT'S THE FINiMirT 10 DWS OHW SPORTS NEWS items for The Press-Tribune must be reported in Sacramento, which later be- by 7:30 a.m.

to be published in came Hcald's Business College, that day's issue. Telephone 782-and also attended San Jose Nor- 2145. "KM xM Placer County Goldwoter For President Committee Cordially Invifes You And Your Guesis To The Grand Opening Of The All-America City Headquarters for Goldwater for President 321 Judah Street, Roseville Tuesday, April 28, 1964 7 to 9 P.M. Honored Guests Include Senator Jack Schrode Assemblyman Hale Ashcraft Assemblyman E. Richard Barnes MOVIE MUSIC REFRESHMENTS NO CHARGE SHAKEY'S PIZZA QSB New KITCHEN New In ORANGEVALE FREE GIFTS FOR EVERYONE PHONE 988-4515 Rcertsori 2nd Top Trature KNOTTS COOK JACK ANDREW WISION DUGGAN IARRY I Just Phone and Ready When You Arrive Free Treats For The Kids Open Mon.

thru Tlmrv, 2 p.m. fo 13 p.m. Frl. 2 to Sat. 15 Noon to 3 a.m., Sun.

2 p.m. to 12 p.m. 8908 Greenback Lane, Orangevale Bob Hope Pharmacy Jerry Lewis "Who'i Minding The Store?" Color A GLOBAL AFFAIR.

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