The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1951
Page 7
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PAGE TWK1.VK Red Millionaire Field Is Haled Info Court Again New Contempt Threat In Government Probe Of Boif Jumping NEW YORK, July 24. <AP)— Mil. Honairs Frederick Vamierbilt Field jailed "angel" of left-wing causes was haled back inlo federal court, today unifer a new contempt threir in the government's probe of Communist bail Jumping. The great - great - grandson of Comroodorc Cornelius Vaiidcrbllt and four other persons were accused yesterday of "contemptuous" conduct before a federal grand jury. AH five are connected with the Civil Rights Congress bail fund which posted, and forfeited. $80,000 5n bonds for four fugitive top-ring Communists. The Jury is looking inio the quartet's flight. Field, a trustee for the ball fund. ii serving a 90-day contempt of -court sentence Cor refusing to tell ' Federal Judge Sylvester Ryan who contributed to the fund. VS. Attorney Irving u. Saypol took Field before Federal Judge John F. X McGohey yesterday. Saypol .said Field retused to answer grand Jury questions unless he was permitted counsel. Saypol said Field, In effect, wanted hts lawyer in the grand Jury room, a practice forbidden by'law. When Judge McGohey heard this, ho said: "That's enough. I don't, need lo hear any more. That Just goes beyond the realm of reality." But the court granted Field until today for further argument If Field remains silent, the judge can Impose an additional contempt sentence against him. Also summoned Into court along with Field T.XTB two bail fund office employees, bookkeeper Muriel Patterson and telephone operator Dorothy Faulkner. Saypol snicl their conduct as jury •witnesses was "offensive and out. Abner Green, another bail fund trustee, was given until tomorrow by Judge McOohey to produce the, lund's records and books. _ If Green doesn't, heed the Judge's (A&K.) COUtHM MKWI Artlee-Bevan Fight Looms Party Members Irked At Rising Living Co*ta FI.OOD WATI.RS KIDK II1O1IW AY-You are looking north" on Highway M, normally a road'whir onncct. Alton, m. and wert AHon and St. Charles, Mo., in this community of »o near he conf.uje o is roarirg pasi -*• •— ii - -»» <* Railroad Tax Hike Will Hurt Defense Effort, Committee Told WASHINGTON.-July 24. (,T) _ A pokisman for the rullronds said x>day the ' proposed $1,200.000,000 ax increase might mnke it Impos- Ible tor railroads to meet the de- lands put on them by the expand- ig defense program. J. Carter Port, vice president and eneral counsel for the Association ! American Railroads, testified to le tax-aritlng Senate Finance 'VMnmltlec. II is considering the 1,200,000,000 bill passed by the louse. Fort said railroads must depend argcly upon earnings for expari- on and new equipment, and now irn about $1.00 in order to have $1 purposes because of the rder, he faces the prospect of Join- ig Field and two other fund trusses. The other two—Mystery Writer nshlell Hommett and w. AlpJiaeus union — are serving .six-month onlcmpt sentences for not answer- Ing question!: about the fund. present corporate lux rate of 47 per cent. Raising this rale to 52 per cent ns voted by (ho House, would seriously impair the ability of railroads to buy new freight oars ant! locomotives needed because of the defense proeiiim, he said. Fort also portested dating back the corporate tax Increases (o the first of the year, or even July 1, saying (hot railroads rates are fixed by government regulation and It Is Impossible to make them retroactive to cover tax increases. Port opposed, too, a House-approved provision for tax-withholding on dividends. He said federal tax collectors this year for the first time are Betting a complete list of dividends paid, and this should be Irled as n method of checking any non-payment of laxes. Fort said tax withholding on dividends would tie up a great deal of badly needed working capital. Italians to Get New Government ROME, Italy, July 24. (AP)_ Christian Democrat leader Alcide DC Gasper! today accepted a man- aate to form a new Italian government. An official communique said De Gasped called upon President Lui- Bi Elnaudi at his summer home 30 miles soutli of Rome to accept the mandate. Elnaudi asked De Gaspcrl Thursday to form the government. At thai tune De Gasperi, who submitted the vesiEMtion. c! his sixth cabinet Monday. July 16, reserved decision pending consultations with leaders of his own and other anti-Communist political parlies. 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'Where The Man Who Knows Buys His Clothes 1 ' • J" ly * <*>-A .how- between Prime Minister es laoor government and the isWent forces of Arteurln Bevan seen shaping up todey as the ys local echelons voiced open mown over Attlee's policies. Marked hostility by rank and file aborites to rising living costs and jncern at the size of Britain's re- •marnent program was highlighted 1 the publication of preliminary )lutlori5 submitted for the ruling .rty's annual conference at Scarborough Oct. 1 to s. The resolutions Indicated that lany ol the party's local units feel le Attlee government follows teshington's policy line too closely Several of the proposals support le stand of former Labor Minls- :r Bevan. who seek* to wrest con- •oi of party policy from the cabt- ict. Bevan and three other rebels in the party's 26-member execu- Llve claim the size of the rearmament program threatens domestic ioclallst goals. A conference committee now will consolidate the proposed resolu- :lons. Usually it has managed to lead off such controversial moves efore they reach the convention loor, but with Bevan on the firing Ine, it may have trouble doing so this year. do Attlee Was party's Labor I: resolu th W; I the te t: befo. ri U German General Sentenced to Die WARSAW. Poland. July 24 (Ap> -Col. Gen. Jurgen Von Stroop, former Nazi SS general charged with leading the Warsaw ghetto massacres in 1943, was sentenced to death yesterday, following his conviction for war crimes by a Warsaw provincial court. Stroop, known here as the "Warsaw ghetto butcher," was sentenced along with his aide, Capt. Franz Konrad, (Gen. Stroop was sentenced by a U.S. War Crimes Court In 1947 to be hanged on charges of having murdered captured American fliers during the war. His death sentence was commuted to that he could be extradited to Poland for trial on the ghetto massacre charges. TUMDAY JULY H 1*51 1 rKCNt,n i MOROCCO/^ ALGQUA French protest. Snyder Will Answer Housewives' Letter WASHINGTON, July 24 ,&,Secretary of the Treasury Sny- o-er said today he will answer a letter sent him by rebellious Marshall, Tex., housewives "in due course". And It will be up to them if they want to make his reply public. The housewives have written Snyder that they won't collect federal withholding taxes for social security on their domestic servants. They say this is "involuntary servitude," and that thev don't like It and neither do their employes. What about it? Snyder was asked at a news conference. Snyder admitted he has received their letter, and that he would answer it. But that was about as far as he would go, "I can't find anything in Emily Post," Snyder said, "that approves of corresponding with ladies through the newspapers." Germany's history dates back to the Franks, Goths, Huns and other Invading tribes from central Asia Michoelis to Aid Gen. Eisenhower PARIS, July 24 WV-Oen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme allied commander m Europe, today named the f«°" Wf. hero. Brig. Gen. John J. (Mike) Michaelis as his observer in conferences to form a European Gen. Michaelis. who gained fame and pormotion for himself and vital victories for the United Nations as commander or the 21th regimental combat team, recently joined Eisenhower's staff in Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe. (SHAPE). As SHAPE'S observer he will participate in conferences being he!d in Paris to create a single one-uniform army out of the military forces of France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, plus those to be established in West Germany Marriage Licenses 'Hie following couple obtained a marriage license yesterday at the. office of the county clerk, Mrs Elizabeth Blythe Parker: Gene sipes and Miss Bobble Russell, both of Manila. Obituaries Mr*. J. T. Wrnt In Dtefcsofl, T«nn. Purwra! serv!c«a for Mn. J. f. Wrerm of Dlckson, Tenn,, mother of Mrs. P. D Jarrett of BlythevUK will be conducted tomorrow ta Dlckson. Mrs. Wrwin died l«*t night •» liar home In Dictaon. In iddiliou to Mr«. Jarrttt, she \t survived by four sons and four otfar fought£(6. ^M JOB SALES (Continued from Pag« H Brashier of Brookhaven, Henry D«Drow of Jackson and Dewey "MacLeod of Mt. Olive. Arrested and freed on bond last Friday *vere Committee Counsel Forrest Jackson and committeewoman Mrs. C, V. Murphy of Winona and her husband. J. H. Wilkinson of Jackson is the only one of the 12 who has not appeared at the U. S. Marshal's office. All 12 were indicted on the conspiracy charge. Brashier, De-Brow and Rogers were also indicted for perjury. Their bonds were $5000 the rest $2,500. All must appear in federal court here Sept, 5. The grand jury investigation was touched off by charges on the U. S. Senate floor. A Senate committee lield hearings here In April after the charges that the committee was ask-. Ing contributions in return for recommendations to federal job^^j- pointmeiits. jjfli With the Courts Martha Clause! vs. Wayne Clausel .suit for divorce. Ethel Ann Wright vs. Lee Austin Wright, suit for divorce. Arnold A. Mayer vs. Elsie Mayer suit for riivoice. ' Circuit (Criminal): City of Blytheville vs. K. E. Lowery. disturbing the peace, appealed from municipal court. Read Courier News Classified Ads. How much does a paratrooper weigh ? In full fighting trim, more tlian 100 pounds over hia own weight! And sometimes he'll jump wilh 200 jioumls o{ special equipment! Multiply one man by million* !n all ihe services. Add tanks, planes, ship* and ammo-and think what it lakes to equip the whole nation (or defen-e. Our enemies laughed »t our World War II production goals. But American business topped Ihe figures that seemed fanlastic. And America's kusiness.managcd •lectric eompaniej provided s record-breaking power supply to do the job. Today, nei>- produclion miracles are in the making. The electric eomuanies have jmihlpyhhe amoual of elec- tricity available before the last war. And they're still slopping up Ihc pace. That's why it sccins strange lo hear some people -iay "the government" coulrl do a heller job of running Ihe electric light and power business. It «cmj stranger still when you realize lhat this idea k-ads straight to socialism. No American can ever forget that when ihe nation needs production strength it's btisinrss management, a> always, thai gels the job done^ * ' The V. S. won't so socialistic so long oj Americans rtcognfa that gorfrnmrnf inking „,•„ „ },„,;„,.„ or ,'„,/,„,,>, "y ffr beeps' is jocialijm, no maUer uhat reasons are giutn f or it. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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