Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 9, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1897
Page 20
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WAILY PHAROS THURSDAY, PEC 9.1897._ BMW. T. IXttTTHAIN. JOHN W. BABWEB. Ixmthain * Barne*. 1D1IOR8 ASD PROPRIETORS. TEEMS OF SUBSCRIPTION — Dally per week, 10 cents; per month 40 cents: per year •trictly in advance) J4.50 The Weekly pharos and the Saturday pharos the vwo forming the Semi-Weekly •"•.Won," tl.26 a year, strictly in advance. Entered at the Lognnsport, Ind.,po«tofflce ae lecona class mail matter, as provided by law. EXCEPT in matters pertaining to tbetanft and Hawaii, President Mc- Klnley is following closely la the steps of Cleveland. THE very satisfactory news comes from Washington tbao the Hawaiian annexation scheme will be defeated. So certain is defeat that the treaty ma> be withdrawn. Bub two Demo cratlc senators favor it—Morgan and Gorman. coin bonds of the government sell away above par The paper money issued by the government, passes current everywhere, and no one except the gold conspirators question the ability of tbe government to pay them. There are two forces working to fonse their retirement— tbe bankers and bondholders. The former desire the privilege of furnish- log the entire^upply of piper money and tbe latter desire tiiat the noL- interest bearing deot of the nation be changed to one that bears interest. What the government should do is to levy sufficient taxes from every available source to pay o2 the bonded debt. It should be extinguished before the non-Interest bearing debt is liquidated. IT is doubtful It Samuel O. Pickens has ever deserved the name of Democrat. He has posed as such because In his capacity of corporatkn lawyer it has been his interest to do go. He is cold blooded and his sympathies were never with the plain people. EX-MIOTSTEK TAYLOR is vigorously outspoken in opposition to the views expressed by President McKinley on the Cuban question. He has a good idea of Spain's purposes and he declares that the plan of settlement proposed is the same old game that has been played by Spain before. MARK BANNA admits that his repent campaign for senator cost him 115,000, In Other words, half his salary for his sir years' term as senator if reelected has bsen expended in an efloro to secure a place for which he is not fitted either by education orj legislative experience. But the trusts will recoup Hanna. WHEAT touched the dollar mark again in Chicago yesterday. It looks as though the bulls are going on a goring expedition. The wheat supply Is rapidly passing into the hands of speculators. The heavy receipts from the northwest during the past few months indicate that the wheat supply is rapidly passing out of the hands of the farmers. THE silence of Speaker Keed leaves the country in doubt as to what legislation "may be expected during the present session of congress. If the country knew what Boss Reed desires in the way of currency reform or in tbe matter of Cuban affairs, we should know what to expect for his rule is law. But he has maintained an ominous silence. EnglaiJd confers titles on her gifted poets, scientists and even actors. Russia made nobles of those two gifted musical artists, Jean and Edonard de Reszke. She ccrald not ennoble them, for they had ennobled themselves, but she could make official recognition of this fact America alone of the civilized nations has no title of honor to bestow on any of h-2r children, however gifted, however noble, however great the services they have rendered her. France is a republic without official titles of nobility, yet France honors those worthy by conferring on them the ribbon and the cross of the Legion of Honor. Our government seriously needs some order of merit with which to reward those worthy. Americans are glad, all bnt a few sham and toadyish Americans, that we have not and never can have any titles of nobility in this country. But a simple, modest certificate or star or ribbon from the government to those who have conferred distinction on the American name would be eminently appropriate and prized above gold. It is not to our credit that jven Thomas A. Edison cannot secure from his government any official recognition of his services to science. GERMANY has taken a slice of Chinese territory, Japan got the rich Island of Formosa and Russia has obtained possession of valuable harbor privileges along the coast of northern China. Now France wants a share of the Celestial kingdom and has sent an armed force to get it. Great changes may be expected In China within the course of a few years. UNDER a recent act of the legislature watchers are excluded from election boards during the counting of the ballots. A good many men Tlew this change with alarm. There |g now no longer any doubts about frauds having been committed at the elections in this state in 1896, mnd It is openly charged at Indianapolis that in several instances election boards were bribed. Under the secret ballot law, vote- buying can no longer be carried on successfully, but without watchers of the count, election boards can be bribed and the vote of a whole precinct corruptly manipulated. This being true, nothing more important depends upon those encrusted with party management than the selection •f incorruptible election officers. PRESIDENT MCKINLEY has not given up hope of reaching an international agreement In regard to silver coinage. In his message he says: Our special envoys bave not made their final report, as further negotiations between the representatives of this government and the governments of othar countries are pending and in contemplation. They believe tbat doubts which have been raised In certain quarters respecting the possibility of maintaining the stability of the parity between the metals and the kindred questions may yet be solved by further negotiations. Those who desire international bi metallism must expect to cross swords with the gold conspirators who seek to force the world into adopting gold monometallism. IT Is hard for the average voter to understand why paper money Issued by the government Is not better than paper money issued by banks. If the Halted States were a bankrupt nation it* promised to pay might not be good. IQ material resources It in today tbe richest nation on earth and Its interest bearing obligations we away above par. The Modern np to date physicians believe that one of the mistakes of Moses was lis diagnosis of the disease leprosy. They say that other skin diseases were classed by the Hebrew lawgiver under the head of leprosy, and that this ailment is really neither contagious nor incurable. Medical science in our time s able to cope with the dread Biblical scourge. The first elements of the cure are absolute cleanliness, plenty of bathing and healthful and hygienic surroundings. Then tbe patient must have something to occupy his mind agreeably. He must be given at once to understand that he can be cured and that the future has hope for him, as for any other person. Leprosy is a disease of vico and filth and unhygienic surroundings. Remove these all and fill the pa- ;ieut's mind with moral purity and his body with physical purity, and the cure \s begun. ^^ _ _ \Thaso \vho have seen prints of the remarkable portrait, of the president's mother paiutod ;Vbout the time of Mc- Kiulcy's election will readily call it to ruincl. She was 88 years old at tho time she sat for the artist, yet age could not destroy the contour and expression of the noble face. AIother McKinley, sitting thero in her chair, looked like a grand dame of the olden time, the mother of a race of kings, and she was as strong and noble as she looked. She endured the journey to Washington for the inauguration with less fatigue than •was experienced by many of the younger women. A spirit so strong, kindly and sincere, an intellect so vigorous and clear as hers, could not do otherwise than keep her body hale and in good health down to extreme age. There was no weakness or whining or complaining about her. Such women as she, strong, grand and true, are heroic mothers of the sons of a mighty republic. Men are naturally unequal. The condition of tho red men of the Indian Territory proves that. Some of them are much shrewder than others and are long headed enough to observe from the white man's civilization how much power the possession of wealth gives an individual. Taking the hint quickly, these long headed savages, although a small proportion of the whole people, have managed by fair means and foul to possess themselves of the larger portion of the best land in the territory. Thus they are red skinned millionaires, while the common Indian is only a base menial. \Vho shall say longer that the Indian is incapable of achieving the highest civilization? In the very moment of her triumph over Greece it looks as if the end for Turkey had set in. Her Albanians are in revolt, a demand has been made on her for reparation far injury to American missionaries and Russia's thumb is pressing heavily upon her tiroat. Her treasury is empty. She cannot crawl out of giving ns satisfaction for damages to our missions in Armenia. To say chat the porte is not responsible for them is to acknowledge that Turkey cannot control the acts of her soldiers, for it was they who did junch of the pillaging in Armenia. 'Why cannot congress order at once a survey for a railroad by the shortest ronte from, Jnnean or some point on the south coast where there is a good har bor up through Alaska, terminating at i place on the boundary line near Daw son City? How to Bru»Ti the Teeth. The proner way to clean the teeth is to brash them from tbe gums to the crown of the' toonh. In this way the particles of food that; are lodged between the teeth will be dislodged. If the teeth are only brushed lengthwise, as is generally the case, the food, instead of being brushed out, will be more firmly lodged than ever. One should keep a skein of dental silk always ready to pass between the teeth and clean "them effectively from anything tbat has got between them which the toothbrush cannot reach. If the occasional use of a toothpick is necessary, use one made of qaill, buc if the teeth are properly attended to such an instrument will be useless. ~ How to Dre« Smooth Furs. For this purpose dissolve 3 ounces of salt in a pint of soft water, sponge the inside of the skin with this salt water until it is quite saturated, then lay the fur face downward upon a straight board or the top of a table and stretch it out as much as possible, fastening down with a few small tacks. It will not hurt the fur to place it to dry within a short distance of the fire, but it must be noted that the fur has to be quite dry before being removed from the board, otherwise the process will be a failure. , FieUl Trials at Danville. Danville, Ind., Dec. 9.—The Indiana Kennel club is holding: the December Held trials here. Entries are in from New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin, and a large number of Indiana dogs will also take part in the different events. Twenty-five dogs started in the Beag-le Derby yesterday. Last night there was a t'ox chase, south of town This is claimed by the visitors to be the Ideal fox chasing- ground in Indiana. Today the trials for all age dogs are "on." Iowa Episcopal Con ventioii. Des Moines, la., Dec. 9.—-The fifth annual convention of the Episcopal church, diocese of Iowa, was concluded here yesterday, Bishop Perry presiding. The committee to make arrangements for a coadjutor bishop reported progress. The convention adjourned to neet at Cedar Rapids in December, 1S98. Railway Allied $20,000 by Texas. Austin, Tex., Dec. 9.—The International and Great Northern railroad in the district court here pleaded guilty in twenty cases of the violation of "the Texas railway commission freight rates and was fined a. total of $20,000 damages. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. The Argentine republic is suffering from a visitation of the locusts. The sale of liquor in the national Capitol restaurant has been resumed. Representative Sauerhering has been appointed chairman of the committee on animal industry. J. F. Calkins, of Spring Green, Wis., was killed by a log falling on him. He was 73 years old. Convicts in the Marquette (Mich.) state prison v.-ill begin making cigars ay contract Jan. 1. English holders of Union Pacific reorganization certificates want to annul :he sale of the road, According to an alleged secret report to President McKinley, 600,000 persons lave died in Cuba since Jan. 1, 1897. The list of claims filed in the Sherry failure at Oshkosh, Wis., show over 900 creditors with liabilities of $1.132,952. Five saloonkeepers of Marquette, Mich., were fined $50 each for violating" the early-closing ordinance and the Sunday law. Superintendent Kretz. of the Philadelphia mint, has notified forty-two em- ployes that their services will not be required after Dec. lo. M. T. Stokes has resigned his position as immigration inspector at Superior and will go to Green Bay, Wis., to assume charge of The Advocate. Fire in the Oswosso Casket works wiped out $30,000 worth of property at Owosso, Mich., and caused the death of Frank Wilcox, the night watchman. Commander-in-Chief Gohin, of the Grand Army of the Republic, has called a meeting of the executive committee of the national council, to be held in Cincinnati on Dec. 15. The bounty on wolves, which was removed in Grant county, Wis., several years ago. has been restored, as the animals increased so rapidly in numbers as to be a menace to livestock. At Gaggett, Mich., Charles Ewald, aged 65, while switching cars with his team, fell across the track, the car wheels passing over him, killing him. He leaves a wife and ten children. The Figaro, of Paris, declares that President McKinley : s message is "an act of war," and says: "Should it pass from words to deeds, it Is possible that Spain will not sustain the fight alone." THE ONLYLONE. OPEHA WM. DOLAS, MAHAOEK, Monday, Dec. I3tb., 18^7. WELL! WELL! WELL! Here we are again -the Famous Original Irish Comedians, MURRRY 8dMACK In a New Play, The I'unniest Yet. Fmnigan's Courtship, A rerfeot Typhoon of Merriment. Waves. Oceans. Billows of Kun Murry & Mact in New Specialties Tbe most expensive fare conitdy organization e er seen on tuiir. , he T ompany—Chas Murray, Olie Mack.Joe w Spears Cbas Morgan. Al LaRue. Andrew Bode, Krank Waiters. Oscar Hall. Mae Trum bull, Fanny irumbu-l. Daisy <"ook, Gracie Cuu,mings. Stella Deane. Bessie Varse, Dolly Delroy. Lola Morriese, Viifrie Ware. Llllmn Gale. Joe ilackie, Management Joe w.Spears. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c and 75c. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug- store. Notice of Election. The annual meeting of the share holders of The City National Bank of Logansport, Indiana, for tbe election of nine directors for tt e ensuing year, will be held at their office on Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from ten o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler, Cashier. Illinois Episcopal Convention. Springfield, Ills., Dec. 9.—At yesterday's session of the diocesan convention of the diocese of Springfield, of the Episcopal church, Bishop Seymour delivered his annual address, and stand- ins committees were appointed and deputies to the next general convention elected. The next. convention will be held In Cairo the second Tuesday in Pecember, 1898. The Weather We May Expect. Washington, Dec. 9.— Following are tbe weather indications for twenty-four hours from 8 p. m. yesrerday: For Indiana and Illinois—Probably fair weather; warm southwesterly winds. For Lower Michigan—Partly cloudy weather; probably local showers in northern portion this evening; light to fresh northerly wands: warmer in southeastern portion. For Uppcv Michigan—Light snows or rain; fresh southwesterly winds; temperature about freezing. For Wisconsin—Probably fair weather in southern and local snows in northern portion; warmer in southern portion; light to fresh southwesterly wind-s. For Iowa— Probably fair weather; southerly to westerly winds. THE MARKETS. MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & 42O BROADWAY. Gome and See Great Reduction in Price of all our Millinery Goods. S PRY'S Broadway & Pearl St. Use Logan Milling Co.'s Flours Patent and Automatic. These Flours are the Purest and of Highest grade on the Market a thoroughly up-to-date periodical for women, will enter upon its thirty-first volume in iS^S. During the year it will be as heretofore A MIRROR OF FASHION Paris and New York I Each issue will contain carefully prepared drawings of the advance fashions "'"""> _ I of Paris and New York. Once a month Colored Fashion i the BAZAR will issue, free, a colored Supplement i fashion supplement. Cut paperpatterns W : of certain gowns in each number will be Cut Paper Patterns \ made a feature. These will be sold in A R! Wftolflu Pfitfnr.n I connection \vith each issue at a unifonn ct x P ricc - The BAZAR will also publish bi- Sneet weekly, free, an o'ltline pattern sheet. LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES Williui DUck Two famousauthors will contribute long serial stories to the BAZAR in iSoS. The first deals with Scotch and Continental scenes, the second is a story of a young girl, versatile, and typically American. Mary E. Wilkins ~ Octave Thanct WILD EELEN „ ,. . n ^ Kathannc D= Fore* H. P. SpofTord . «,_ W. D. Kowelh RAGGED LADY Sy If. D. HOWELLS These and a score of other equally prominent writers will con-tribute short stories to the BAZAK in 1898, _ making the paper especially rich in M«y E. wflklni fiction. DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICLES OUR PARIS LETTER THE LONDON LETTER By HA THARWF. OS FOREST" S? Mrs. FOUL TNtY ElSELOtt' CLUB WOMEN HUMOR By MARGARET If. IffiCff By JOHN XENDXrCK BAKGS There will be a series of articles on Etiquette, Music, the Voice, Art, the Play, Women and Men, Leaders among Women, Gardening, Housekeeping, Life and Health, Indoor Details, etc. lOc. a Copy (Send for Free Pro«pectu») Sub., I* » Yeir Postage free in the United Slates, Canada, and Mexico. Address HARPER & BROTHERS, Publishers, New York Cllj Octave ThaMt The Pyramid Pile tore the OnljfPile Cure Recommended by Fhjsl- clams as Being Perfectly Safe. No Opium, Cocaine, Jiarcotic or Other FoiSOK in it. The Pyramid Pile Cure is probably the only Pile Cure extensively recommended by physicians, because It is so safe, so prompt In the relief afforded and, so far as known the only positi-ve cure for piles, except a surgical operation. In one year the Pyramid Pile Cure has become the best known, the safest and the most extensively sold of any pile cure before the public. Address the Pyramid Co., Marshall, Mich, (formerly Albion, Mich.), for book on cause and care of piles, and also hundreds 'of testimonials from all parts of the United States; full sized package, 50c. If inffeiing. from any form of pile*, ask year druggist for a package of Pyramid Pile Core Mid try it tonight. Cliicag-o Graiu and Produce. Chicago, Dec. 8. Following were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat — December, opened 9'Jc, closed $1.00%; January, opened 9Cc, closed 91%c; May, opened 90c, closed SOVic. Corn — December, opened and closed" 25%c; January, opened 25%c, closed nominal; May, opened 2SV-C, closed 2S%c, Oats— December, opened 20%c, closed 21^c; May, opened and closed 22VsC. Pork— December, opened $"30 closed nominal; January, opened $8.25, closed $S.22%; May, opened $8.47%, closed $S.45. Lard— December, opene'd and closed nominal; January, opened $4.25. closed nominal; May. opened $4.40, closed $4.42y». Produce: Butter — Extra creamery, 27c per rb: extra dairy, 19c; fresh packing stock. ll@12c. Eggs — Fresh stock, 20c per dozen. Dressed Poultry- Turkeys, S(S10c per tt>; chickens. 5%@ 6V>c; d'ucks^7@Sc. Potatoes— Northwestern, 50@62c per bu. Sweet Potatoes- Illinois, $1.50@2.25 per bbl. /• Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Dec. 8. Hogs— Estimated receipts for the day, , 49000- sales ranged at $2.SO@3.40 for pigs, $3.25@3.45 for light, $3.15@3.20 for rous?h packing, $3.25@3.45 for mixed, and' 53.30@3.42y» for heavy packing and Bhipping lots. Cattle— Estimated re- c°ipts for the day, 17,500; quotations ranged at ,$4.SO@5.30 choice to extra shipping steers, $4.40@4.75 for choice to extra shipping steers, $4.40@4.75 good to choice do., $4.30@4.75 fair to good, $3.85 @4.40 common to medium do., $3.70® 4.20 butchers' steers, $3.15@4,00 stockers, $370@4.30 feeders, S1.70@3.SO cows, $2.60 @4 50 heifers. $2.25@4.00 bulls, oxen and stags, S2.90@4.00 Texas steers, $3.30@ 4.35 western rangers, and $3.50@6.60 veal calves. Milwaukee Graiu. Milwaukee, Dec. 8. Wheat— Firmer: No. 1 northern. 91c; No 2 spring, S6c; May, 90%c. Corn- Firm- No. 3, 26V-@27c. Oats— Higher; No. 2 white, 23%@23*ic. Rye— Steady; No. 1. 47c. Bockfonl Girl a CrooH's Wife. Rockford, Ills., Dec. 9.— U F. Booth and David Oliver.-the latter wiih a long string of aliases, fell into the hands of the local authorities. They are wanted at Rochester, N: Y., for forging a $350 draft on the Mechanics' bank, of that city. The arrest of Booth created a sensation. A year- ago he married Miss Rose Koeller, a pretty woman and of an excellent family here. Booth was supposed by his wife and acquaintances here to be employed as an advertising solicitor, and his arrest, which was accomplished at the Koeller home, has completely prostrated_hisjtvife. Mrs. McKinley Slowly Dying. Canton, 0.. Dec. 9.— All day yesterday the children of Mrs. McKinley were near her bedside watching for indications of hopeful change. They were disappointed. There was no ray of light on the face which betokened retuming-con- sciousness. She has been lying in lethargic repose, as if in sleep most of the time. She is gradually, but surely growing weaker. ____ X*ft His Bride for Klondike. English, Ind., Dec. 9.— A sensation •was created in this community by tbe disappearance of Oliver Flaimagan, who •was married scarcely one week ago. Flannagan left home ostensibly to go to the postoffice, but while in town left a letter in the office for his wife, telling her that he and his 16-year-old brother •were leaving for Klondike. The young bride is almost distracted at her husband's desertion, and can suggest no cause for his action." PIANOS Nothing More Acceptableas a Holiday Present than a fine Piano. Previous to February 1st we offer unusual inducements to out-of- town buyers. Upon receipt of mail order ' will ship piano subject to examination, to ' be accepted if found as represented and satisfactory, otherwise to be returned at our expense. Good Stool and Scarf with each piano. Correspondence soiicited. Catalogues sent on application. Old instruments taken in exchange. Our mail business is extensive and we guarantee careful selection from our large stock ot Steinway, A. B. Chase, Hazelton, Sterling and Huntington PIANOS. McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREN -fS. CHICAGO. Second-hand Squares, $ 25. uj-W Seconil-liami Uprights, 100. uptvardK. Seconii-liami Grands, 150. upwards. Easy payments if desired. LYON, POTTER & CO. Stoinway Hall, 17 Van Buren St.. Chicago. FIRE PROOF. One block trout C. R. I. 4: P. and. L. S. «V M. S- Railroad depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 have just teen completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in any hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in-every room. 'Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIA.M McCOY, Owner and Proprietor. Elected Over m Score o Indianapolis, Dec. 9.— George S. Wilson, superintendent ot the Gre«nfleld public schools, was elected superintendent of the state blind Institute in thi» city on the fourteenth ballot, defeating twenty other candidates. Crossing the Plains In a Prairie Schoonei This is a scene from qtu new romantic serial by Major Alfred R. Calhotm ; TkWddon Estate — We recommend it to you because it is a story of exceptional power and interest. It is something not to be missed. You will find it ffl THIS PAPER OWLY NoPainI No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as BOF« mouth, gore gams, etc. Absolutely §afe End pal Dies. Tbe Finest and Best method ol CEOWN and BRIDGE Work. The moat natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. f^-No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt," T-VT7XTTTC'TTI 3H I- 2 FourthBt. UHIM 1 1O 1 'Over FHHWeDrug Star THR First National Bank CAPITAL 1250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PMSIDKHT, W. W. ROSS, CABHUB, J. F. BROOKMDEYBR, Awr-C •IBBCTOIM: A.J. Kurtock, W. B. Bringlinm, Ual, B. S. Rloe. B. F. Tcntte. I M. W, T. WilKOn. '' Banking to «11 it« and carefiillr done. Safety to Cnrtomen sad nookhoM«r noefhtfor. Strong Betarre fund M«lntdned. Low Rates to North CtrottM, Virginia and Other States. I.IHM D«e. 7th m*tfc* cppljr to W. pMMWW A*««t, !•«.

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