The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1951
Page 5
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TUESDAY JULY 24,19St BLYTKEVTLLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE These Dry, Warm Days Are Best To Catch Upon Painting Chores i Best season of the year to paint S^I house is during the dry, hot days of midsummer, because the less moisture there It in the air the smaller the probability of paint cracking and peeling a lew months Inter. 'Hie finest paints will prove un- satl.itaclory unless applied on a perfectly dry jurface. Painting should not^be done during humid or foggy weather. Immediately after a shower. Clean Surface* Before starling LO v ;in|, all surfaces should be made clean and smooth. Old loose paint should be \ SCREENS OK ALUMINUM •re Lifetime Screens. E. C. Kohinson Lbr. Co icraped off with a siff wire brush. Burning cli old paint with a blow torch is widely practiced, although the open flame ahvavs constitutes a /Ire hazard. Electricallv - healed paint-removing tools, now available, are safer. While Hie exterior surface is being prepared to receive the new paint Is also an Ideal time to have the walls blown full of mineral wool insulation since the paint, will oover all traces of the wall openings made by the Insulation applicators. Climate A Factor Only top-quality paint should be used and its chemical conlcnl should be checked against local climatic conditions. In excessively dry .climates, soft paint containing a high percentage ot white lead is most satisfactory, fji warm, humid areas harder types of paint containing greater amounts of zinc oxide give best service. Too much oil causes paint lo dry slowly, and to soil and fade. Too Id'. for Wolfs-Woodwork WASHABLf IT » LIKt CRtAM JELF-SEAIINO NO PRIMER NEEDED ORIEJ IN 10 MINUTES WASHES UKI Till GoKotii $4.85 Qu«f1f $1.49 JUST ST1K AND APPLY AUSTIN & WICKER 1125. First Phone 6207 little oil causes it lo wear off rap- Idly. Cracking is a characteristic of hard, quick - drying paint, wrinkles appear when heavy, oily paint Is not thoroughly brushed out; and .chalking usually Is caused by too much Ihinner or skimping on the number of coats. Professional painters recommend two coats when the surface Is in «ood condition and most of the old paint remains after sanding or scraping. Otherwise 3 or 4 coats are needed. Interior Painting These rules also apply for Interior painting, and here it Is even more important that surfaces be completely smooth, old calcimine should be thoroughly washed off anil walls and celling should be bone-dry before painting. Loose paint should-be scraped off and Ihe surface smoothed down with sandpaper. Pill plaster cracks with Jine patching plaster. Large holes and cracks should be made wider at the bottom than at the surface before patching, so that the oew plaster will stay In place. When the patch Is dry. smooth it down with sandpaper and cover with a prime coat of paint to prevent the patch show Ing through. More Old Homes Than New Sold WASHINGTON. July 24- (JT> — Sales of old homes gained on new homes during the first five months (ifter mortgage terms on new on.'j were tightened lost Oct., 12. according to the Federal Reserve Board. A Soard report yesterday said old house sales outnumbered new by 15 to 10 after the cash down payment requirement was boosted on new home* under control regulation*. In the 18 months before Korea, the Board said, used homes had « sale* edge of only IS to 10. SAVINGS The Best Way to Save is with a Home of Your Own. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "A STITCH IN TIME ., . SAVES NINE.". Re-roof "now on our' BUDGET PLAN. K. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. IT WILL TAKE MORE MONEY In th* fall and winter of 1949-50, the important* of water supply tn the modern city was sharply dramatized by the crisis which confronted America's greatest metropolis. Towns and cities all over the country wer« affected . . but the consequences of failure hung wifh particular fore- bodmjt over New York and its jam-packed millions. With r««rvoir« standing: at a third of Capacity, (he compellin K need for additional water resources was suddenly thrust upon Ihe aiterttior, of the most indifferent citizen. And communities everywhere, whether affected by the nhortag. or not, be K an appraising (he status of their water supplies They found a number of factors which were influencing the picture. Throughout America two patterns of population movement have been revealed in recent years. People are leaving Ihe rural areas and moving (o the cities; people »re leaving the cities and moving to nearby suburbs. The result—a Iremen- dous population growth in metropolitan areas. In terms of water supply, this means ever-increasing demand Th. country cousin who settles in (he city must now be supplied. And so must the city cousin who becomes a suburbanite. He moves to the suburb., because he finds (here the urban facilities to which he i s accustomed in « wore attractive setting. Wafer Is Your Cheapest Commodity-Use It Freely Blytheville Water Co. —Courier News m '"" fro "< "< lh « and [«,„,„. hue window r ,. . , , f pu : , UUL window The bath ,., of ceramic: tile and time i s rubber tile OI , the k| t: h,m ,U,ms. T, e two Lave lar S e closets with flush sliding doors and '.here arc u™ large cedar-lined closet* n, f phu : , and a pic- bedroom, Summertime Is When You Need Adequate Supply of Hot Water Summer is the time when an adequate supply of hot water lor bathing as well as other household lasks Is most appreciated. The emphasis definitely is on the word "adequate." Requirements for hot water In American homes have zoomed sharply upward In recent years with the increasing use of automatic washing machines and electric tii.shwnsheri. Tliese appliances require more water and hotter water than the plumbing fix-lures and the non-automatic wa;h- s. "Adequate" Is defined bv the Plumbing and Keating Industries Bureau as sufficient hot water to take care of peak load requirements both as to volume and consistent temperature. Just how much hot water 11 needed is an Individual problem. It depends on the si/e of the family and the type of water-using equipment in the house. Generally speaking, a 30-gallon automatic gas water healer is the smallest size to install for a family of two. Larger sized water heal us necessarily should he provided for (nrger families. The typical 30-gallon automatic gas water lienter can provide an adequate supply of hot water for a small family including two hours of continous operation of an automatic clothes washer. Appraiser Says Price of House Is Not True Measure of Value Home buyers often confuse the cost or selling price of a house with value, but real estat* appraisers whose job it la lo protect investors take many other factor* Into consideration in- determining true value. L. W. Ellwood. chief appraiser lor th« New York Life Insurance Co., ont of the nation's largest mortgage lenders, summarizes ths contention'that cost IK not 'a true measure of valtw In these words: "Cost which 1» excessive does not enhance the value of « home beyond that of a similar structure with more reasonable costs. On the other hano, cost of occupancy, if too high, may c*nce] out bejiefiU of low oonAtructkm co*t," How CafU V»r r Pointing out that construction cosU vary through inefficient operations by a builder, delays, unexpected material price increases and other -e&soru, Mr. Ellwcod laid thes» factors do not make a house more valuable than one built efficiently. Higii cost of occupancy may cancel out benefits of low construction cost. The appraiser stated: "The meat important consideration in judging future benefits Is whether the property will return sufficient alenities and utility to warrant its current cost. The typical owner must be studied, as carefully as the construction specifications. In many cases, when the property Is purchased with a maximum loan, adding the taxes, heating, utilities and maintenance puts the total above that which the typical occupant could afford to pay. or mlglit be willing to pay over a long period of years. Cost at Occupancy "A sood way to lest, the price asked by a builder or any other i seller a.s a measure ot value Is to use the price «s a ba.?e In estimating cost of occupancy. A.-vsume. lor example, that a house ot conventional rte-sign and In physical harmony with il.s environment is offered at $24.000 in a locality where conventional loam arc available up to 15% of appraised value at $6.33 per month per Jl.OOo. It would require a family income of »t $15.000 per year for 20 years to support thia occupancy cast. Thin estimate Is based on S1.361 per year a.s payments on principal and interest; $380 for laxcs; S2JO ,,tor.,heat^and utilities; and $2-16 for maintenance and In- su/ance. for a toUl of $2,287 per year a» cost of occupancy. Cos!,- of occupancy In addition lo construction cost will determine a buyer's ahlMiy to support continued ownership of the properly. Rug Kept Intact After Installing Corner Cabinets After Installing corner o 11 p boards, Ihe home-maker may ponder the question of cutting off the corners ot the nig. which may have years of service left. Economy suggests that It be left Intact. Clean it thoroughly, treat with moth crystals joll It In mols- ture-and-iennin-resljitant paper and store it for future use. The floor ol the room whers Hie cupboards were Installed can he covered with Kentile in > distinctive design and color to harmonize with walls and furnishings. Since diagonal tiles are available in all the mnrblciTcd and plain colors, it ts easy to fit this floor covering to the new angles formed by the Real Estate Transfers Callls Ruth o.igte to Annabel! Brown, for $1.250: Lot 12 of Block 6 of Ruddle Heights Addition to Blytheville. Fred Cobb and Ella Myrlck to Buford Martin, for $1,200: all of the undivided interest In the south ?B acres of the north 51 acres of Lots 2. 3. 4 and 5 in the NW'i and lots 8 and 10 In the NE".l of Sect 18- TU-R13. C. D. and Grace, Hodge to Floyd and Rainell Batentine, for S&SO: Lot 11 of Block B of Hollciidale Addition lo Blythevlle. H. H. and Lucy Houclilns lo John and Beulah Hargett. for $750: Lot 3 of Block 7 of Country Club Addition to Blytheville, J. R. and Mary K. Marr to Eugene and Karla Mays, lor S2.9M and ai- sumptloR of Indebtedness on the property: Lot 1 at Block 8 of Bugg Addition to Blythevllla. Herbert nnd Snmia Chlldi to James and Selma Morgan, for $1,500 and auuniptlon of Indebtedness on the property: Lot 5 of Block 8 of Highland Place,Second Addition to Blytheville. / E, B. and Rowene David to James L. ami Mary Jo Wilson, for »1D and other valuable conslderatlon»:~tx>t B of Block 9 of David Acres subdivision to Blytlievllle. Grace King Rogen to R. C. Rob- erU, for »100: north 2S feet of Lot 14 of Block I of Hayj Addition to Leachville. . I. E.-Parkhu»t to A. J. nnd Mils Rhnads. for ta.750 and Miurnptlon of Indebtcdnens on the property' Lot 8 of Block 3 of Chicago Nfll] and Lumber Company Third Addition to Blytheville. Mary K. Rose to Marie Ntchnl Moore, for JI2.000: Lot 18 of Block B of Davis First Addition to Blythe- i-ille. O. 8. and Kula Rolll.on to Pat ind Christine Billiard, for (10 and other valuable considerations: Lot 18 of O. S. Rolllson Subdivision to Blythevllla. Experts Advise 'No Soap 1 on Wooden Floors Many «nmon, inadequately informed on modern liomeninkiug techniques, work much harder than necessary to keep their houses neat and attractive, home maintenance specialist* say. Some nomemakers. (or example, Mill cling to the drudgery of .scrubbing oak Doors with soap nnd water. The experts point out that this !• not only tough 01 , (he constitution but on the floors as well, for It tends to mar the finish and l«lse the grain of the wood. The up-to-date procedure for proper ctcairing of oak floors does away with scrubbing entirely. The method is .simple. It of "dry cleaning" them with n wax-base preparation, which can be applied nulckly either with corner cupboard*, Two Weeks Free Trial THOR GI',AD1RON—$S9.9S K. C. Robinson I,r>r. O. WE MEAN IT when w« say w« appreciate your orders—hij? or little. E. C..Robinson Lbr. Co. Prompt Service Expert Service Experienced Service 109 N, First Phone 2731 Add ptrmintnt comfort int) good loolo to your Um« witk SLATS-O-WOOD • wninji. Tailored lo fii 0>t t)«; S n ol your tioult; |h«y <r< luting n tin iint wood of which lrley'r« m.dY No Mttlt, no binjlnj, no "oft «nd Jowni" — fot l!l«y Jr< buill Inlo you) domt lo Illy. WilKout oblijelion, our ditrjner "ill si»« you in (Him.Ic lot tktii cullom built iwninsi. Pnon« (CM 1<iii Irt« Mrvlctx, - 'trf n in I_.L. eu-l 19 IV,' ^— T—TT aatt Easy Payment Plan—10% Down and 30 Months Calcine* Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 I. Main Phone 4469 » cloth or » !ong-handl«d ipplioa- tor. Such preparations remove all ordinary dirt and jipots and leave a tlilii waxy Him which helps protect the surfao oj the wood. In in iloln? they serve SA reinforcement for the ooutlng o! v/ax which should he applied three or (our tlmei a year. Governor C«/»bra*«j DURANT. Okla. <AP> - 8om« birthday parties .are In parka, som» in homes, some In hack yards and some at the tnoviei. But Oov. Johnston Murray ot Ok- Inhoma will have his 50th birthday party July 21 at Southeastern Stat« college here. Iteldor Dust I'roof Motors '/< to 3/4 H.P. 30% Disc. E. C. Robinson Co. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Besl Service—Rest Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 CEDAR-LUX . ; . i» i compound of crushed gen- urn* ted cedar wood, impregnated br »n mlusivl protest with >p«itl cedaf oil. Easy 10 mix with water! E«y 10 bnijh on like paint! Moih. proo/! Fireproof! Laj: indflinitelrt ECONOMICAL! MOIHl HAII CIDAl Builders Supply, Inc. S. HI way 61 Phone 2066 SWF HOUSE PAINT IT'S WtATHiRATf D* lor your protection ngoiiut txcestivi lou «f slon, "lot fading, high dlrl collect!.*, rapid Motion, uncontrolled cholklng, chMtc- Ifig, crocking, mlldtw and lumn (spt JWP for wrtaln areai). SWP HOUSE PAINT •i.«rr <t,<, r .( imfHIM-WlHltm JWP hil.a I,, in ohllit, t. ,,,;,i ,!,,,. , xp • f deterioration btfer* If if peimiltei f War Hi* SrtMWIM-WjuJJIMi label. ' UK OAUGti in J', STYLE GUIDE you 'JJHL^O" Wolls and Ceilings »he new, deluxe wall paint I J SHIKWIN-WHIIAMI ENAMELOID (nl<rf*r, ff«r«rfer, alt purp»i» f nd itcr»>oho 1urt>. ld*ol for boihreami « n 4 HuX.n wall, ord waodworV. It*. lltri htal and llaini; «a iy lo vatV Comtl In H si'owing... • ••tr I* w.ih, « 0 Ariixi'^Mi^ iff** TS\*.tf .^iiT^.-1*.,:, KEM TONE IKE MODEH^ M1IACU WAIL fAfNf K*m-ton« li your ttutila nrfi n 9 volui whtr« fin* h«m* d«corolien It rf*t!.lrf and whtrt lh» *itr*m» w-aihobililf of S iptr Kem-Toni !i nci ,«q u L,«d TOR ECONOMY, FOR BEAUTIFUL fLAt MAITE oAl. FINISH. KtM.TONE IS THE $^93 CHOICE OF MIUIONS1 J ENTER HOME DECORATION SERVICE SHCRWIN-WILUAMS 411 West Main Phone 6767 OR YOUR NEARIY SKI R WIN- WIUIAMS DIAIM

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