The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1951
Page 1
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PAGB TWO BLTTKKTTI/LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW! MONDAY, JULY «, Mil U. S. Military Men Russia 'Using' Red China As Pawn in Global PowerGame B.r ELTON C. FAY (AKMclit«d Prets Military Affairs Repurttr) WASHINGTON. July 23. 'AP> — How hae Russia used Red China in the Communist- global power gnnie? Some. American mllltnry men, considering (he current cease-fire Into their hands by conquest or defection .if Notionalist troops In the Chinese clvlt war, former Jn|jnneKe equipment, a little Russian equipment issueci;fn prc-Korea war flays cr j>nss:p(l out In driblets slnre, Much of the equipment has been light aims and a great den I of it cons men UK cue im icui^ v^a^c-nit - -- tRlk. and lookini! buck over Hie a " i( l uc - '"'f M lca ' victories Ihe more than eight months since Chinese Communist troops were committed to the war in Korea, noted this today: Russia has doled out from her reputedly huge arsenal of modern veaponi Just enough gum and hill- let.'; to k«p her Chinese satellite fight—but never providing a margin of firepower that could bring victory/ Moscow, it (s pointed nut. can't lose In this kind of a game. By' maintaining a balance ol power, the chl " rsc Rc(ls <""• >»•'<• Soviets have kept 250.000 American ler and spring were gained by investing, and losing, lar^r quantities of manpower to compensate for Only in ver.v recent weeks has there been evidence that the Russians mlRhi- he moving to make at least some small replenishment of equipment losses. Wha* really new equipment Russia hn.<; tithjwed to reach Hie Korean war /one appears to have been sent there primarily for the purpose of combat lest of the equipment or the Assassinated Abdullah Buried As Middle East Remains Tense fighting men pinned down In Ko- Icchnirjue for nslni! IWnol for full rca, prevented them from being de- silp]»rt of the lied Chinese lilfnn- ployed to other world points \vhere I lr l'- No Grnimrl Support In this connecllon .it is noied the Russian moves may come. It hasn't cost the Russians anything, except for a hruidful of equipment anil] R""' n "-»iade MIO-lft Jet fighters some military advice. Rut so far 't^t "° time have come down to sup- has cost the Chinese something jptY nlr support fnr Communist In- 'fnntry on the battle line. They have remained In the YaJu River boundary arcn, coming up there for brief engagements with UN planes. These brief sorties have had all the earmarks of tc.stlnj? of equipment and tactics under combat conditions, but contributing no help to Ihe ground fighters. American ollu-ors thoroughly familiar with the problems there also discount the theory that China has an unlimited, boundless reservoir of military manpower to be poured endlessly Into the Korean wnr. They say the availability of mll- AMMAN, Jordan, July 23. <AP) — Ouni of the Arab Legion boomed at tine-minute Intervals today as the body of murdered King Abdullah was carried to the royal cemetery for burial. Btark flags of mourning Hew from 1 bullet Ings, fluttered across the streeU enrt wer« raised on automobiles and bu.sea. Commanders of Abdullah'* army carried the coffin from the royal palace to the gun carriage nn which it was borne between lines of his wailing subjects, Jordan's Rrcen, black* white and red flag covered the coftin. Troop* on Guard Arab l#%[cin troops fn fill) bailie I dress Kunrded every corner of the i capital, but the city WIIA calm. Strict j .security precaution* have been j taken. _ | 'Hie late king's nephew, Prince Abdul Illah, recent of neighboring rra<i. and his son. Prince Naif, now regent of Jordan, hea<Ied the list of mnurnrrs. Abdullah'* eldest, son. Prince Tfillal, Is ailing in Switzerland and did not come home for the fmicrnl. Presldflnt Truman was tit- ed by (lornId A. Drew, U.S. minister at Amman. Abdullah was .shot to death Frl- dny noon a.s he, entered the musque of Onnr in Jerusalem to [iray at the tomb of his father. The a^.sa.<s- In, a Moslem Jerusalem tailor, - AHS Immediately hilled hy Abdullah's guard*. Old CHy IB Arnwd Camp JERUSALEM, July 21. CAP)—ThV Jordan-held old city of Jerusalem ! wa« turned into an armed camp today &s 50 miters away in Amman carmon volleys Bounded «vtry minute for the funeral procession of as.sasdlnnUd King Abdullah. The city was quiet and the usual parly morning cries of peddlers wer« .stilled an (he clang of hobnailed Arab I-e^lon boots sounded on the cobblestones of the narrow twisting lancE. Israelis living In the border EOnes could see clearly new sandbagged positions in the old city's battlement*. They were as-sured by Jordan that the military preparation.*, were for internal security and not directed against Israel. Nevertheless, the watchword In Israel was Increased vigilance. This country felt that time must before a considered Judgment of the • pffncU of Abdullah's as.sHssinatlon could be made. * i over 600,000 casualties, destruction; of much hnrd-to-gelr equipment.: • nd a clamp-dov.-n on her foi-elgi '.trade, *".-. '.' " "'North .Koreans Favored supply Mtniul- ''the/'Norlh Korean Communists appear to have been more favored than the Red forces. Information received here, gleaned from battlefield and othtrr sources, shows that- throughout much of the time-since the Chinese Reds entered the Korean wnr they received little from Russia. But at the same time, the North Koreans have been receiving from moderate jUary manpower actually Is limited to substantial quantities of military! by * cverfl ' fnctors, the most con- tquipment. Generally, the have fought with the mollry collection of arms with which Ibny started—-remnants of material Riven China in trolling of which is the primitive funning methods of China. To supply even the inadrminte food rjunn- Illy tiie Chinese oblnln, great masses of farm workers nre needed. Any World War II, weapons which fell Ifirpe military levy on the pcpula- ,Eon reduces food production to the ;x>int where famine, follows. Among other factors definitely limiting Available military manpower is ihe physical condition ol :hc average under-nourished [>op- ulatlon. Even by ruthless Conur^iti- iroop standards, large numbers of the Chinese population are useless as fioldlers. Egg Chain Reaction GUELPH Ont. fAP>—Restauran- Icur Joe Cnntlni cracked an egg for his breakfast on the side of a frying pan. fnlo the pan dropped the yolk, the white and a second egj<, The smaller egg had no yolk. REVIVAL Lone Oak Baptist Church (Xy, Allies West of Hlylheville) July 29 - Aug. 10 Elder .lames Ivy, Con way. Evangelist.. .assisted by the Rev. Silas Long, Paslor. SERVICES'NIGHTLY — T-.:W P.M. Public Invited Take off the blinders... and see why o00 9 OOQ motorists have chosen Kaiser-engineered cars! sw *.„ ^.h,^, -^t^ „< A. part... and *« what'j really new in vfdue nnti (it sign today! If you have an eye to economy, se« how Kais«-Fr»7er'!i smart, new Henry J can actually catt yon up tn |600 the first year on initial cost, ga» and oil and rither charges! ea^JeM on your pockethook, l^ecau^p if gives you up to 30 to 35 miles a RaHon. Anil if you're inlcrrMed in lite luxurious motoring •n ihe road, don'l mi.*s tha Kai«rr! The economy car in the medium-price field, »nd thr luxury car in nny price finlii] Thanks to Jt» year^-ahrnd Analomic Design it actually ho*/nore Inxiir/ feature*, more engineering amt styling advances th-in any other car in ihe world! Alurr limn filKl.flOO ownrrs of »l1n*r niakrs have xuitchcttio CAtt-\ jf yiuTIl c»mr in and xtc sriint's new. f/ be a KaJ&er buyer. i» 1333 Take off tlie bUuders . . . 7>.s/ (Jte Jiig 2 at your Kaiser*Frazer Dealer's! A. Kaiser Bniit to hfitcr the best on the road! 61 MOTOR CO. - No. Sixth St. - Phone 2142 Starting Tomorrow, Jimtnie Edwards & purchase of a UNIVERSAL WASHER! 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