Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 8, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 5
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m LAMP SALE We are offering for a leader a flne Library Lamp Especially .aesigiie'd to write read 01-sew by for . :-: 59 Cents :-: The identical lamb has sold for $1.25. Don't wait but come this week, have five other styles that we are giving special -prices on THE GRAND BAZAAR 3O7 Fourth Street. :: P.EEB READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, , 321 Pearl Street. Welcome-to All. : •; Sealed; Proposals, : TO fornisii supplies for the •' Northern Indiana Hospitallfor Insane, For me$ontti or May, 1891, Will be received W the Board of Trustees at the hospital, until J2 o'clockMI. on Tuesday, April M. 1861. See Specifications In Post Office Looby By order of the Board. JOS. G. ROGERS, •--•.'. Medical Supt- J.ogansport, Ind., April 8,1891. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. MONEY TO LOAN, n ao7 tnmnt the LOWEST rats* f nvaw tanoi oulj. Money altmyt io hand. No re 1 tap* or to- l«y. Interent and principal pnyabla la. Logan* port. SpeolAl .<uTBng»monte .at- to psyiuftcj oi principal and interest, mnd» to «nit t*<e wlshon n| oorroww. lor further porUonlara apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court Honse. , DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE and Residence 102 Pawnee St LOGANSPORT, • - - IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases andKseases of Women and Children, Consultation Free. Night Be.ll. Promptly Responded to. DR. E. M. HATCH, -HOM<EOPATHI«*T- Physician and Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122 High Street, Logansport. Ind. /'•aprld&nlm M'ON-E Y, a«n«r»l Inroranot and Lo»n». All Ulndn ot in •or«no»pl«o«dlii. nratelsuB companies. Eaiov m»it polioleo pnrch«pad, Bond? of mirotysi. wrljten lor parHeujholdlDr? poHlttens of trot* •here a bond le required, 319 PEABJL ST. S. M. Closson, John Horneris in Illinois on a visit John A. Richardson and Anna Roche are licensed to wed. Jos. Uhl is putting up an addition to the People's bank building on Third street. Emslie Kistler, of the East' : End, -is on the sick list suffering from .a-n attack of'the grip. ' • J. F. Bishop was around'town yesterday for the first time after a week's spell of sickness....... . - The -Pan Handle company had a. new engine puffin at , the "electric light house of the shops. A number, of members of the--local Salesman's union went to Kokomo yesterday -afternoon to establish ii .branch' : of s ,that : order. ; ';' - . The Caiieton.'Club dance to-night promises to be-one of. the most de-. lightful rsocial events-of- the season. A large number of out-of-town guests ;.will be entertained by the club. The Broadway Presbyterian church congregation is ^negotiating for the purchase of the Whitsett property adjoining the church on the west, with a view of making a parsonage of the same. Mr. James T. Bryer will depart for Peru this morning in the interest of the. census department. He will be in the field some weeks examining the mortgage records of the northern counties. The celebrated Nashville Students, i a company of colored singers, will give a concert in, the rink on the evening of April 7. 1891. See small bills. Admission adults, 25 cents. Children,. 15 cents. --• aprodSt Rev. W. H. Daniels, formerly pastor of the Broadway M. E. Church and wife, are visiting in the city, the guests of Mrs. Daniels' parents, Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Birch. Rsv. Daniels has been appointed by the conference to go to Kokomo, and as Dr. Birch as Presiding Elder of this district, will be compelled to move to that place also, the two families will be reunited. People living ih the southeast part of the city in the vicinity of the Pan Handle shops complain, of a. -gang of tramps which have taken up their abode in the ruins 'of the .old brewery on 15th street and. by begging and stealing have made this neighborhood unsafe. They are said to' vary from six to a dozen or more and have occupied their" present, quarters the greater part of the winter. Marion Leader: "A number of his friends from various points along the line of the Pan Handle railroad from Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilson ente tained their friends at six o'clock ti. last evening, The approaching marriage of Mi» Lena Biegler and Mr. Gottlieb Strahl is announced. Mrs. W. C. Gibson died at her horn on Wabash avenue yesterday mornin 0 at 9:30 o'clock, aged 28 years. The Mr. Barnes of New York Com pany, came here from Richmond, an went to Chicago this morning. Mr. J. H. Githens of Chicago, an old and well known hotel man, wa the guest of the Barnett yesterday. Rev. T. S. Freeman, the pastor of the Christian church has taken up his residence at the home of A. B. Slanton. MlleRhea, the eminent tragedienne, is booked to appear at Dolan's, April 17, in Josephine, Empress of France, her strongest play. A party of ten or more members of Salesmen's Union went to Kokomo last evening and instituted a branch of the union at that place. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock Esq. George W. Fender officiating at his office Ira A. Bastow and Viola M. Gottschalk were united in marriage. ^ 'Mr. and Mrs. Miller and Miss May Thornton attendeJ %a reception given by the Apollo club at Muncie last night and will remain in that city a few days visiting friends. Mr. Peter B. Shina ..and wife .returned yesterday from the southern part of the State where Mr. Shinn has been teaching school and are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shinn. ; Rodney Strain, J. B. Winters and daughter Carrie; Mrs. Ruth Forrest and Miss Carrie Young went to Indianapolis yesterday to attend a reunion of -the G. A. R. and the W. R. C. By her attornies McConnell & Jen- .kines. Elizabeth A. Brown has filed application for a divorce from Pollard J. Brown; also through the same legal firm Aurilia D Cox has sued for divorce from Edward B. Cox, The Bringhurst Beacon says that about two years ago a young- man in that village married a young woman who about six months ago died. The bereaved husband has now created considerable local comment by marrying his mother-in-law. It is thought that this is the first case of the kind on record. Yesterday by her attorney M. F. Mahpney, Sarah A. Roales, filed complaint for .divorce - from her THE APPOINTMENTS, Appointment* of the Forty-Kiy] A111,11111 ScMNloii of the North Indiana Conference for Till The report of tfee appointments made at the late M. E. conference at Huntington show the following appointments for this, the Kokomo dis- ct. Rev. Dr. Birch has been mad« 'he presiding eider and will remove to uikomo. His place is supplied by lev. H. J. Norris. Rev. Boston and iev. Davis have been returned to their present charges. The appointments for he district are: Alto—R, S. Reed. Bunker Hill—E. Davis. Cicero—J. S. McElwee. Elwood—M. F. Stright. Galveston—J. VV. Paschail. Greentown—C. E. Disbro. Goldsmith—G. M. Carpenter Hobos—W. C. MeKaig. Jolietville—E: W. Osburn. Kokomo—Mulberry street, W. H. Daniels. Kokomo, Maryland Ave—J. A. R. Jahring. Logansport, Broadway—H. J. Nors. Logansport, Market street—W. S. Boston. •Logansport, Wheatlanrt street—H A. Davis. .< New Britton—W. J. Waltz. .•New Waverly—A. A Pittenger. - Noblesville—C. G. Hudson. Peru—E. L. Semans. ':: Point Isabell—A. A. Turner. Russiaville—A. J, Carey. ; Santa Fe—A. L. Forkner. 'Scircleville—J. Z.Barrett. Sharpsville—W. E. MoCarty. ' Sheridan—J. D. Belt. ; Tipton—E. F. Hasty. Walton—W. G. Bogue. Westfield—E. Holdstock. .Windfall—A. H. Currie. Xenia—C: H. Wilkinson. Carter & Holmes, MAKERS of NBCKWAER! CIIFCAGO, March 23, 1891.' : ; ••• OTTO KRAUS, Loganspon: : ; Dear Sir—Your recent order is just completed.aad goes forward by to-day's express. V"e have used every effort to make your Goods to the highest standard and trust they will open to your entire satisfaction and warrant a continuance of your esteemed patronage. We are Yours Respectfully, CARTER & HOLMES, The above Neckwear has arrived and we respectfully solicit your'inspection. OTTO A KRAUS. husband Wm. T. Roales' alleging cruelty, drunkenness and failure to provide. The defendant is even now in jail for having assaulted the plaintiff and her sister on Sunday, for which act he was fined §10, and is laying it out. It is a curious fact that water pipes under ground will often freeze during the warm spell that follows a cold snap. The explanation made for this interesting phenomenon if that after a cold wave a large quantity of heat is taken from the ground in the work of changing the frozen moisture into water, and thus, on the principle of the ice cream freezer, the pipe is chilled, enough heat being taken from it to freeze it. Mr. Burnt- N of New York. One of the cleanest, most satisfactory performances of the season was witnessed ac Dolan's last night and the audience was large enough to suit most any manager. Dramatized "Mr. Barnes of New York" is as thrillingly interesting as Mr. Gunther's popular novel of the same name, and in the hands of the very capable company which presented it last night made up an evening of most delightful entertainment. The play is a. skillful mingling of the tragic with a pleasant vrein of ;ckJmedy- arid is clean cut .throughout. ' TRY BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by C. P U E G E L L-,-' Druggist/ 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. .. 'Npthing could be more pleasingly APPETITE. E N Gii re; u > Q OPERA HOUSE, E-IMV3UIOn O INDlANAPOUi. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE .WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, " BERNHARDTI IN VICTOREAN SARDOU'S TWO GREATEST ••••'• •'•• '' PLAYS, ':. •.---'•'. c, APRIL 14, "FEDORA" SSSfc. APRIL 15, "IA 10SCA" Pmtnttd with th« urrw Groat Comptny «nd tht umt El»txxit« Sctnefy, Coitumei «ndJprop»rti«i •aiwwrtmploytd In N«w York. •• • Pmccs OF RESERVED SEATS: All Loww Row, S3, All 2d Floor, $2. M 3d Floor, $1 Sail of SeaU Begins MONDAY, APRIL 6tb, Swti <u b* MCUWI. by .writing «r tebxn'phini Dietach.lt f.lb«ti>dlirnpclk. lid. SPECIAL 'KOTICt— Pmrttti »f tin or rrwri nn w«n ttiutti »tn. Apply to Loci Agtnt ' Dally" Jdii'rnal. WEDiiTESDAY MORNING APRIL 8. Make j'our ice" contracts With 'John Baker. mchSidU I guarantee .that one bottle will cure . your face :of-' '.pimples, freckles and ' blackheads.', Pi-ice, 75 cents, at Kees| ling's drug 1 Store. ' 3— | and the like i Logansport to Bradford Junction, wh 'in some manner heard an erroneou report of the death of Mr. D. B Sweetser, of this city, last- Saturday came in from both .ways on the fore noon trains, only to learn at the depo that they had been grossly deceived Although they had the trip for noth ing, all were very glad that such was the; case." Marshall Dean and Officer Manders yesterday arrested a couple of strange lads in the Wabash yards on the be- beliefthat-they were -the boyi who feloniously ; -entered '.Barney Stolz's chicken house and stole therefrom a couple, of setting hens and their respective • 'settings".. of-: eggs. One of the boys was discovered in the old brewery devouring the remnants of a roasted fowl, .supposed ; "to" be one of Mr. Stolz's - -setting hens. The boys gave their names as Bassett. and Groves^and say-they are from Sioux City, la. They will be given a chance for. their, white .alley, this morning in the police court. '.. The team attached to" J.- E. Medary's bakery wagon indulged in a.lively runaway yesterday morning. The team became frightened in front of Henry .Tucker's store and turning ran onto Fourth street where they collided with a telephone pole arid -upset the bake wagon spilling bread iand cakes in all directions. -• The horses then continued on their m'ad.cours'e 'up. onto. Broad- wayi and-.were- stopped hear Sixth street. No one. hurt. About the same hour Emile lula's wagon had a break down not'one hundred'feet from" the former smash up. . Market street 'is keeping up its record for runaways Murder Will Out. Several years ago Barney Meyers, of Lafayette, was found in a dying- condition, due to a fractured skull, and Isaac JTorris and John Maher were last seen in his company. Meyers died and these men were sent to the prison north for murder. They, always .disavowed the '-crime and claimed that, they were simply helpin g a drunken man along until they found he could go no farther. Within the past few days developments show that Meyers died of a blow inflicted by a beer mallet in the hands of a saloon keeper, and that the accused were innocent. An effort will be made to secure the release of Norris and Maher. The saloonkeeper is dead, and witnesses who saw him strike Meyer are now willing to testify. diverting than the rapid journey from Paris to Nice made by the irrepressible Mr. Barnes and the pretty and unprotected English maiden, nor' could there be more intense tragedy than the end of thWendetta in the last act. la this act the tragic struggle between love for her husband and her obligation to her oath was a bit of genuine acting in which Miss May Wheeler, as Marina, held the audience spell bound and the curtain fell amid ajDreathless silence. MissEmmaField was a charming and piquant Enid; Mr. James Neill assumed the role of the cool New Yorker with consumate ease,, while the Count Musso, of Sheridan Block, was a strong effort. Horace Lewis' make up, as the old Corsican, would certainly give him entrance unchallenged into the Mafia. The "Maud," of Miss Annie Blancke, portrayed the typical young Miss to perfection. The support was exceptionally good, not stick in the entire company. -The meeting of the Social Club was changed to Thursday evening to prevent a conflict of meetings with, the Second ward Democratic primaries which meets Friday evening. The committee on organization quartets. names, etc., will please be prepared What Be ,^ iu to. report at the meeting Thursday evening at the court-room. A full attendance of those who signed the call is also desired at that time. In Most Cases It Is Duo to Some Irritation of the Stomach. A Minnesota, subscriber wants to know what.to do for his cattle that are tearing his stable down for the sake of eating the boards. This unnatural appetite is due to some irritation of the stomach vst,,,^ deranges digestion and causes a morbid craving. There are various causes for this irritation. Pregnancy,, disease of the liver, tuberculosis and .the presence of foreign matter's in the stomach— balls of hair and other concretions of indigestible matter, stones, nails—will produce this result. Treat the disorder as ordinary indigestion by giving pint doses of raw- linseed oil and dilute nitro-muriatic acid as a solvent of the concretions and atonic. Give two drachms of the acid in a pint of water daily just before feeding. . . •'•'• If the animals are hidebound, have a dry, rough coat or show other evidences of unthrift for wantot proper nutrition, give even the most nutritious food in moderation in order .that perfect digestion may be secured: Bran and linseed mashes, cut roots with corn meal and other good, wholesome food should be provided, but given in 'light- rations.- If roots are fed, be sure that they are free from dirt. Sometimes this lumber-eating- habit is caused by sand in the stomach, taken in with grass which^ has been washed by floods, or from light, sandy soils. In. such cases feeding toe middlings with moistened cut hay or green fodder will help to relieve the stomach by carrying oft' the adhering- sand.—Farm, Field and Stockman.. ALBERT OF FLANDERS. T.yplioW Fcvr.r Rajfiug-. EKSKURQ. W.' V.i , April 7 —Tie ravages of typhoid fever ,md grip .continue. Five funerals occurred JWCon- day and three more deaths were reported during the day. Reports from diff erent parts of this county and from adjacent counties and from the other side of the Ohio, «how that one person irj every ten is sick.wittrone 01 the othec of these diseases. .,..-.- Baroum GrowiDg- M e^kcr. •* BRIDGKI'OBT, Conn.,. April 7 —Dr. G. C. ' Godfrey, who has been m attendance upon P. T. Barnum all night* said at 10 a. m. that the veteran showmarr 1 ' was fast declining, and; his death mapj be expeoted in a few hours. His res-, piration and pulse are growing weaker. ' Up to 10 a, m: he remained conscious at times and recognized those about his bedside. Ordered to Rush. , Pa., April 7 —The firms in this city having contracts for the manufacture of iron and steel for gov- ermnent warships have been ordered to hurry up the work as a result of the talk of war with Italy. \V6oJeu Mills in Ashes- < LOUISVILLB, -Ky.,- April 7.— Fire Moo- day afternoon damaged the Falls City woolen mills to the extent of $20,000- insured fully. . ' i Youthful Merit We desire to say to our citizens, that or years we have been selling Dr King's New Discovery for Consum'p- ion, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck en's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies that ell as well, or that have given such niversal satisfaction. We do not hesitate in guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the pur chase price, if. satisfactory results- do not not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely; on their merits. B. F. "Keesling Druggist. . i Cant Thy Bread Upon the Water*. The will of -an eccentric citizen 1 of an Eastern .State, leaves the entire property, which is quite large, to charities, except a legacy of $5.0, 'which sum," says the will, '-I give and bequeath to Stephen , of Dexter, in consideration of 50 cents .given to me when I, was in distressed circumstances." Commendable. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig. Syrup Company. It acts genth on- the kidneys, liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions'" that every bottle will not substantiate. A Laxly In Texas Write*:' My case is long standing; has baffled-many physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfield's Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write the Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold.by Ben Fisher. to!2 Horfte Clipping. x . I am prepared to do horse clipping in first-class style at Earl Stuart's Livery stable. WARNER STURGEON. ma:-81d6t Notice. .. The hack list for the Carleton reception will be at Busjahn's drugstore until vVednesday at 12 o'clock. By order of the President. apr~d2t Heir- Presumptive Lookri Like. Prince Albert, the younger and only brother of Prince Baldwin of Flanders, has become by-the death of-the latter the heir pre'. sumptive to the Belgian: throne. .The p r e^sent' heir apparenf is his fatheri Philippe;'Count of Flanders, the only brother of King. Leopold. The king has no male children, and the Salic law, which prevails in.Bel- gium, prevents his daughters PBIKCE ALBERT OF FLAX- succeeding t o DISKS. the crown. Zing Leopold is only fifty-six years old, and" is still in vigorous health; so that in the natural course of things his brother, who is but two years his junior, ca.nnot hope to enjoy the throne long, should he outlive the present king. Prince Albert was born in 1875 and has' only, just entered the military school. - He is strong and .healthy, but the death of his elder brother' and the recent serious illness of one of bis sisters have eit a feeling of uneasiness in the royal 'amily as to the future The Count of Flanders, hit, rather. m«imedin ISG.Tthe Princess Maiic of Ilohen/.ollern-bigma,- ringen On his lather's side he is related to the English royal family. BotH tfae method and results Syrfip of. Figs Js tak«n-;rit is pleasart and refreshing to ,the. taste, and act* gently yet.pronjp.tlj; on,tlie Kidneys, Liver .and Bowels,'.cleanses the sys-, tern effectually, dispels colds, head-', ach'es and fevers and 'cures habitual' 1 ' constipation. Syrup of ; Pigs is' tlf " only remedy- of Jts kind ever pro- -' duced, pleasing ,to the. taste ar;d f ac- - ceptiible to the stomach, prompt in^ its action and truiy : beneficial in its^ effects, prepared oniy.from the mo< healthy and agreeable substances" its many excellent- qualities-' commend it to all andrhave'made-it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leading drug- gsstSL- Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one wnV y-ishes to try it Do not accept anv substitute. ' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CS' SAN FRANQ1SCO, GAL tni,«VHtF W NrW PorsalpbyB V Keeillngand all

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