The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 21, 1951
Page 7
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8ATUTOAY, «, 1M1 BLYTRSVILLB, (ARK.) COUNTER NBW1 Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams SUPPO68 NOISED ABOUT THAT I 3OST Keceweo A zso PER OM TMe *|OO X IM tHose DIPJA <S6T THE UP NOSE HE C.IVEUS? IMPORTANCE GOES WITH ANV X1MPA JO6, EVEN) IF IT'S ONLY E RCA WD BCT/ IM A FACTORY--THAT'S AND VOU'RE LETTIW IT <56TCHA,' BUT WOT MS/ HE'S EARMtW MOJEV TO 8UV GRUB AND WE'RB (3OMWA CATCH SOME - - SO WP > DON'T WEEP TH6 \ COUCH.' IT'S ALL. THE SAME INFERENCE, OMLY WE'RE GONMA HAVE FUKJ OCD6R YOUR CHMK. HOW A8OOT REST LIKE A PIG NEEDS A DIET BUT YOU VOlLL V^AIT, CRWJS SCOFF.ep MOVJ POR A CALM, ReST-;g FUL VA.CWIOM; TILL voe STAGE- A TlCKER-TAPe HIGHER ECONOMICS Confederate General T. J. ("Stonewall"! Jackson was killed at the age of 39, In 1863 at Clmncel- lorsville, Va. Sho« Repair Helps You Look Your Best m3 LT€RS 'n. * y 5 H u e SHOT Z W M O i N S T. Check Your Speedometer! M W«l fera I« MOD*? An you sure your tp«*doinet«r read! correctly? Iff no excuse for peedlni. Come In tomorrow- jlim day scrvici lor all can and tructo. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Cfcir»t«r-Pl7inoHOi Dealer 121 K. Mala \ Phon* Z122 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gaaranteed B«st Prices Kirby Drug Stores DAIRY QUEEN South Htway 61 TUE «TORTi Hpo. lr ln (H <*«< Carl Meltb^r HBH • OovnunUt conrret. 1 had I* a*« Car mf life. I look the Identity 01 Caroline CclKh, whom C*rl klllrd. ••• «on- TlDCCd a«r dead haabantl'a lawyrc. tlarl Jaa&laaD. thai I w«* h«r. lint Carl «OIIo«*M mt. I eladrtf him, ra« lo a rallirn; •Intlu* nkrrr 1 eallrt Bart, oka loH a» la alay at taa •talloB Bad u be Brn- ftlble." Bal t aad lo aee Bart, voai- T|BC« hint at the r*anon lor air •laftuaeradc. S« I cat • train rardmaa t* take we to Hart'a nf- firr. Tbr maa t««li nt« >• ^C*ui Mclakea- laat««d. VI pARL said, "HcUo, Mary,"\«* M he had run ioto me quitt by accident on Fourth Avenue. I Hast stood there, petrified. "You make it so hard, Mary," Carl said softly, gesturing with the gun for me to get back in the car. I backed away. I could »c<ream. 1 might even run, but Carl had com* too far to rum back. Too far to let one frightened woman stand between him and security. As if reading my mind, Carl warned, "Don't try anything, Manr." Than, "Com*, Van." Tb« man I thought was a railroad yardman glided out of the shadows from which Carl had stepped moments earlier. There was a amug grin on his face. "She's asking * right «uiat. Tow smart girl." Cart took my arm. Th« automatic tapped suggestively at my shortrib. "Too smart. Get in the car, Mary." Tilled with knowing that I was going to di« and that obeying might postpone the Inevitable, walked ahead ot Carl to th« car. "The front seat," he instructed got in. The man he called Van slid under the wheel; Carl and bis gun were on my other side. As ihe car rolled noiselessly Into Main Street, 1 looked across Carl at the building. It wasn't Police Station, tt was a grocery store. "You." 1 jald to Van, "are double-crossing rat!" Carl Metzker chuckled. Van growled an incoherent something down in his throat and tramped lard on the accelerator. The car almost leaped from under us. The voice was not my own, for this voice squeaked. The hands clutching my purse could have belonged to somebody else, too, for [ was holding onto the alligator bag so tightly that trjere was no feeling beyond my wrists, you've got to hold onto something when you're going to be murderod. "You'll never get away wish It, Carl." It was a last desperate attempt. M ft could get me a little more time, mayhe until Bart—I said, "When 1 disappear too, Carl, there wili be questions. Even (n New York, because Bart Jonathan knows 1 came from there." Neither man spoke. I plunged on, "Maybe ever>-the policeman who laughed when I told him about you will start wondering if, perhaps, 1 did tell him the truth. You're in the soup, CarL And Van and Frank are with you." "How a*4 you know about Frank?" » 'That cow wasn't aH Prank scared. 1 was there, loo." Carl swore then, under hi£ breath. K wa» a sign ot strain. Carl never swore. He always said he could express himself fully without profanity and when tie couldn't he'd get out ot the public relations fleld. Well, it looked as if he was getting out of it—into murder. "Step it up, Van," Carl snapped although Van must have had the pedal to the floorboard. a a • T KNEW where we were going Back to the old Leigh place, to pick up Frank. This man, Van would be the one who had been ic the house with the flashlight, silhouetting Carl's chunky body in the window as 1 (led. I leaned forward, but the gu hat Carl had in my side io I sat back. Carl made a gloat- m; little noisa. The shudder shook my whole >ody. and I couldn't slop shaking, was going to diel 1, Mary Tobiai, who but for a research Job that ook me late to the office one dar might be pounding my ear in th« win bed across from Carolinel 1 lad killed Caroline! Without my suspicions— The hysteria was coming back: grimly, I fought tt- .1 I let go now— "The car took the elbow turn .nto the lane on a prayer. Above is, at the top of its pine-crowned hill, was the tall old house, dark now but foreboding even in daylight, where Carl's man had beon waiting for me to come back. Carl sat for a minute after atof car stopped. "Quite a hideout. Mary. Comfy as all get-out. weren't you?" "Yeah," Van drawled, "too be* she can't stay." "She'll slny, nil right. She like* it here, don't you, Marf ?" He go* out, • • BX, I DIDNT answer him; I couldn't My voice was caught tome- where in the clammy fear that was in my throat, my cheat, in the sweat that was cold on my upper Up and the palmi of tn>' hands. When Carl said "Get euL Mary," I Just sat. "I said GET OUT!Carl's fingers bit through m) leeve as he jerked me out of tht car, sent me sprawling on tto cindered driveway. "Get up!" Carl was bending rer me, nudging me with the gun. *There'i only once to die. Mary, don't rush It—* "She thinks she's got nine live*, huh. Carl?" Van snorted. 1 was crying silently <u we went toward the house, my hand* pressed hard against my cinder- scratched face as if that could dull the pain. Then we were on thr back porch. The rusty old iock turned laboriously In answer to Carl's order, and the door opened. I drew bk.k sharply. "No!" 1 gasped. "C*, no!" There, like a wraith, stood Caroline. Cto Be Continued) © — -TT-— Get The Best- Car Service! AH Makes «nd Modeli! No matwr what kind ol oar rou drive, you'l] save money by getting the personal service at T. I. Stay Motor Co. We'll care for vour car as you would yourself T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 t Main cBth Dealer Phone t.m WHEN YOU GO ON VACATION . . . Or Moke a Trip... DO 3 THINGS! 1. Buy Travelers Accident Insurance •2. Check Auto Liability Insurance 3. Buy Travelers Checks — and h« Fret of Worry J United Insurance Agency 10B 1st. St. Ingram Bldg. Blytheville Phone B821 A. P. nlctrlek See Us For AM Insurance Problems SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to '/< inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop [17 South Broadway Phon , 2 651 WATERMELONS WHOLES - HALVES - SLICES AS LOW -rrc ** I D Not LD 'cerf 4 C Lb. ICE COLD BLYTHEVILLE CURB MKT. —130 EAST MAIN— "We Stop Termite Traffic" No Charict for Inspection All Work Guaranteed PHONE 2350 Superior Termite Co. 535 ,V. 8th NOH- Open: Musick CABINET SHOP 421 East Davis • Cahinets Built • Screens Marie Expert l.vf Mnslcli, Owner FOR SALE CamereM ellierU, 12 Inch t* «8 Inch, slain at mnforced A ho ConcMtt- Billdlnjj Blocki ehe.p er than limber t»i b»rni chlrkrn hnuiet. airnp kanet. It run I houses, Mai theat W> atUrtr Call m* for rrn* t»tln>»l«. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rk«M Ml ;ET: MY WUMBEB ,~. c^E suspfcr/ ?•" LO06E OJLY FASHION PLWre? WILL Yoo tJOM MS. NOT ME. SHERLOCK... Oh, I can «at «verythln.r now that th» kldt arc horn* o* vacation—J k*«p »l»nd«r jurt by vyorrying!" PRISCTl.LA'S-POP That's Our Girl BY AL VERMEER OH, WALDO!! ISN'T IT JUST BEAUTIFUL? ^PRISCILLA!! CARLVLEI! WE WANT YOU TO LOOK AT THIS BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE STUDY THI*. TUNATSj* MAI» — CVkNK L&NK, UNKE-MPT' NOW LET US APPLY A MODICUM OF P6ERLS&* PlUTE SOAP/ OUT O* T»X-CH». McTlffjf Rtttirn* BY T.KST.IE TURNER GLAD TO 5E5 BACK, MR MeTISS. HWB OftUCER., 6H? SOUNDS MUCH MORE INTRIGUW6 THfMM WASH'S REWBSTI AT LEA&T tlL SSB WHAT SHE LOOKS ^ LIKE! BUGS BUNNY How to Do It Right ...ANP fiTAV OUT, BUM.' YOU'RE PON ; T TELL YOU CAN'T SLAM TH'DOOR HARPED T«~,N THAT, POC/ ALLEY OOP Defiant, Eh? BY V- T. ilAMLIN NO MATTER WOW SIMPLE IHOW WAS I TO V^ ~^.MY wjbM.UUK A JOB MAY BE.YOU'LL /KNOW TH'GUY/AMD ANY-\IT MAKES A JET IT DOME WRONG fT SLUGGED IN / WAY. WHAT \ LOT/ NOW EVERY TIME, BY GEE.' J TH'DARK WAS ( DIFFERENCE OL'GUZ'LL y - -•- DOES IT ,/ BE REALLY MAKE? A, KOTJ YOU SAY THAT WITH I DOMT \ASTRAK3HTFACE? CARE ONE) Y'SURE YOU'RE TEENSY / NOT 'WAY OFF WEENSY I YOUR BASE? B1T/ LOOK.FOOZY...I F1GSEK IF OU EUZ WMT MAM ENOUGH TO HANG ONTO HIS OWN SHIRr. HE OUGHTA BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN hi T. y *Ed U t PAT. 6f F. J

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