The Bee from Danville, Virginia on May 15, 1974 · Page 21
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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 21

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1974
Page 21
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12-B The Bee: Danville, Vo., Wednesday, May 15, 1974 Woody s World "Better get some ice before that fish spoils. " Television WFMY--CHANNEL 2 6:00 Good Morning 7 :S5 Devotions RMI Kangaroo 9:00 Old llcucl !l::iOGulitilh 0.--I5 Wilh Ring 10:00 Jokers Wilt! 10:30 Gambit 11.-00 You Sec II 11:3(1 Love (if Life 11:55 Ch. 2 News J2:M Yo., licsttess 12:30 Search 1:00 Corner Pyle J: 30 World Turns 2:110 Guiding Lite 2:30 Edge Night ;!:00 Price Right 3:30 Match Game 4:00 TattlctalDS 4::)0 Merv Griffin 5:30 Dragnet (i:OOCh. 2 News G::iD CBS News 7:00 Beat Clock 7:30 Police Surg. fl:DO Sonny Cher 9:00 Cannon 10:00 Kojak 11:00 News 11:30 CBS Movie R: !): 9: 30: 11: 11: 12: 13: 1: l: 2: WUNC-- CHANNEL4 30 Human Rela. :i» Health Pro :30 Phy. -Science : 00 Sesame St. :00 Math :30 Film :00 Meet Arts :30 Electric Co. :10 Reaily, Set ::)( Pliy. Science :00 French Chef 2:30 Sign Off 4:00 Mister Rogers 4::iO Sesame St. 5:30 Electric Co. G:00 TBA 0:30 Consultation 7:00 Now 7:30 Gardening 8:00 Bill Moyers 8:30 Theatre 10:00 Sign Off WDBJ--CHANNEL 7 n:00 Sunrise Sem II:30 Light of Life t":35 Town Crier 0:50 WDBJ News 7:00 CBS News 7:30 WDBJ News 7:35 CBS News K:0-3 Kangaroo S:OOTatlletalc fl:30 Artie Levin 10:CO Joker's Wild 10:30 Gamlilt 11:00 Now You Sec 11:30 Love of Life 11:55 Light of Life 12:1)0 Yo., Restless 12:30 Search 3:00 Panorama 1:30 World Turns 2:00 Guiding Lite 2:30 Edge Night 3:00 Price Right 3:30 Match Game 4:00 Flintstones 4:30 Bonanza 5:30 Dragnet 6:00 News 0:30 CBS News 7:00 Ozzie's Girls 7:30 Hollywood Sq 8:00 Sonny Cher ·J:00 Cannon 10:00 Kojak 11:00 News 11:30 CBS Movie WGHP--CHANNEL 8 lv.15 Farm Home 3:00 Gen. Hosp. (:3fl Romper Room 3:30 One Life 7:W) New Zoo 4:K) S10.000 7:30 Ted Armstrong 4:30 OTOy H:OOSo. Exposure 5:30 Eyewitness 8:00 Dial Movie J 1:00 Password 11:30 Brady Bunch 12:00 Eyewitness 12:30 Split Second 1:00 All My 1:30 Make Deal 2:00 Newly wed 2:30 Girl In My 6:00 ABC News 6:.TM You Can Do . 7:110 Truth or Con. 7:30 Dusly's Trail 8:00 Movie 10:00 Doc Elliott 11:00 Eyewitness 11:30 Entertainment 1:00 Eyewitness WLVA--CHANNEL 13 H:00 Arnh. College 3:00 Gen. Hosp. »,-30 Ilomper Room 3:31) One Life 0:00 Wild West 10:00 Green Acres 30:30 Jeannie 11:00 Split Second 11:30 Brady Bunch 12:00 Password 12:30 N-Tlltrty 1:00 My Children 1:30 Make a Deal 2:00 Newlyweds 2:30 Girl In Life 4:00 Pyramid 4:30 Mike Douglas 6:00 News fi:30ABC News 7:00 Petticoat 7:30 Hogan's · 8:00 Cowboys 8:30 Wed. Movie 10:00 Doc Elliott 11:00 News 11:30 Entertainment x-. 34- )f Forest Rd.* WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE PUBLJC SESSION 3 to 5 P.M. 50c Admission EVENING SESSION 7:30 To 1Q P.M. STARTS I FRIDAY 'FOXY BROWN Plot "WOMJN IN A «Cf · NEXT WffK STEVE McQUEEA 'PAPIUON" WSLS--CHANNEL 1O 6:29 Words to Live G:30 On Farm 6:55 Perspective 7:00 Today Show 7:25 Local News 7:30 Tod ay Show 8:25 Local News 8:30 Today Show 0:00 Phil Donahue 10:00 Dinah's Place 10:30 Jeopardy 11:00 Wizard Odds 11:30 Hollywd. Stj. 12:00 Jackpot 12:30 Action News 12:55 NBC News 1:00 Somerset 1:30 3 on Match 2:00 Days of Lives 2:30 Doctors It: 00 An other World 3:30 Sur. Marriage 4:00 Gilligan 4:3(1 Comer Pyle 5:00 Andy Griffith 5:30 Whats My Line 6:00 Action News- 6:30 NBC News 7:00 Truth or Con. 7:30 To Tell Truth I!:00 The Chase 9:00 Movie 11:110 Action News ' 11:30 Tonight 1:00 Tomorrow 2:00 News G/ue C/oses Eye Of Model Car Builder OKEECHOBEE, Fla. (AP) -Eleven-year-old Michael Harris got 27 hours of unexpected shuteye when he accidentally glued his left eye closed while building a model car. It took a 150-mile car journey and the skill of a Fort Lauderdale eye surgeon to pry the fifth grader's eye open. "I was scared at first, Daddy didn't believe me," Michael said Tuesday after his release from a hospital. "I sure hope it keeps me out of school for a couple of days." Mrs. Harris said Michael was using scissors to snip off the tip of a tube of glue and "must have been squeezing the tube at the same time because g!ue squirted right into his eye. Then he couldn't jet it open." Mrs. Harris and her husband, ( Robert, took Michael to a nearby hospital, but there was no doctor available so they had to drive about 150 miles to an optometrist in Fort Lauderdale. Mrs. Harris said she put hot compresses on her son's eye in hopes of melting the glue "but it didn't do any good. The only solvent available could have made him blind." The optometrist cut away Michael's eye lashes and then snipped open the eye. The optometrist said the eye was not damaged. Michael only had to spend one night in the hospital. #WI»W»» AWRT Lists Qualified Women URGES NIXON QUIT -George Meany, president of- the AFL-CIO, calls for President Nixon to quit "for the good of Jhe country" during a Washington news conference. Meany said Nixon's Watergate transcripts show he is no longer fit to be president of the U n i t e d States. (AP Wirephoto) NAME, PLEASE? LONDON (AP) -- A reporter on the Daily Telegraph say that, when he moved recently he received a letter from th North Thames gas board, will his name and address spellei correctly, asking for his nam. so thjit the board could sent him money he is owed. HOLIDAY INN RESTAURANT '·'·j£ ' 5 Phased to invite MISSMARY HELEN ALLEN WBTM's Honoree of the Day er any evening LILLIAN WES, fnnkeeper WXII--CHANNEL 12 6:00 News. 6:10 Meditation 6:15 N.C. Living 6:30 Farming U:35 Arthur Smith 7:00 Today Show 8:25 News 8:30 Today Show S: 00 At Home 10:00 Dinah's 10:30 Jeopardy 11:00 Wizard Otlcfs 11:30 Hollywood Sq. 12:00 Jackpot 12:30 Celebrity 12:55 Midday Report i 1:00 Concentration 1:30 3 On Match :00 Days of Lives :30 Doctors no Another World :30 Marriage :IH) Green Acres :30 Get Smart :00 Bonanza :IH) Triad Today :30 NBC News :00 What's Line : 30 Tel! Truth :00 Chase 1:00 Movie :00 Triad Tonight :30 Tonight Show : 00 To morrow 1:00 Meditation DON'T CALL ON US, WE'LL CALL ON YOU SEYMOUR, Ind. ( A P ) -Firemen were relaxing one Sunday morning recently when a fire rolled tip to the back door. Trainmen on an Amlrak train on the Pe;m Central tracks found a small fire in the kitchen car. So, they rolled on into Seymour and stopped the train at the rear of the headquarters fire station. HipotHo Lazaro BARCELONA, Spain (AP) -Hipolito Lazaro, 86, a Spanish tenor who sang in most of the world's major opera theaters, died Tuesday. Lazaro made his debut at the Liceo theatre of Barcelona in 1910 and gave his last performance in Havana in 1950 when he was 63. Or. Vern O. Knuclsen LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Dr Vern 0. Knudsen, 80, chancellor emeritus at the University of California at Los Angeles and organizer of the university's graduate program, died Monday. A noted acoustical designer, Knudsen joined the UCLA faculty in 1922. Frank J. Nunlist WASHINGTON ( A P ) -Frank J. Nunlist, 60, a former assistant postmaster general died Sunday. Nunlist, who became assistant postmaster genera] for operations in April 1969, retired after serving almost two years to become chairman of the board of the Pantasote Co., in Greenwich Conn. ' IT'S NOT NICE ro FOOt WITH MOTHER mm OPENS MAY 22 IN COLOR SHOW STARTS AT 8:20 --STRtCTLY_AOULTS-- Everyaodjr will soon know about the new gfrl e ·*«2*8933. OPEN EVERY NIGHT BOX OFFICE OPENS 7:45- SHOW 8:45 1st DANVILLE OUTDOOR SHOWING ^ «i£k* '···^XJ TQETROIT trai: A City Torn Apart --2nd HIT-- · ^"v^ \^ mm f«M! 40* Quart Th« powerful an two men-teamed up to tear tern up. SHOWS 4;20-6;40-9;00' Danville's Only Balcony STARTS- Daily At 5 P.M. Sat. Sun. At J P.M. WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS' TECHNICOLOR* OI973 Will O.sne, Productio PLUS 2nd DJSNEY HIT WALT DISNEY'S 01BRELL STRAWBERRY FARM 11 ACRES NOW IN FULL SEASON See Classified Special Notices For Daily Report! NEW YORK (AP) -- A national women's group whose members work in the communications industry hopes to re. duce claims by some industry executives they can't find "qualified" women for key jobs in their firms. "We want to make it harder to say that," says Patricia L. Nealin, a Chicago broadcast executive installed last weekend as the new president of American Women in Radio and Television -- AWRT. She said the AWRT effort doesn't involve legal action, but instead consists of a soon-to-be- published national registry that will list the qualifications and abilities of AWRT members. The idea, she says, is to give communications industry executives a helping hand when they're looking for women to fill positions in broadcasting, advertising, public relations and allied fields. Miss Nealin,-who said her or. ganization has 2,333 members said the registry needn't be used "strictly for a job exchange, although that would be one use of it. 1 MORENITE ?·?* xwwwana, 8:30 /792-T437 1 Sdults '·-.!-·-- $1.50 DRI ·«V Do you know MIT*; X --ALSO-"SECRETARY" "It also will enable us to supply names of women for service on federal commissions and ·for honorary appointments to various advisory committees. "This information has been requested of us from time to time, and we haven't been able to pull it all together in' one spot until now. So we're going to do that in the next two or three months." Miss Nealin, manager of films at WGN-TV in Chicago said the registry will be available at AWRT's office in Washington, D.C. It'll also be mailed, she added, to the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Cable Television Association, the Federal Communications Commission, state broadcasters' associations and probably radio and TV stations in the nation's major markets it With the booklet, she said, we are going to be able to say to management, in broad- fmm FX.JIZH Cinema OANVIUE PIAZA REVmiDE DRIVE- T97-5M11 HELD OVER 2nd WEEK! H-U-R-R-Y! ENDS THURSDAY BILLY JACK casting and allied fields, 'We have all of our members registered professionally. If you need help in finding experts, expertise, executives, managers, ask us. "We think we can help you.'" Miss Nealin, whose orgarir ization was founded 23 years ago, said the organization traditionally has believed in persuasion, not litigation, as a jneans of opening job opportun- ities for women in broad- .casting. The philosophy sharply contrasts with that of the National Organization for iWomen, which has filed a num- 'ber of petitions asking the FCC to deny license renewals for stations NOW accuses of sexual discrimination in personnel policies. Miss Nealin said AWRT never has done that and doubts it will. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY SPECIAL! FILLET OF FLOUNDER *1.95 Choice of Baked Potato or French Fries, Cole Slaw, Hush Puppies and Salad. OPEN TUESDAY thru SATURDAY--CLOSED SUN. and WON Surf Seafood and Steak House Open3 P.M.-. Close 11 P.M. Private Dining Roam Plney Forest Road Dtol792-OO13 ·M. ,*^' ·t"*i '.ISO SHOWS 3-5-7-9 SAT. SUN. 1-3-5-7-9 0m* PLAZA Cinema STEWART I EVERETT THEATRES INC. CHARLOTTE. N.C. I%P1J|E AH OSCAR TO AL PACING FOR 'SER^CO'f" 4Hf ii-^^W^^^^' * r^'^f?^ ^HiGH]ESfB«IHdl3i^ s ;£».. «*r-^.^--'" "·"'*' v '-'·"'· *·' '*" -~^·- : $j$tf?$Z''' ^pF$HymAimii^i^ .^.·^---:- .r--HrtlwilJJoartPbT R«IM;k glWpTGRfflSe FIMSM«WE«B! A PAHAMOUKJT RELEASE DIND DE LAUflENTIIS STARTS TODAY SHOWS AT 7:00 8. 9:10 Be I §9S STARTS TODAY ALL SEATS S2.0O DANVIUE PLAZA · RIVE*SIDE DKIVE STARTS FRIDAY! They were looking for trouble They found CHALLENGE ALL SEATS $1.00 EVERYDAY 'TIL 3:30 P.M. Earl wensby CHARLOTTE AREA OF COLOR (PG) (.. Tommy Faile Sings "BALLAD OF CHALLENGE SHOWS 3-5-7-9-- SAT. SUN. 1-3-5-7-9 LATEFLJCK /=OK ADULTS ff:oo I THE FIRST ELECTRIC WESTERN COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH, DOUG KERSHAW, THE JAMES GANG, JOHN RUBINSTEIN ALL SEATS 1.50-ADVANCE 1.00 TIL 9 P.M ADMIT ONE FREE WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY ONE PAID ADULT. ADMISSION LATE SHOW ONLY! Feed A Family of Four for $5.00 Monday, Tuesday Wednesday «n.t u The Low-Priced Spread Dinners for Four ... $5.00 1--9 piece, box Kentucky Fried Chicken 1--Pint Gr.eamy Potatoes 1--PintGVavy 1--Pint Cole Slaw I--Pack of Rolls Colonel Sanders' Recipe 604 N. Union 2259 N. Main ® Time may be running out for the white- tailed wildebeest. Hunted for years because his tail was prized as a fly-swatter, he now survives only in controlled wildlife preserves. And that means time may also be running out for those of us who want to see wild wildebeests--or oryxes or even white rhino--as part of an African adventure. And that adventure is what Virginia's Lion Country Safari is all about. On the 3-mile safari drive, your family will come face to face with more than 300 wild animals--from curious jungle cats and wildebeests to huge hippos, rhinos and elephants. They all roam free, coming up to your car to look at you. But that's just the beginning of your adventure here. You'll also see trained macaws and cockatoos in a remarkable WRKAN WttMin ADVENTURE c Kjngs c Dominion lrS £ J !rK?4!. OUT THERE - Just 20 miles north °f Richmond and 70 miles ·souflii of Washington on 1-95. Cars admitted daily from 9 to 4 and from 9 to 6:30 June through August. For group rates call 800-552-9930 toll-free bird show. There's a roller coaster and a free-wheeling petting farm where your children will feed and hug young 'animals. And your whole family will love the live entertainment and the special preview of Kings Dominion, the giant $50- million entertainment center that's opening here next year. It's all part of the $3.75 per- person admission--and it's all here now. So don't wait. Because time may be running out. TODAY IS ALL DAY The new icreen excifemenf mat gives you the biggest kick of your lifci DIANA ROSS # BILLIE HOLIDA/ SINGS THE BLUES ALL SEATS ONLY (UNTIL 5;00) CONTINUOUS SHOWINGS f ROM 1:00 TODAY ONLY

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