The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1952
Page 6
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MK BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'U: S. Finally Starts to Break Big Bottleneck in Jets' Production B.T ELTON C. FAV WASHINGTON OP) — After more than five years of talk and argument, the United States government and industry arc finally start- Ing towflrd creaking an Important bottleneck !n high speed production of warplanes and .catching up with a Russian technological lead. The Air Force salrt today orders for 18 huge forging presses are under contract. These massive tools can turn out better parts for jnt bombers and fighters fnv fast IT ami at lower manpower and dollar cost than present processes. But It will be two years or more before the new machines can be delivered to add to the handful of! forging presses now in operation In the United States. Presses ,4 re Rot(Ir;it'cks The presses appear to be part of bottleneck.? in defense production criticized in a new report by a Senate-House mobilization "watchdog" committee. The committee blamed the Pentagon and various defense agencies for shortsightedness contributing to the tool shortage. In answer to a reporters questions about the committee's criticism, n Defense Department spokesman said the department recognized machine tool short aces existed In the early stages of the production build-up. "Reasonably Near Future" But. he added, the point has been reached "whore the bulk of the machine tools required has been ordered and either is delivered or scheduled to be delivered within the reasonably near future." The reasonably near future was not specified In terms of months or years. A check wiih the Air Force and with Industry shows that the major problem continues to .be tools for making Jet engines. These tools nre needed, among other things, for boring through metals of hitherto unknown hardness needed in ihe high-temperature Jets and for machining down to watch-like precision the turbine buckets nnd other moving parts of the engines, - Piston Ton] VstJess Tools and techniques used in making conventional piston engines trfi useless In Jet manufacture. The Air Force believes Russia IIBA In use at least one huge forging press, of more than 30,000 tons Capacity, which the Reds captured from Germany nt the end of World Wnr II, and which they are using lo mass produce parts of the deadly MIG-I5 Jet fighters. A p:ess of that size Js far larger than any now in use by the United States, Now the United Slates is trying to cr.tch up with Russia—and. indeed, wfth the German designers •>f (he last war. Kiwanis Ladies Night Date Set Club Pledges Eight Blood Drive Donors The Kiwanl.i Club, nt Its weekly mcrthlt; in Hotel Ncble. yesterday, FCI Teh. 14 as Ihe. date for Its tui- nitnl Indies night banquet. The banquet will be held In Hotel Noble with the 9,-ivcs of nil Kl- waniam as guests of honor. In other netlon yesterday, the club pledged eight volunteer cinn- ois to the Red Cross' cainpnii;n for blood and it was ntmnnnceci that the BlyOwvillo HlRh School Ke.v Club which is fathered by (he Ki- wanls Club, had rnlscd another $100 for Ihe M.irch of Dimes, nils brings the Key Club's total to $230 IhroiiEh,street solicitations. The pinnn-vlfilln team of Martha nnd Ralph Nichols nave a musical program at yesterday's meeting. They played four numbers. The Air Force delegation which visited Hlythevlllc yesterday In connection with the rc-acllvation of the air base here, were special Rursts nt ypsterri.iy's meeting. Thfi delegation was MaJ. Gen. E. J. Tlmberlakc, Lt, Col. S. S. Riddle, R. Burch. E C. Ceconl, and capt. R, L. Brown. Other guests at yesterday's meeting v/ere: Max LORan, E. 8. Davtri, Bill Wyatt. V. M. Brlsler, Dr. lion Scott, Charles Czcchln and Alvln Huffman of niythevllle and John Stevens of the Dell Klwanls club. Donald'Brown and Larry Baker represented the Key Club at ycs- tertlay'S meeting. Illinois Governor Eyes Presidency NEW YORK or;—The New fork Times said today that Gov. Adlal E. Stevenson of Illinois shapes up as a leading Democratic presidential candidate in view of Indications that President Truman prefers not t/> run and seeks a successor y:ho backs his own. foreign policy. James Rrston, in a dispatch from Wflfhington, writes Ihat the President "before clecidlUR to withdraw from the race. . . . jiop- is seriously survey-hip the field ot pawible Dom- ncratic candidates and a*>:cd Gov. Stevenson to call upon him'Tues- day night with this In mind." Mexican Bandits Lose in Gun Duel EL t'ASO. Tcz. </t'(—Moxican officials said today that a blistering | sun light on the Mexican side of the Rio Grancle near here took care j of four bandits who pulled a daring daylight raid on a Ju^cs, Mexico, bank. However, about S70.000 of the -174.000 loot is still mlfslng. Two bandlt.s were killed In the half-hour battle and two were captured. Strange Coin Found WINNIPEG Man.. W>— A hrmnc coin dated 1882, believed to have- been legnl tender of one ot the Ifnlinn provinces, was found In a cash register here. One side was stamped "ReRno Lombardo Veneto — V" and the other had the nmount "I Centislmo". Chance Recovery Made By New York Man NEW YORK r/Fj — One of those t.OOO-to-1 shots hivs led to the return of a tractor-trader truck that "disappeared" last October along with n new employe of a Bronx trucking lirm. An amnzed friend of one of the firm's partners spotted the tractor recently on a chance visit to Indian River City, Fla. The trailer was returned to the owners by the men who were aa.ld to have leased It. Police are seeking to bring back the culprit. TODAY 16 20-mm. eoftM* 54,000 h.p. (cquiv.) Greater Size . . . Armament Power . . . THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1952 ANTI-AIRCRAFT chonical computing .^g^r^ 1 ANTI-AIRCRAFT • integrated system fectiomc computing PISTON ENGINES t«mp. up to 1200'F. icquiied relatively small amounts ol a alloying m«toli Advanced Metallurgy JET ENGINES; temp. U p to 1800* F. require new h«a» r«iijt or ,t alloys of numeioui scare* merafs in quantity equipment illustrated here were cited Wilson ,„ his fourth ^^^ ec contrasts in Seals Fight Over Females, Study Shows LOS ANGELES fAPt— Alaska's fur senls may not know it. but their private lives are being made public In a study by a University ol California zoology professor. Dr. Oeorpe A. Bartholomew Jr.. who spent several months on an Island north of the' Aleutian group, reports that the seals have a harem arrangement iviih a dominant bull keeping anywhere from 2 to 50 females—and their pups. The harem is maintained by fishting off the challenge of other bulls. Each summer the bull must start all over again and line up a new harem because during the nther seasons the seals live on the high seas—females coming as far south as Southern California. Dr. Bartholomew said. When bulls get interested In fighting over females they will sometimes go without food or drink for stx to eight weeks. Italy Eyes Mineral Search Near Viferbo ROME (/Pi—Iron-short Italy Ls watching with Interest the progress in geological research near Blterbo 50 miles north of here, where iron and manganese ore was found recently. The Italian Geological Institute, where samples of the ore were examined, found "a very high iron content" and ordered further checks in the area for possible radio-active materials. The search was led by an Italian industrial firm, looking for geysers to use for the production of electricity, The Iron ore came from a depth of too feet. Man Shoots Three, Slays Self CREAM RIDGE, N. J., I/Pi - .. 32-year-old Fort Dix civilian em- ploye «hot to d««th his «str»n6«l auburn-hairfd wife, hU mother-in- law and his wife's aunt'last night and then committed suicide State police said the man, Garner Powers, killed the three women In Ihe Powers' home In lhl» small Monrr.oulh county community. His four-year-old son looked on In horror. Dead after the shooting were the attractive n;fe.' Olorida, 27, • her Itce said mother, Mrs. Helen d* Mayo », and her aunt, Mrs. Louise Bowker, Then, police s»id, Powers grabbed up the boy, Gary, ran to the nearby home ot Mrs. Bowker's daughter, ana shouted: "Take care of Gary. I just shot the whole damned bunch of them." He left the boy, dashed out of the house to return to his own home and ((red a bullet from the .45 caliber pistol Into his head, po- '^Visiting Around Arkansas "* BYJOEMARSH "Arkansas Aluminum Industry Is Expanding at Rapid Pace!" You know, we've overlooked a good bet for a long time. We used to ship our bauxite away for refining into aluminum. And every school boy knows that about 90% of the bauxite mined in America conies from Arkansas. Now we're doing the processing right on the home field. What's more, several companies are operating huge potlines and smelting the bauxite into aluminum. Arkansans, generally, are loolc- ing t» the future. They showed that when they voted to retain legal sale of malt beverages. The Brewing Industry, likewise, is looking to the future ami its educational program of Self-Regulation in which the retailers cooperate, assuring maintenance of wholesome, law-abiding conditions for sale of its products. Now iro » LlU Display ywfw s3r£»"« W:*aWB'£a £i^fHf^K! «WrlH)M.»(*IIC SUPER DRIVE'l NEWGMHrOfttUUC STEERING"! NEW OlDSMOBUE S ROCKU I NawIIrdra.Matir. Drivea.Msa Thi; nrui-tl <li-ir!<>|mirm in \\illi r, nu.rr linrfr r ,«.-rr — new TMff~"f, lt , rr -' f( ani , c f or power-HfjiMcil fln-ri,,; „<•«• l,),,.i,lri .Jot Carlnurl.w JUfwrpcrformance-thrillmpncw lakes <mt liie rlTorl, Iraves -u,-w lii-h.|ifi valves- now •ction in «ny driving (itii.Mon! in the "feel" ,,f the .,!,«•!! nmrc thrilling llun ever! At top. t( lc ' all-nrw .Ymrn.f.iVil- ., irinm)-], of |in<--rar Htfipn — a' Itpl.iw, llir f riii.,tl,,n,i| no,,- ai-lion.Jlar -<V,!,mcl,il P ', 5,, r r "Hit" for IWi: H,,U, hri,, ? ,„» thr 160 liOLr,-j> = -..- fr "Kockft"! Roil, fr.nnrr Ol<l.,,,,>l,ijr> nrw Hyilr,t-M,Ku- Snprr llrivf- villjin Ihrillinc nr.v ?ii,,rr S e for ^prrtarnlflr srlion! Hotii prTcr IKH- CM H \.lr.intic plrcr- litf' —«ii.l an fvrn sm<w||Kr -|! iw k rt Hi,l,"l And. in tl,i, inapnini-rnl ni-« .Vinrn .J ; £ l,;. lll.lfinnl.jlr ai-liirvrj o nr\> liifrli in ( ili-^iiiii. A ?\x<-,-p;n» nr^ "loni l,i,.k" ni]I-i,1r' inli-rinrs- III,- lim-sl'vc >-\rr hrilti.inl nrw for 1932 OLDSMOBILES NOW ON arc nnw on tprcisl ili-play in our ;h™,To..m: Src them lixl..^: DISPLAY AT THE FOLLOWING DEALERS'... HORNER- WILSON MOTOR CO, 309 E. MAIN Copyright J9iS, United Stetm Brttvtr* Foundation, Inc., Arkansa* Pyramid Building, LitlU R<xk, NEW LOW PRICES ON GOODYEAR TIRES 95 (Plus tax) 600x16 Marathon The New Goodyear Marathon is today's Outstanding Tire Buy! 1. 2. 3. You Get Greater Non-Skid Safety ... 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