The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1952
Page 13
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IAT, JAWTTART M, MM BLYTHErn,Ll! (ARX.) COURIER NEWS OiH BOARDING HOUSI — wMi PAGE THIRTEEN Hc«e>l« U*WAS, I. DO ^ FeW CURIOS I'M AiO AMWEUB OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HOWIDV, /MA30R.' X H6AR HAH.' THIS MAKES )OU FEEL GLAP TO BE ALIVE.' IT'* REALLY C.REAT-- _-. . THIS IS WHAT'LL ] \. MAKE A MAN d iS OF -iOUl YES... MOT LAZ1K««S, MOT fcTUFRNT ON ICe CREAM, NOT AN' YET ^^ HE CAKTHROVJ U* eOTH OUT THRU TH' TRANSOM/ V/EU.,1 REOOH VANOVKE'LL. 66 PLBVSED T'Ssg SOME" OF HIS FELLOW . TEAMMATES/ * HOT CLUE ~K> URO'S OffFAM- GOAT, IN HIE HOPE OF MAKIN&- PETERS, TtIF SHADY SIDE V6T, SENT os our HIKE / — GASTOM'6 VDUR MAM IF VOU WAtvJT A 4UPPLV Of •KITS ftSKOM 0(? A OOOPL60PP1LLOMOS I>S«D gy HOW WILL WO KNOW IF Wt THE .ta. THE DAWN Of= A POUBT Read Courier News Classified Ads. 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Tom will find ajwn Inipectlon of this hosie that the material and Mwtrmctien !• the bnt and would eo*t far Bora U nHMtnet at taday-B eorti. Prl«« »3S,OOO.M. For ippointment, «e« or caH Prmne 4111 JOHNNY MARK, Realtor 112 South Second St. Rw. Phone 25% Take the Pictures Yourself ...'With a box, (lash, or Movie Camera. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phont 3647 By Nirw Wilcox Puhtvn Copyrigkt mi by NEA Swm*. U*. xxv | A LMA CONROY suspended the making of crepes suzette to watch the cool, somehow infinitely older and more poised Tommy retell his story. She had been given some uneasy moments in Ihe police station at Longtown, Pa., when she had been questioned. But actually she wasn't expected to know a great deal—only that Tommy had been suspicious of Mrs. Denton and that he and Urighton Muncie had gone in pursuit of her after the disappearance of some jewels at the House. Joe Demon hadn't known about his stepmother being in deep water until her sudden disappearance. Now Tommy began his story. "I didn't have to invent much," he said simply. "I caught up with the three of them—Bright, Mrs. Denton and Apollo Brown—riding in Bright's car near the Hampton Circle. It's a new road with no buildings on that stretch. ^[•Brown was driving. Just ahead ^me the car skidded in the snow •nd crashed into a telephone pole Your—well—she was pinned under the car, probably killed instantly. Brown was hurt badly and I thought he was dead too, but Bright was thrown clear. I stopped my—or rather, your car, gat out and ran toward Bright He was stunned but uninjured otherwise and after a (cw seconds began to come to. 1 helped him to his feet and started to lead him towards your machine. Then I heard a shot and Bright folded. "Brown had raised himself on one elbow for th5 shot—just as 1 told the police. Then 1 saw in a flash just how the whole thing could be handled. Brown had rolled over on his back and 1 saw he was gone, too. Nobody would talk now. I put Bright in your car, found the jewels, and the rest you know." "Humph!" said Joe, drawing a long sigh. "This wlndi thingi ap very nicely, especially as the authorities here In New York seem satisfied that Apollo Brown did the Mammoth Job—on his own. They found his fingerprints there, S see. Some papers 'were missing from the flies, and I'm still belting they were the proof that Mammonth'8 offer on the sweepings had been suppressed." "Yes," Alma agreed, "hut," she wondered aloud, "what about Higgins & Company.? Won't they lalk?" "Only to back up «ny *tary," Tommy grinned. "It's a perfect out for them. They helped trap the old lady, period." Joe stood up and buttoned hh coat. "Thanks for the meal, lolks^" be said. "And the usual apologies about running afterward^. But I'm dend on my feet, and you both must be. too. We'd all better get some rest" • • • JfOR a while afier Joe had gone Alma moved about the apartment quietly, putting things to rights, her mind fixed on one last problem It was all very well for Joe to say that the whole dreadful episode was wound up, but there was one thing Joe did not know about. He had never been told of the gold and moonstone cufflink which she had picked up in Mr. Wheeler's office immediately after the murder. Since the d»y she had shown it to Tommy neither of them had mentioned it to anyone, not even at the police station, when an Inventory of Bright's belongings had shown that the —etching link was In one of his shirt-sleeves at the time h« was killed. The more she thought of it, t>:« more its possession worried her. It was still in her handbag and had been all through the investigation. Was that inquiry realty ended? She paused in her work, standing In front of Tommy, who looked up from his reading. "Tommy," she began, "do you rulizi that we m the only two peopl« in the world who could prove th»t Bright was at the very least, an accessory to Mr. Wheel- «fs murder?" "You mean that cufMInk?- "So you've been thinking of rt too! What U the police look for it?" "They wonX It's presumed to have dropped out on trie road after th* car wreck." This answer did not reassure her. "But H didn't drop outl" she persisted. "Arxl, being found where jt was found, is positive proof that Bright was at the Mammoth offices earlier in the day. Suppose the police realize. ..." "Forget it They won't But someone else might." "Who?" she asked *t sudden fright. father," Tommy said solemnly. "I'm not satisfied that The Head won't want to wind tip even the most minute detail about his son. That's the sort of person Mr. Muncie in. What worries me is that he may question me privately." "And if he does?" "Ought I lo tell him the tnith?" "After ali you've done to protect him from H? Good heavens. Tommy!" "Hold on a minute. Jewels! Mr Muncie isn't an ordinary person, satisfied with ordinary explanations. He's hard to fool snd he's the soul of honesty. He must have known what Brighton was like— Uiat n« was" weak, in spite of all his father's efforts to make him otherwise. Of course Mr. Muncie's glad to have his son's name kept clean, but he's the type who probably feels that the truth is more than being hurt himself." She considered the matter for several seconds. How would she feel in Mr. Muneie's place? How had she felt when she had been suspicious of Tommy and then found out he was innocent? Would she have preferred to face the fact? "I see," Aim* said softly. "You mean that perhaps Mr. Muncie has * right to know.-' (1* Be C*s*lwled) FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch to 48 Inch, plain or reenforcfd. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Call an for tree eslfmste. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. 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YEH.'.' BYSOSH.OOP t THINK I HAVE BEEM.' ANYHOW, I JUST LET MYSELF IN FOR A LOAD OF HEAVY READING.' WASHINGTON? ETHMOGRAPHICAL PROJECT; ETHNOGRAPHY: A STUDY OF THE DISTRIBUTION OF MAM. ARE, KNOCK OVER TH TARGE T-J WIN A, furze t OC6RO.IF VA THINK YA C'M HIT ANV- WITH IT OCR. VMTO - MO tWLftV*C\\Or» '. ROO . VOVi »

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