The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 14
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f PAGE.FOURTEEN Greek-Turkish Loan Brought Closer to UN .WASHINGTON, April .3 iUP» — The Senate Foreign lU'hitions Con:- niUtee yfsU'rdsy voted uiiaumscii*- ly. to bring the Greek-Tin kisli "id program more closely witliin U\fi United Nations frnnicsvork n"d <i l - nifUKl close pnmte conlrol over its administration. Tile committee—nenrin<? n fin; 1 .! vote OH n bill to grant $400.l'00,W!> aid to Greece and Turkey—apprised: ). A preamble by committee Chairman Arthur H. vimclenbei!.', R., Mich., and Sen. Tom Cotmiiliv. O., Tex., asserting thru the aid plan will lie "in conformity wit:i the'principles and purposes of (he (UN) charter" i)y contributing 10 free governments. 1. An amendment by Sen. Henry Cabot IXKlge, Jr., Muss., requiring Sonato confirmation of prcsiik'iuuil administrators for' the Greek and Turkish programs. 3.- Another LotlRC amendim nt prohibiting use of (lie U. fl. funds by Greece or Turkey t f) mcti interest or principal payments mi outstanding loans owed ID other countries. Greece has a largo lo.m | from Britain. I Vandcnhorg told lepmiovs his committee would meet with Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson arid top military aide,* Inter today for a discussion of "iniliriry phase.v' . of President Truman's plan to bolster non-Communist governments in the Near East. , . m ^ I3KVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •-r.v» T Marshall Makes a Point .THURSDAY,. APRIL 3, 19.17 Tension between their respective countries is not reflected in this photo of Secretory of State Marshall and Russian Foreign Minister Mololov as they chat amiably diirina recent reception for Big .- . . Four delegates at Moscow's Aero Club. i | "The next clog I get is going to be trained to hate fresh . I oir!" Read Courier Nc.vs Want Ads. XXV JkJAHCIA shut the door and . leaned against it. They \verc quiet for a minute. Sherry was thinking. Nov.' this is something really important and you can't go off nlonc and hide until you get over it. Marcia's watching you and you've got (o take it standing. Marcia said, "How're you doing, infant? "Chin up?" Sherry said, "Damned right it is," very slowly'. Even at the moment she was conscious qf the word "damned." She had never used it before like that and somehow it stiffened her «pihe u bit. She took a deep breath «nd made herself talk. She said, "So what? Under tlie circumstances what's a lady to . do?" T .. _ . L Alarcia said, "As often as it happens to me I always have a moment's doubt myself. I'll go heat up the kettle. Some fresh tea'll give us an inspiration." She went out to the kitchen. Sherry was grateful for the moment's, respite. She shut her eyes and held her temples hard. There was no doubt but that it was Peter. No one else had ever photographed a Stein picture. Hartley bad said he was quiet, and that he had said his wife was ill. Peter was »t Big Pine. That had to he faced. She felt nauseated and her chin '.xembled. f, "Now you jcry or be sick, you cream puff," she 'told herself viciously, "and I'll slap your fare!! 1 She took a long breath and felt better. If he loved the sirl Sherry could understand. If he was even in- latuafed and swept off his feet! But nothing ever surmounted Peter'3 better judgment. If be admired her even. But Peter despised Lilly's type. Then why? Why? IVclt-strians Suspect I tests \ifturi' nbtitininr drive* CAMBRIDGE, Muss. (Ui'i-TJns! { reuses, pedestrians uimht as motorists are required to pass i quizzed (o (letertninp whether looked up her face was .serious. Sue paid, ''You haven't asked mo, little one, hut I'm going to toll you whiM I think :inywa.v," and she told Slurry hew siic haci got a divorce for the same reason, and how she had regretted it ever since. She told Sherry f.boul the loneliness and how tired you not of always being on your own anil buttling around (or just yourself. Then she said, "After all, Peter's kind and you have fun together. JIc takes good care of you. What more do you think yon can net?" Sherry was a little shocked. Klie .sat til). She said, "Mill, Marcia. I don't want to be married fur just what I can gel out of a husband! i want to give too." Marcia .nil her tongue in her check. "O. K., what's .slopping yon? Don't you think you have anything to give Peter now because you didn't get just what you expected 1 ."' Sherry had not thought of it like thai before. It made her sound selfish. They talked about it for a lone while. Marcin said, "If Peter knew you knew, you'd have to dcNomc- thini;, of course, but he doesn't. Anil I'll bet my bottom dollar! r.illy of the valley will be oul of (he picture before very long. Why not have another try at it 1 .'" I live i-iiilty of jay wnlkiii;;. nccord- j tut! ti> )Kiii<-(; cajitaiii Edward J. i M.iiicr. j\TAT(CIA came back. She said, "Remember what Ihey say, infant. It's better to have loved and lost — much belter." Sherry tried to smile. Marcia sat down. "To L-cgin with, arc you sure it's Peter?" Sherry nodded. Marcia said, "C am tno. FO there is no use kidding ourselves. Arc you planning to kill Lilly';" Sherry shook her head. "Poor silly little jjirl — maybe she's in love with him. No, it's Peter I can't understand. Wanting to take her with him." She thought, Dill you do really. Before she had married him she had imagined that he did not care very much for Kirls. She had been surprise-el to lind little by tittle that there had been a j;reat many. She shivered involuntarily. Marcia patted Sherry's knee and poured two cups of tea. •'"Drink up, baby," she said, "and then we'll do some thinking." Sherry obediently sipped her tea. She wished she did not have to think about it. Marcia said, "What about tile boys?" Sherry looked )up quickly. It was the first time she had thought of the boys. She saic, "Oh. they mustn't know. Marcia! They might — " She broke oil undecidedly. "I.nrd knows what they might do! It'cl be sure to be a mess. Ik-sides I— I'd rather they didn't know." "Do you think you fan keep them from finding out?" Marcia asked. Sherry said. "I— I could talk it over with Peter. I'd bate it. but ! could. And icll him I knew about it and didn't want to live with him any more. We- could tell people wo fimply agreed to disagree, and I could get a divorce in Heno." was due to return the next Sunday, and when Sherry finally heard his key in the lock, the high part of her stomach moved, and her cold hands .clenched involuntarily. "Dramali/.ing yourself again, aren't you?" she told herself fiercely, and she smoothed her dress and went out to meet Peter. After the first embrace he held her away to look at her. lie said, "Cosh, how I've missed you, darling," and then, "You're, so beautiful." lie held her very close again. Sherry thought. Yes, I can do it. I'm not angry at you, Peter. [ don't feel the same toward you, of course, but you'll never know that. (To lie Continued) For Limited Time /fo/ ON FARM LANDS On medium si/t- ami lar^'e Ir.icts. N«i extras. 1'nll repayment nrivi- M-:I: UK roil ijuic'K SKHVICIE (IN FHA LOANS 1'in Hnihliii^ or HP pairing. A]MII Aulit Truck jiul Tnu'lur I. runs. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over <i ward's Jewelry Store. * HlyUii'villi', AH;. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST HU6E 8ROU&HT BACK FROM THE ARCTIC RES-IONS BY PEARY, HAD SERVED THE. NATIVES FOR CENTURIES AS THEJR OMJr'S'OVRCE Of- , WHEM TENDIN6 SO.AL FOE 7H E BLACK HAWKS A\ADE e~s .STOPS IN A Slf^ ANSWER: In the English system, a billion is a A J-Stop Service LOANS - REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We Will Bond You W. M. BURNS Agency Phone 3361 W. J. Pollard INSURANCE G/cncoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3545 • Levels and Lines Surveying DK.Ui LINK I'ARM iMTGHKB V/m. R. OverfrosTi — County Surveyor Serving This Area 30 Years or Write Box 8.|, IJnseland, Adi. and written 1,000,000,000,000.' NEXT: The "fre« Uin. WASH I'L'BBS w^m Yes, We Have New Cars Amvmg Every V/eek— ® Pontiacs . ® Fords 0 C.hevroiets 0 Piymouths and others I'Jiicc your order Now for Immcdiiilc Delivery We I'ny Top Dollar for Clean Late Model Cars BOD AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Franklin and jMaiiV Si. Bring your car to HOTS BODY SHOP for all body and fender repairs, painting, and glass installed. HEAD-LININGS for all. cars marie- |j|. e tho factory mnkos iht'm, .same material and workmanship. Uuaranlced to lit and look like 'original upholstery. 412 E. Main St. Phone 3456 Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople INSURANCE AGENCY ' .• ®m?^m%x/ v.«fe.*:^W*t nope EASS 10S Norlh Second DHL m\ For Complete Protection CHAS. B1TTNER "jyi'ARCIA studied her te.ic'_rr>-or a '"* long moment. When she finally Out GUI Way By J. R. Williams HI, A-WlM! VJELL,T 3DST GOT BACK, AND i PEEL LIKE SOH6 -Ml N G -fHW C EfwJLBD o QT OP AM APPLE.'—lNEGOTA LOT op BIG STUFF TO IELL v&o BtiT BEFORE X SO 1M, AUMT "AIARTVAA TAKE I Rim AWAY? LEAND&R/; BoV. HftME YOU BEEKl ? AUKST MftRTUKS OKAV, W^r-^^^&-:'^- : ' : :-- : !SS&^'f / -''. ;,/ AH-- H-XVIM' A l.rrTLC V-.'li 1 . ih •.•-tS^Z-f.''.^---^^^- ••--'•' ''-'I CAMP COT. --LHEPIM 1 l.if 1 'A •!*&£?%* •; : .-;^ : :-,«&fk'-' ":--r •'••'-••' IM TH' HAN 1 .' VVFL1. /•'•''.. • --"' ~ :]•-(*?-:- '- s> ; :-.T:->. .-.-:\ -JJLEKP -IK; -n, ROY-- \--'''; : - J.-E.W- - -. : •""" ~'" :j/ A ! WOMT Ber-rue •' '-HE HRSM'T LAUGHED MUCiA~ANSO SHE'S GO tHAT SHE GOT UP LAST WIGHT AMD MftDE BArvlASJA PIE WSTEAD OF TAPIOCA SO NAPOLCOti'S CUT OUR THROM=. HAW* Ull'LL FIND ' UGH OUR f.TRlNOi'li ABOUT KUM Oiir,Of»t>\K... TM' OL r OOV'S TMUltD VOU hOT: A MADMAN ME- > OK A MG DUMB APE ' NOT...TH'GAMH V S GOT TO TH' POINT WHERE VOU m& GRA GOTTA CALL IN TH' STRONG- ARM BOVS....-JOW MEriUE I CAN CARRV TIT BALL If HOKASPELL m^^m& S2i!"I"«.^<«c.«C.T.«.,K.».tr« trr OPSlDE- HY M!C!IAKL O'AIAI.1,KY anil HAI.l'II l.ANi.; _ hili didn't sert'he BOQTC AND HER BUDDIES BY KDGAK Al •\/ • «,,. ^'-:zj ^.wlW-r'KMfH; —— l^ll- l^- - 'T~vl [ .'" I T-ir^ZXy..^ r. .-iCT - • 1

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