The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, Al'UJI, 3, 1947 loners e!i Equipment Throe Pumps, Declared Surplus by District 17 Sold to High Bidder limriiiS (.riulpmnii from (lie H 1C I, f, 7 plant, „.,,,„, h . dc-chm-d fcV>f"s by nrnitWKo District 17 > Alkllls m ()( y ^. c,. Hedmnn, .sccretarv <>f ' n/c ili-nmaBi! district. ««- DIIIII,, siaLioii. W ns necti'cl for the pmUrlion „; i ;mrls Ul . u was not proti-ctod by ,hi' old Bi K Lake levee, ,va s „„ lo,, m . lv( , ;irl (. I'd ncirssarj. |, y , ho ( ,l s!! -i c: " will, Hi'-- btnlrtm.j or ti w m , w | CVl , p Mr. Hrdmau strtlal that work lod iM'iMin ,m clsniaiitrlin,. nf the mildm- ; ,n,| ,., r ,i|,iiii>ni. inHmlinfi tiirpc r>().an-;v..i:,,,, ]K . V minut( . pumps which u-,>iv sold to MI- Atkins. TIi.. l>:i]ldlii<: win I)'" ' torn down In v.-iiwiow K m | ( , V vi „,.,, ll)r floor to vemiiin Ils «n ilcci , ss fivitlro spimiiiiiB '!•!• diti'h. HP FiulM (lint ;i 5'1-fcnt Jali'rnl dcaraiK-p will Ii1na jn lo nccommo- <l!ik> the jlmv ,,f v."i:n- in (do ditch nftcr the pumps !i:tvo been removed, IlkU for the sale of (lie equipment were opened Tuc'Klr.y with Mr. Atkins jsinkiiii; (he highest bid. Helicopter Aids Rescue Work (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ——————— _„ General Says Army Cost Cuts f p to Citizens Starts Building New Houss or Commons LC'VIJON' !!_."'>—liinSdin;; ol thc nc-.v H.msc nf fjeiiinions, Ihc fcuu- c'.itions c.-: whi:-h are now co:n- l.lete, is in pioiiirss. The ticv; cli:-.:i b'rs will cost in (he nci^ oi 11.COV01 iSUO.UOl and v. ill lake i:eHvc?n twr, and thre" ym,-; to com;:l?te. tt's will tarrii.y oi't\vcca 20J and 3JI) Wurkmen. many c( whom will work "way from thc site, in different r-irls of London. They will be tlic -stone ca: ver.s. The former HIIISB of Commons wns redu.-ed to rubjle on the night of Miy 10. isII. in a German 'nil- raid. The nibble v.-ns sifted without surrp^s for any thins that conlrl lie preserve;! as a souvenir or as an historical .'. ; it of the old building. •A!I that was left is scattered over Lonrlon as foundation material for workitig-cla--;.? )-.cllsr/;. Exiifi-inicsiis i n burning coal while it is still nntninnd. thus ittl- lizinc; ini|;urc, unprufitablo .seams to obtain gas, are under way. V U. S. Coast Guard helicopter makes a rescue laiuiin,. ut Hie site ,. f v.lle, Newfoimdland. to evacuate the o ,,row members from a plutean losnual^atioi^ picture was made by Lt. Artmi.- Slu-.y. mu'inator of II, /00,000 French Sick Expected To Make Shrine Pilgrimage ISy [>OHOTIIY ItUHSKI.I. Unili-d I'rrss Staff it'orri'spuliilfiit •P.'iRIs (UP) _ Some 100,0011 French men, women ami children are cxycotcd to make the traditional national pilgrimage to Linrdes next July. In pre-war years, an averago of GC[),0:o persons of all nationalities visited Urn Lourdes shrine annually. The pilgrimage to thc miraculous' grotto of St. Bernadctle. which' continued throughout the war. last year attracted some GO.COO faithful despite extreme difficulties of tianspoitation, reeding and housing. Father Ivcs Jiltert Lolseau. secretary of the N'otre Dame Salva- lion Asscrciation and organizer of Ihe ]>i]grimnge, estimated that nearly t.vicc that number will at-, tend the pilgrimage, which takes pin :e from July 21 to 27 this year. Atnoin; thc tasks involved in organizing the pilgrimage inonMis ahead are planning special trains arranging for special food nllocn- tioi! s for the town during pilgrimage week and lining up hotel ac- commodations. The niierims must lake their own food tickets with them, but. even so, Food Mn,- istry 'has lo arrange for .^p:-c;ii food supplies to feed thc influx ot visitors. 'Hotel accommodation is ie.« difficult. Lourdes has far niora hoiels and boarding houses than (lie average small French pruviuei-il town. Even so. the- pilgrims itsu- Let U.s Holy You— STO1' DRINKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist its influence! No cost to you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873—m.vllicville, Arl:. I IK- Army o;> I crash near Sti'phcn- and take them to Harmon firlil [•„ e di:..-ll>K'<l O-SI. (NKA IVtcpiluUl.l ally liave lo do, u>:,- Ul) two and I fui e lo :i raoin. The n.'.ual nnu'lx'i- of si:k [)cr- "in.'i will ;u-.'em;:.'ny u,e nllKrini- «!!<' in 1-he licni>s of achieviiii] mir:i:-,ili,iis cures, but they an :>Ke. a:i tin- hospltuls in the 'little, town cannot acjuimmHlalc more. 'Hie si-k an cho.sen from atncm;; ^_I Liy l>:ll ' r '""' !: ' ct °5lor iiiulr ] We Guarant co i I RECAPPING ! with Hawkinson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost iMorc — Word, M, )rc MODINGER TIRE CO. HO K. Main I'linni- 2^01 IM IIKACiCi. N. c-.. April ... Jl ' C.cii. nxviuht i). jasenlKiw- "' iii'iny i-lilet <,f s taff, y.-sienliiy iiirlm-eil it was "the duty of every /|-ii to report waste and incillc- ''•'"y in the Army. "bui a nrei-ssary drain - anil .slinulil ii'fohe i,, ,, ( ,i hls pr,,iecll(, u at. l«'»Sl IllWsiblo cost," ElsflJllOWfl 1 until. ^I'he former commander of U. S. ji'iplol/>urdes l s pulil ty tli,. Notre uame y.ilvalion Association, S|>c- >'lal "yellow" and "while" trains arc ori;iiiil2i>(t for lliem. : Ik-foie leaylnj. for Lomdc.s, the •^•k iUi! siiojcvt to a careful mcd- > H-al examination. They uiul:>i-jt»' anoilicr whilo there nnd a thinl HfUT Ihe I'eremonle.s. Thai is to oiistiiT (| ml imy eiaimcd cl]res , m . reajly uonniiu'. I ^"'I'lie (liX'tors arc ver^ sli-i.-t," I'.iilier l,->ise.m wild. --Nerve ail-' i meiiis that ilisnnn-ar do mil count D'vause It ]n| ( r|,[ i,.. [.latmcd llial they were cured bv mitu-strre.s- tl»n or lallh." L.iM year 12 "mli-aculous" cin'cs were confirmed, '''"'•"ix'im fuivra, Inulihi,, ( iin ned «n<l dnililiv. reviewe'ii I lie U 1 ' Alr- bmne 1)| V |. ; U,,, this movnlii,, t ii,. S |,|| 0 » .sle.uly mill, lie MI| ( | |,| t ; v lsll his '«l to Hut ni-i,,.,... was u -r,nilliie lll.'il'eitlnn." ViM'iihov.-e,- .siild (he United Slates WHS takmt: ••„ In nii'iKlnn.'i ramble" ».v depeiidini: on ivendtlin. ,.iui r ,.. ' GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! CALL 501 C. L. NABERS Gro. and Mkt Melvin Halsell, Owner Frankie's Bakery Goods A'O Extra Charge for Deliver}/! Me said -Tli,' unlli'd Blnle s dni-s not Ilk,. Selective Ki-rvlr-e In pr ; ,,'e- ( .i""'-. r"<l ndinllti'd "Helecllve Heivire mliliei.., «•,,,.(, n,,, n , ()s| ,,,., l "' nslvl ' lll 's e H i y or any nU,,.,- ciJiinlry ci'ri used" IHTinific <if ||,,. flitirl MTV!,,, attri' |i>i,,. and expel MXC tininiun KrniiiVHl :ui,| weiikenliiir of wa lime cniui'ols ,,,||.|,(. |,, u .;. ,,„ L fei-l on U,,' culled .stall's 1 loreli! Jiolli-y. he :al<l. inn only "If coi li-ols ,,r,' wivilieneil to il,,. exte: that W e jcmii ivrah," h.vaii::,, (lu other i-.>iinirle.s caimoi 1 K ' expirl i'(l lo lollnvv us." lows Who Suffer From V STOMACH QAS k^SOUR FOOD TflSTE Y flCID INDIGESTION 'p 1 ^,*'!" 1 f '' 0 ' l!lnilt< ' tl nml mliprnlili, nfti Ji.Vrlvm'lhiT' S ."V "'"' y l:Pl '"™«i ft tlo,, „,„ ot ,,,,|<t., Ti> |;i't mil n-lli'I you mml I, llui llmv of tills vltnl ,r. nil -• n UK, llmv ,,r tills vllnl iwuti lo Jnlco MI! •"I nulhi.rltl,-,, 1,1 lm!r|,,m,h. n t i,,,;; 1 ^ l.i.y ,-,,!, on iMimnii iilmmu-hii. li»vi,b IKViltlvc prixir nlimvii Unit HSH Toule I nmiix.liuily circ'i-tlvo la li:.-irn>ii,ii> lii llnvv V.IU-M II. 1,, tm, utll,. cr nanu'y ,1,1 lo it ,Hii,-i:r;i.-:;:i, iitoii,ii<-h itl«Uifl>(vl,C(j u i' 1 , ' "",''• C ° "'" H1!il Tonlu '"''"'" vnli 1 ,'!; 1 : Y,™ 1 ,'!!!;!,^ """ 1 ' UU:!!t " M'it. HWI 'l-oidn hrtin Inillil-nii uou oriuii,li\ \vn,k, w.iln-y Wood Ii, ,,,,[rt I oiiiil Bl,rmln-.,.i> will! ,i lllK j,| n,, w „ Uiln ( :ii«n•!<, dliwllvc juliM.. pl>1« , Icl, r^l liloiKl you 1.1,111,1,1 i'iit l,i'll,ii-. nlccii Ijollcr r.vl l,..|l,T. v.-in-lt lii-lli-r, pluy lirltcr. Avnlil iJUillHhlnn yoiUHi'K v,'lll, , ||0.,I'« <ll Mill!, lilllj lltlltr Ulkllll^ITI t CrlUllU-IIK-t. tl'l'i <l,Kl blt.A1lTl<! u-lll'tl will, you xMltntly tiei-il IH MSS'riiul« ,<> |i,-| you illiii^-L root] (or liotly f,tiei>wiu [,,, r<>],nli-. Don't ivutu Join tbo i,< W |. o tmji]iy I;IT,|]|I- :,^f5!j Tunic | l)tf i hutiii-i .MIIILinv: cil l.oUU'H fioM, [.lot, u liottlp o SM.n Toufr frinn ynnr drii^ utoni lo BSSTOllIu lil'lpn l!,,llll Htuiily KtuH i47i V> lio says you're only young once? Tiikc a look at this trim, new Bnick-or belter, lake i(s wheel — and sec j tisl how wrong thai old saw is! One look at these sleek lines, thc long, Inslc-of-toinoiTOW fenders — and just watch yourself start gelling young ideas. Find nn open road, gun this beauty just a bit — and see how the spirit of springtime wells up in your soul and scls thc red blood coursing. vJood road or bad, on these 4oft nil-coil springs you take every, thing with youthful zip and zest, quite freed from jar or jolt. City street or country road, with all this poised and husky road- weight beneath you, you travel your level course, steady and non- swerving even on curves. Pull up somewhere — and see how people turn to note tiic Very Important Person who's arriving. Take it through the tangle of traffic and sec how nimbly it maneuvers — cheek it at a boulevard stop and sec how sure and positive its controls arc. In ail truth,'here's a car that's any man's darling, every man's pride. A car that not only meets your needs for Iransportal ion,ibut satisfies your every hankering for size and power, slyle and room, solid worth and top-dollar vakic. Naturally, - it's a much wanted car. America's most wanted automobile, in fact. Definitely not thc number to be picked up off thc counter any time, anywhere. That's why forethought pays and prompt decision gels results. You arc simply playing safe when you get'your order in now! GSTO and Broadway PAGE JTJIIUTEEN- WASHING MACHINES we have them for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX'AUTOMATIC WASHERS T/.O F/NfSf Automatic Washing Machine Phone 3450 HUBBARD& HOKE Your G.f. Store in Blythcvillo SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING Hi' ; • tK " l ";'' ali " n N'»i-l<—Dirwl I'Yom Hi-coder nn-oa n ;;; l; :r;!i/;^ BlythevilSe Soybean Corp. 1 Silt) \V. Aliiiii m /\ .___*___' ' 1 none 850-857 REFRIGEUATION—24 Hour- Solcs Service R C p airs AIR CONDITIONING HI. Al'.l. A 111,1.; TO OKI•,;,( V() ,, (jii.^j,,,,.,,,,, |;,N<i !N j.;,. : , t|NO IN S.M.t.S, KM'.MIts ANU .Slat \1CI'.. dliliiiilnj; ij'liYls an'.'liiT'Tit ''"•"'' ri ' "'- i|ll;l *' i: «'«!s. Air Cuns,'(] lii'lii^i'i-iitli,:, KiinljimcMi of all kinils. 715 W. Ash—A. H. Johnson—Phono 2188 or Poolc Motor Co., Sf co | c , Mo., Phone 49 ''^'•'^•>'>'^£t<& ss^^sij M M BlythcviHc Soybean'Corp. I Mnn \i' IT-.:.. !MW W. Ali JOHNS L All Your Favorite Branch vr;i.i.o\vs-ro.\'i; SC:III;NI.I;V ANI.'IK.V'f A(iK I ItdSC.S '. W. IIAIil'KK • r>i,n o or.i) T.vyi.oit o iniN-(i;n o I'Alil, .rO.VK •> CAI.VKltTS Vinir I'alrmM,;,. Appri'cialcd ACKOSS i I-O.M I>ITK THJ:ATI:R Hardware Mutual csnd Hardware Indemnify Insurance Coinpanics of Minnesota KMciI A plus cvrrlliMil ),y Ir.iMia, insuranrc aiUhorilics. "' ....... coa " sc ° f ^ ii -"- 1 — ^ I'retnlin lunu-il I l.ovvrr c( operalioi I.aruc ill tow net Box 431 ravln,;s-im,rc tban :(S mjlli,,,, dollars have been rc- l ihviili-nil savin:;., I,, pclirylinMcrs. st-lu-.-.uis,. ,,r « (; ,,,r,,| . St -I,cli,,i, uf risks ami economical •Mi-mi saving »n aulomol.ile and lire insuranc. FOR INSURANCE SERVICE c equals Phone 2487 CAN \VATKK AID IN Kidney-Bidder .Disorders? \ KS—if it's .Mr.milain Valley Mineral Water, the famous mineral water from HOT SPKINGS, AUK. iMOl'NTAlX VAM.KY HKLl'S Slnmilali' Kidney Action — Suollic liladilrr I, rit., iie.n—Combal Uric Acidity CROSSTOV/N WHISKEY SHOP Slain nr,<l Division Illyllicvlllc, Ark. Phone 553 Dr.,Milton E. Wei Opfomcfiisr Announces thc Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville

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