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The Bee from Danville, Virginia · Page 7

Danville, Virginia
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Friday, January 8, 1971
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f adrtrs Continue To Scorch High And Low i Browns Find Coach les Stand Pat By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A food man is hard to find- but it's sometimes harder finding a good coach in the National Football League. "The Cleveland Browns found 'what they were looking for, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to Mold onto What they had und the 'Green,Bay Packers continued to search high and low.. , TNick Skorich, ah assistant coach for/seven years, was named to r :the head job with Cleveland Thursday in the latest ; round of pro football roulette and promptly anhbimced; "I,.don't think We.'re too far from being champions?' : Philadelphia,, despite rumors to; the'Contrary, retained Jerry Williams-''even though, the "Eagles .finished; with a lackluster . 3-10-1 record this year. , ' ·· Eagles' owner Leonard Tose said he was letting Williams fulfill the third year of his thrae- year contract, because of the team spirit and public feeling. "I took into consideration the fact that the morale of the team was good when we were losing and that the sentiment of the Heasley Quits Football Post At Chatham After apparently failing to obtain changes he f e l t necessary in building a successful football program at Chatham High School, head coach G. Wayne H e a s ley yesterday. a n n o u n c e d his resignation. Heasley, in his. first year at Chatham, posted a 1-9 record. Following the season Heasley challenged the Chatham community to build a successful football program. The major change sought by Heasley was to extend practice time and delay the season opening three weeks in order to work around boys working in tobacco fields. Heasley is the fourth football · coach to leave Chatham in as many years. Heasley said he did not have any specific plans for the future, but said next year he would not be associated with Chatham High School in any capacity/ ,"I have enjoyed immensely my association with the fine young people "at Chatham and feel that it is an experience that I.will never forget. "I sincerely hope in the future these youngsters will be exposed to a situation that will allow them to^ experience some success, because they deserve nothing less," he concluded. fans, as evidenced from letters, were almost better than 90 per cent for Jerry fulfilling his contract," said Tose. Green Bay, meanwhile, was eyeing Arizona State Coach Frank Kush, among others. "I have been asked to talk to them .:. but -I don't know much more than that," said Kush. "There's nothing like a definite offer." . The latest developments were a sign of the season in the NFL --the Ml until the Super Bowl Jan. 17 when teams revaluate themselves. That means coaching changirigs. . . George Allen,' who recently deoarted the Los Angeles Rams, hooked on with the Washington Redskins to replace Bill Austin and the St. Louis Cardinals cut Charley Winner in Wednesday's activity. Bowling Results Skorich inked a three-year pact of undisclosed amount, but insisted he'd be in town longer. "I intend to be here about 10 years,' 1 said the 49-year-old Skorich, apparently referring to his retirement age. He replaces Blanton Collier, who retired after the Browns suffered through one of their worst records ever. Skorich, once the Philadelphia coach, intends to develop his individual style at Cleveland. "I expect to earn my own place," he said. Tose looks forward to better times in 1971 with the Eagles. "I'm hopeful of winning this season an dthe judgment of Williams will be made after 1971," said the owner. Kush led his sixth-ranked Sun Devils to an 11-0 season, including a victory over North, Carolina in the Peach Bowl. Green Bay is looking for someone to replace Phil Bengston, who resigned after an unsuccessful 1970 season. . (At Riverside Lanes) Goodyear Leisut Mixers 4, Painter 211 Nutcrackers 0, Jones 180 Spoilers 2, McLaU9hlln 178 Reliefs 2; Gilliam 178 Clippers 3, McClavahan 244 HI-Milers 1, La key 218 Rebels 4, Reynolds 204 Tarbabies 0, forfiet Confederate Leaiue Danville Welding 3, Goodson 246 Good Guys 1, Thomas 204 T S Autos 1, Haynes 213 Saders 3, Nance 220 Team No. 4 4, Scearce 212 Hararave MA 0, Rogers 226 Carters BP 3, Moore 220 John W. Daniel 1, Wyatt 210 .Ladies Bowletters W. Henry Hardy 1, Tanis, Wallace 111 Daniels Amoco 3, Crowder 139 "onnie's Team 0, Fowler 106 leaister Bee 4, Humphries 107 Piedmont League Airport Esso 4, Conly 207 Schoolfleld 0, Ferauson 218 Security Bank 3, Turner 215 Northmen! Esso 1, Carswell 232 Reslster Bee 2, Thurman 204 Kinspins 2, Burnette 203 ' Ladies Bank League Schoolfleld Bank No. 1 2, Shelton 188 American National 2, Huppert 167 Schoolfield Bank Trust 1, Harris 146 Va. Bank No. 1 3, Gravely 144 Va. Bank No. 2 0, Heffinger 158 1st National 4, Moore 189 Powder Puff League Palmer's Market 1, Wimmer 161 Hormel Slzzlers 3, Besel 159 . Masonettes 4, Parker 167 Tom's Toasted Peanuts 0, Rogers 188 Team No. 5 3, Matherly 175 Symraett 1, Screace 168 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Recipe for success in college football: add a dash of Pepper. That's just what the UCLA Bruins did Thursday, dipping into the Midwest i'arm belt to sign Franklin "Pepper" Rogers greatness for the Bruins, expected to be one of the most powerful teams in the school's history. The new coach said he'd' be disappointed, "if we don't have a good football team and be in competition for the Rose Bowl." (Schoollteld Rec. Center) Men's Mill League Riverdan 3, B.eale 164 Cost. Accounting 0, Strats 171 1-A Weave 3. Oaks 209 Prep. Dept. 0, Walker 169 Boy's League Patriots 914, B. Rye 144 Rockets 858, E. White 135 Scholastic Results (At Rec. Department) Men's Church League Emmanuel Brethren 106, Baker 29 Burton Memorial 35, Evans 11 :amp Grove Baptist 65, Averett 23 Sr, _. uid Hills Baptist 51, Moore 25 Sharon Baptist 57, Willis 22 Fairviaw Methodist 52, Weatherford 22 Boy's League Rockets 39,:Dishrrian 17. , ! ... . .' Dragons 19, Thompson'11 -.. (At Armory) ' City League Wingfeet 51, Kendrick 16' Verdun 40, Whitlow 10 _ . White Rock 50, White, T. Robinson 10 CIC 36, Brandon 12 . " " .;'.'·.'. Warriors 64, Harper 23 Wilson Construction 41, Law 15 Bank'No. 471 Consolidated Report of Condition Of First State Bank OF DANVILLE IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA AND DOMESTIC SUBSIDIARIES AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1970. MADE TO THE STATE CORPORATION COMMISSION. A S S E T S : ; Cash and due from banks ··· ·.., - · - ·$ 344,470.59 : U.S. Treasury securities · · · 393,365.00 ·· Obligations of States and political -subdivisions 803^045.00 Other securities (including $1.00 corporate stocks) .. 101,138.00 ^Federal funds sold and securities purchased · . under agreements to resell 1,250,000.00 Other loans 2,719,112.87 ; Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, - and other assets representing bank premises ... Real estate owned other than bank premises Other assets .. -. ·, · 49,000.00 2,551.46 4,059.46 Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . - $5,666,742.38 i L I A B I L I T I E S .. ,$1,001,947.09 Demand deposits of individuals, ", partnerships, and'.corjpbratipns ; . . . , . . . . . . · 'Time, and savings deposits of;individuals, partnerships, and corporations ; . . , , . . ·. 3,324,669,47 Deposits of United States Government t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 466,540.31 Deposits of States and political: subdivisions . 224,743.68 Certified and officers' checks, etc. . . . . . . , . , . 38,679.72 TOTAL DEPOSITS , ,.,$5,056,580.27 .. (a) Total demand- deposits ·-·.;; :.;·....;$1,531,910.80 (b) Total time and savings deposits ..$3,524,669.47 Other liabilities . : , .,......-:-. ,.. 32,866.65 TOTAL LIABILITIES . · : . . . , , . / , . . , . . ^ . . . . . . . . $5,089,446.92 R E S E R V E O N L O A N S A N D S E C U R I T I E S Other reserves on loans . - . . . - . . . . . . . . . · · , ' · · · $ . 30,000.00 Tin I*: Ya, FriJ»y, J«n. I, 1971 f-A Casper Shares Lead Witti Two Blondes At LA LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Billy i birdie possibilities reinain-;Bert Greene. Casper had a share of the lead, Ing when he stepped to the fifth! U.S. Open Champ Tony Jack Arnold Palmer had a mental tee. !n n had a 69 and PGA title lapse and three players had yet) He pulled his drive into the \. n \A pr n avf . ctoc-kton * 72 to finish in the first round of Heft rough near a tree with the holcler Dave St0tkton * 72 ARNOLD PALMER .Called penalty on himself for triple-bogey seven. the .$110,000 Glen Campbeli-Los Angeles Open golf tournament. Casper, battling a heavy cold and hand-numbing chill, fired a five-under-par 66 Thursday and tied a pair of 28-year-old blonds -- Tom Shaw and Bob Smith -- for the top spot in the opening round of the first tournament on the 63-stop pro tour this year. The start of play was delayed for about 30 minutes to allow frozen greens to thaw and early darkness caught Bill Brask, Bobby Greenwood, and Jack Montgomery still out on the Rancho Park Golf Club course. They were scheduled to play their 18th hole before the start of the second round. None was in contention for the lead. Palmer had a shot at it, until he took a triple - bogey seven, including a two - stroke penalty on the fifth hole,' his 14th. The game's most famous player started on the 10th tee, turned two under and had two good ball resting against a beer can. Palmer moved the can and the ball moved slightly. He played the ball, hitting a three-iron into r-ome trees and the ball richo- cheting back to the fairway. He was on in three and two- putted for a bogey five, then called the penalty on himself. "The penalty was for playing the ball after it moved," he said. "I've been making some goodi Petty Has Pole Masters champion. "1 got abouti li " :liai-1 , p ' !tt ' has "* Pj* J» s as much out of the round as I could." tion and a group of Southern Californians own Riverside In- He didn't have a bogey a nd tenu ;; ional Raceway where-the didn't have a five on his C ard,i Randleman ' N ' C - dnver . wl11 t,irin. v,;,.rfio= ,,,, ho KrTM nor!head a 40-car field in Sunday'* taking birdies on the three pari ; $100,000 Motor Trend 500 stock ,,,,.,,. I should have dropped fives and runnin « in birdie P u t t s icar 'race. it. It's somehing I knew but of 15 and 30 feet on two others.! Petty earned the No. 1 spot you don't always use what you Shaw two-time tourney win- Thursday with a speed of know. I was a little hot from the bad drive and 1 just went ahead and hit it. "And if I'd dropped it, it would have rolled out from under the tree and I've had had a clear shot at the green." He finished with back in the pack. Bob Payne was a 71, well one stroke off the lead at 67 with eight others at 68. They are George Archer, Ray Floyd, Jerry Barber, Dale Douglass, Bob Lunn, John Schroeder, J.C. Snead and ner two years · ago, had been .n Florida practicing for six weeks after a winless 1970. "I've got to try harder, work larder," he said. Shaw needed only 28 strokes on the greens and didn't have a bogey. Smith, a non-winner in three years on the tour, turned in tour under, three-putted the 10th, got it back on the' 13th and moved into a share of theiSunnymeade Land Investors -lead on the 15lh with a 25-footj a corporation of four Southern Briuns Add Dash Of Pepper' of Kansas. Rogers predicted instant V/hile Rogers went west in search of his rose-colored dream, longtime assistant Don Fambrought stepped into the Kansas spotlight and fulfilled a wish of his own. "This is a job I've dreamed of! getting .. . it's the thrill of my life." he said after being named to succeed Rogers. "I've never wanted to coach at any other school." The University of Tampa, meanwhile, signed Bill Fulcher, a 36-year-old offensive line coach at Florida, as Thursday's activities continued a rash of coaching changes in the college ranks. ' Among the more recent shifts were: Dartmouth's Bob Blackman to Illinois; with assistant Jake Crouthamel taking over the Indians' top spot; Florida State's Bill Peterson to Rice; Tulane's Jim Pittman to Texas Christian; Arkansas S t.a t e ' s Bennie Ellender to Tulane; Tampa's Fran Curci to Miami, Fla.; Toledo's Frank Lauterbur to Iowa and East Carolina's Mike McGhee to Duke. Connections Key To Getting Super Bowl Ticket -Scalpers Waiting In Greedy Anticipation MIAMI (AP) -- Super Bowl V was nearly sold : 6% before the tickets ever went on sale. Connections . . . that's the key. .;; All 79,000 sellable Qrange. Bowl seats are .gone for ^he Jan 17 football war between the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys. Scalpers are already rubbing their palms in greedy anticipation. Ticket pressure is mounting," admitted Jim Kensil, assistant commissioner of the National Football League. "There's a' dozen ways to get Super Bowl tickets, but you've got 'to 'act' before the supply evaporates'.'"^ Season ticketholders" -"df the host Miami Dolphins ,'sc66p"up the largest batch -of tickets-about 25,000. They 'are'''allowed to p buy 1-for-l for their regular season commitments. The Colts and Cowboys get team assignments of 10,000 tickets apiece. Neither the fans in Baltimore or Dallas allowed iny to be returned to ths NFL clearing-house. ' ....';/.' Twenty-four remaining NFL franchises claim 500 tickets each which, accounts for another: 12,000. The news media is. allowed to purchase a- total "of l,pOO: 1 Persons with -the right political connections are. allocated another -i,ooo. .Nobody gets free tickets to the Super Bowl. If you enter without paying and won't be performing on'the artificial turf, chances are you're indebted to somebody looking for a favor, i, That accounts for some i; 6,0,pOO of the. 79,000 available seats'in the Orange 'Bowl's giant .horseshoe. Remaining pasteboards are split between three, TV riet- works, NFL TV-radio sponsors, NFL players and participants such as bandsmen. This year, tickets for the end zone went better at $15 than they did three years ago at $6. Bengals' Brown Coach Of Year NEW YORK (AP) ..-- Cincin-| nati Coach Paul Brown hasi tacked on another honor to. his long list of achievements that climaxed-;' this year when his Bengals won a National Football League playoff berth. The 62-year-old coach was named. Thursday by the Associated Press as the NFL's 1970 Coach of the-Year. He received 35 of 79 votes from a panel of sportwriters covering the 26 NFL teams and.he beat out his runner'Up, Don Simla of the Miami Dolphins, by 20 votes. Third Was ' San Francisco's Dick Nolan with nine votes. "I'm happy and honored," the soft-spoken Brown said from his winter home in La Jolla, Calif. "I could accept such a thing only in the name of 'my ! staff and fine young players." 30,000.00 After his third-year Bengals won cheir first game and then dropped six straight, they ral- "Those cheaper seats .always went"'iastj"' Kensil : sai'rKWednes- day. ; "When the fifsl;-Super Bowl drew only 61,000 -- about 25,000,=-under capacity--in 1967, most.'ainsold tickets were the lowest fnVprice." . ; The laSt time the Super Bowl was played in the Orange Bowl, the tickets were scaled from $12-$10-$8 to see the underdog New York Jets spill the Colts. NFL brass hiked the tariff to $15 all around for last January's event in New Orleans. "We.cannot get ''nto the mail order.,,business," .said Kensil, who,,was,busy setting up a half- dozen , temporary offices in the m.assiye' Americana Hotel' Miami Beach. " . . . . ' , . ",."That would mean disappointing about 98 per cent,of..those who applied. It would also mean sending back all that money." NFL officials haven't forgotten who helped them durinj that not-so-successful first Super Bowl in Los Angeles. "We still get some tickets for travel agencies, public figures, etc , who were with us back in 1967," said Kensil. Actually, there are only 1,000 no-strings-attached tickets sold where the "little guy" can line up with his greenbacks and buy space without a cpnnection with 1 some team or somebody. Chariie Coffey, an assistant at Arkansas, hooked up with Virginia Tech and Joe Restic, a coach of the Canadian Football League Hamilton Tiger Cats, signed with Harvard, and Bill Jones, a Tennessee assistant, went to FSU. Marshall University, which lost Coach Rick Tolley in a plane crash, was still looking for a replacement. Former prc [ootball star Sam Huff has had his name linked with the Marshall job, but denies reports he's signed. I had one interview with them, and I haven't talked to them since," said Huff, a former New York Giant lineman. Rogers, 39, replaces Tommy Prothro, who earlier jumped to the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. Rogers who coached at Kansas for four years, once worked under Prothro 107.084 miles per hour in' a 1971 Plymouth, fastest of 15.. qualifiers. Fifteen more drivers were scheduled to qualify today .and 10 more on Saturday. ·',· Les' Richler, former. football star with University of California and the Los Angeles Rams, announced Thursday that American Raceways has sold its 48 per cent of Riverside- stock to putt. j Californians. LOS ANG'ELES (AP) - First round scores Thursday in the 5110,000 Glen Campbell-Los Anueles Open golf tournament on the 6,827-yard, par 36-35--71 rancho park golf course (A-denoles ama- leur): Bob Smith 32-34-66 Tom Shaw 33-33--66 lilly Casper 33-33--66 Job Payne 33-34--67 George Archer Jerry Barber Ray Floyd -Bert Greene 36-32-68 John Schroeder 35-33--68 J. C. Snead 33-35-68 Dale Douglass 36-32--68 Bob Lunn 37-31--68 'It was so cold I just wanted' The reportedly $400,000 pur- to finish," he said. "If I'd hadjchase gave the corporation 80 an overcoat, I'd have put itjper cent of stock. Richtec, .pres- on." ident of the track for American Raceways, a Michigan-based corporation, retains the .same capacity and said he anticipates no ciange in its over-all .operation. He confirmed that the deal enabled payment of mortgages on the Michigan International Raceway which had been 'in default. ' · ' . , . , . The four who form the Sunnymeade firm are William .Austin, Riverside realtor, William Norris, Riverside real estate investor, David Lagan, Los Angeles real estate investor, and Riverside attorney Fritz Duda. Thirty-five cars of 60 entered qualifying attempts Thursday, with Petty's speed well under the record of 113.310 for the 2.62-mile, eight-turn course posted last year by.Ear- nelli Jones. ' . . · ' . ; · Bobby Allison of Hueyiown, Ala., took the second spot;, by driving a 1970 Dodge 106.890, Coach Pepper lodgers to'replace Tommy 'followed bv Rav Elder · Cai'U- Prothro. who resined to coach the Ns|I "" uwe "; "; ^r ,,,, . ' f, thers, Calif., 106.793 in another .................... Don January ............... .... 35-3' -- 69 Gibby Gilbert .................. 34-35-69 Bill Garrett .................... 35-34--69 Grier Jones .................... 34-35--69 Hubert Green .................. 34-35--49 Tony Jacklin 35-34-69 Bruce Crampton 36-33--69 Jim Colbert 36-33--69 _ow Finsterwald 36-34--70 Curtis Sifford 35-35-70 Hale Irwin 36-34--70 Art Wall 35-35--70 -miA* Steve Etchstaedt 36-34-70 ! mdae Orville Moody 33-37--70 John Jacobs 36-34--70 Jim Wright 37-33--70 Phil Rodflers 36-34--70 R. H. Slkes .' 33-37--70 Howie Johnson- 34-36--70 Al Gelberger 37-33--70 Bob Goalby 35-35--70 UCLA Athletic Director J.D. Morgan said in announcing the schools llth head coach: "When Pepper was a senior assistant to Prothro, I regarded him as one of the outstanding football coaches in the nation. He is a fine student of the game and relates extremely well to the student athlete." Fambrough, 48, spent 23 years as an assistnat and got the feeling he'd never be on top. 'I didn't know whether social security or it would come first," he- quipped. Dick Lotz Ross Randall 37-33-70 38-33--71 LOS Football ANGELES-UCLA hired Kanas Prothro. who resigned to coach the Ms tional Footbal Football League Los Angeles Rams while Rodgers' replacement at Kansas will be Don Fambrough, an assistant coach for the last 23 years. 'NEW YORK--Paul Brown, who guided the Cincinnati Bengals to the National Football" League playoffs in their third year of existence, was voted NFL Coach of the Year by the Assoclate'd Press. PHILADELPHIA--The National Fort- ball League Philadelphia Eagles retained Coach Jerry Williams, who is in the last year of a three-year contract. CLEVELAND--The National Football League Cleveland Browns named former Philadelphia Eagle head coach and Browns' offensive coach Nick Skorich to replace retiring Blanton Collier as head coach. TAMPA, Fla.--The University of Tampa named Bill Fulcher a 36-year-old University of Florida 'assistant coach, aJ head coach. NEW YORK--The Associated Press named San Francisco 4Ver .quarterback John Brodie, who took the team to the first title in its 25-year history, as the Most Valuable Player In the National Football Leiau*. 1970 Dodge. Hor*e Racinj BALTIMORE-Sally's _ Truce;'.,e;' '311.5 at P.imlii .20, won the Baby League Purse:at Rimlico by a l'/j lengths over- Exclusive 1 Dancer. PHILADELPHIA-Steel CltV,V S7.20. won by a neck over Le Taquin In the feature at Liberty Bell. ' ' MIAMI--COCO Lock, $22.60, finished a nose ahead of Sam H. to win the feature a t Tropical Park. ·· · · LINCOLN, R. I. -- Terrelena, J9.20, defeated Behaving Gal by a nose In'ths $4,000 Greenwood purse at. Lincoln Downs. . NEW ORLEANS -- Even-money'favor- ite Price of Ascot, $4, won going yway over Clem Would in the feature at'1h« LOS ANGELES -- Jockey Bill'; Shoemaker escaped inlury when rte fell ,from It's A Corker at the start of the fifth race and long-shot Crowning Glory, S7J.IO. Won by a head In the S2?,550 Ctntintli .Stakes at Santa Anita. . " ^; u - ^ r 'JLE±l »f***' MEN' SHOE SALE A : TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES $ C A P I T A L A C C O U N T S Equity capital total ..'. '· ·. - . - · ."· · · ' · · ' · ' - . . . . . . . . . . . ·$ 547,295.46 j lied to claim seven consecutive Common stock--totalpar value $ 50,000.00, contests and the Central Divi- No shares authorized 20,000 j sion title of the NFL'S Ameri-. No shares outstanding 10,000 j can Conference. Surplus . . , . : : . : . . . . . 375,000.00j "Personally, this is my little Undivided profits · 16,895.46idream come true," he said Reserve for contingencies and other-capital reserves 105,400.00 j after tncy W0n tne title. "This ;!has been the most interesting TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ 547,295.46 and most gratifying season I've ever known." He helped establish the Cleveland Browns of the old All American Conference and then iji in his first year as coach of Total Liabilities, Reserves, and Capital Accounts $5,666,742.38 M E M O R A N D A Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar * , ,, ,, ,, , - , ,, . - - - . - -days ending with call date $4,960,043.40 the Browns in the NFL, he was Average of totalloans for the 15 calendar inamed coach of the year, days ending with call date 2,694,012.01 j He led tne Browns to a 115- Unearned discount on instalment loans 4 g. 6 record until he was fired included in total capital accounts ii)5,4ou.uu ^ Ig62 He returned to pro f es . I Svlvesta L Jennings, Cashier, of the above-named bankjsional football in 1968 when he, do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and cor-jhelped organize the Bengals, reel to the best of my knowledge and belief. and then won the old American i Correct--Attest: SYLVESTA L. JENNINGS r- L. W. YORK M. C. MARTIN JAMES G. HUGHES Directors. Football League's Coach of the Year award in 1969. In the Bengals' 1970 winning, i skein, they edged Cleveland 14- j i 10 and the Browns ended up i finishing as runner-up to Cincin nati in the Central Division. With Nolan as coach, the 49-1 1970 after a 4-8-2 mark in 19R9. OVER 500 PAIRS Mehn's Shoes_by Nunn-Bush Dexter, njjsn Puppie and Pedwin Sizes 6!/2 to 12 Widths B-C-D. i* A AUSTIN HILL SLACK FLARES WITH FIT 'N' FLAIR! Austin Hill belt loop Slacks are' the greatest! Known for their comfort and wearing-ease . . we now feature them with the season's flared leg. It's a new and now look. 2 inch belt loops, plain fronts and BanRol® . . . for a guarantee of no waistband rollover. Come in for flares with flair . . . see our complete line of Austin Hill Slacks. m Open Friday Nights Til 9 P.M. Downtown Danville Martinsville, Va. in ' Open Fridays 9 to 9 Maintain that Safer Appearance

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