The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, APT!II, .3, ]f).|7 Brain Surgery Salvation Army Woman Gets iTruman Canals 1 Hinh £"*<'— — a Detective iT' 0 ^ 5 to Visit In Mississippi :L f:nuKlK « NEWS Odds Arc Two to One Against Success But Aids Some Mentally III \ - --.-'ale brain surtjoiv'to restore care-fully iy;:es of j,i- W.' "° -' Arsons to normal living ^ini, ™" K ." °" "I Middli'lowu bill clu Sl^.'n/?!;. " Cal ' ly : ' y '' r ""' sn;ccss, Siipeiiatendin:t Ed'.ui- f" Yi'ibitry said yesicrduy. lo'," 5 ',^;' '' N ° l :! <•'""' f'-" 1 "U men,'''', " ?• ,"'• Ye.'Miiy s .,i<i tlmt Cne-lliird rcun-er sufjicieutlv to KO home to live a fairly normal hfe, one-tln^i improve but • lemain m ,,,i instiiution. and OIK-i l'i"'» remain the s-uiif." j 15r. Yt'itmr.v sakl tlmt, the oper-' i! , U !!' S . v;0 " kl eoiHIiuie ut the hos-j as long as they K et results.' ut. Uei'-ja:nni Simon, clinical di-rector, said t |,, a ,|,,. ol , su . h ^_\ 11110115 ••*'•'•«-• being performed eveiv two weiks, and that 24 in all linil' heen psrfcrmea ,n Hie last vein-. A conversation between o r " gj. ition and a jiatient wliile an o;icr- ' L Vl """ ^""". carried cut iiiitk'r I was re;x)rted | a kteal a yi'sterday. Or. Simon said thai the naiiem.i nn inmate of tin- institution for] 10 years, was "almost ready to go ionic am, that he was.about "no per coin recovered. I "He can look after himself can carry on an intelligent conv'crsa- V°" ™" ™" ld "' t i* l'1-k-.'l out 01 •i cioud as an. institution paticn' He .shonw bD able tl : hok! dowT, a" JVQ wlipn lie is released.". ,;7j -I iii'J' 8 '""" saiil tlmt conversations between patient and au-- yeon liad b?en carrieti on t £xient before, but that in the "case Reported yesterday -This patient just seemed lo like to talk" Me said that persons most ap o recover arc those who are a= £!°E .a^ter'tu ^ SM^S? hif^cri:, %%»£ lals, and even morgues. Thi'i-e is jHFt one eateh uboui Ihe ivoikins,- of these bureaus l!y NKA Service NEW YORK, A|)ril 2. - - Mur; Meiz. a mii!<lle-aged ivomaii with straight gn-yint; hair and a ready smile. Is one of the most succes fill and least knc-svn detectives in Army Recruiter's Signs They Do Get Attention Fearing an outbreak of fifth BlythcviHe. a patriotic citizen called Lho commander of th c Dud Casou Post of the American lie" n'i") 1 ,* C ! l ! UI ' lS Ul> "leeting Tuesday "I'tl't .ma u 1,3, t ed that some Ia-| ii.uu_w«s stenciling signs all oven I lie side-walks, of Blytheviilc. H.o. Pnrllow, commantle.- of the local post, reported thc fnii 1 to the members for :ieee=-i; r- '•>'•• the world She and her fellow workers locate more missini; persons "tha i any police depaUnieiu in nnv cit> in Ihe country. They also find lost baKgase. forward letters and search records for births, deaths and marriage. Mary Metz is a Major in the Salvation Army and heads the Now York branch of the Ai-mj '•> ••Missing Persons and Inquiry B.,- reau." Tliere are similar bureaus in Atlanta, bhisago and San Francisco in U.S., and in BG other cases in no charg. ,, ,i - j.ii^vj i \_",Y, April , (Uf*i — The white Hoii';e Indiiy iinr.oui.c.d cancellation of presldi-nt Tn.m-ins IJlanned trip to OlsveUnil, Miss on 'May 8. Press fjp'i-rrlary Chavles O. Ho s wild the trip \vus culled oil bc- Die missini: fsk-nd or relative doe.-, not wi'.h it to i) 1 .' known where he or slK> is. the inqulver isn't tola. For lone months e search wrnl "ii in bi'hall of 11 vmint; man for Ins mother wliom he had not seen sm;-.> he was a few weeks old. The mother was mummied when he was born, and .she kail given him •Jut for adoption.-woikm finnllv found the VOUIVH -man's inotlVef She was Ui,f wife 'of a pvoniineni' nt!/i'ii iK.pVilv -mnri'led. win, a '"'•''i' Ininlly. The llle,.i!|,,,i,te son *•'••; l>er.-ua.:!eil not to i-mlte .iii-n- "t'.f known to iii s molher. Nor n:": ].,, (oh! where she lived'' : ' 'Die Salvation Aimy has "many. ,.'??* ' li'ackliifi down niissius I'"" 1 ' " f "nv: MUV «,f 1m ,„,„„ '"''^ li ";iH, l> ''m;ui la '!; l; ;;:? l 'ri,; ' l!< IVioilimo time to nt t invny."* •" • Truman ovii:lnii||y i)- imn ,. ( i "''•'•'!n'' Vl of u,e S T'"'' b '-' r " V "'"' IS y-iml unt, KUS.S siilil, thero (Vn. .l'i! > ,-" S1U ' n " ir '•''"«>"" f<>~ the ill I lie white Hunse, PACE KLKVK the «':l "H;m. Tin. mm.'iHliiu'iil T |, 0 M , lllR , ,. 1 , niUc ^ ^ '<> unity the iiincnunn-nt. u was' ncai i tin- n.« ,M Jon>,. .Salvationist unit wher iiiissiiH: person was last seen "veil or woikcil. Heco.xis of cllv !;"<! siwte rauris. ; : ,TCS ;,,,,, „„,,:, .-le used. Even a- man's tn,de mav liep (rare him !h,. OIll .|, ,-, x ,,;, imion If he- b-icmns to seme fra- lernnl ortanix uion. the seaivh is Mmplified. Tl,e memories of .'•)-'- rahi,,i>T <l l ''"" l ' !>1 "™ °»i-n uroVidc Mihmble rUies. A imslmnsli- <,. •"iv jiiren ;ily „,. , own ,.„,,.;[,,„_ ;> '"V in Hie rural areas) ,;ive s i.> neb e he'ii. Missim; per, nns , u ,, Iimml thro,u;h the telephone e States Ratify Plan Amend Constitution 'Dy Uniteit Press) •»• ll.urinlilre has b,r.::w,tlie I Hi st n ,,, ,„ ,-,, u;v ,,„, m , ( , 1K)St , (| .SS "ffi,™ »^W»«S •'-'; rr^mlVoT ,,1™ ^toM«^feii Lawnmowers . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service ond all work guaranteed. Phonc2192 215 N. 2nd kker Machine Shop . . m filc.5 today. Tliere is| .... . fiu for making a scare it E and only rarely i s a search tci-l f innmtcrt unsuccessfully. Fi-om h"i * office her activities siem out ovei I I j!' 1 > lle world, to cities, town- I r loroign countries, prisons, hos;:i- ^ , bad stenciled t % The signs rcaii " A .Uri : .» Amer "en is a peaceful America," and ,, Ihe new theme for Ihe Arp-v* recrnitine drive. T h D informer hitl evidently misread the :,hu:s. Truman Names Envoys To Three Countries WASHINGTON. April 3. (UP ,_ wejiflsnt T.timan today nominated ji , i ^' nvos ' s '° E.'ua:br, Syria .atiel Jjhn p. Simmons of New York was nominated ID be tl'.e ;i ew am .' bassaiior to E-uaclor. He U now the amjassadcr to El Salvador Paul H. Ailing, a foreign servj-> officer n-om Conn-ti ut, was named to be minister to Sy-ia Seltlen Chapin, a foreign service owner from Washington, D c was ncminnteii to be minbter to Hungary. EVERYONE IS E Y E I N G" ^Motorette A personal car in the fvallirrwcigiu class- Hi:! I is slving America :i lieu Jlolor Ihrill. Dcsiijncd by nvialion ciminccrs smart Oircc vvlicclcd Motorctt- lias been wclcomrtl into Society anil Dn.siness from Mimni lo Huston. from Bruailwoy to ' It's as smart as ^ Paris fashion platL'. as comrortiiirie as nil Atlantic City honriiwalh chair ICs as ciisv to liaiullc ns a founlnin psn and cosls less lo oppralo prr mile than n Suilcl-- •nan's bicyclp. .\ fi-w arc nvnilnblc iiow-come in r.i!<! meet Motorcttc. See Hie MoforeHc nn ilisnlay in our showroom S H E L T O N Motor Company P. 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