The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts on April 20, 1971 · Page 29
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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts · Page 29

Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1971
Page 29
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II t'.i iY, U 2 llli 4t! tVl oS - 'ii JL', W 2i.' - i.i Y IrsMlp i i Dividends THE LOWELL SUN, TUESDAY, APIUL 20, 1071 29 Unicena NV Ltd. just may be biggest clothier arou By JOHN F. SIMS AMSTERDAM (UPI) - Uni cena NV Ltd, the holding company controlling the world chains of Clik and Ohrbiich de partment stores, may be the biggest clothing retail business around. Only the 10 directors of Unl - ena, 11 of whom bear the name Bronninkmcyer. know for sure. Like lite elusive Howard Hughes, the Brctimnkmeyers don't like to talk about Ihem - sclves or have their pictures token. General agreement in business circles is that Rudolf Wil - helm Brenninkmoyer, 97, a doc - economics, currently heads up the Unicena board. THE BOARD also suREfisfed police enforce existing guidelines limiting tne maximum numner of persons allowcu to nde in me seals 01 passenger cars. The board's recommendations arose out of a study of a two - car co! ision on the southern ap - nroach to the Golden Gate Br;':gc last July 11, in which 10 Treehouse comes down OMAHA, Neb. (UPI) - Char - ley Kidder's Ircehouse came clown saturuay. The treehouse, set in the limbs of a hugh oak tree in Kidder's back yard, has survived 60 - mile - an - liour Nebraska winds, the antics of 12 Kidder children and their friends, and condemnation nroceedmgs by the City council in us eigni years. A lmb supporting the structure did not sprout leaves this spring and may have weakened, Kidder said, so the IreebDiise was ordered lorn down, Kidder told UPI the job was accomplished late SaiuTday. He said cltv officials were 'consnicuous bv their abience." Council, aclina under the City Last November the City Building Code, condemned the treehouse as "deteriorated and structurally unsound." Among other reasons was the roof leaked, it was improperly insulated and It had "no means of egress except for a heavy rope tied lo the Ireu," city' inspectors stud. Kidder, a master eleclrician until a hear attack last summer, hired n lawyer and protested the structure was completely safe and "nothing short of dynamite coulri Jar the treehouse , loose. It took crowbars and sledge hammers lo do the job halurttny. chairman of the board. Nor Is there one unofficially." eh country w Here the business li as branches, a member of (he ruling family is in charge. In Germany it Is Cornelius, 10: hi Britain, Karei LudEer, 42; III Belgium, Ludwlg, 12; in I'Ydiicc, Herman, 46, and In iho United States, Antnony, 41. The ma lor decisions in Uni - eena are taken when the family members Rather at a round ta ble in the company's unpreten tious offices crammed he - Iween a toy shop and a travel agency on four floors of a small building at 113 Weesper fitreel, Amsterdam. Uniccna's rigid policy dc - mding retirement at 55, with But a Unicena executive com - generous pension righls, has mentcd: "Officially there is no kept 11s corporate management Safety board would limit top auto speeds WASHINGTON (AH - Tlie N'alional Transportation Safely Board recommended todny the lop speed o aulomobiles be lim ited to no more man ine nigtiesi legal speed limit in the nation. The recommendation is far stronger than any government proposal yet tn reduce top speeds on cars. The National Hiehwav Traffic Safety Administration pro)scd Dee. 1, 1970, lo curb high speed driving with a device Ihal activates a car's warning lights and horn at a speed of 85 miles an hour or more. It also recommended limiting the maximum attainable speed to 95 miles an hour and to require spp - edameters thai register no greater than 85, Police vehicles would be exempted but all other cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles built after Oct .1, 1972, would be affected under the proposal. , The safety board's recommendation today asked tiie safety administration to amend its proposal and further reduce speeds attainable on new, cars. out of 12 passengers were killed. The Transportation Board concluded the cause of the acci dent was nrohablv excessive speed winch led lo loss of vehicle control on the curve of a hiahwav which had substandard width and no median bar - "The speed . . . which was at least 100 miles per hour preced ing the crash, and its the car's rated speed capability of 125 to 1' miles per l.oiir, vn - rc a: far in excess of any legal high way speed limit in tne united Stales." The board's report said, far ther, the second car had front scats designed for two persons, but was carrying a total of lout - persons. "This was in excess of the allowable number of three persons . , . . " Other recommendations made were: - rTlie California Division of Highways and other agencies complete their plans to bring the site of the accident uo lo na tional standards. Plans include widening the 10 - foot lanes to 12 feet and adding acceleration - celeration lanes and a perma nent median barrier. The Uited Stales Army Sixth Command consider grant ing right - of - way through tne Presidio of San Francisco. TUNE - UPS Imaac consistently young and forward looking. THE FAMILY Is slaunchly Roman Catholic. Church offi - ials sav thev never waste their time they approach Iho Drcnnmkmeycrs for support - of a chni - ch project. Kalher Roberlus Tepe said the Dominicans had good reason lo be gratelul for the Brtn - ninkincycrs and added: "What Hie general public and perhaps ncnv nt Hip rnmnanv's workers may nol know Is that from the oulscl of Clemens and August a third party played a role the dear Cod." But Unicena executives laugh at the report that at each board meeting a cliair is leu empty to symbolize the presence, of God, The church also plays a role in the life of the family. Several Brenninkmoyers who judged themselves not business men have become priests. . On of them, Father Alex, dcl - ebraled his 40th anniversary as a nriest at the Dulch own - of lluisen recently. In his catly pneslhoo - a, his superiors per - lo other young priests. Mettmgon, rear the German - Dutch border, is the family home. Nine Brenninkmeycrs have homes in the village and Unicena also maintains a rest home there for former em ployes. It is at Mntlingen that the old family house carries the family's coat, of arms carved - in stone and the motto "Unity Makes Strength." If reticence helps breed unify, li e Brenninkmeyers observe their motto daily. 1 1 e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 e 1 u 1 1 1 SheH ffatcsB MOSCOW (UPI) - Nine sehoal children were killed and four injured when they tried to defuse a World War II artillery shell they found last week. The children discovered the uuexplodcd shell April 15 dgr - Ing a playtime recess neiir the yard of the Minkovsky Elementary School hi the Ukraine, according io the provincial newspaper Komso - molskaya Znamya (Youth. League Banner). ; .tiniiiitiniiiHiiHiiiimiimniiiimj LOWEST INSTALLED PRICES IN TOWN! WE HONOR Check Around! 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