Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 8, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
Page 4
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* John Gray's ; -'CORNER" On Lace Curtains, Window 'Shades, Poles, Window Draperies, Fringe, Chains, and Cord and Tassels.' All .Fresh Goods, not damaged "by Water or Fire. Tiu-llT Picture* The wiige statistics published last summer by the British Board of Trade show that the average yearly earnings of men, women and children in the British woolen industry are $170.32. AT-THE POLLS. The Massachusetts Bureau ot Labor Statistics, one el' the best and most careful In this country, gives the average earnings In the woolen Industry of that State sis' " •[ $-171.81. —New York Press. The Hoot of the Trouble. "The slaughter of the wretched rioters in the Pennsylvania coke regions may have been necessary to protect the property and lives of others, but it is not to be forgotten ' that the company.involved-in the strike is responsible for the presence in the country of this mob of half-paid, half- starved, and half-civilized alien laborers."—Springfield. Republican. Muncipal Elections Held in Several States. 1 IS PARNELL WEDDED? Michigan Thought to Have Elected a Republican Supreme Judge and University Regents, FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: Parvin's :-: -• 12th-st Drug Store. :-: Daily Journal. Opprewnivc Silence. Ten thousand cowboys have expressed a desire to spend the summer in Rome, the Tennessee wild-catters are ready to make^the fur fly, Montana's miners wish .to leave Butte and blizzards for beautiful Italian scenes, but Col. Henri Watterson's 100,000 unarmed Kentuckians never said a word.—Indianapolis Journal. A riiiKgextloii of tlie Monr. . A nation that neglects ' its defenses acts like a.man .who invites trespass by"neglecting to keep i his fences up' and his bolts and bars' in good condition.—Pittsburg Commercial.': ' . In the week (except Monday) bylW. D. PRATT. - »O OO . 50 Friee pet, Annum, ... ^.JPrlce per Month, ••'• - - $ WEDNESDAY MORNING APRIL 8. THE municipal elections Monday ami Tuesday'-as'usual affoj-ded opportunities for the eagle to scream and the to crow. As a whole, local •tissues, open or latent,, create uphea- and cause sometimes unexpected The general tendency of seem to be; Republican putt a larger number of unexpected ^gains arid fewer -losses of -strong-holds seem to be the fortune of that .party. (-changes. ?the elections - INFORMATION from .the townships Jndicate that th'e assessors.are making *» full cash valuation of farm, -real and personal property. Some of the gen- •Hemen carry a-copy of''the "law and ^-their oath of office and in respons to remonstrances show. ".the copies to that they have no liberty'in the (matter. .. While the law will 'increase >taxes—that "is what it 'was passed > .. .-: .... • -.•-•- • .. •;' ..... r ,.,. . • I for —no one will know the amount until come to pay in dollars and cents or there will undoubtedlj be a reduc- ion of the county levy. THE cablegram from Berlin, an- piouncing tnat the German, govern-. [ment had decided . to .remove the re- 'itrictions on American pork, forecasts Smother .victory for •. the; 'Commercial policy of the United States an'd reflects cred.it On the administration.. 6This is inore noticeable because the ft,> ... . ."' grestrictions seemed an insurmountable (barrier to Bayard and the Cleveland iiulininistration. The contrast cannot Sail to strike, forcibly, the farmers and 'iiainess men of the nation. The law ^providing for inspection in the United Ptates was the'.'instrument which Secretary Rusk scompelled ^Germany, to show aserhand. The subject has been-ably Handled and, the success which is apparently attained will open.up additional markets. • . ,- THE Italian, incident has cause.d a ,t change in sentiment in the 'nited States on. the question .offor- immigra-tion.' It .; .was the ast of our. i forefathers' that; this iountryjwas a : haven ;; for th'e ; oppress- a lan'd'" of ."freedom/ aha? ''liberty;-. ile the ; con'ditiohs. 'are .'.unchanged,. in the later. respept. 'there. is a, demand lor restrictio.n and an examination, of character? of immigrants: which will probably -result- in 'a r more rigid law than'ihe'Owen bill . recently passed by Congressl ' The, abuse's arising ut of the custom, of foreign nations of paupers and im- BRIEF DISPATCHES. The New York senate Monday night passed a S200,000 world's fair bill. The waters of the Seine have been restocked with 40,000 California salmon. Queen Victoria and Emperor William will meet at Darmstadt at the end of April. Fire Monday damaged the office of the Albany, (N. Y.,)telephone exchange 530,000; insured for $10,000. The confederate veteran association of ,New Orleans decorated the graves of their former comrades Monday. Shultz & Hosea, wholesale hardware at St Joseph, Mo.,-failed on Monday. Assets,' S240;oOO; liabilities, ,8170,000. The barn of ,'Maj. Gillers near Whitehall, 111., was destroyed by fire, two horses and a colt being burned to death. The president has appointed Thomas EV Wilson, of Arizona, to be United States attorney for the territory of Arizona. Two children of Mrs. Quincy, of Platteville, CoL, were badly burned, one of them fatally, during the absence ol their mother. At Marion, 111., Monday, Mrs. Tillie Taylor and Mrs. Sarah Henderson were arrested for poisoning the 2-year- old child of the former. • Yale and-Harvard Have completed-arrangements for a series of annual-athletic contests, this year's meeting to be at New Haven, Conn.,-May 16. It is reported that Gen. Gibbon, commander of the department of the 'Pacific, is to retire on the 29th insfc. and will be succeeded by. Gen. Ruger. The work of inclosing and securing the grave of Gen. Sherman at St. Louis has been-completed'-and the military guard about the tomb will be withdrawn. Owing to old age, Rev. William Salter, , D.-<D., has resigned the pastorate of 'the Congregational church at Burlington, - la.-, after continuous services of forty- eight years. ' ' . Grave fears are entertained for Senator Colquitt's life; .which have been hightened' by his enforced visit to Hot Springs, Ark. He is suffering with a throat trouble, which has shown alarming symptoms. . The United States supreme court has affirmed the decision of the Wisconsin supreme court in the case of Patrick Manning, convicted of manslaughter. No'ground is found .on which to order Manning's discharg^f There is a good prospect for an angry controversy among, the. leading members of the Irish National League in America, the question at issue being •whether the league will continue to recognize Parnell as the head of the Irish party. The celebrated race horse Clear the Way arrived Monday at New York from Liverpool. He was brought over for E. D. Morgan; .stands sixteen hands high and is dark; chestnut in color. In 1888 he won the Irish grand national, beating the celebrated .Maroon. . . .Kitmu'ids on tlie Alliance. . NEW YOBK,. April 7.—Senator Edmunds in a newspaper interview-says one of the features of the present 'political outlook' is the indication that the Farmers!. Alliancer by 'Carrying certain republican states, may thrOiv the election of president into the house of ^representatives, which.will result in the choice of a democrat. Sentenced for I-ifo. CALDWELL. 0., April. 7.—George Harris, who cut his- "wife's throat' and attempted suicide March 21, has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Campbell. Harris -was indicted by a- special grand jury of murder in : the first degree, but entered a plea of guilty of second-degree murder. ilsposing of fceciles by .providing them transporta?. Son to this country are already pre- ented as is also the bringing- in of ~"f- frge numbers of,jthe scum of other Cations under 'contract; but the rc- •trictions a,re not strong enough to |hut out many disturbing and demor- zing elements. The industrious and rilty are spill welcome. The indol- at and depraved are not. Ohio's Share of. th« l>jrect Tax- COLUMBUS, 0., April 7.—Col. -W. 0. Tolford, state cl aim..agent at Washington, presented Gov. Campbell with a government check for Ohio's share of the. direct .tax fuad,'amounting to S5,- 300,000.' Tolford's commission on this is S26,000'.V. .".'•"'.' ... An Oar man's Fate. _ CAJIBBIDGB, Mass., April 7^—A sad ae- cideirt happened L Monday afternoon to AdeVbert Shaw, of Fiskhill, of the Harvard class of '94, who has been rowing as No. 4 in the university boat. He" was 1 out in a single scull when it was capsized and he was'-drowned. MICHIGAN VOTES. DETROIT, .Mich., April 7,—The 'republicans carried Michigan Monday in an election for justice of the supreme court and two regents of the State univeisity by from 3,000 to 7,000 majority. The vote was remarkably light and the returns are slow in coming in. .Judge E. M. Montgomery, of Grand Rapids, was elected to the supreme bench over Judge Champlin, who was a candidate for reelection after serving ten years, In the municipal elections in the larger cities the democracy held its own. and made large gains. Grand Rapids, Saginaw, .Bay City, Lansing, Marshall, Adrian, Monroe, Pontiac, Eaton Rapids, Mason, Hastings, St. Clair, Sault Ste. Marie, Marine City, Muskegon, St. Ignace, Manistee, Cheboygan, Ionia and Menominee elect democratic mayors, while the republican candidates were successful in Battle Creek, Hillsdale, Charlotte, Grand Haven, Lapeer, Ypsilanti, Flint, Big Rapids, Port Huron, Albion. Jackson, Kalamazoo and Corunna. IX OHIO. CINCINNATI, April T.—The count of the entire city was completed at 10:30 o'clock and showed that the whole republican ticket was elected without a single exception.- The contest between Moshy and Taf elf or mayor was close, the republican candidate having only 189 plurality. The other majorities were Smith (rep.), superior court judge, 1.916; police judge, Gregg (rep.), 1,500; city auditor, Brown (rep.), 2,012; city treasurer, Ziegler (rep.), 2,744; corporation counsel, Hortsmann (rep.), 3,937; magistrate, Tyrrell (rep.), 3,406. The board of legislation will stand 21 republicans and 9 democrats, and the school board will contain a larg* republican majority. The total vote of the ctty is a fei* short of 52,000. COLUMBUS, 0,, April 7.—The citizens' league developed unexpected strength, hut drew principally from the republicans, so that in effect the movement helped the democrats to an almost complete victory. Returns so far point unmistakably to the election of Karb (dem.) for mayor by about 1,000, and all the rest of the city ticket except Burns, for the board of public works, who is defeated by I/orine, (rep.). The council and board of education will be controlled by the republicans and the board of public works by the democrats. CLEVELAND, O., April 7.—Official returns from twenty-five out of seventy- three precincts in the city show repub-, lican gains-for the whole ticket, except, treasurer, over the vote at the municipal election two years ago, when Gardner, (rep.), was elected by 1,028 majority. The indications are that William G.Rose (rep,), is elected mayor, over John H. Farley (dem.), by over 2.000 majority, and that the remainder of the ticket except treasurer will equal or exceed those figures. W. W. A^m- strong, ex-postmaster (dem.), is undoubtedly elected treasurer by not less than 2,000 majority, owing to the fact that the workingmen cut his opponent in all parts of the city. Under the new municipal reform law the whole patronage of the city is placed in the hands of the mayor. CurciN'.xATi, April 7.—Reports from the municipal elections in Ohio show- that the democrats carried the following-named places; Dayton, -except city commissioner ' and six of the fifteen councilmen: Springfield, mayor elected by 500 majority; Circleville, Galion, except mayor and marshal; Ashland, Marion, except mayor; Kennon, Steubenville, except mayor and four councilmen; Zanesville, except mayor: Wooster, except mayor and street commissioner; Chillicothe, Lancaster, Millersburg and Jackson. Republicans carried the following named places: Coshocton, Bellefoun- taine, London, Logan, Carrollton, Fremont, one half of the offices; Fostoria, Urtana, Urchinsville, Dennison, Lebanon, Hillsboro, Elyria, Canton, except mayor and marshal; Youngstown, Mansfield, elected republican mayor and street' commis- .sioner; Warren, Akron, except mavor; Hamilton, elected republican mayor by 238 majority: Schwab, democratic candidate for councilman at large, 6 majority. . IN ILLINOIS. CHICAGO, April 7.— Returns from the municipal elections held in. this state . Monday are summarized as follows: The license ticket was successful in Canton, Mount Carroll, - Salem, Harvard and Geneseo. The temperance people won in Bridgeport. IN OTHER STATES. The democratic ticket was successful i in Keokuk and Dubuque, la. ' Republicans of Yankton, S. D., elected; their city ticket. ; The municipal elections held all over Minnesota resulted in sweeping democratic victories .wherever party- lines were drawn. .St. Cloud,. Fergus .Falls and Henderson were the ..largest, cities voting, and all went 'democratic. In Evansville, Ind., the democrats elected three .councilmen, treasurer, water works trustee and one member of the board o£ public works. The republicans elected three councilmen, surveyor and two members of the board of public works. Sonmiticiiiiil KurnorK Regarding: tho Irish J,catlcr -. Recently Slurrled In Secret — The Bride Suicl to He the Uiinghtor ol Mrs. O>ii<>a, of Divorce Case Notoriety. LONDON, April 7.—The relations of Mr. Parnell to Mrs. O'Shea have been rendered more mysterious than ever by recent reports. No declaration has yet been made by Mr. J-'urnell himself or by any person authorized to speak for either of the persons concerned that they are to be married when the divorce is made absolute. That period is now near at hand and the friends of <both are anxious that the ambiguous situation should be cleared up. The state of affairs has led to the bringing up of a crop of rumors damaging to the repuiation of the gentleman and lady, already so much compromised. These various stories, with more or less I'oundatifj^culminated in the-report Monday tlW the marriage with Mrs. O'Shea would not take place, as Mr. Parnell had already been secretly married to another lady. Astonishment was increased by the rumor that the lady in question is a daughter of Mrs. O'.Shea and that the marriage took place in secret because, among other reasons, the young lady was a ward in chancery. The latter story rapidly spread in the lobbies of the house of commons and is eagerly and variously discussed, but it finds few believers. The more the Parnell-O'Shea case is considered the worse it looks. That an instant and indignant contradiction has not been given to the latest stories by Mr. Parnell orchis friends is 'damaging. The general opinion among members of parliament is that if these reports are true it was a dastardly act to ruin the character of the mother for the sake of the paltry pounds to be derived by the daughter from th'e will of Lady Wood. The •will, however, shortly comes again before the courts when the evidence to be adduced will probably settle it and the Parnell-O'Shea mystery as we! Umtil that event prudent people rese'rv their opinion. ELEVEN MEN INJURED. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—W. S.. Gov't Report,-Aug.. 17,'1889, PURE DIED TOGETHER. Two Young Women Create a Sensation in New Mexico. Hungarian Workmen Horribly Mutilate- by an Explosion at Brsiddock, Pa. PITTSBUBSII, Pa., April 7.—A Brad dock, Pa., special says eleven men wer seriously injured by an explosion in a row of frame tenements. The men •were all married men and Hunga rians who boarded in the row. Th boarding- houses were kept by Joseph .Chisick and Joe flerodos. Then were no gas attachments in the houses but pipes still there are supposed to have been leaking-. One man got up at 3 o'clock in Herodos' boarding house to light a lamp. He struck a match and simultaneously there was a, quivering of the building, followed by a loud report, and .a moment later the exterior of the building was enveloped in flames. Al the men 1 were terribly burned. Pier- .liacs, ..KoVosk,, Seker.ak and . Czehnlya ,'wijlidie, while the rest have a bare liv- 'ing chance. In Terror of Kables. ISDIAXAPOJJS, Ind., April 7.—During the last few weeks in Bartholomew and adjoining counties there has been great alarm on account of mad dogs. Many head of live stock have been bitten, gone mad and been killed and hundreds of canines had been slaughtered as a sacrifice to the hydrophobia scare. Dr. Butler, of Clifford, was two months ago bitten -by a rabid dog and he went to Columbus and applied the William Phipps madstone, which adhered to the wound for eleven hours before dropping off. Since then the doctor has experienced no inconvenience from the bite. Last Friday Mrs. Reynolds. and a neighboring woman were attacked in Bartholomew county, and both were severely bitten.. Mrs. Reynolds had a finger broken. She-also applied the madstone, which adhered for thirteen hours. Sprockets and the SURiir Trust. YORK. April 7.—It is said that Glaus Spreckels' and the sugar trust have come to an understanding by which Spreckels is not to sell'his product east of the Missouri river, and the trust is not to sell west of that stream; while at San Francisco the refineries operated by Spreckels and the trust are to alternate monthly in closing, thus limiting production and sustaining- prices. William TJuys the Thistle. BERLIN, April 7.—Emperor William lias purchased the celebrated Scotch cutter yacht Thistle, an:l it is expectecl that lie will enter the boat .n the great race for the queen's cup, which takes place off the i=le of Wight. In the race for the America's cup, the' Thistle was defeated by the American yacht Volunteer. Referring Death to Life They Commit Suicide by Mutual Consent on Easter Sunday. •J'UOK THEIR .OW.V ],IVKS. DENVEH, CoJ., ApriJ 7.—A Santa Fe (N. M.) special says: Details of an Easter Sunday ; tragedy at White Oaks', N. M:, has.reached here, the affair being a double suicide in which two handsome young women,, formerly of Liberty, Mo., were the actors. SOine two years ago Miss Portia Hill came from Liberty to .serve as governess in the family of. a Mrs. .Goodwin Ellis.. .At the .end of a.year she married Howard ,Doyle, a brother of Mrs. Ellis, and a.prominent young ranchman. On their bridal tour" they metamoldfriehd'o'f-the bride, -Miss Jessie Ridgleyy who replaced Mrs. Doyle as governess in. the Ellis home.-,; It .-was:: their custom to spend Saturday., night. and' Sunday together. On last Easter . Sunday Mrs. Doyle came on a' visrfr'to'' Miss llidgley and the two'were seen in long earnest conversation at various. times, during the day, avoiding, the other members of' the family.. In . the, afternoon they went for a u-alli, and in an old corral-near by'their'dead "bodies were discovered; an hour' later. Over the heart. . of,. T -each : was a bullet hole. .They were clasped in each other's arms and between them was a revolver which usually had a place on a mantel in Miss Ridgley's room. They left several notes, • one giving as a reason for their act that "death is sweet and we prefer it to life." They requested that they be buried in the same grave. The request was complied with. Husk on Uic Pork E. WASHINGTON, April- 7. —'Sccretary Rusk when questioned about the cabled statement of the.removal of-the embargo on pork by Germany said he had had • no official notification. He added: "The removal of this embargo ( 0a American pork products in Germany was one of the "first things which I determined to accomplish, if possible, on assuming my present office. The result of the negotiations showed me that to obtain aHequate concessions from tbe German government it would be necessary lor .us to provide for'a microscopical examination of all porjt destined..for .their trade. . My ; belief-Is- that though-we uave not yet received 1 , any official" notification of the removal of the -embargo'on American pork, we can look for some such course on the part of the, German goyerotnem erelong." ' ' .-..•••. -.-.-.-•••.. •.•.'•••'.;• Killed by the Cam.— - BAI.TIMORK, April 7,—Eieamond W. 'Hull, aged 33, and Charles J. Hull, aged 41, were struck by a Washington,'express train Monday morning, '7 miles from Baltimore. Richmond was in-' ....stantly killed and Charles fatally injured. Both men were traveling musicians and have families on West Twenty-second street, New York. Revolutionist* Gaining Ground. NDON, April 7.—The latestfxepo , from the Chilian insurrection : 'in,<iieai:!e' : that the revolutionists are rapidly .gaining ground. The Balmaceda army is .being recruited from the,prisons, : : ."•''. '-. BURNED TO DEATH. Terrible Fate of Two Small- Children nt Plattgvlll, Cole. PLATTSVILI.E, Col., April 7. —A sad accident occurred Monday night, resulting in the death of Myrtle and Lottie Lumry, aged .6 and 4 years. ...Both children were busily engaged in starting a fire in the kitchen stove and used coal oil. The can exploded, setting fire to both the little ones. Lottie inhaled the flames and was burned about the face and body and died about C o'clock. Myrtle's injuriess extended from knees to shoulders, and she suffered greatly till about 8 o'clock, when ; she expired. The baby,' a child of 10 < months, was rescued from death by the .presence of mind of Myrtle, who snatched .t from the floor while she herself was Durum™-, and placed the baby between ;he feather bed and straw tick, smoth- ngthe flames and saving the life of xer baby- sister. •• ; ; • - ilillionalres Want a- Stay of Proceedings; KEIV YORK, April 7.—Notice has-been served on District Attorney Nicoll by counsel .for the twelve indicted directors. of the Hartford & New Haven Railroad iompany tha't a motion would be made in the supreme court for a stay of pro- :eedings on the indictments found gainst them. Also a motion for re-1 moval from the court of general ses- ions to that of the' court of over and erminer. Gas Works'B'urned. ST. .AUGUSTINE, Fla.," April 7.--The' as works caught fire Thursday morning and by noon were a mass of ruins. The loss is over §60.000. CXTFUE9 BRUISES; FROST-BITES, INFLAMMATI6M; AND ALLr—- '." "'"'.. HURTS AND ILLS OF MAN AND BEAST. BEECHAM'S PILLS (THE BREAT ENGLISH Ri-MEDO Cure BILIOUS and Nervous IIXS. 25cts. a Box. OF ATT. DE.UCH3HSTS. Wants to Visit Greece. s, Ind., April 8.—Prof. H. Z. McLean, Greek professor of Wabash college, started Monday and will make a six months' tour in Europe. His greatest desire is to visit Greece. Prof. McLean is .one of. the best Greek scholars in the United States. France's World's Fjtlr. PARIS, April 7.—Government consent isaboutto be asked toholdingon Champ de Mars in 1S92 of an international colonial exhibition, including specimens of the human race throughout the world, with discussion by colonial and ethnigraphical congresses. Several million francs already have been guaranteed to carry out the.project Killed Himself with a Medical Battery. MADISOX, Ind., April 7.—Maj. George W. "Varbley, a prominent stove merchant, killed himself Sunday night with an electric battery while bathing his feet. He had attached a galvanic battery to the water, hoping to cure his rheumatism. The most horrible results followed and he died in great agony. Allison Sat Alone. DUBUQUE. la., April 7.—At the Second Presbyterian church Sunday night all in favor'of closing the world's fair 1 on Sunday were requested to rise. Senator Allison alone remained seated. Death of a Noted Ajritator. BOSTON, April 7. — The noted anti-slavery agitator and temperance reformer, Deacon D. Bucklin Fitts, died Saturday at his home in Auburndale. ' . THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions. Etc.. . . CHICAGO^ April 7. Board of Trade not in session to-day owlnf to election. BtJTTEB—Croamory, 21®55c; Dairy, 16@24c; PackinR Stock, 6®lSc. • • -' ' - : POULTRY—Live Chickens, .ll^ilHic perlb.: j Live Turlteys,'9©Mc per lb.; Live Ducks, .9®12c I. per ib.; I-ive Geese, S3.00®5.00 per doz.- I OiLS—Wlsconsin Prime White, 8c,; TVT»ter , White, :8J4c; Michigan Prime White, ijtjic; Water White, 10J-5C-, Indiana Prime ' White,' 9&c; Water- White, lOc;_Headlight, 175 test,9'/ z o;" Gasoliao, 87 deg'3, 14c; 7-1 deg^s, 9c; Naphtha, 63aeg's;7%c.- " ''" '• •' '• '•' LIQUORS—Distillea-opirits'rulecl firm at $1.16: per gal. ior finished goods. . " - --. ... .. : NEW. YOUK, April 7.| -, WHEAT—Uusettiedi 5i@lSie up. May, K.13J4' ©l.M; June. «l.in-5@l:liy,; July,' $1.08'"4@ 1.09K; August, S1.0* 13.10@1.03S4; September, S1.04 -I.04M; December, $1.05K@1.06K; May, '(1892), $1.0S!4.©3.69. •'••••• •• •••'• -.'-•-•-• CORK — Firm, l*jC-up,- quiet. ;No. 5, 77© 7S',<lc; steamer mixed, 78^(2t77c. OATS—Quiet, firmer. Western, 07® 65c. PBOTiSioNS.—Beef .moderately, active; firm. Extra mess, $7.00®7.GO; family, $10.00©1Q.50,. Pork, weak, quiet. New Mess, $13,25©13,76; 'old mess, Jl.7B@I2.i5; extra prime, $11.50(S>12.00. -Lard auiet. Steam rendered,,$8.80... . CLKVELAKDj.O., April7. : PETROLEDM—Easy; standard white, 110 dog-, test, 6&C; 74' deg. gasoline, 8!4c; 80 dep. gaso^ line, 12c; 63,cleg. naphtha, 6!^c. -...-Livestock: ..-CHICAGO, .April 7.- . CATTLE—Market moderately native. Prices 5©10c higher on the hotter grades.--'Quotations' ranged at S5.4U®6.40 for. choice, to Clancy, ship-', ping Steers; $4.Ty®. r ).33 for good to choice do.; I3,7£@4.SI) for common^to fair do.;'$S.2a©400 for. butchers' Steers; S2.DO@3.35 lot Stockers; I3.00@4,S5 for Texans; 5S.a;®3.9Q for. Feeders; $1.BO@3,50 for Cows; $l.'603ja'00 for Bull's,' arid $3.00»6.00 for Veal Calves. Hoes—Market active^ Best grodes about ,5a : lower. Sales ranged at 'S3.40®4:o5 for Pigs; M.50@5.30 for Tight; $4.BO@4.9o, for rough pack- Ing; S4.ffl)©j.SO for mixed,- and .S4.9&®5.50 for. teavy packing and shipping lots. Condensed X. ft, lime-Tables, Pltteburp, Cincinnati, Chicago *: St, Lo«ls Kj, (CENTRAL Tnos.) tawvit Bradford OtTiHion. UUVB 'i:86'ani*...^-Ea«e nExpresn 1:00»nr* 106 pm«... F etLin*. 1:65 pm* i JO pmf.; -...Accommodation..,'... 8 flO sin* ' ' ,,B46:8mr.MarionAecommodatlon. 430 p mt Richmond I)ivlsl«u. ' : SflO'am*....Night Expres*....... IflSain', II JO a mf;....Accommodation;...;.. 5.5'iamt ; l:30;p m*....nayExpress..'...... l:25Dm" U-JOpmt Accommodatloa...... 3*)pmt ; Indlanapolia Division. 2:20a m»....NightE<pres8....... tt&ta'm* • 130 p m»....DayExpres» l£5j>m* Chicago Dlvfcloxu 12:40a m«....Night Express £10am* 1*5 pm* Fast Line.........---l-JSpm' 1:47 p m* Fast Line :.„.. 1^7 p m» 11 ;30a mf Accommodation...... 4:30p tn+ 7a5pmt Accommodation 8068,mfc . ,i State 1-lne Division. :- l:SOp mf....Mall and Express 8£0amt 7:45amt -....Express.... 725pwi---- , ,1106 amf Local-freight;... ..11:30 a mf • Trains marked * run dally. - -.-.::-.: •-.,/-., TralDS marked t ran dally except Sunday. - Vnndalia. Line. ° SOOTH BOTNB. , Loca.1 'Freight ^..>.j. — BOO am- Terre Hauie.EipreaB.. 7:25 a m • Mall Train....... :—_. t.-« p m »OBTH BOUND. ' 'Eocal Freight.—-.. „ 6:00 a m. Mall Train —10*6am South Bend Express—..—...„ „.... 8.45 p m . -^ :i Through Freight „ „ 8«p m•'-.-• Close connections for Indianapolis via OoVHx now made by all our passenger : train*.^-J..d; Kdgworth,agent. ... .- Wabaxh. Railroad. EAST BOD3TO. New York Expres, dally;.................. 255 a m Ft Wayne(P3s.)Accm. 1 except Sunday 8:18 a m ' Kan City & Toledo Ex.,exoeptSundaHltl6 a m Atlantic Express, dally.... UK p m- • Accommodation Frt., except Sunday. 9:26 jp m WEST BODND. . '-..-./ Paclflc Express, dally..........:..—...;_.. 752 a IB Accommodation Frt. ,• except SundajoaiB ffm ' Kan ; Clty Ex., except.Sunday_:... .' S'^Spm- laf ayette (fas) Accm., except.Sunday 6KB pm St. Louis Ex., dally...: ^...........10:32 pm Eel. Klver Blv., I,og:anxport, We«t Side , BcttVeeu LoganKport and Cliill. ; •' EAST BOUND. Accommodation, ex! Sunday LeaTe..lflfK) a; m ; Accommodation,,ex. Sunday,Xeav«.._4.sK) prj.~- , ... TVTSST BODHJ)., Accommodation, ex. Sunday^Arrlve- 8:10 ft m Accommodation, ex. Sunday. Arrlveu-iJ^p n WANTED. place to >do— i Enclose lOcj for 400 page book with particulars to J.H. Woodbury, Station , P, yew York City. . . ^ oct21dly -. W ASTED a few persons -in each writing at tome. ; oDportunity. Ooo. A. Cfsolt *4» MT7TVI Wanted; salary and expenses. Pertni* lu ; JDil't nent place. Apply at once. Brown Bro*. Co., .Nurserymen. Chicago _ Ii3d2oi ANTED—An active, rerable man-salary , *7O to 880 monthly, with increase, to represent In als own section a responsible New -York House. Beferences. Manufacturer, Lock- Box-1585, New York. •:.-.-'--- . ; '. :,' quickly anil cheaply. Graduates placed to railway service. Best school -of Telegraphy on earth. 100 young mcn..w»ntod, now. Send for circulars. ' " ..... 1 TALENTLNE's SCHOOL, JanesvUie,- Wls. ••-."• :! ' mar27d2m •"' \\I A'MTpri Twoo- th W A IN 1 E. i/ to represent our well known house lor town and • Ity trade; Jocaiapd traveling. *100 nnd expenses per month to the righ: man. Annly qulc<, stating aue. I/, fc. Way ac : Oo.-. : MurserymPn, Fiorlsts . and Spedsmen, ; St- ; > Paul, Minn. (TiUs house Is lesponsibleO. tolm ,., ^i~. i B&Stoi, .J-

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