Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 21, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1896
Page 8
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>? THE WONDERFUL PLAINLY STATED Cheap rioriey and Facts About Its Users. Remnant Clearing Sale Now in Full Blast. Do Not Fail to Attend THE GOLDEN RU5E. To The Ladies 'This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary worker hbuse-dofljiins claims the attention -of' the housekeeper and not a little depends ou the appearance of yoar lace curtains as poorly clone-up eurtalnispoll the effect of a well-furnished home •quicker than anything else. TVe have experienced help in this class of work •who do nothing else and we KBOW we •can sivo you perfect satisfaction. Vfe are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only firm In the city using machinery. exclusively for the purpose. We wll! •appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. A Stolen Bicycle Means a great deal to the one that is a loser. Why run any risk when you can have your w.heel Insured against theft •at a very nominal figure and get its vnl- Xie wlien stolon? Insure at once aud be on the safe side. Pnnctnred'l ires Repaired From this date on for 25 cents at the Burgman Cycle Co Are You Out of Employment. Hav&.you a horse, buggy or other personal property, or vacant lots you would Hke to exchange for a business thatwlllglT* big returns? Cell at 703 Hichlgan Avenue. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers CIO BROADWAY. Greatest Discovery or me 19th Century. Dr. Toague'» . KUW REMEDY Meillciitetl Air J.'or tlie Cure ot CutiirrlL, AKtlunn BnJ all " Fnlmonarr Disease*, It bus no eauiil to Sick mid Nervous Haiti hcbe, 1,000.000 peopl die ttnnualir from th above named dlseaws ATW V «»dlci.t«dAlr»iiaDi-u B Co., nicbraond, Ind., U. S. A, It If the best remedy on earth for La e. It will give Immediate relle will effect a cure where all othe *»«dlea fait. •old by B. F. Keesllng. W ANTED. — . •WTANTED-O.O.X) AKunt.s .for Biusell's apthp W rued "UVK3 Ob' McKlSLEY and HOBABT 550 pages. el*B»n*-ly Illustrated. Price only *! 0 The best and cUwnest. 1 "" l . outs f 111 l2J!.?Sj?J Wmercfntto Anenwima frd«Utpatd.»-Bppk now teady. Save time by »endlDR 50 cents 1 •slamoatornn ouintnt onc«. Address. ATD.vyOHTHIXU.30N * CO., HWttord, Con ~TAt ¥3.^S 'choice of $0 ;uul'$7 silk wais •«t tlfe jjreat uplnuiain^ nu<l benefit Bnl —The Keo Hive. CANDIDATES BOB UP. Vermillion Crowned Adonis"-Frank Kistler Hentioned. Jliirinu L'lico-'.ii (.•!(•: Tin- !:r;iil*;oiu:s in hijor SteeU.'s i>oliitk-;il -nivi-.vnfil ;io\v tin- lunues ..!' n:iik.y. Slack. . '.'.M.iiyn.u :i.iul Jliirliu, 'i'ln' 1 l'l:iCL' ,r I IK- ni'.Xt lioli: in tin- frroiuul h:is ln-'iiu ul'f. :uul l.liu l.o.^nnspoi-!-. cunven- 011 will ik'C-i'lf \v'»^si' n:inie J s 10 J-'° "" ». f.-r:ivu=!lor.i'. Uvu "'iilli an lUlvcrsi' y of iilioill four -fluuisaiiil. :iU'l (Lril't. :i,U'ii-iiii.Sl ll'.em. I.IH.MV :iiv :' uu.n> ti r of cuiulkliilu- fur VI 10 i-.iipi>' iM'iior hieli 'I'liui-sihiy's c-ouveurkm iuis to IK '- ,.s:irt\-, Tltis c-or.iiiy will prt.*i'iir. l-l>e iim .' of AVilliiini .1. lloui-k. ii:inl dor.Tit- "DAGO"-STILETTO Both Figure in a Stabbing Over a Card Game. THE VICTIM HAY DIE Charles Qallegher Wounded by Thomas Canston, Ho will n-coivc- of :!io Ira at fou.uly volt'. Mr. Ilouck itf :i ile-^ lan-il wiiul'n!;»ie fur llu- pliice, no! !h:i: o i.-xpiX'te> rr> l>e i-lrctcil, but for iliu '.-x- iifineivt :i-ud flu- piv.srise tlcir it woukl i; him in another nomination fhouhl In. DtMUOCTalis some ttoie S''t Hie lesis- uure :m(l make Mik over i.u.n> ;i DCJUO- ratio illstrii-t. llu.iir.iu^to.U' county also 1ms two <-;ui- ilatiw ill the person.* of S, 13. Cook aiul :MUC« C. BrauyaJi. Tlie latter was the •aml'iilato In 1870. aiul v:is defwilcO. ;oc.k Is a yoiuis intomey of ccinsiilor- .lilo iil-'liliity. aud is regarded as l.ho most ikoly caTiclidaite in tlio race. .Tml.L'c Cox ,1- I'p.ru iw also •mcn-tioned., .and so Is .'rank Kistler, the verinllHon u Ulonfe of the I.-osaiusport bar. A COMMUNICATION. Editor .Tom-nul: I note in your valuable paper's long list, 130 of the leading Democratic papers ittironphcml the couu- i-y whldi rol'use lo support tlie Popii- .•r-at ticket. It. is only fair that you «h:ould aLso note the pa pew Unit have •Hopped'' and are supporting Bryan, uwl I caM your attention to. .the fact tliait the "Home Diary" a- Populist newspaper ait Minneapolis has conic mil- tor thi; boy orator. The editor is no ,.,,.,iiti,HK hypocrite but lias the courage of his convictions mid in his calm deliberative way, appeals to the PopulUtic u-lut-lplcs of his party In- Kiis laujruase: '•neader for God's sake X not for the devil's, take your cun. derringer, ax. haiehet, nnytliinp you cnti. take aniiim' or 1mmam life with, and mangle, slay kiill and mui-der, throwing liis dead body to devouring dogs and imngr tdnires. tliat emissary of tlie sold bug syndicate, wheresoever he uiay be roiiuid, who te daily proc-laiining to the Americau voter tliat it Is alone by maintaining the gold standard that we can op our gold ait home." RELAY ROAD RECORD. Effort to be Made to Break it in Indiana. Wheelmen iu-tliLs city have receive/ uo.tice from Frankfort of a proposed re lay road race to be run tlie 2Stli o-f .Tulj The routu r.-ilketl of Is as follows Frankfort, Kokomo, Peru, Logans pork Delphi, La'fayehto. Ci-awl'ordr-vlllc, Le bauou aud ba-ek to FrauKfort. Au ef fort will be made to break The wes-ten record for a ->00 mile reJay race, .am with IhLs^nd-i-ii view it wTU be the in tent-Ion ro choose from each elly on th> line two of the swiftest road riders To raeh relay. The Riverside club is askei to take action, and wllll probably do «i The affair is being puslied by the Fraul fort Cycle elub, ST11EET CAR KUSH. , ' The street oars did an tainiense. bus! uoss yesterday, Hie crowd'a.fl ending th great" remnant clearing sale at the-Go! 'den R-ule. They expect another rush toiliiy ami will pet out, tJio'extra care I necessary. Tlio big upbuilding and beneOt sjil 1 is now in full' progress. -Every om wlio attends Is delighted w.ith the bar •"jiins. Couie tomorrow and see th Inany tiling you weed at half-price.— The Ben Hive. ' Clmrles (.ialli'gluM 1 and Thcmias ("an.s- -.on. lini'li ll.-iliairs. I'liiployed ai Keii- ierh. were :.lie pri-noipaLs iu 1.1 sl.iil)bing ill'ray yesienlay over'a j;-ann' of I'ards. I'lie I'e-nner may die. Cansfon is in jail. Yesterday aflcruooJJ about r> o'clock report, warf circulated i::i ihe city that iiiian'yiii-iin employed at Kiuineth had .'iiu murdered by a fellow workman a't. IH; SiHiilh. end of the Vaiidalla raili-uad >r.idge. The police were notified, and 'atrolim.m. Jlorris and Hon^liton' took .fL-orgo .lambon's wagou. iiud HivmeUi- iitoly went to the seat of war. There hey fmiittl a. half down "dagoes" who nail speuit Ihe afternoon drinking beer uud phiyiiLj; cards. Tin- man. who was •supposed to be murdered' was "fo'iiud wiMi a ga.sh Julius back tibaut Hire'. 1 uelies deep, made by a dagger or a knife with a sliiiii) wljte on itotli sides. Hu was hauled to police l;-eadauarters byl Patrolman Hougihton while I'atrolmaU Morrl-s kept guard ovor the man w'lio'. coiU'iuilt.tied the murderous assault, 'audj owkod out. for the rest of the wlluasses.j He vulurtH'd as soau as possil.ile, anrti broiiglit the a«.-nscd 11 alia u- lu, white' l.rohiKiii Mo.nr.is accohipau-icd flic wit- ...Stieci Jm "on foot." Ait police .head-, quarters the injured mini. Slid Iliat his me was Clmnles G-allegher, and the mam who counuiH-ted the assault said tliat. -His name was Tho-iivis Canstou.' The w.lt.ut'sseis arc Aiu;ello Delki.botla. Ktti-nk Ileieio. Davkl Gnmbpiie, Michael Tal.ia.ss 'and Salvatore Cappai Cappti also rec-elv.i-d a sm-all prash in the back a.ud a cut on t.he haind. He says that he wad trying to separate tlie men who were figluting when'lie •"received his woiuids. Canst'on said rhat they bought the beer and went'tot.o the woods.at the Sour.li. owl of the "bridge to pass Uie aflernooii nt ptiyliig rjird-s and other amuisemouits. He and Galleglier became Involved In an iiittercnl-JflJi ' over 1'lu 1 game, which rosulted 'in the stabbing of Oalleglier iiu t.he bat-k. It is said tha.t Cnusf-on was given Uie weapon by one uf .the or.licr men, who wei'e.iu the party, The weapon Js a file, ground down aud rfliarpenal on both siiltti. Ai'ter Hie affray the knife was tli.rowu into a.stream nearby anil could not be fonml. Gal- Icglier's wounds were dressed a.t police •lieadqua-rtersTby Dr, Hctherlngton wlio isaul tlmt 'tliey were quite dangerous, althou4,-li Jiot necessairUy fatal. He was removed to St. .TosephV hospital and at la.st aecoiints. was resiing' q,tii>-'tl.v. Canstow was taken to jail as were all nhose present when tlie light occurred. They will be -held as witnesses. The <:ngd was Urst reported to the police by George Cn-mpbell, a Vnm'dalia engln-eer, aiud to him is attributed-Hie speedy cap- lure of the kuifor and h.ls friends. COUNTRIES COMPARED Gold Standard and White Basis Contrasted. A writer iu the Chitago Tribune calls "akuBtlon to tlie following facUs which are well stated and worthy o-f study. Owe of this most urgcitt motives c-t the saver parry is t'lwt Hiey want: clicaji money. By ifh-.i.t- 1 suppose they mean they csm borroAv chea.pl.y or e;iru cheaply. No.w, tlie cheapest niouoy iu the world is -in t.he stroivgust gold country- viz., England. Tii.e dearcwt uionoy in l;h.e wnrkl iis in the niiver coumries. For exaii',]vle, 'iiioiu^ r iij London toda-y is per cenil: per afliitnn. ami Is n. (Inig in the imrrkvr; loaning btftwcon banks :il Ises lihaii 1 per feint, per auuujn., whiU: money inv JJvxU-u, Cliiaui. Clule, Spain, I.mlta and, in.fact, in all silver countries o!' tin.- world, coimina.iuls a lon.niiig value of from 1- per cent, upward. Money in our ' own oaviicrn Stales. wJien; Ilie cuini'inuui'.y iw cDr.iniiftcd to gold, is :.! per ceij.i. ro !"i p ( ?r cent. In fi'iir Western silver Sl.nuVi, 10 per cent, to 1~i per r-L-nt. lu tlie oithcr jrold fOuuirieR of liurope. wliiU(! money i« jitit so low as in Kus- laud. Hi'VO'iitlU'lrfS tiie rate varies from :t per ee.iul to ri per cm! to lihe borrower. SOUTH A>ni:i:ic.vx IOXAMPKKS. [ m:iy uiu: as a x*""! example <if 111 1 ' .[wo I'lirreuvk'S 1 wo sfalos adj-.iuiiii,' our a.imihrr in Sout-lv' Amw-w-a—ouo r.rfcish i;uhii::i. a ^'0'.<1 cniMiiry, with money a; 4 n> li per cen.;.. jier aimiun: the oilier Venezuela, with like soil and climatic (.•.oudfarioHs. ;i silver owni'ti-y, whori. 1 in- rw'iist ruli'S at. 10 m 112 lie:- reiii. pel 1 OF ALL THE PANTS DOWN SALES that Harry Frank has ever originated and carried out, this one will surpass and will positively toe our Farewell Pants Down Sale. To give you an idea how extremely low we will sell them we quote a few of the many lots Our $6 and 6.50 Worsteds now $3.25 Our $6 and 6.50 Fine Cassimeres 3.25 Our $5 and 5.50 Doeskin 2.75 Our $4 and 4.50 Fancy Cheviots-••• 2.25 Our $3 and 3.50 Fancy Cassimeres 1.75 Our$l and 1.25 Cotton Worsteds'! 75 Our$l Cotton Worsteds 68 Boy's Long Pants 43c Childrens Pants 14c , In fact every pair in the house goes at 60c on the Dollar to give every citizen in the country an opportunity to help themselves. HARRY FRANK 313 Fourth Street.; • TWO BURGLARIES. John Shiutt.ruimpf,' the Southside shoe-' maker, and Gtis Rock, the'butcher. In Mic same section.. 1 were robbed by unknown burglars some time between Saturday .nitiht and Monday morning: At the shoe"* establishment a- back window was opened. Nothing was taken but three pairs of 'newly flnisEed'sliioes 1 . At Rock's -establishment $2 In chiiuge was taken -from tlie drawer. NotWug 'else was disturbed. NO HARD TIMES. 1 Other mcre.ha.ute -cla.lm hhrd times, •the Golden -Rule's-wiles' amouiitod to •$1.475..yesterday. ".Money.' is plentiful when SJWK bargains,'".'a-offered as , at the great sale of theiGolden Eule. Should-we depart from a gold basis Europe would uaiilcmbtod.ly send in all. the currency sccuriOixs— thai i's. securities Thait nuiy.be paid in a.n-ythiuj: bin sold—10 us. 1-eiinini.ug an -export: of either grid or its equivalent in trade. If in: takiv? gold it talus filial iiuwli of our money cire.ula.t.ion. I.f k takes merchant!!.*;. It takes that ail: a la Die ro-. dueod val-ne. The co:iseqmm-e would be thait .shrinkage mi money drculation would .rim into^ very large figures, wliiilo we. could jiot pU't owl silver or cort.ilicsi.tivi swllick'iiit to take Hie-ir place 'for many inojirlis or yews, so that during the -next tJirr-o or four yours, instead 'of. Mio circulation increasing, as silver- U(-'s hope, lit would ui'a.terially (increase, After a lapse of years, no doubt, by put- t.iiiK f.lwir jiriintiuff presses and t.ht m!m,s lo \vork th.i'.v would laj-gely inflate bur currency wi.Ui new issue.*. Currency depletion m«m< low prices for labor aud evcTy-rMJig else. Currency at a J'aJt ratio per capi-la, means prosperity. Currency uitla.tinn means "EXAMPLES OF EUROPE. Gc-iug.b'ack into history we fill'.! together. Withi the-expansion of ti-.ule one country a.Ctcir another t'ouud by ^id experience their inability to keep two values'on :i purity. England was the first, to depart from this custom, then Germany, then Fra.ncc. Holland. B-.rl- gl-uui, Italy, Austria, and last of all. Chile. It was from no prejudice on theJir part, but. from. 11 if requirements y.f trade lihat tl»is coivrsc was taken. Wo cau only have one standard, be It of 'gold, silver, or anything else, and the cxpcri.oiK.-o of -the world has been lilwit gold was.lite best. Again, where tlTt- couti.t-r.Y -is most somiul on its currency question, you wi.ll find l;he high- iwt olviOizailiiou. Where money te dfi- based, or. is other tlm.ni t.he recosuiwd sfanda.it! of Uie worirl. cl.vai/.a,r.iou is on a. much lower pla,ne. We 'can find alt-he present Hmo. no silver couiiihry in the world, I Uhiink'.I might «>-y without exception, timt fcsi.ii a- prosperous condition, whose government securities command respect, amd fair prices in the mark* while .rAie reverse may be said regaixUus tlie securities of gold countries. This {inmost, Itoo, without exception. . Looking at the nwrter from an mtel- icc-tual standpoint we find arrayed, on .the sold side'tlie Wgli liitclligauce'ol 1 England, France, Germany. Italy, Hoi- laud, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Pnnad"a,ond the gold party iu this country. . Oil the other side we tlnd an inferior grade of i-DiteUiKC'nce. aw absence of public schools, and a tower plane o!. .mm-a.ll.tj-, as toi Spall).. Portugal. South America n States, Mexico, China, etc. Oa which; side shall we array our- solvos^ PRESENT .SILVER CIRCULATION. i Of course- you nmder.srn.ml it. is uot Uhe intention, of the paitr lu power, or the gold' parts-., to disturb the present siJver circulation of. the couutry, which fe now $500,000,000. There Is uo de- •siTC to dowioiueUKe-fehiit. , On the artier Hand, the wliolc conten- tioii Is- that all of. our e.lrctila.tlon shall be kept on- a. paritywiith> the gold standard, ami that thfo five hundred millions, instead of being reduced in-value, will remain, equal to gold' aWvbere, . ]',orro\vers LlirouglioiiC tin: c'limlry will luive to i-iK-oicnJy.e '.he tact that un- ddv.liiedly nDcy wEl Isave to pay morn far ioiius wiitih siilvftr ruling than i.lioy nu\v do with go'hl. Again, ii! gold rciiuiJiw ihi 1 " standard. a.nd we give o'tir indor.scnieut of lln- ])i'iin:il)k. that we believe is the only standard for us. the money markers of U'.c world will be open lo us. and iJi- sl.cad of i'.a.ving to pay a h'ig'.i- rate fur moiwy borrowed, five ch"iu<:es are we will have to pay a very much reduced ra ti.— I,vw than tJiat . which even now prevails. 1; is'wtiiuatpd rliat IjOiulon alone lias ovor .*800.000,000 of Ml-e uiouey iu Ws baulw waiting for ibis matlei- to be settled, a-ud it will uudoubtwllv be released and used to a large extent on this side. if we co.uini.rt ourselves unequivocally to the recognized standard of European iiiitioiiis. T!JC course. ot evcd'ls will be. if we make thf cOiaiige'-lu accordance with I'Jw plii.t!fom« «!•' t' ic silvor P 00 ! 5 ' 1 'that in Novomber. as suoji as the silver President is eleclotl. tliere wn- be no doubt M al but Europe will returu our secm-ivfe iu la.rgo a.iiiounts. Fo-r t.hcse we have to pay gold or Its equivalent. OVEKFIX)W OF GOLD. Thus will ou+ail a large cxiwrt of t-ht- gold we now hold or of commodities. Gold will at once advanco ro a substantial premium. No legislation can probably be m:uk» by Congress until well ;idoiig in the summer of 3.S07. during which period our circulation' will be. very largely depleted by export and hoarding. The return of our socuritios has got to bo at very much below the present valuation, niling on our Slock Exchange—probably 15 per con!, to 23 or 00 per cent. If wo avoid a sp-rious panic during such a crisis we may regard ourselves :KS fortunate.,, U.udor tsho most, favorable circuju- stances we must, look tor great disturb- ; ,nccs iu valuer to all classes, a disor- ."ini/.aliou of labor and a hardi-aing of iiiom-v :n,d general liua.n-clnl trouble, wliWi will be felt by all clsisse-s wlictli- ea- the farmer, the laborer. t.hc mechanic or capitalist. _ Capital ca.u always tako care of Itself •ind wiffl t\vl the trouble t.he least, as il: ca,u largely unload U* \»m^n onto others, Now legiislnHon lu favor of Kilvev. when it couii-s, must be at. least from nine monitiw to a year off, and at tDc best it ca,unot do anyttaiug whioli will Speedily restore our'clrcuTatJou to its normal anmuiit ixu- c-.ipHa, as it takes tinio to coin silver, the capacity of our minw a,t pixsent being only aomit. five uiiiJlions a. month or sixty millions a year. IMio following can almost bo taken as axioms: No silver couutry is prosperous. No silver country has a stable and limn government, No 'silver couutry lias its silver securities at par. No silver country has gocnl public school facilitttas- Iu a,' general way. tho revei-se can be stated with regard to gold conntruv. BUIJ.ETINS TOMORROW. The Journtil will receive and post builletilne f.rom Hie Populikst ami Free Silver conventions- at St. Louis tomorrow. The talked of fusion with Democracy nialcos those reports additionally interesting. Rugs, carpel* nwttlngs, curtains, sljades and lUwtanns at clearance sal^ prices at the Trade Palace. , \V1J.VT. NEVER! NEYEK permii your clothes lo. become seedy ami souv. you are not coci- paniouablc. NEVER wear l"=h heels: rlu-y are uanalural and produce many nervous disorders. NKVER buy shOfts from any oue other than rilling: he has tlio best. NEVER try to pwp at the eug'mc wlie.li iv.'ii< in uiorjon: it may be your lasf peep. NEVER mi.^ riUing's special sales; he wi31 save you "money. NEVER lute too much -perfumery; you may be mistaken for a- cologne factory. NKVER pay five ami six dollars for n ishocs wliieu rilline has them for 2.ftS. NEVER .sacrifice liealth. propriety, and comfort for auy siJly 1'asWon. NEVER fail to remember the foregoing facts a.ud do not be so foolish as to believe rliat you are flic exception; that, you can buy shoes just as cheap somewhere else, for Pilling has (he best and cheapest. 12 Broadway, Ixigansport. Indiana. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. David More.lM.ri is sick. Mrs. Jolun G-leason is eritically ill. All summer goods at remnant prices. —Trade Palace. Every article, as advertised. No hum- 1ms at the Bee Hive. All wool carpet i-e.iim.-im.ts, 25c- a yard a.t, ihe Trade Palace, Ar .*.'3..'5" ;ill our duck suits that were 1.75'ami !?±.jO.—The Bee Hive. A la.-wn fete will be jiLven- tonight at Uie home of A. S. Robinsou, at tlie corner of Noit.li. aud Eleven-tin. A party of young "campers renjrucd yesierday from- the Wabasli where tliey lia.ve iKH-u in cajnp for a week. At. ?3.!)S brillianrine serpe skirts that were from ?<'> to ?S at srreat upbuUdlnfi and benetii sale at the Bee Hive.' The Mlliliiry band concert will be given WediK-sday e.venlufi at i.he borne of I'rof. GLffc for the benefit, of the Home for "l.ho Frwsndloss. The pavement iu front of rlie office of Dr. .T. H. Shulfx. on Fourtli street was lorn up yestordJiy to allow :i bi-oken water mai:n to be repaired. . >«otl)Jjis misreprnsonJ-ed: uotli-iujr held ba,ck. but: all waists and wrappers musi So. I.earu prices, but don't buy ufltil you see our waJsU.-Trade Palace. _ ' Tlie mcm-bere of the Ladies' indust- rl.-U club will tn-ke t.heirnmjn:»I tcu dil ?" s ' outlnff wilJi 5M-s. A. R. SlH-oycr at her cocftiiie at the lake, bepuniw today. Tlie Order of Eastei'u Star will give a lawn fete at the borne of A. .T. Robinson. coruor of North and Eleventh, streets, Tuesday even-in?. July 2T. All are iu- vi-red- XotliliiR reserved but all summer ^ooiN as well as 1*11111:1 ats must be Hosed out by An?. 3«r. Tliiuk of it, those beautiful challie*. 2'1-c yard.- Xr.vde Palace. ; y. Earl Reiseof Fourth street, had a fire crackei- thrown down tus neck inside ;,'is clotliius the c.'Jicr day. Tlie.cracker exploded a.ud the lad was frightened •iiul painfully burned before he could disrobe sufficiently to allow the removal of the disturber. Assistant EVecti-rcian Custer wsis ducked in tike, race yesterday wiornln? tliroush the .muliislMiess of his horse. The animal was being driven on a narrow path between Mie light plant and the race, and backed off into t.he water. No damage, was flooe.

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