The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 6
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HOC JBLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cities Permitted To Hi re Manager s Old Act Amended by 54fh General Assembly ..-Miney. Gives Approval LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 3 — Amendments to Act 93 ot 1921 allowing. Arkansas cities of more than 25CO pcpuInlioA to adopt tiio city manager foim of yovcrninptu have been provided by SB 370, signed into law tliis week by Governor Umey. The amendments, Sam Hays, executive director of the Arkandns Pitilio 'Expenditure Council, said, cleared tl;e way for proclamations by mayors to c'nll special elections on the city manager question. Previously no city manager elections outside Little Ro:k were jjoss,nic because of a section \vhirh lecjuiit-d proclamations to be issued bjlore Pet. 20, 1921. The la\v repeMs portions of Act 89 relating to tlic custody of municipal funds ami improvement <iis- tricl moneys It lequircs the -.'Action of seven -city directors, rc;;!;\e- irig the mayor Viiid aldermen, ^nd al! other officers, in cities of tlic lii-st class. The board of, directors has AM'.|\- oriLy to elect the city manager as chief executive of the city. He lias power to appoint city engineer, chief of police, lire cliiof. city attorney, city clerk, etc. Under existing laws, Mnrianna and Monticcllp'.had provided for city managers by autliority of ordinances. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, April 3. (UP) Livestock: . Hoifs_ 0,100, salable 5,5:0; fairly ( 'a'ctive. "Market generally strong to . 232 higher than Wednesday's ater- ' age. Same Sftles SOc np on weights • under 160 Ibs. Bulk good and ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served overseas, you should Join tl«e V.F.W.-iiow! . , Meetings every Wednesday night, 7:30 at the Wctc'iikiinp Cotton Office. Bring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS Farris McCalla, Commander THURSDAY, APRIL Z, Deer Trouble Again Utica, New York, has been platnicd with deer trouble this spring. Less than a month ago, a frisky deer who jumped through all opelV window In a Utica office huildlny finally mnde Ills exil through, the plate jl door. Here. Robert Freebern, humane officer, carries a tlcer nway I rout the scene of a traffic jam created while officers and volunteers were trying to corner the animal. (N15A Telcphpto.) choice ICO to 250 Ibs 20.35 to 2C.C5; later sales ZG.50 up; to>> 23.75, Few 200 lo 30D Ibs 2J.15 to 2C.25; 130 10 ISO" li)S 23'.CO 10 25, largely 24.M) clown. ICO to 120-11) pigs 20 to 22.51); goo» 210 10 -!50-lb SOWS 22/25 10 23; heavier weights 21 to 22; few 20.75; stags 18.50 to 2050. Caltle 3.2CO, snltfoic 2.50D; calves 1,100, nil salable; supply light and opening sales fully steady on n!! classes avioiit 1.2 rtozcn loads of steers on sale; these Including one load low choice medium weight steers nl 2,';; ami :\ few medium . to good at 22 to 23.50; choice mixed yearlings to 24; good largely j Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage ;! FKANKI.IN UOBBINS, mechanic J Lion Products Manila, Arkansas General Tires •" > Atilo Parts & Accessories , CASH You Gei $100 $150 $200 $300 ^$M»v~ $750 M<iMhly Poymenti For 12Monlhft $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 : 46.25 . 69.38 •: $1000 | 92.50 {Includes Oeciil litetnlviancB MOI< IN A H The;rofes you con see for yourself. * Come in or phone. 12J W. »SH SI. ElYTHtVllLE : Phono 2928 JEY URRY GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Russian Envoy To Greece to Miss Funeral ATHENS. April 3. (UP) — The coffin of King George wrapped ir the blue and white Greek flag ant: .surmounted by a golden crown was curried on a caisson througl hushed crowds today to Ihc Alhen: cathedral. The King's remains will lie Ii .slate until funeral services Sunday Archbishop Damoskinos of* th Greek Oi'lhodox Church, who onci represented the King as rcgcnl. tho procession from the Roya Palace. King Paul nnd his aide walked behind the nrchbi.shoi Queen Frederlka followed in m automobile.' A unit of Royal Guard lormei n frame, nronml . the protessloi through the crowded streets am squares. Guerrilla warfare continued ii several areas despite the slat' mourning. Efthimios nedoi:ssis. right wing member of Piullamen wa.s killed Wednesday while lead ing a group of nnneci peasants in fight against guerrillas in his con stiluency. Official sources reporte four othev sni^l 1 , guerrilla nctior Soviet Ambassador Koustanti Roclionoff will return lo Mosco Friday after a two-month stay i Greece <litring \\hicli * he. avo!:!e all contact with the Greek fioverr i ment, and the late King George whose funeral he will miss. IT'S EASY AND INEXPENSIVE.. COME IN NOW AND HAVE YOUR WHEELS BALANCED $1 per wheel weights extra Those pavements pounding, out of balance wheels that are giving you a rough ride aro rough on your pocketbook too —they're running up a future replacement or repair bill for you. Out-ol-balance wheels cause cosily, needless wear ol bearings, bushings and king pins. Soo us today lor wheel balancing. See how much smoother you ride tomorrow. ?\ to 23.50: .niFdin 20: c^nitiion ami cows 13 (6 (5. n kind s 17 medium b LEWIS tier the heel the Iftertles of svorx- inadequacy of planned provision lor Eelf-sustinniiii! basis cr.s cti'-'aK'.'d in essential industries. 1 ' ccrlnlii basic chemicals, some fcr-1 Bevln showed concern about In Continued from I'aite 1. deral operation thnp under* nr i- Ue ownership, but "Hint doesn't KCUSO Ihc government from <viii« •; duty." Hay wood said. "H bluntly annouu- tlll/.ers and pu&sllily .steel, ces to llKjusands of ioyal x-inploye.s 3—The pence time requirements in the telephone industry that ot European countries for German 1 they are second class citizen; who products and trade revival, have only two alternatives: .Either There are signs of concern among to work against their will, or lo the French and British les', Mar- iiccept an employer's terms and shall should decide that failure here conditions o( employment, no mat- is better than making any eoinpro- . Charles J. Kerstcn, H,, Wis lft how " lbltrill 'J'' llow outrageous, mlsc with the Soviets. Marshall he- ow Infamous. | itevi's thai no agreement here is -Here l s a bill which invite:; the better than a "paper ngreuincni." powerful public utilities of tliis British Foreign Secretary Ernest country to Vjrenk the unions o!, Hevln and French Foreign Minister Iheir eii>p!oyes in order to secure | Georges Bidault will be In o difflr if.ptancc of unilaterally imposed cult spot If they have to go Iwne terms and conditions of employment." Hartley said that even though the measure was not passed before the deadline it still could be pol i cy of ' ro i] ow j ng ' u employed to slop the strike once American policy toward hlxj'lll* I7mlen D n»1 .M l.,n .* b*w..ll*v.r . ' ^ begun. House Republican leaders, If the safety code did not rovlde for Ihc automatic stopping ' work by miners In unsafe parts the mines. Lewis become sarcastic.' "Mr. Krng," hp snld, "went inlo le courts nnd Rot a yellow dog ijtmctlon which prevented the en from dohiR that. "Under those circumstances, lore men considered Iliey liatl no gal right to stop even to .sai'e leir own lives." , i, owcver , , wc -re reported cool u>- Hep. Rlclianl M. Nixon, R., Cnl., ward the 1)111 and whether it would sketl Lewis lo back up his charge pass at all was conjectural. ml King was negligent. 1 Conferences Hear No Fruit "To date, I don't think Mr. Lewis I/i'oor department conciliators as polnle,] out these tilings." Nix- ' said they were prepared to hold almost continuous bargaining sessions with Ihc hope of finding a formula for settlement. Arbitration was tlbjusscd at a 3 1-2 hour bargaining conference with conciliation officials last night. An offer to arbitrate "base rate wages" and certain other features of the wage dispute was made by representatives ot the American Telephone & Telegraph Co. Tlic offer was rejected as "too limited" by President John J. Moran of the American Union of Telephone Workers and the bargaining agent for long-distance line workers. Moran protested that the company was unwilling to allow an arbitrator to grant a wage boost on Ihc basis of increased living costs. He said the union was willing to arbitrate its particular wage dispute "but with no strings attached." Both the company and the union agreed to continue their nego- ' tiations this morning. Federal cou- conference results In yesterday's council session. U'-ging agreement on plans for a provisional go'.vrn- menl, he said, "it is not right with the world In chaos to have had this great discussion in Moscow and IhCMi do nothing." i) said. "Well, ihc day's early yet," Lewis napped. Lewis said the UM\V struck last leceinljer to neKotiate n new con•act to make the mines safer. "Hut \VP were pnjohiecl jiiid retrained and fined," Lewis said ngrily. ? salt! lie had been condemned both for closing the mines In r>e- embPr aiir] por permuting them to )>crate \vhon ho knew lliey v;oro Iniigprous. The Job at mine safety, IP said, wns not his. "That jnn. l>y contract, by pledK- (1 word, by the assurance of the "resident of the United States, bo- onus to the Coal Mines AdmliUs- rator J. A. Krug to his shame, to he national humiliation and to Ihe leath Of 111 men." he said. Lewis Strikes Back Then he described another mine tisaster which look place in Keix- ucky a year afjo last December at he straight creek Coal mine. To ills day. he said. It has been impossible to get the government to concn the mine and lake ouT the >cdtcs of the men entombed there. "The 'wldo'.vs are still wailing in heir shacks." he said. "They are still there waiting for their government to recover (he bodies of their msbands so they can give them leretil burial." lie described the "struggle" of iLs union to obtain passage of a ecleval mine safety code which vould protect the miners. "\Ve must grind up human flesh ind bones in tho machine we call America, then before God I assert we have to give, pro- eetion to these men nnd that we owe security to their families if they die," he said. Lewis painted n dark picture of the future of coal mining. He said •young and virile men" were reluctant to enter te mines. TTe cited statistics lo show there were 97+ fatal and 57.000 nnn-fntnl accidents In the mines in 104B. "That record clearly demonstrates that every man \vho goes to work In n .coal mine will lie statistically killed oi' injured every six years," he said. "Is it any wonder that there are lamentations in every milling town in Ihe country?" TELEPHONE ciliator William N. presided lust night, Margolis, who said the conferences would continue "until we get a settlement. 1 New conferences will get unrtcr- way here 'tomorrow between the South-Wcstern Bell Telephone Co., serving six Southwestern states, and the Southwestern Telephone Workers Federation. The workers are demandin $12 weekly wage boost, union shop, dues checkoff and other contract improvements. empty handed. Ui'vln lias a rebel group within the Labor party which Is kicking up its heels in protest against his ic "lough" Russl.1. The rebels want him to change Ills policy or get out. Ilidault on "Sjiol" liklaull's position is even more fill- flctilt. Tlie shaky coalition goviTn- mei'.t lo which lie belongs barely escaped after he came here when Ihc Communist Party onl'ted at French policy in Ir.'.lo-Cbiiia. The government was saved because the Communists salt! they wanted lo support Bidault at Moscow. His failure lo achieve nnylhlng definite here might speed n government crisis. The foreign ministers arranged to devote their 21st meeting taday to relatively minor German issues such us cleNazification, democratization and demilitarization. After that, the ministers are expected to proceed witii the rest of Ihe agenda agreed upon in New York last Pall. This includes such untouched issues as the German frontiers and the American proposal for a Big Pour treaty on German demilitarization. Gen. Lucien D. Clay, American commander in Germany, planned to go back to Berlin today. American officials contended there was no significance to his departure and said he could return here within a day's time. He Iras been a k'ad- CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel We carry it in slock in 12", 15", 18" anil 24" sizes. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Blj'thcville. Ark. ! CHECK WRITERS I NOW IN STOCK! J SAMUEL V. MORRIS {Printers Stationers I Across From Cit} Hall New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT Matinee Saturday & Sunday Box Opens Week l>ays 7:00 p.m. But.-BUD. 1 p.m. Cont. Hhowlnt ing adviser to The French Marshall, delegation cannot understand why the Xlnitcu States up a study ignores Its proposal to set special group of experts lo Ihe possibility of eventually inking German reparations out of current production — after Germany is on a l^ast Time Today "Woke Up and Dream" with John l\tync :uu! June llavei- Also Selected Shorts Friday "Tumbleweed Trail" with Kddie Dean Also Shorts Oi>en 0:45 p.m.; Starts 7:15 p.m. I>aat Time Todar 'Breakfast in Hollywood" with Tom lircnnainaii and Bonila tlrunville News nf tin; Hay; Also Shin Is Friday and Saturday "Cheyenne Wildcat" with Wild Kill lOlliott lii.Iiliy 11 lake Serial: Chapt. I, "Daughter uf Don Q"; Also Shorts UMW Boss Asks Removal Ot Krug from Cabinet Because ot Mine Blunder WASHINGTON, April 3. (UP) — John L. Lewis today called for congressional action to rDturn to the United Mine WorVers the $7CO,CCO fine imposed following their contempt conviotion. He propose;! that tbe money be used as a trust fund to c arc for the dependents of the victims of the Cea- tralia disaster. lie also urged passage of a joint congressional resolution us king President Truman to remove interior Secretary J. A. Krug from office. CITY CAB 924 Day or Night Radio Clinic Co 1 1 U ii ii I r ro m g n K Rend Couriar News Want Arts. clause, every phrase of the hi3] is directed towiml couiouls'Lon ol Die employes. Under tlii.s bill, no i"e- (lulrcmont whatsoever ir> imposed upon tho employers." "ITaywood sii^ested that the bill should, provide tJiat the union's demands bt* subniiUed lo ^ vole ol the telephone companies' stockholders. Or lie said, the stockholders &houM be polled lo clelcv- rnine \vliethrr tJicir s»otits be re- jnidiated nnd a tu=\v aypnt apjioint- cd for the purpose ol accepting , Ihc union's ciemands. ' "This is a bill which grinds uu- OUR COMPL£TEWKl ALIGNMENT MOSCOW Continued frt»m i'agc 1. plnn such as the shortness of power to meet planned requirements, the Too Late to Classify For Safe l>El SUMII .11'J-lilc-n I'.SHMS— Till,-,. lir*< c-.l liaby I>III;B>-. $10. 10119 \V. Services Tennis or Itaclmittion Kcstvungf. Finest materi:ils>. E«ch siring machine tested. Cull 3G74—Week Kiwi Delivery. ^-."i-pk-'i 4^0 W. Ash St. ! Phone 855 or 2291 j WE • JPICK UP and DELIVER; OGDEN SOYBEANS Recfeoned and Sacked A. L. WHISTLE Roseliiml, Ark. • Almost every hour in the Jay you will find a good use for the "Jeep" as a iruck, light tractor, runabout or mobile power unit. With its mighty \Villys-Overr,\rul "Jeep" Engine and powerful 4-wheel- Jrivc, you can go most anywhere in a "Jeep," on or off the road ... in fair weather or in f oul. " Get a "Jeep" on the job. It will pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-lh. trailedpayloiuls; haul 800 Ibs. 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