The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVn-LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS • WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, McMath Asks Power Authority for State If Huge Aluminum Plant Is Not Obtained LITTLE ROCK <AP>— Gov. McMath thinks Arkansas should enter Into the field of marketing electrical power should the state lose a proposed multi-million dollar altiminum plant. Tlic governor proposed an Arkansas Power Authority yesterday when Informed that nenotlattons at Washington apparently had stalled Arkansas News Briefs— When Does 'Day in Jail 7 End? Midnight, Murry Says of Law lly THE ASSOCIATED PliKSS LITTLE ROCK—Atty. Gen. Ike Murry has ruled that "a day In jail" ends at midnight. He said that it-doesn't matter if "Hie prisoner is jailed at 8 a.m. or 2 p.m., that day expires at midnight." Little Rock Traffic Judge William J. Kirby had asked the opinion in connection with one-day jail sentences imposed for drunken driving. McMath io 'Tell All' About Purchase of Farm SHERIDAN—Gov. McMath is dickering with Mr. and Mrs. R. w. Morris of near here for a 283-acre farm and ranch. The governor said: "We haven't come to terms yet. when we do, i will announce the amount I pay (or it. the interest rate, the number of hogs and chickens going with it and everything else involved." He said the property is grazing land and that it will b« slocked with "hogs, cattle, two horses and three boys." Former Chaffee General to Camp Rucker, Ala, WASHINGTON W)—A former Commanding general at Camp -'Chaffee, Ark., has been assigned to command the 301st logistical command at Camp Rucker, Ala. He Is Maj. Gen. Claude B. Ferenbaugh, now a member of the U. N. true? team In Korea. General Ferenbaugh will take over from MaJ. Gen. Crump Gar- Tin, a native of Harrison. Ark., sometime next month, oarvin's next assignment has not been announced. Sanity Tests Ordered tor Murder Suspect CAMDEN—Circuit Judge Gus Jones has ordered further sanity tests for KufUo H. Green, charged with first degree murder In the death of Night Police Chief Frank Willlford. Gretn, *6, has been under observation at the ArkRiiw* Statt Hospital for nervous diseases, but- Judge Jones yesterday appointed a committee of three doctorr, for further examinations. Williford was shot to death last December In a downtown cafe. Young Arab May Find 'Free' School Means Just That- at Arkansas State on A contract to supply power for Reynolds Metals Company's proposed aluminum plant In Arkansas, McMath wired officials In Washington, asking thai every effort be made to continue the negotiations. Contrail Caused Difficulty The .. disagreement arose over terms of R contract, for Arkansas Power & Light Co., anil the Southwestern Power Administration to supply power to Reynolds' proposed plant. Exact location of the proposed plant hasn't been decided. A spukis- man for Reynold* said that unless the contract Is signed the company may have to select another state for the plant, probably Texas. Reynolds, A. P. & 1. and SPA: an agency of the Department of Interior to market jxiwer from government dams in the Southwest, agreed several weeks ago on a 30- year contract to supply power to the proix>sed plant. Chapman ficts Contract The contract was sent to Secretary of interior Chapman for his signature. Chapman said It should Haln a provision for higher rates Ihc end of 10 years If a survey rranted. O. Hamilton Moses, president of kansas Power fa Light, said the partrnent or Interior asked that e contracts be reopened after a -year period to permit a 5 per it raise In rates. Moses said his company was not cparcd to bear the increased cost. e estimated it would amount to million dollars. Moses said that since the increase piild bo only on the portion of c power to be supplied Reynolds SPA anil not on that to be pro- ded by his company, the Increase ould be paid by Reynolds. MoMalh A«ks Action Gov. McMath asked Moses and dgar L. Dlxon. president of Mld- e South Utilities, holding com- ny of A. P. &. L. to take "ptr- nnl action In an effort tr> dissolve difference In the power con- act negotiations." McMath also asked Secretary hapman every effort be made to iring these contract negotiations a successful conclusion." Arkansas Public Service Commls- oner Howard Gladden jald a state ower .iiithority could be created nly by the Arkansas Legislature or ] Initiated act. Such a project, mid Gladden, ould nego *r\te power contracts, illd steam or hydro electric een- ratlng plants «nd construct trans- ilssion lines. Episcopal Bishop Attacks Idea of Envoy to Vatican Truman Will Move Again, H« Declares, For Ambatiador LITTLE ROOK (AP»—The Episcopal Bishop of Arkarvs declared today that President Truman's proposal to send an ambassador to the Vatican "violates the American principle of the separation of of the church to urge Senators McOlellan and ^ JONESBORO, A *T* looking up foilt who ippwred hertt\for the "free* •oucatton he thought h»d be«n promised him. The Jonesboro Rotary Club voted yesterday to underwrite his tuition of $300 at ArkrmsnR State College for a year. An unidentified couple offered to let him live in their home until March 1. A Jonesboro business man, whose name also was Withheld, offeree! 550. ::The 20-year-old Arab. Shukrl Mohammed_ el Krmlib, arrived at - Arkansas State yesterday after a Journey from his native Israel. Shukrl started the trip us n re- cult of B m Li take. He rend a prospectus from Arkansas State in which life on the campus was described as "full, free and friendly." "Free" meant only one thing to BhukrL He sold a .small farm (or $400 end used the money to come to Arkansas State for a "free" education. By the time he arrived he had only $10. Until school officials settle his case, he's a guest at the men's dormitory. Lecture Comes in Handy Two Patrolmen Find GREAT FALLS, Mont. (/D—Pa trolmcn Dean Bailey and Hcrber Remus went to a jx>lice school lee •e on "what to do if called on I attend a birth". The following day, tney made routine ambulance call—getting t B house Just as Mrs. Noel Boule r baby was born. "That's when the lecture seeme a little hazy," they admitted. "The the baby yelled like a Comanche... we knew we were okay." Mother and daughter were doin fine at the last report. Disasters Hit China HONG KONG MV-Ten milllo fanners on six million ncres In Ce: trnl mid Smith China wore affecte by floods, drought, storm, pests an other calamities in the fe months, says the Hankow Commit) 1st newspaper. The amount of cro loss was not given. TO YOUR CLOTHES YOUR CLOTHES LAST LONGER . .. KEEP THAT "SHOWCASE" LOOK Send us your finest fahrics, your costliest linens wi(h worry.. .we will return them to you gently but thoroughly laundered. . .and pressed perfectly by our skilled operators. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 church nnrt dtate." "And," said the JU. Rev. R. Bland Mitchell in his address to the 80th annual Diocesan convention here 'It Increases religious intolerance •md controversy at a time when the iced for national unity and for cooperation between the various rcH- jlous communion* In America Li imperative." Mitchell called upon the convention and Individual members Arkansas f*ulbr]ght to vote ngulnst confirmation of any appointment, of an ambassador to the Vatican. Truman Has Bowed He said "the fact that Mr. Truman has for the moment bowed before the atorm" and withdrawn the name of Gen. Mark Clark a.s hi appointee to the post does not mean the matter will come up again. "Vatican city as a political tity is a legal' fiction to bolster 111 tho pretensions ot the Roman church to temporal power," thi bishop Raid. "Mr. Truman Ls delud jng himself if he think *"he is pro posing diplomatic liaison betwcei two political states. Phrasing Do?s \ot Matter ' No matter how he may prnlse . it will mean an ambassador from our government to the so-called Hoi See, a religions organization whos genius for dominating the politica ILIe of nations for its own purpos is writ large on the pag&s of his tory ... an ambassador to the Ro Catholic Church means inc vitably a papal nuncio in Washing ton— a cluirch official with the sta tns of a political Rmbasjador. It would enable that church to ex crt special pressure and influent on our government — and there ar people in many nations where, th Roman Church Is dominant wh U.S. Cavalry Unit To Jap Defense Division Pulled Out Of Korea to Oppose Any Russian Attack CAMP CRAWFORD. Hokkaido. Jnpan «V — The battle-hardened U. 3, 1st Cavalry Division has been pulled out of Korea to defend Ja- BURNS ARKANSAS — Thfs louvenir auto sticker, made by a St. Louis, Mo., firm to sell for 10 cents, brought howls of protest from "the Wonder Slate." Arkansas publicity director Eugene Newsom wrote the firm that the barefoot hillbilly with a whiskey jug and the razorback hog give an impression of his state "entirely out of line with the Arkansas of 1952." The company has 7000 freshly-printed stickers and still plans to peddle them. 'Ike's' Call for Constitutional Convention in Europe Applauded pan's northernmost Island. Russian troops on Kahomaf Is- Mineral Search 'Pooled' >Y Mining Corporations CAGLIARI, Sardinia (AP) — Mining corporations operating in ardlnia have pooled their resources to Intensify research for lead am zinc In this island. The various corporations created a new organization for mineral research and contributed in equal parts to an Initial capital of $800,000. The search for strategic minerals was intensified during 1951 with favorable results. Lead ores found in the newly explored areas of the Island rose from 708 tons to 1950 to 4,137 tons in the first 11 months of 1051. In the same period zinc land are only 3',! miles away. The Russian-occupied Kurllcs are 10 miles to the east. Russia's Sakhalin is less f-an 30 miles to tha north. Ma], Gen, Thomas L. Harrold, division commander, said today, "I can assure you of this: If they land here we'll be ready Jor them with evorvthing we have. "We Are 'at Front' " '•\Ve ff-el we are as much on- the front line here as we ever were in Korea." The division's move from Korea was completed New Year's Eve— but the news was withheld until today. A National Guard unit replaced the 1ft Cavalry In Korea. The famed dismounted cavalry Is now the key division In the U S. defense force for Japan. It is the same division which was flown into Japan from the Philippines to cement the surrender in 1945. Five years later the division was rushec to Korea to help atem the Red Invasion. Division Learns un Skila The division is learning to It in the mountains - - on skiis and snowshoes. "Were striving to get as many men as possible trained to fight on sklls," liarrold said. "Parts of the island are so rugged they are Inaccessible except on sktls or snow WASHINGTON tJft-Oen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's proposal for a constitutional convention to unify Europe drew applause today from Re- lubllcans and Democrats — Includ- ng other potential presidential candidates. Tiic statement from Supreme Headquarters, Allied Forces in Europe (SHAPE) got avid attention from lawmakers and politicians. It was Elsenhower's first public statement since his dramatic announcement that he would accept the Republican presidential nomination but would not campaign for The politically minded asked If It would be a pattern fcr other Eisenhower statement 1 ;. Some wondered if it had been cleared with President Truman and Secretary of State Acheson. Senators of both parties said they agreed with Gen. Eisenhower. He said; 1. Russia may plan a global war eventually but right now could not win at a single stroke. "It would not look to me to be a sensible thing to provoke a global war, and I think that also includes the Ru.ssians." Eisenhower aald. 2. The mere call for a European unity convention "would mean a lot in the United States," which cannot alone bear the entire burden of the North Atlantic Treaty. 3. Long-term defensive security In Europe "cannot »»in »U*Jiftli and stability .If it (Europ«) is *• remain split up In a number ot In* dependent economic." Classes Must Com* Clean in Singapore SINGAPORE (AP>—B»r owB*r» n this thirsty Colony have been warned to keep their gUsfiet an6 umblers shiny-clean. The Board of Licensing JustlcM iaid it was considering Imposition of i regulation requiring public, houm to Install wishing michlnw {or glasses. in me ^umi; penuu I.«..»IUIL ore* rose from 1,348 tons in 1950 lo [ shoes." 8.097 tons In the first 11 months of! Reconnaissance parties are trav- 1051. The ore yielded 52 per cent of cling through Hokkaido gathering pure Ri can tell you what that means." Among other things, Bishop Mitchell suggested that the convention begin to consider "that in five years my course as your bishop will have been run," adding: "U might be wise In my last year to elect a" coadjutor assistant bishop so that he may get adjusted to the harness before I retire." He rciwrtcd that communicant membership in the Diocese of Arkansas now Is above 7.000, compared to 4,500 when he became bishop 14 years ago. information which will be vital if the island Is attacked. Germany Supplies Dyes NEW DELHI, India (AP)— West Germany was India's major supplier of dyes during the first five months of the current fiscal year, commerce ministry sources said. Of India's total imports of 9.600,000 pounds of dyes obtained from coal tar, west Germany sent 3,172,000 pounds, the United Kingdom 2,988,000 pounds, the United States 1,084,000 pounds and Switzerland, 355,000 pounds. MOX Show »Urt» Always a Double Feature I.ast Times Tonlie G.I.JOE nil 1*4 by WI1LIAM A. WflUUAM A> ft*«k Ll«* MM i» IlliMt —Plus— "BARNYARD FOLLIES" Hill Billy Picture with Git fiddle* Thursday & Friday "FOUR DAYS LEAVE" Wednesday & Thursday "WATCH THE BIRDIE" Red Skelton • Arlene Dahl JOHN FORD'S o IM xtMm mtm iWrni THIS IS KOREA »f MW rttlCOlM Also Cartoon ; asimr Citizenship Sought in Singapore SINGAPORE. (jT) — The Singapore Rovrrnment Is considering a proposal to cut the present $30 intlnnnlimttcn fee enrt xlsn to mnke it simpler for non-British inbJecU to become citizens. Chinese leaders had said that he present procedure was too cost- y and too cumbersome. They said housnmls of Chinese who lived in this Crown -colony for decades were thus denied-citizenship right* Another major mlfesfon* in hauling prtgrttt RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday 'Yellow Fin'. Wayne Morris Also News & Shorts i 1 DIESEL TRUCKS , Your key te greater hauling profits Fridnv "EAST SIDE OF HEAVEN' with Ring Crosby GMC PRESENTS THE FIRST 2'/ 2 -TON DIESEL NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration 'Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 At last-Diesel economy and hill-lettling performance come fo thousands of truckers who have never hod any choice but gasoline power la the past! 'Wednesday & Thursday 'Excuse My Dust' Red Skelton Sally Forrest Friday "MARK OF THE RENEGADE" Ricardo Montalban T ODAY America's foremost huilder of Diesel trucks smashes the size-weight bnrrier that up to now has denied the many economics of Diesel power lo hnulers of medium-weight loads. Today G\IC offers users of equipment in liic 19,500 GV\Y-35,000 GCW range a sensational new Diesel truck-tractor, It is powered by the first welterweight Diesel truck engine—n smaller, more compact model of the famous General Motors 2-cyclc engine that Ims made GMC America's first-choice Diesel truck, More Miles per Ga/Jon Because it is Diesel-powered, this new GMC Model D450-37 will cost you fur less to mil per mile, far less to maintain per year than any other 2'/2-lonner you've ever owned. /)// Diesel experience proi'es that. Because it is a 2-cycle Diesel, it is a fast- starting, quick-accelerating, highly responsive truck with plenty of snap in traffic — a truck thnt will maintain a steady "on time" schedule even on hilly runs. Fuel economy is automatic thanks to CMC's famous Fuel Modulator. Regard* less of throttle pressure this engine never gels more fuel than it needs and makes the most of what it gets. Smooth driving ii assured by "easy-turn" recirculating ball- bearing steering—even'electric shifting on two-speed axle models. Nationwide Service Equally important to the thousands of truckers who can now enjoy the benefits of Diesel power for the first time, this new GMC D450-37 is backed by the nation'* largest network of Diesel service stations. Before you buy another truck, you owe it to yourself to investigate these new GMC welterweight Diesels if you want fo cut costs! We will be glad to give you facts and figures that will open your eyes. Why not come in today? Get a real truck! HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 East Main, Blythevill* better en a used frvcfc win your GMC cfeafor <

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