The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APKIL 3, 19-17 Bl.TfTHEVILLiS (ARK.) COURIKR REWS Britain to Retain Palestine Control Nation Merely Asks UN Recommendations For Future Policies THE EASTER STORY PAGE FIVE Holy Thursday LONDON, Apiil 3. <TJP)—.BriiMn Vll not .surrender her mandate Jfjrr Palestine at the planned special United. Nations assembly mcet- iiiK but nii|;ht later ac:ci« a- UN recommendation to do s o, a high government sovirce said today. British Kovermucnt' quarters are practically certain that due lo the complexity ot Use Palestine si'.iia- lion and the international politics involved the United Nations will not recommend Unit, the British l!ct out of Palestine. "We won't throw the mandate on the f.'.b'.e a.l the start." the unvemnionl source said. "Hut tlM doesn't jfjean we would reject i UinU'il N'sUimis recommendation tn give i;p (he mandate." IK 1 .salt! the Hriiish government would reserve its position on the Two cvcnts t ., Ho , y . n , llrs<1ay '. arc depicted nbovc by the artist. ... mandate s iiiiiue until the UN views have keen heard The I3ri- " Aud lie tllnl ' wns cnllc(1 Judas, onc ot the twclv. drew near unto .Jes tish received the mandate over Son of Man with u kiss?" night: Peter lienies Jesus. "And us Peter w the League of Na-' priest: And when she saw Peter . '. . snid, and thnu also was with Ji'sius of Nn/areth. Dut he denied . . . And a mnld saw him imam, and began U) say unto him. Before Palestine from tloils ill 1022. 'I'he uoveir.menl source said tlie ]3:Uish envisaged a two-part agenda when they requested a special UN session, lie added: 11) The British will give a full Vic. nonaliue. Lttl: Judas approaches Jesus lo betray him lo Ihe soldiers, us to kiss him. Dut Jesus said unto him. Judns, betrnycal thon Unas bene-.vlh in the palace, there eometli one of the maids of Ihe hlf'li lo them that stood by. This Is one of Uicin. And lie denied It uunlu. And I'eler called to mind the word that, Jesus suW the cock crow twice, thou sluilt deny me thrice." on the conduct of the President-Elect •i on the conduct of the| late stressing the repeated un-'ijT hiAen~\\t~n\ •ssful efforts to get W ' ' V "=UI<_U1 _. .,] Resigns Office rei>crt maud; successful efforts to g between the Arabs and Jews. «21 They \viil request member states to "express their views" ou tli« British record in Palestine ami! CHICAGO, April 3. (UP) Dr. on what the solution should be.' Olin West, 72, of Nashville, Tenn.. "Then in light of the proposals has resigned as .president-elect of lor solution, the question wculcl tho American Medical Association i' as lo whether we should con- because of illness, it, was announc- """" "" sole mandatory power or c( i today. ••- -\.ielhcr it should De a join!, man- dale." he said. He indicated not go before ka Hi Dr. Edward L. Bortz. of Philldal- phia, who was elected vice presl- hat Britain would (lent lnst , nme ' wiu SUCC ced him. the assembly with j Delaware laws require that food | and drink be carried by aviators Hying over lai'ge bodies of -water. any prcposal for a solution. •The question of what mandatory authority is needed can only be decided in the light of the United Nations recommendations,' 1 he said. 1ST REMOVE ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes I-'Iu&h Out Poisonous Waste If vou hnvcnn exccssoflacldg in yourbTood. your 15 uii'es nf ITuJncy tubes may heovcr- tvorked. Th--se tiny fiUeia r n<l tubes nrc work- in R d:i> T nr.X niRrit to liulu Nature rid your system of excess acids nml poisonous ivasle. When dfsonltrof kidney function permits pnfennous matter Ui remain in your blood, it maycuusc nr.SK! r IB bncknch e, rhcu mail c iiains, K't: pnins, iosjsof !wi> liicj cnero', gettiny up nichl 1 ', s,'.vi.'lliiis, initTiiu'aa under the pyca. lita<3a«lit'3 and dizziness. Froquentnr scanty l'nssn!T< K with smnrtin^ and bunmii; snmc- tinicp shriivs there is sometlung wrong with yoiir kidneys! or blfidifer. KidncyR may need lielp the aamc as bowels, BO :isk your drucciat for Dunn's Pitla. a ELitnmant diuretic, usedsuccp5sfu!!y by mil- 1U>H5 for over 50 ycare. IJonn'a nive happy u-Iit-f nnd will help the 15 milrs of kidney 1u?jcr. flush, nut poisonous wc.ste from your ^MiMjd. Cet Loan's Pills. Co-Erf and Beau 54 Arkansas Oil Identified as Wel| s Are Sold We arc taking- orders /or Attic Fans to be installed before hot wcalhcr. Call us for cstimalcti MI&. COUNTY LUMBER CO. Phone 145 Buyer of Bomb SANTA ANA. Cat., April 3. (UP) —•An explosives salesman said today he had "absolutely every reason" to believe that George Go!- lum and Ills heiress-fiancee. Beulah Louise Overcll. were the couple who pufcTTased 27 sticks of dynamite from him n few days before the timebomb-deaths of the girl's wealthy parents. The identification was made liy Ben A. Smith, Highlands, Cal.. who operates a powder magazine in the daytime and at, night serves t.s San Bernardino County jailer. After watching 17-year-old -Miss Overell and Gollum, 21, in then- cells yesterday, he gave Orange County Sheriff James Musicli u signed statement naming them purchasers of the explosive March 2. Earlier In tihe day Miss Overell was ordered to stand trial for the murders in superior court. Her attorney had sought to kctp her under jurisdiction of the juvenile courts. She wil! -je arraigned with Gollum tomorrow on charges of mur- d c r i n g loan-company executive For $2,500,000 STKPIIKN'S, Ark., April ;(. (UP) —One of the largest transactions in the history of South Arkansas' oil area has been consumatcct. The deal was revealed when C.iiuly n. Vaufthn and associates of Dallas, Texas, announced the sale or 45 producing wells to the Ohio Petroleum company for approximately $2,150.000 In cash. The wells included 34 in the Smart-Stephens field In Columbia and Ouachlta counties and eleven In the Gum Crc"k Pie! din Columbia Calmly. Also included was many miios of pipe line, storage facilities ami ol"- cr field c^iuvmionl. The daily potential of Ihe wells is approximalely 2,000 barrels of oil. Open Shop Law In Tennessee Will Be Tested CHATTANOOGA, Tcilll., April ii. (Ul'l—Tennessee's new law, prohih- . Itlng (he closed shop Is uuocr U ,e , . tn/lrn- I,, ,t.K~l 1^1,„.. !..„,!... II ' . Chattanoopn Industrial 0:1 1 Protect Suffers Setback CIIATTlAiNCOCfA, Tenn., April that Walter E. Overell, 62, anrt his so-j- . rl clalite wile, 'Beulah, 57, and blow- i 10 | )e s in .Ncport Harbor. | asl ' ]c ^ 'Medical cxinnncrs have slated ri^ht." Overell died before the cx- jjiDsion as the result of blows upon his head, probably made by a hammer, opinion varies as to 'Whether the girl's motilier was dealt at the time of the blast, 'Miss Ovcrcll said Ih'c dynumile- j purchase stories were "silly." Hirl told newsmen she stilt today In what labor Jeaders call the first real lest of Its constitutionality. The case, they said, also Is the first real of open shop laws In the south and t\s such may »l- tnict nationwide attention Three labor leaders—with one case In the role of an employer— have been charged with vlolnlliiK the law which the recent IcgLsln- lurc approved despite the fact more than 1,000 union members paraded lo the capllol bu!l;llug to protest Hs passage. Russia's UN Veto Policy Assailed Great Britain Aims Angry Charge Over Albanian Dispute iiv KOIII:I:T AIANNIN<S ITnlU'il I'rrss Stuff CiilTi<K|i<iniU'llt l.AKK HDCC1-SS, N. Y.. April '.I. (UPl-cireal llrltiilu uluu-d an »»- ui'V ehaiiic' at Kusslu's UKC o[ (he Unlleil Nations veto power today as a fresh Jlarcnp Ihiciilened hi Hie f.'mully Counell <ivev I ho Urltlsli dispute' wllh Albniiln. Ilrllnlu'.s Sir Alrxnudrr Ciulo- Hfu wns icady In eouple the chariie atsiilnst Uussla w'lh n fni'iiinl PI<'- pcwul Iliat thr ccunuili Kiss In Ihe liilei-ualloiial «'our| of Justice the ense of n Corfu clmuuc! mlurtli'ld wlilcli ripped l\vo llilllsh wuvshlps and killed •!•! lirltutis last Octo- liev. Ciuloiinii was e\])i'cled lo draw prompt UulU'd stales siippnrl "I hl.s |iro|iosul. mi altcininlve devised l>y Hie Ilrltlsh utler liussla vi'Ux'd a tnajoilty declslfin ttt the rounell whli'li would have [iiund Alhunla Kiillly of "knmvlnu," at li'i'st, iibout (he tlllelt minefield. The fate of this slop, delejinles ajjieed, depends u|H)n whether Soviet IK'li'Hi'U' Andi'rt Clnmij'ko Jt^aln uses the Iljf; l''l\ r c velo pow- ei 1 lo prevent further reeognltiou ot the iMsputo. The counell's iitlempl lo dispose of Ihe mutter was uecouipnnled hy InliMisi- nctlvlly hi other ipmrlers In Hie UN.: I. The UN seiTdnrliit iH'Kiin nr- raniienicnls for » speclnl session of the Cienornl Assembly In mld- Mnj 1 lo lake up the I'ulc.stlue ti'lsls. ' " -211—of Ihe 55 United | rcucliliif! Issue—whether the UN's toy officials should serve merely us "ltu innnnecrs" for the. UN's Ijlij Powers "iicmljers or whetlier llu-y should pluy u political ns well us administrative rule In ul'ci'aUun of (he UN. dlcMccI Tticlford's gun discharged us he climbed a Jchce. . • Tennessee Man Killed In Hunting Accident TDKNTON, Temi., April 3. Uli'l -Kimerii] .services will lie held lo- <luy for L. Cl. Tla'lford, 45, Cllhson County fai-mov, who wns kllh'tl when his stinlKiin <ii:,clmri:t'd accidentally yesterday. Olfleers ,sal<i un luvesiliitillon lu- Lochs Opened and Repair. cd. Door Checks or Overhauls. For Service -Call JIMMY "SI'KCK" I1ROCK ill Chisum's Bike Shop I'M K6. Tldrii Kt, I'hcinc 50G GIRLS! WOMEN! TRY THIS SF YOUTO On 'CERTAIN DAYS' of The Month! Da remain functional monthly disturbances make you feel nervous, r.dncly, cranky, .so llred and 'drii;;- 5«t mil'—nl such times? Then 1)0 try Lydln 13. I'hiXImnrt VeRetnblo ofyctia £. Compound to relieve such symptoms. ItVi/iimoiisfor llils purpose I Tnkon icgularly—Pinkhnm'r Compoiuul helps build up rcnls mice URaiiiHt such distress. Ai (lint's (he.kliul of product yci (iliould buy. Thoiisnmls have reported IwnelHI Worth trying. April ', and is con- tniii out all (UP)—Construction work In Clinl- lanoosa, cxcc])l lor the sao.OOO.OCU Dupont Nylon Plant project, is nl a virtual standstill here today as contractors and sifc-coiitractors surpDiidetl 0])erations. Work on some 300 new houses wns involved. The contractors stopped work on their projects in protest against a walkout by union electricians who are seeking a H j:er wage hike. The electricians work Monday night when contract expired Nations w:is considered certain to approve llrltuln's request for n spe- cliil sexton lo set ill) n fjiet-tllldinK • eunnnUlee on Palestine. ^. America n nelegalo Warren Austin went to Washington lo fouler with administration leaders oti (ills Rovcrniiient's policy In the opening stiitfc of the Pidesline debate, pmeiitiiilly tlie severest test yet of Iho ycuim UN. Austin also was lo confer with Washington officials on his delegation's biulKOl rc<|iilre- nienls. | it. The gt'owintj dissension over eouduct of Unlteil Nations secrc- j tnrint meiuhei's promised to develop into a tussle over a bnsic and 1'nr- For Better Cleaning with the HUDSON FINISH In 8 Hours for the Asking SUITS—Ladies & Men's made to measure Top Quality Materials How Available Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't Ije embarrassed by louse ' fnlse teeth clipping, dropping or I cent i wnbbliny when you cat, talk or i (initllniiBh. Just sprinkle a little FAS- i „-.. their i TKKTH on your plates. This plena- ] • — wllli the Clialla- ant powder ulves a remarkable iioosa .chapter of .the Associated sense of added comfort and security I General Contractors. Paul Jone.i, by holding plntcs more firmly No' business agciit^for the electricians, gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feel- i termed the cohtractors' lu-tlon a inc. nts alkiilluc (non-iictd) Get! i<K -' kcilt '" ' PASTEKTH ut any drufi store. SHOES .AMERICA'S UHCIIAUENOED SHOE VAlUi 9.95 Family Shoe Store Phono 2342 312 West Main St. \\ '•:' ^ HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blythevillc, Ark, Phone 2612 LOOK OF SPRING JSIack 1'ati'iit LY SHOE Phone 2342 312 West Main St.

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