The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1952
Page 7
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"Bright is dead." he said. "Shot in the back. Brown shot him when he was dying." It was almost impossible to (rasp the horror of what Tommy w«i telling her. But it was more than a mere recital of facts. There was an urgent something, yet hidden quality in Tommy Conroy's voice, as though he were trying to convey something to her without being forced to say it. Suddenly it occurred to her that the wire thsy were talking over might not be private. It might be In a police station, where officers ^ might listen, unseen by Tommy. It • was a creepy, unreal feeling that Alms had—this was the kind of thing she'd read about in newspapers and detective stories, bu which she'd never thought ot as being anything she would ever experience herself. Still, that was in all likelihood the reason for Tommy's strained voice and cautious answers. She was supposed to jiy something and Tommy wai trying to make her say it. But what was she supposed to say? Had Tommy given her a cue and had she missed it? Then she remembered. "Yes Bright and I caught them." Bu jTcmmT hid gone after Bright jWell. then, did Tommy (or som ireason want it supposed that h and Brighton Muncie had left to gether? She had to chance It. "Oh, Tommy, how terrible!" sh Mid. "Poor Brightl How ghastl ; your having to take his body i all alone. Are you in trouble ove darling? Did you tell them I aw you leavt her* together?" "Well, I'm not in seriouj trouble, ut there has been some question- .g." The relief in his voice wai nmistakable. "1 think perhaps it -ould make mailers easier if you oppcd on down here and—well, ust tell what you know." Now she was sure she was ic right track. Tommy was using le fact lhat Bright was dead as a cans of exonerating tlie name oi The Head of Trumbull'i. You mean what I know about ou and Bright suspecting Mrs lenton and trying toVatch her be- ore she and that man got away?' "Well, poor Bright can't say »ny- hing one way or another," he saic ignificantly, "so I'm afraid you'l lave to. Jewels. Get hold of Joe )enton and have him bring you [own. They want to talk to him oo, of course. And, Incidentally he cops here think I may hav itolen his car." * * • [T was a long and hectic 48 hour later before the three of them— Tommy, Joe and herself—fount hemselvM back In Alma's apart ment. Because the day wai Sunday they could take their leisure ove .he beautiful luncheon Almi ha prepared from some of Gran* Bl iOU's best French recipes. The win ;ry sunshine poured Into th Breakfast nook as Impersonally a if there were no such thing In th! world as vi»l«nc*. thievery an sudden death. Alma, serving the two men found it hard to believe that sh had not dreamed the hectic scene the courthouse at that lilt Pennsylvania town — the blurrc faces of the spectators, cruel, ci rious, or sympathetic; th« crowd ing reporters, the flash of bulb- the clicking of cameras, with her self, Tommy, and Joe Denton th center at attention. OUT OUR WAY iy R. William. 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BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200* West Main Phono 3647 The entire fantastic pageant of ime and heroism which had ought th« obicure little village Longtown to th« front pages of •ery newspaper in the country ow seemed remote and unreal, ut the story in th* newspapers ore evidence at its actuality, the etdlines shoutinc triumphantly. "Police Say Brighton Muncie tiled Saving British Royal Jews. . . . Sacrifices life to return roperly stolen from Trumbull . . Loyal assistance brings ody and recovered loot into cus-. ody of police." TIEN followed the story, ns told - by police reports quoting Tom- ly and corroborated by herself nd Joe Denton, of how Bright and ommy had long suspected Mrs enlon of noticing crippled, and el a trap for her: how Apollo rown had stolen Bhght's car. een followed by Bright and Tom- ijr untjl the stolen car cracked up n a lonely road, kilting the wom- n and fatally injuring Brown /ho in a dying gesture had shot oung Muncie while the latter was emoving the stolen jewels from he wreckage. And lastly the re- x>rts told of Tommy's rushing his rlend's body to the nearest help n the vain hope of caving young 3righl's life. Joe Denton was reading the ac- ount carefully, gripping the news- )aper in one hand and attacking i dish of civet de rognon with the >ther The authorities at Longtown had separated him from the Conroyi after the court formalities were over, in order for him to attend to he last services rrnrtprable to his mad old stepmother. This was the first time he had been able to talk to Tommy and Alma in private. When he had finished reading what Tommy had told the police, and what the police had said, he put aside the paper and looked challengingly at his host, "Well now. my dear Lone Ranger," he said, "or" shall 1 call you Mr. ScaUergood? Will you pfease for the love of tripe tell me what actually happened before you cooked up this horse opera and made Alma and me your corroborating witnesses? 1 * (T. ste C«Ua«4) T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Chrysler- Plymouth Dealer !2I E. Main Phone 212Z

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