The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AP111I, 3, 10-17 US. Pacific Bases To Get Oil Okay Americans Predict British Opposition To Bo Rejected. Hy JAMKS K. lUM'KIt Unlfcil IVess staff Cui-rcsjiiimHa LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., April J. i U.P.)—American sources pr:>.iict- ed today that the United Nations will; 1 reject a British .utempl 16 alter U. s. plans t.) control J.ip- ahese-nia.idiUud Islands in UID Pacific. Great Britain seeks to -.vriie into Hie plan n guarantee that .ill UN citizens will have equal comnvrciai opiwrliinities in tlie islands T|-e United Slates has argued that. !^r security reusons, it must be 'aijlc to retain c:-rt:iln coimnercial a"- tivitii's , for Anv.'rican citizens. The UN Security Council phsi- ncd lo vote on the dispute late today and perhaps approve the! entire Island plan before n<ijni<n>-' ing. The agreement would give IV United Slates sole trusto-ship over 03 islands and Island clusters that were mandated lu Jai-in after tlie first world war The United States- would have the. "flit to build secret, military ni-d naval bases on the islands, 'which are scattered over more than !<00 - Oao square miles, Great Britain approves the tius- trccship plan in jjenenil, hut !::••; insisted tliat the principle of eriual commercial privileges must be '.'p- heid. The known commercial vaii;« of tlie islands fs nes;ligible, but tlien- strategic value is immense. UN delegates conceded more and mole that no country would give : up any strategic advantage until UN plans disarmament and security. Alexandra I'arodi of France lold the UN Disarmament Cbmnvssion yesterday that disarmnmcnt n.rd security must be. reached in slow parallel steps. He cautioned that any attempt to rush disarmament without security and international confidence merely: would increase inicrnational tensions. American and British delegates also had advised n slow-ami •easy discussion of disarmament but Pared 1 challenged their argument that world security must be guaranteed before anyone disarms! ni.YTHRVHJ.K (AUK.) C'OI'.KIKU NR\VS Farmer Faces Charges After Death of Girl Non-f-rdtemlty (pi'pup Seeking U. of A. Deal HOT SIMMNCIS, Ark., April ;i. iui>i--in oiirhind County jail here loday facing first deyrre nu'i'der china's ;u ,s a •lU-year-old Owens- ,...., ville. Ark., man, i.;a,i p. parsons. t HI Parsons is accused of the deiilh wen lust week-end of n 17-yeiir-oUI St. <'rsl fouls oh'i identified us Jewell Kwell. | ly-> Tlie Klrl's hotly was touud near the |ian Llllle Hock highway, and she dli-d I led y morning in ,\ !u>s- I (' ' } | v. i firmer, iidmUtcd be- .:, Ark., April :t. '''I'l-CnniiHis DDllllcs nl (lie Uni- yi-uy ,,| Aikini.sns dxik i\ new Uiui l.Kiay, with mi unuDiincciiH'iil, Unit 11 new sliiiltmt Bi'Oiild woiilil l> ( . or- loki'Mneu for the new pall; 'l"lck to admit tlint' II was sued in overthrowvlhe, fralcrnl- 'icii'hy dominated new deal v "n I lie campus, whleh h'.is imh-ersliy imhtlcs since lillli). minium of (lie new party Is Ing. with the but Insisted li r , I co " 1115 ' sh< - Paul Cordon, 83, swings a club for a wide-eyed rlctcclivc in Chi<i'^ nS iu I '. c -. cnacls '' lc co »f c ssed slaying ot his landlady and dance, Mrs. Johanna Nimlz, 68, because she reinsert lo set (heir ... - . wedding dale. Blind Child, Just 21 Months Old, Offers Proof He Can Play Piano FREELANDVILLE. Inc!.. April 3. (UP) — They all laitghted when Gary Trent, sal down to play the piano. Now they don't know what to make of it. Gary is only 21 months old. I Blind since birth, Gary sits on world' tns piano bench and pinys with bolh hands such tunes as "My Darling Nellie Gray," "Bell Bottom Trousers" and "Wabash Cannon Ball.' He began learning (he tulles by imitating his father four months ago. "1 never saw anything )ikc'it." said Mrs. Audrey Klxmillcr. who visited the Trent, home with her husband last nlelit. The baby en- teiiained them. ~ "He was a, little tired." Mrs. Kixmiller said, "but he played two or three different tunes, SOUKS we all know. I've taken .a few piano les- lie can play better than sons, hut I ran." Clary's parents, M r . nm i Mrs. Robert 'Il-cnt. said nicy hud not inibiicizcd tin; baby's ability, othei• iin-ii. lieiincui. ID. and CJou limn iiiention It tp neighbors, be-I Neither they nor Ihc mother ccuisc they dldnt expect anyone dice, play the piano would believe them. ! Trow, n utility plant, boiler operator, said his baby son used to be (mite restless and cry n lot because he was unable to enjoy Ills loys—playthings (hat appeal chiefly lo the sense of si^hl hi normal babies. Tlio baby has been quite happy since lie discovered the piano. Trent said, and plnvs as much as four hours a day. ' "He plays the melody with one hand," said Trent, "and hanuunlws notes In Ihe bass with the other. His bass Improves every dny." Trent, who once played Firliujrd instruments in an orchestra. SFild he plays his favorite tunes on the Piano, then lifts the baby to the bench. The buby imllalcs him. "If I imikc a mistake, so does the baby." Trent said. Tlie baby was born June n, 19-15. The Trents have two other children, Kenneth. 10. and Connie, 7. ;,::;; ' TWO Boys Held For Possessing Noxious Weed THE 7RUTI3 j Serious facia arc revoakil l-y r-"«"-U i cat reports. One out <jt' uvury lure;- \i, I cxaimncil win found to U- :i viol!: I .'":".yC" 1 "--!>"*"'vilhmil. BU«i-i-!'ii; Faces Mann Act Charge MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 3. (UP) —J. D. Forrest, 31, Fort Worth, Tex., today awaited federal grand jury action in charges of while slavery. Forrest w as charged with transporting Helen Forrest. SO. from : Little Rock. Ark., to Memphis for .•< Immoral pin-pases. FBI neents said Forrest claimed he had been married to tlie wo- - man for three years. fiend Conner News Want Ads. I A * >' < " !r •'"'"csbl: P-'.V I *, Pir.-v.-.,, clislress may" iiT if i way. P.-W t Ltv,l on •xjpjo n of S it I r-.-U values DIAMOND SOLITAIRE 39.95 The brilliant diamond she's always wanted .... beautifully mounted in a lavishly carved 14K yellow gold setting. Unusually low priced*, i NEW HAVEN POCKET WATCH 4.89 A smart, richly gold-plated timepiece . . . easily Ihe biggest watch value you've seen in years. American- made. Guaranteed by factory. EXPANSION WATCH BAND $7.14 A smart, handsome wrist -.^ j- band that odds a note of '• luxury to your fine watch. Rests comfortably . . . stretches to flf your wrist. ces Include Federal Tax . NaSllVIILK, Tenn.. April 3. UJl'i __ TVV| > \vii.shliujloii. 11. C., vmilhs were held today for Illegal IKsessluii of about $10,ul)0 wortii of marijuana weed which "Hirers Ijc- leved they had planned | n w .|; | u 'he nation's capital, l.mils peter- t-'nlimierls, 20. and » lllinin Jume.s I'Yaser. ifl, weve 111- j'eslcd on a routine chi'ck for clrlv- >IK wllhoul lights „,„] „ i, ll|f - v . m . ainliHx I lie weed was dlseov'ffcd. I hey icild police they had btnmhi II In Juarez, Mexico, 'for their persona] use. Hcrctords Auctioned MKMl'HIS, Tenn., A|U'll 3. <UI'l - -1'itty head of caltle brouiihl i "lal of S1H.250 in MldSoiKh Pollri Hereford Assnclai Ion-., first anima sale ill the Shelby County Pcna! I 1 ann. |l was disclosed today. Read Courier News Want Ads. Bilbo Draws Pay Without ChancetoWork WASHINGTON, April 3. HIP) Ui'ii.-Kltvt, Theodore, o. lll'.bo, ))., -Miss., I'rcbi b r y won't return n, || 1( . j eupllol unlil early AiiRusl. his -111 torni'.v said lodny, aiui under UK> reui'iiiiiiiK ilion a.'l. C'uiiKi'r:is will I have i;unp hi-me by then. 1 I'Vinrsi Jn;'i;»on, ihe ultorney v.'ho di'feiuled ISIljo during two | aeniile tnvesllitatlons. said Ills clleut sill! had l.o ilmleruu (wo more o-i- erullinis. Hllbo wus elecled to (Us third Semite term lust November, lint went home to ],| s "dremnhcaise" in IMpiurvlMr when hu t'AlU-d to be senled In Janualy. Ill'bo's exodus was by special ruivetnenl, rcajlieri utter a Illi- biisler lu\d kvtM the new Iter.uljll- can majority from taking ov. r tin 1 Se'iHlp for nearly (\VH days. Under the iiKreeiiienl, nillin's credenllals will "lie on tho labile" until CnniM-e.'iS' olflrlid plivi'lan Ur. Oeorw w. Calver. certifies hJ Is Hill- to retnvn, "en- until su-.1 time us the Semite itself may ['ike net Ion." ' Meanwhile. Semiie neat NO 1( i Is i-e.served for Hllbo, he and' his "ffloe slnff are paid, and Ills ol- lU-e phoni! is fiieiwerei: wit tl u u , Kirellutt: "Senalor lllllio's office." Aivordlnu to IK idliUe.iii senator. Bilbo "technically ,., m t,| tecelve hi.s $ir,.n:0-a-ycar salary Ihrolliihout h| s cnline slx-ye.i'r li'i'in witlunit ever reluniliiK to Congress. PAGE THREh; DHEIFUS We Delivei Anywhere! Whether tllcy'rc drliralr Drclihls nr demurs vinh-ls . . . M'tid (lowers. Send flowers because her ensemble isn't complete without a fragrant cor- «ao- e lister Sunday, none your order now --deliveries on Easter morning'. POTTED PLANTS Kastcr .Lilies . . Hy- eas . . . Axaleas African Violets CUT FLOWERS Uoscs . . . Carnations . . . Gladiolas ... all spring flowers CORSAGES Orchids .. . Koscs . . . Carnations . . In :t licaiiliful array SUNDAY, APRIL 6 THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 491 r Ihc I con be recover] Sfiiil .I mniagf tf fritniUimst— A ll<tlli/t,i>4 I'jintr CirJ it's light or serious, fur young or o/il, ,i i !,ittahirk • Ktttttr dint mill My trhul you','- U'aut lo say llit wsiyytu Wiinl lo my it. irn E IF u :Hli WLSl MAIM !i I AP GROCERY MARKET 108 E. Main Phone 814- Fi!l Your Panfry Shelves Now at These Money having Prices. Friday-Saturday. .» • Delivery Service in Town Only Potatoes, strictly No, 1 eatinq, Lb. 4 l»2c Green Onions, bunch 7 l-2c; Radishes, bunch Lettuce, jge. head, lOc; Turnip Greens, bunch 15c Sweet Potatoes, No. 1 Portoricians, Lb. . 9 C Strained Baby Foods, Heinz, Gerbers, Clapps 7 l~2c Vegetable Soup, Monarch, 3 cans 35 C Chicken Noodle Soup, Monarch, 2 cans l33c Soap, Big Jim, Yellow, 3 bars for .....:...".'. ;;'35 C ! Drefl Powders, fine for woolens or dishes &J3 C I Woodbury's Face Soap, 3 bars . I 32 C I Mers-y War Lye, old style, 3 cans 25c 1 Kitchen Kleonser, box 6c;0ld Butch, 2 cans 17c 2 Starch, Penick or Staleys cubes, 6 boxes 25c I. Crackers, 2-pound box only >: . ... . . . - yj c ; Vanilla Wafers, baq / . .. 10c and I5c | Cocoanut, short shred, one pound baq ...... 78cf Syrup, imitation maple, 2o Oz. jar only 31 C | Peanut Butter, a good one. Quarl jar 57^5 Tea, pure orange Peko, Monarch, pound 98cl Coffee, Happy Hour brand, Lb. glass jar 48c I Coffee, Monarch in one Lb. tin 45 C 2 Baking Powder, Calumet,27 Oz. can 25c Bakmg Powder, CEabber G5H f 32 Oz. can 25c : Salt, Morton's'or Sterling, pound box 7 l-2c ? Grahcsm Ffour, S pound bag ... 43 C Whole Wheat Flour, 5 Lb. bag ... . .',.' 43 C Pickles, Kosher stylo, quart jar 25c Pickles, country style sliced, pint 25c i Olives, Queen, pimento stuffed, pint 69c Apple Sauce, No. 2 can, 2 cans for 25c Peaches, sliced or halves, No. 2 1-2 can . 27 l-2c 1 Cherries, sour pitted, No. 2 ran . 25c $ Orange Juice, large 46 oz. can 19 C 3 Sauer Kraut, 2 1-2 size, can ]2c ; Peas, medium sifted, 16c valise for only .... .•••.'. 12c : l Hominy, No. 2 can, white, now 3 cans ... 25c Okra, fancy cut, No. 2 can ]8 C 1 Green Beans, fancy cut, I9c value 15 l-2c 1 Corn, Monarch, whole kernel, yellow -...;....;: 2k 1 Corn, Yacht Club, fancy yellow, cream style ]8c 1 Pork and Beans, No. 2 can, 2 cans ...; :l / 25c I Tomato Juice, Webster's, No. 2 can . .. ]Qc i

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