The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts on April 4, 1972 · Page 20
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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts · Page 20

Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 4, 1972
Page 20
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20 THE LOWELL SUN, TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1972 Xtivericm brother named school head BOSTON - Archibishop Humberlo S Medciros has announced the appointment of Brother Bartholomew Varden, CFX, Provincial of the American Northeastern Province of the Xaverian Brothers, to ' serve as Archdioccsan Superintendent of School. This ap - 'pointrrient will become effective on May 1. Brother Bartholomew will succeed Rev Msgr. Albert W. .Low, who has served as Superintendent of Schools since 1961 and who becomes pastor . of St. Francis Parish in Med - ford on April 4. '. Brother Bartholomew is a ; native of Utica, New York, I who received his BS and MA degrees from Catholic Univer - i sity in Washington and did ! further study at Johns Hop - kins University in Baltimore. He has taught mathematics, ; chemistry, physics, and reli - ; gion' at the high school and college levels. Before beeom - : ing Provincial in 1966 he had ! served as school principal, i college president, and super - j visor of schools. i . He nas been a member oF ' the., Naliunal Association of I Secondary Sehnnl Principals I and the Association for Super - , vision and Curriculum Devel - I opment. He is a two - decade native Department of the Na - : tional Catholic Education As - ! sociation, and has served as President of the Secondary School Department of that or - ' gar,izatiin. THE ACTIVITIES of the of - : flee of Superintendent of I Schools are under the general i direction of the Archdiacesan : Director for Education, Rev. : John P. Boles. The Xaverian Brothers, mare formally called the Congregation o the Brothers of St. Francis Xavier (CFX), Hero cop's reward rescinded NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (AP) - A police officer who was promoted from patrol - - rnan to sergeant because he . rescued a fisherman has had his promotion resinded at his awn request, William T. Boyd was promoted Nov. 17th by John A. Mulligan, the town manager and public safety director, after he rescued a Wakefield fisherman from frigid waters in Narragansett Bay. Many department members charged that normal promotional procedures had been bypassed and had directed their union attorney to take "the matter to court. Wrong woman kidnaped CRYSTAL BAY, Nev. (TJPT) Sheriff's detectives Monday were investigating the case of the kidnapers who apparently abducted the wrong woman. Carolene M. Watkins, 33, a maid at the residence of ca - . sino owner Wallace Dill, was kidnaped by two men Saturday in the apparent belief that she was one of Dill's daughters, detectives said. She was driven around most of the day before being released, frightened but unharmed. Li. Lone Bulner said there was no attempt to demand ransom and no clear explanation for the abduction. Unanswered question WASHINGTON (UPH - This year's Easter egg roll on the White House lawn drew 9,5116 children under the age of 8, about the same number of parents or guardians; countless cracked eggs; and ihe annual unanswered question - how, or why, do you roll an Easter egg anyway? . President and Mrs. Nixon watched part of the activity ' from a White House window but left the greetings Id their daughter Trlela Cox, who walked through the crowd dressed in an Easter egg colored dress signing autographs was founded in Belgium in 1839 and became established in the United States in 154 in Kentucky. Arrested in women's clothes case HOUSTON (UPf) - Richard Mayes, 25. a Navy veteran who says he is undergoing a medically supervised sex change, was arrested Monday. for wearing women's clothing the third such arrest for Mayes this year. Last week, Mayes pleaded no contest to the same charge which is a violation of a city ordinance and was lined $1. He wore a pink mini to court. In the latest arrest, Mayes was stopped by a patrolman on a routine traffic matter, and arrested after the officer checked his drivers' license. Last week, Mayes' attorney argued the city statute prohibiting anyone from wearing clothes of the opposite sex was unconstitutional and would be appealed. Mayes, wIid was once married and the rather of a child, said he has been disowned by his family because of his life style. He said he has wanted to be a ivoman'as long as he can remember, and under no circumstances would he pose as a man before the sex change was completed. Mario Savio sued for divorce LOS ANGELES (UPI) - Mario Savio, leader of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement in 1964 that kicked off ihe campus disorders of the 1960s, was sued for divorce Monday by the wife he met at a sit - in. Suzanne Savio, a teacher, cited irreconcilable differences as the grounds. Mrs. Savio also was a student activist "Suzanne and I were both members of the steering committee of the Free Speech Movement," Savio said at their wedding in 1965. "I met her at a sit - in," he said. They were arrested together. The Savios postponed their honeymoon because they were required to ajipear in court the day after the wedding in connection with their protect activities. Savio, a student, has not been connected with protest movements in recent years and has said he wishes to live quietly. Savio, 30. and his estranged wife, 32, have two children. Arson on Cannery Row MONTEREY, Calif. (UPI) - An arson - caused blaze an historic Cannery Row Monday destroyed an estimated $5,000 to $lo,ooo worth of building materials. Authorities said a flammable liquid was poured over lumber at Ihree separate locations on the site of a proposed Cannery Row $1 million shopping complex. A group called Friends to Save John Steinbeck's Cannery Row has vowed to fight any construction that would change the setting of the author's famous novel. LEGAL NOTICE CummnnwrnHh ot Mnwieh,icll I i l d , c t . t. P chile rourl To Gnry B. Dnkkc of North Wint Jledclln In th State ot Martini A. Mukkc praying that n rtivorco frr,m the bond of ir.HtrliTlfHiy between herself mid yon tie decreed for tlin 'A.i!iD e - f cruel and abusive treatment and prayinc; for alimony and for mlfil&dy of a: it illoraim Air tnlnor rh!M. If yon cicalrc lo ntijeel ahouCld'ril"l0wrl 1 1 on n nnrnr - .'.'I'll, ii tvvviv - mic, liny LALLAS BUICK II e. SI. QL 8 SIK If you're going to pay tho price of a Buick wliy not own a Bute? the thlrt day May, 11)72, the return day or this citation. Until tho further order ot fi - inii imnnslnff any restraint Mni - ttui A custody ot tin - minor child. Witness, WIUJAJi E. 1IAY3, Esquire, Kim judge ; Mid (Joint, (.lilt twenty - iuVhlh FREE ESTIMATES GENERAL REPAIRS Cabinet Porch EncloiurM Addition! Playrooms Martin's Remodeling IT CINDERELLA CIR., DRACUT 9S7 - 13B2 T H E S U N C L A S S I F I E D N U M B E R I S 4 5 8 3 3 1 1 first two parte! at throe o'clock n;;ul. i, ;..i"r.', 1 .'1 1 r s i' - 1 h r il ill said Ijowell, with the otlllfi - tnffs thereon, aitue led on the easterly side of Howard Street nBBSHgcway lT10w luu cm.yu lect: Sotllheriy h.v Lots 2 and J aid Oak 'Avenue. sevenly - luiid , - ln:itVi:d. inl'i;. r r , L i?!!''.j reel. .:iort o n'ald Oak Avenuci and be. lljp nhown un a iilftn oC lain entitled, "Plan ot Land ii n - vit?, jirll 27. 1033. by BrooltB. Jordan and Graveu. with :,lidflCBe. - i North Dl iid' Lowell, with the build - :," erijri' Howard Street 'passageway known as Oak deeerlhed: mi i i . t," Union National Bank of Lowell and by the outlrerl)' line ot m wj fourteen (VH LEGAL NOTICE JIORTr.ACrKi: s SALE By virtue and lit caeeulioa the power of . - i.c uiiiihiliiMd i a certain moiitfiiue - ailrUe I.. Vlciril, lo Union No - (Isnnl Hunk, dated December 20. ISliS mill iTnornrd v.lh Middlesex North District Rec - Islry of Deeds, Booh 1813, riA, J ii of which mortc;affD eondltione of aald morl ! aflio'iir. part by the westerly face flceii and Winil flB.531 feet, Southerly by Isitd now or rmcrly of Henry Demera. mr and iildO 1.45 feci: Wusleily t lien r i' i: :' n nndred i, and beinc; b hi E.. a - nd recorded wllh enid by deed dated Jlav .18. 1SC4, ll'i.M it '.'"Ii .: 'i r."V '1 nf Kleventli Street, and thus SI ,'i - i 1. 5.:vcnly - ilv,; (7.31 ictl; laiid hereinafter mentioned, ', iii.l, , 1 - ivnlvr mid .l.lll'l (112.SC1 reel: ; rnnrly. it c' l. w. Me.ynird. ,r;v,tyv'ivc and 4ll'U l7o.04t Eaelerly by Lot 6 nn sain plan, one hundred tivelve and 'HI .'111') UllM'I'l) l' - t - 751D0 (S.112.75) tqusre feet, nlnn nf la lid' " . - ir.ii I 'J "Pin - , o: Limit in Hi'1,1 r::l v : ; , sm - veved June 24. 1S7S. by wgnoa nnn mibii, l - N.i'lh ' Y'lrli i'i 'F - Sii'iri - ' of u;nc i"c eenie ' iv.iv.rrl lo Reriioo Vieira by deed ot iik; ii d:i'.'"1 .Til y 1 - . i.ib, j , i.irnr.lrd iv 1M duld nuK'n - lT. I 'to th rinr mo'rtEaEes, rin,' In ;h ". 1 1. !' I H'.l n r. r ! - .rn:li Mil,,,..; dl'.:,:! .rnii" .111. lr'S3 v - ely. ' ' ..; i'.il.v.1 w.lrrre.l" 1 n. I'd 1','C 1 as contained m 3 'purchaser will b. i depusit with or I Morl - rn .i 1 1 c n of One nf.. made known al UNION NATIO N Ai , HASH HOMER BOURGliOllS Its rrcsldont Miorilnsix, hh. Probate Court .oVaie of I'Mllli I - ' Ilcrmnn deceased. . n ted to said Court, praying of tiie estate of .laid 1'hHlp 'if vou ' desire lo object thereto you or your attorney anco In said Court at Cam - brldjre before ten o'clock h tho forenoun on Uie twenty. sl.Mh day " A;. ill, HIV!;, tin HATS, Ii'iiliMi' - ., Firnl Judy - ,.t Rcfrlater. LEGAL NOTICE I AUTOMOTIVE INVITATION FOR BIDS cii:i,mskohd sciinoi' coMSirri'Bn fJHKLfllSKOHB, JIABS, Maanachui AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOS FDR SALE AUTOi FOR Ml AUTOS FOR SALE Vionl ronnnitlce, lawardlhK authority, wl B fnr .Urn and not later Hun 10:iD . Friday, April 21, lOT'd at School Jlonajfciiieiit Service., &o Charlee Wall, Jr Admln - Islrelion liulldniB. Prlucc - nit iii.vj; ii which - tune tl mm ,11 Oldi: ivlll br p.ii,! i'ly lened and rend aloud. Uidders offer must be ncld Isfstv das to afford the Corn - tnitf - . '.line for adequate ovul - uhUou. Hid prlcea must bu ll'I'.Vlmm'nrd S i'.ni'l :'l. F1;m,':. - Ifications may be . obuuied Elliloi of ,':''. im'j'c' Ad liin - iil;'Blir,;1 Iliiik.i:i,',;,l 1J r J I : c - ny bid and lo reject any and mil vie ci "mf.ef, bid number, TOWN OF CHlSl - MHPOHD MASSACHUSETTS (Rcnresenled byl rill': rlTEl,','rii.'i)H.ri school coMMiT'i'i.i'i Martin Ames. Chairman LKGAL NOTICE PLANNING BOARD TOWN OF - WESTFOKD L'v.ii: . jlearlnsr to bs held before tiie Planning Board of the Town of Wcstfnrd in the V, - ,v - ty,:'r Tm.'.'i: Hall ;i' Sim, inectto a proposed sub - divi. in,,, n ai - d entitled - Plan ot end m IV,,,.. .iiu. ilm," Advertising AUTOMOTIVE DATSUN Bob Miu'nhv Datsun 1625 Middlesex El Lowell OHIjA $2045 1U) GUARANTDe Rlt. 2 Mdsx. Hd. Tynosbero ilDJia Cus,tom Coupe, Anl radio, r'jii: ivindw dciiy - i A'tLl V.canl "iVl: MX1 inx. BUICK'SS Blectra $395 ned. Automallc. Power stecrinsr ddirn - H, rvr - l' - nl rrnH,lrn. SHiA (M3 miles, facie, el, cnndillonino. Vinvl ro&f. Asking 5IM0. tlfisl Newport, iKd c. Hardtop. Automatic HED - llAr - SPlDE itf - snj onyilml 3RD 11W7 - Original ,0M milti, (150. Cell S5144M. ! Air wooon H96S), UK. FIREBIRD (19701 - Formt plav'er. YMOt oval tires & Bus! elfer. Loll ofltr 3 p. F I A SPORTS CAR YOU CAN AFFORD WHILE YOU'RE STILL F YOUNG ENOUGH TO ENJOY IT. I A The Fiat 850 Spider is 6,500rpm. Ithas disc brakes; the lowest priced true sports in front and independent car on the market. It lists suspension all round, frorr $2424 P.O.E. And, for many people, The red line on its it's the best - looking sports engine is all the way up at . car under $10,000, Lfaaa The biggest selling car in Europe,, OPEN DAILY 9 TO 9 SATURDAY TILL 5 P.M. Authorized: American Motors Jeep Fiat Triumph Dealer AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE SELECTED USED CAR VALUES LISTED BY NAME AND PRICE CHEVROLETS . $2595 FOKD '69 Mus - Uinir Coupe auto Imatlc cyl. rjowsr brnken. bucKot scats, cansolr. AM Indio with renr pjiealcpr. Ttsl - I'T spn - vnr:.,r wtilcwalls, 140tl MOTORS. U00 Gorham cylinder, vinyl $H95 CHEVP.ODET 'SS cylinder automatic. Power itcerin(r, vinyl roof, AT,l rad - ICRS, im Ocrham St. GL, .! rrTHRVSI.KB 'si fl - TOC fiiwcnnt tlT. IT: a, STRATOS AUTO SALES, $1995 Newport 2 - Door Heater, Power stcerlnt. Power 1365 MlUdl ',':!'. Acunv '6S CI CQC frT BBE Monteo Conv Ope SI 895 lia.ll.,, .wl - ' tr - ),.3. P.S.. I'.!!. WALDHitEit l'ONTIAt - 'hv - ALDrMER PONT1AC HidfllcEej: St. tiij f - 7 - 7 h T i $1795 kll.DBVOHri.E Kllltlflfl.s W a E c. 'Automatic, power nteerinp Bower tiraken, radir,, 1 - lfir MOTORS, HDfj Gorham Si. Gl $1745 $1745 ,POHD '69 Mlis - ne 2 - , Hardtop, auto. S cyl. buckcl AM radio, vinyl roof. Wire wIiboI liub cane. White - alls. HOD J.'OTORE. lino Cor - liam Si, GL, 4 - 7S21 $1645 f'OKD "10 JUustanff nvertibie 6 cyl - rter, S speed on floor. Bucket at, A5I radio, as. 100 MOTORS, 1400 Gor - m St, GL - 4 - 7S21. Ar;md 1'rii. Auto matic, power steering;, powei hrakes. bucket seats. On, owner car. H0O .1 Gorham SL GI. $1995 $595 I'OLKSWAGEN 'iS gQg Kitatlo:i Wason 73 IV ALU ,M ER 1'ONTIAC 13BS ;.,, dlee St. Ql. T - 7ii;i. $495 $1895 PONTIACS $3250 'OST1AC '7(1 Ht - ecutive !it. 1Vag;nn R. - H.. 'auto, trfl'tis.. air cond, 'allP.S., P.B., WALDIJIER POK - IT1AC, 1365 Middlesex SL GL Tin. PONTIACS i.. c $2245 VOLKSWAGENS Squareback Waffon, 4 speed, If, whilcwalls I MOTORS, 11 liam Si. GL 1 - 7S21. $1095 ket 'O.L.KSWAGEN 65 $695 $595 VOLKSWAGENS FROM ATAMIAN Rte. 4ti S: 3S Lowell. S51 - 4356, $1595 AUTOMOBILES 1 AUTOMOBILES F CHEVROLET (1J Impale, lern running condllon, SSS0. 85! - Credit Problems? Call Mr. Paul Mass. Auto Sales 663 - 8167 Plates can be included COMPARE I'! iwmTi ewv. Whrt"11..!!!! 4? Gfond Prix 1 dr tit Brown .. HOrtnsviiit uroonnm FP a! 66 3ukk Grcnd SJurl cgu W6 Ford wugon Si Clvc i dr nulo i ... SS Grond Prls ! dr hi .. u colnilne i dr hi .... 6S Rlvlero 2 dr hi'!!!!!!!! TOWN OF WESTFOKD POSITION VAUANUY Tim posllion of 1A r", Ir tivii DopartnieiH. Application fnTLvi l - A.oAlf,,?, - , v:AL ','.'! br, ta.v:i Sujiej - Jiitondent of Higiiwaya Cnmniniiwtnlth decoasod. jentod to jairl Court or pro of Jiflld Opconsoil by Ocsrir ty of Middloiox praylnK ll'iilt thereof without (tlvlnrr ' - u A, All; (N, of c lila riialinn. now ""noil Im. lljts. Coll iH - FRANKLIN WTRS. re rccordillorisd 4) guf wva epi. ana ccrrv wmronrA - WB SERVICE WHAT WE SELL , H!i or bcsl ode, Coll NO MONEY DOWN Over 100 Cars Available Make the Payments MO. PAYMENT 66 Cadillac DeVille i dr. Hardtop all power accessories & factory air eond $55 70 Chev Impala 2 dr. H.T. Vinyl roof SSS 78 Ford Galaxie 500 faslback, vinyl roof ..,.$85 69 Buick LcSabre i dr. H.T., vinyl roof $78 71 PMo 2 dr. Like new 71 Plymouth Cricket 4 dr. Factory warranty . $79 65 Plymouth Fury III wagon $54 66 Chevrolet wagon $66 67 Ford Gal 500 I dr. HT vinyl root, like new $16 66 Dodge Monaco K dr. HT, factory air $5S 60 Mustang Much I fastback $67 67 Buick Grand Sport Puff $58 66 Dodge Poiara 4 dr. Sedan $34 66 Plymouth Valiant 1 dr. HT $36 67 Chev Impala Conv., mags $4S 67 Dodge Dart 4 dr. Auto., very clean $48 65 Camaro Z 28 HT, 1 speed $G6 68 Buick Wildcat i dr HT $51 64 Olds Si 4 dr. UT $18 6SFord Gal 500 2 dr. HT $27 66 T - BIrd 2 dr, HT $31 EXAMPLH rilrmeall, Fury III 4 dr. H.T. :i.)7 air mi. monlh!. Salts Prin $481.00 Annual ptrctntow roll 1S.JS Idol !rl jSH.M. CALL MR. C. 657 - 7709 MUSTANG lordlnp, 6 cyl., dlllan. i - MU, cennillen. tin. M - USe oiler t MUST jell (im) :ntvt" Wolltu pwnr cor. in MSI. Qv' At - ."y.8 !!;',"'.. V '''''i'.. ;' 05ITIVELV CAM SELL VOUR CAR lr Info. JOltrf V. HAIIVUV, - .J.'m' POETRY IN MOTION How would ynu like to buy, a car you can take for a ten day drive. Then anything wrong you can find, wc guarantee not to ck'. you a dime. 10 per cent guarantee. Every car delivered, tuned - op. LOW BANK FINANCING LATE MODEL CARS LIKE NEW Open Daily 9 - 9 Sat, 'Til 5 P.M. DANIEL WEBSTER MOTORS Route 3, Tyngsboro 647 - 7332 Exactly one mile north of Tyngsborn Bridge AUTO INSURANCE SELLING YOUR CAR? SEE US WE WILL PAY TOP CASH Junction 61 Routt 31 and muii m, Lowcit, ui - utt Open Dolly lo t, Saturday! to i Alio Ptrtsntaulh. M.H. AUTO & CYCLE insurance All Risks Acceptable Fast Plate Service Time Payments Fire. Theft ft Call. Marshall Q. Trubcy INSURANCE AGENCY MS Mlddltiex SI. OL l - Jtn Open J - llJi Sot. 1.1 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE menls pleow. Coll iSl - 7708. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOSILES FOR SALE SUPER U6 l!l - 5, mllM, good; tfi MAIN ST., WIL. 6SIHM AUTOMOHILE5 POR SALI CAR PAYMENTS o problem? ConslS - MUST SELL l, ih'lt. Ill mgint, ! Intirtlolt Rlt. IM t 1 FORD (19S!) - Corllna 1 dr. i Coll' uj'im. Dracut Transmission VICTORY LANE, DRACUT tSMiil 41 I BUCKY PLEMINO'S Ultd Cor AniMK. Avt . LMVll, 1 l!l buy your pood, OIRL MUST u' 1065 Chlvrglel. now. Ton, H''S. Coil 4f).M DODGE IIM!) Suptr Bcf, Ml, 1 - Stereo topt. Wlni tondillor,, JpJm! o'clock. 1S1 - JJJ0. 1971 TOYOTA COROl.U, enremt wMtit, rarjinl rodiii, Immocu'oit eMdiiiM.'tiMfc doyi MtM, nlglill SI.(t. AUDI (19711 1O0LS, 4 d00f, bdot, orlroi, oiil oiler. Lliwu'w), 51, n, K I. 'I im Uti, Col'l hsi - simT oforrrV!SJjfiX ' ' I too dollar. Coll f dliion, ISO, MiolO,

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