The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTM.E fATJK.) COURIER NEWB Qcietij, Jane Shelton, Society Editor f Phone 4461 Mrs. Charles Rose Tells Women , Of Recent Continental Tour, Sights Seven crowded weeks of continental touring, complete with 13 suites."^ and climaxed \vllh the inevitable London "soup", was described for members and guests of the Christian Womens Fellowship of the First. Christian Church by Mrs. Charles Rose at, the group's weekly meeting yesterday. which accounted for the unusually large number of bicycles seen. Colorful Switzerland seemed to be her favorite country and she told of how the warm, wclt-cared-for trains of that country were 80 per cent electric ami ran on rails of which at least 15 per cent rails which ran through tunnels, lius- scls or bridges due to the mountainous country. Paris with Its sights, visits to old castles and viewinn the countryside highlighted her Journey before she cnme home via airplane. Ouests for the affair were Mrs. Ci. D. Townsenrt of Children, Tex., housegucst of her daughter. Mrs. Rose, Mrs. E. L. Hale, Mrs. C. C. AfeClue and Mrs. W. T. Barnett. A business session followed under the direction of Mrs. Rupert Crnf- 1011. The Executive Board convened preceding the 1 iun. luncheon, A Spring; bouquet of yellow roses Interspersed with dutch Iris centered the luncheon table and a harmonizing bouquet of blooms topped a table of the room. Following luncheon Mrs. Rose told of her trip in which she joined a party ol four for the tour which began with an Oct. 30 sailing on the Independence. Her fortunate and sometimes unfortunate days on the rough seas were described and she told of (he unusual beauty of the Bay of Naples, the visit to the points of historical interest and the surprisingly good hotel accommodations. Mrs. Rose told of how heated rooms were an ex- rfra charge and gasoline in some sections sold for 60 cents a gallon Surprise Party Given in Home A surprise birthday party at the Horace CaldweU home Sunday honored Mrs. Coy Northcutt, who was observing her 50th birthday. Mrs. E. J. Northcutt. Mrs. Billy Northcutt, Mrs. Honvce Caldwcll and Ali-s. Orvell Northcutt were hostesses to the 26 guests Attending. Following a luncheon, gifts were . presented the honoree nnd the remainder of the nlternoon was spent - informally. Guests also attended from Bteelc ind Oak Ridge. At the Hospitals Walli HojplUl Dismissed: Mrs. Fred Nichol, Steele. Tressa Gatlln, Rt. 2. Mrs. Bernard Lynbarger, Luxora. Mrs. Louise Swift, city. Mrs. H. B. Wood and b.iby, city. Wonder Wrap-Around By Sue Burnett Designed to save you time both In sewing nnti upkeep, Ihls tack-wrapped dress and bolero combination is a 'must 1 In every junior wardrobe Jor spring. Mix or m:\leh your fabrics, whichever you like. For thus pattern, sent) 30c in COIN'S, your name, address, size desired, ancl the PA'IERN NUMBER, to Sue Burnett, Courier News 372 W. Qliincy Street. Chicago 6. Pattern No. 8724 is a sciv-rite perforated pattern In sizes 11, 12. 13, H, 16, 18. 20. Sia« 12. 4U yards of 35 or 30-inch. Church Women Convene In Homes for Sessions Women of the First Methodist Church yesterday met In homes for study lessons. Mrs. Max Parks was hostess to 10 members and a guest. Miss Sue Os- mcnt, of Circle One. Mrs. Bill Hurt was co-hostess and preceding the study lesson which was under the direction of Mrs. n. H. McGrnw. Mrs. W. N. Slanton gnve the devotional. Miss osment told of her recent trip to Duck Hill Falls. Pa., to attend a church missionary and extension conference. Mrs. Rllcy B. Jones directed the study for the 11 members attending the session o! circle Two at the home of Mrs, John Arends. Mrs. A. C. Holey gave the devotional nnd Mrs. Sam O. Hayncs was introducer! as a new member of the group. Mrs. William Wyatt, WSCS president, was a guest. Mrs. J. A. Bryant was hostess to Circle Three. Mrs. Hattle Hunter m«t as a new member with the 1.1 members attending. The study lesson was directed by Mrs. George Pylcs. Fourteen menibers of circle Four met with Mrs. C. A. Cunningham. A devotional by Mrs. W. T. Raln- Wfltcr preceded the study les.wn of the H members, which was directed by Mrs. Joe Ferguson, A devotional by Mrs. F, L. Husbands opened the session of the 12 members of Circle Five, who met with MVs. H. O. partlow. The study wns directed by Mrs. Roy I. Bagley. Seventeen members and one new member, Mrs. C. A. Lynch, of circle Six yesterday met at the home of Mrs. B. A. Lynch with Mrs. L. E. Old, Jr., as ,co-hoste&s. Mrs. W. A. Holllngswortll x»ve the devotional and Mrs L. E. nr.::cr !:.-! the study. Social hours followed the adjournments. Luncheon Meeting Held At Trinity Baptist Church Luncheon followed by the Royal Service program. "Good News for Those Who Seek," yesterday highlighted the weekly meeting of the Womens Misionary Society of Trinity Baptist Church. Mrs. Frank Sawyers met as a new member with the n members who convened at. the church for the 1 p.m. event. Mrs. H. W. Woolen presided over the session and following group singinB anil repeating of the watchword. Mrs, James Kclley led in prayer. The day circle of the church wn.s divided inlfl two circles, with Mrs, Eleanor Swufford being named chairman of circle One nnd Mrs. Bert Ross chairman of Circle Two. Mit. ivumiiine Campbell directed the pto^ram nnd Mrs. Peijgy Buchanan jjiive (he devotional. Prayer by Mrs. Woolen preceded the program in which Mr.s. J. H. Roberts. Mvs. E. O. Lovell, Mrs. E. C. Thomu-' son ami Mr.s Swn.'ford participated Mrs. K. C. Parks led the adjiurn- ini! [iruycr. . Enjoy Delicious COUNTRY HAM at the RUSTIC INN "Food You Like" COMING SOON TO THE I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, Technicolor, with Dons Day, Frank l.ovejoy, Danny Thomas TEXAS CARNIVAL, Technicolor, with Esther Williams and Kcd Skcllon DKSKHT FOX wilh .lames Mason, Jessica Tandy MY FAVORITE Sl'Y wilh Hob Hope and Hedy Lamarr DISTANT DRUMS, Technicolor, with Gary Cooper, Marl Alson. HONG KONG, Technicolor, wilh RonaH Reagon and Rhomia Fleming. Baptist Missionary Group Has Program Session The Womeiis Missionary Society of Calvary Baptist Church yesterday met »t the church for the program, "Good News" which was directed by Mrs. Neal Gfurlat). Mrs. Cordey Miller wns the group's only guest and preceding the program a devotional was given by Mrs. kuclan Gnlnes. Participating - on the program were Mrs. Jack Atlaway, Mrs. H. J. Fumiren, Mrs. Mabel IjUnsford, Mrs Venion Boyd and Mrs, floyd K. Tittle. Prayer by Mrs, Edra Galnes adjourned the session. Miss Maxine Hill Has YWA Meeting in Home Miss Maxine Hill last nlRht was hostess at, her home for a program meeting of the Young Womens Association of the First Baptist Church. Six members were present and prayer by Miss HUI preceded the devotional given by Miss June Buchanan. Following the program, "A Key to the- Sr.rlptures" taken from the YWA manual, "The Window", Miss Maxine Overman closed tho meeting with prayer. The hostess later served refreshments In a social hour. Armorel Baptists Meet In \V. 0. Anderson Home Mrs. W. O. Anderson yesterday sva.s hostess at her home to 12 members of the Armorel Baptist Wo- mens Missionary Society for a program se.sslon under the direction of Mrs. N. C. Patterson. The devotional, "World Wide Missions" was given by Mrs. Anderson and prnyer was led by Mrs, S. H. Rcbstock preceding the program. Participating In the dTscu-ssloiis were Mrs. Ai-ch Beard, Mrs. A. C. Priest, Mrs. W. E. Edmondson. Mrs. Adrian Russell, Mrs. Ira Dlckson anri Mrs. W. L. Smith. Group singing preceded the adjourning prayer. " Mrs. Anderson served refreshments in a aoclftl hour. Huffman Group Meets For Program Session The Huffman Baptist Womens Missionary Union met yesterday at the church. The program. "Oood News for All Who Seek" was under the direction of Mm. Rex Hughes. Following group singing »nd a devotional by Mrs. Billy Rny. Mrs, Dudley McDanlel opened the program with prayer. Particip«ting In the discussions were Mri. Rex Hughes, Mrs. McDanlel. Mrs. Jack Adkisson, Mrs. Rush Hughes. Mrs. George Perry and Mrs. R. L. Ad- isson. It was announced that in all- day mission program would be held ftt the church Monday. Prayer by Mm. Jack Artkl.snon closed the session. TUESDAY, JANT7AST 82,19W Bill Crafton, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Crafton yesterday enrolled at Arkansas State College to begin his freshman studies. Mr. and Mrs. o. N. Forrest visited their son, Wilson Forrest In Memphis, Sunday. Mr. Forrest underwent major surgery at Kennedy Veterans Hospital. Friday and his condition Is reported as satisfactory. Mr.s. Mary Cox Warmath. daughter of Mrs. J. B. Cox of Blytheville has been named to the Dean's List of union University, Jackson, Tenn.. where she Is a member of th« senior class. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose have as [heir guest Mrs, Rose's mother, Mr.s. O. B. Tou p nsend of Chlldress. Tex. Mr. and Mrs. W. o, Anderson, Jr.. left yesterday afternoon Uj spend a week In Stuttgart and England. While in Stuttgart they will be the guests of Mr. Anderson's sls- er, Mrs, James Bell and family and in England they will visit Mr.s. Anderson'- parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Archer, ana other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cunning- hiim and daughters, Joyce and Janet of slkeston. Mo., ami Mrs. Cunningham's brother, Clarence Bradford. Jr.. of Yokrnn. Wash., were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hubbard and daughter, Lucille. Mr. and Mrs, H, C. Bl.tnkenshlp had as their weekend Buests, Gordon Ruddy of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. Mrs. Jennie Walker will be removed to the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. G. Redman in several days from Memphis Baptist Hospital, where she recently underwent surgery. P. D. Foster. Jr.. has arrived from Mississippi State College. Stark- viHc. where he recently received his degree in Agriculture ami will spend several weeks with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. p. D, Foster before entering the-armed services. R. C. Coleman Is reported as improving at Blytheville Hospital where he Is A patient. He suffered injuries several days ago in an automobile accident. Condition of Herman Cross, who Is a patient at Walls Hospital, is reported as remaining critical. Yearly Program Is Given At Womens Session The yearly program, "Foreign Missions" was presented yesterday at the general meeting of the Women of the First Presbyterian Church. The session of the 42 members meeting at the church was opened with reports of officers and committee chairmen. A discussion of Assembly Missions wa» Mrs. Zal B. Harrison. Mrs. C. M. Gray and Mrs. George Yatts. The foreign mission program was directed by Mrs. Monroe Grain and Mrs. Gilbert Smythe. Mrs. Harvey T. Kldd i"-- 1 Mrs. Hugh Hudson were partlclpinti. Mrs. Jesse .ner, Mrs, Russell Mnrr and Mrs. H. H. Houchins w<-re. hostesses In the social hour following. Happiness, 'Wisdom. Not Improved By Modem Age, Says Storekeeper By nOROTHV ROE AP Wamtn'i Editor Today's dial system o< automatic living, under which we get out culture, entertainment and political opinions by pushing a TV button, has improved neither the happiness nor the wisdom of the human race, 'n the opinion of Elbert Jones, aged 84. He has been a country storekeeper in High Ridge, Stamford, Conn., since the first Saturday In October, 1690. In his 62 years of merchandising, Mr, Jones !ias traveled the full course, from the days of barter anil horse-and-wagon delivery to the era of frozen foods and self service. Now, from his vantage point of years and long observation, he says: "When I first started in business *9 a week was considered good wages—and It was a six-day week and a 10-hour day. nowadays folks make 10 times as much for half the work, but I don't think they're much better off. Time Saving Devices "Now they have cars and washing machines and vacuum cleaners and refrigerators nnd radios and telephones and television sets—all the tilings to give them more time to spare. And the more time they have, the more entertainment they have to have, and the more gadgets they buy to supply that entertainment—and in the end they don't have any more fun than we did. "People used to be easy to amuse. A hayrlde or a square dance was all a young fellow used to need to have a whale of a good time with his girl—and It didn't cost anything. Now people seem to measure their good times by what they cosU-and buy everything on the Installment plan. "The way I see It. they don't have as much fun, and they owe more money." Square nance Fan Mr. Jones has been a square dancer fan since the nge of 18 but he gave It up at 80. Says he:' "I figure it isn't fair to ask a young girl lo dance with me." When he first bought the Htirti Ridge store, business was strictly by barter. Mr. Jones explains: "I used lo get paid In eggs, pigs, butter, horses and baskets. Basket- making was nne of the principal businesses In these parts then, and at one time I had 40 basket-makers working for me. I'd take the baskets In exchange for groceries and slock feed, and then I'd have to s?ll them before I could pay my illls. Em - - 12e Down Back In 1890 eggs were 12 cents alUmds \ i n 1 J poM to (S ; > ! Small ti-onder, tfhen you note the jcu-cttd emblem and self-belt trilh new long-and-ilim ktd!c. Of softest 100% wool chenille, this hand-finished treasure of a knit retains lit shape like a charm. A gem far your current t, colors are radiant! 10 to 18. it's Whitsitt' "Because You Like Smart Things" round steak cost 10 cents ind porterhouse 16 cents. His biggest sale* were of flour, sugar snd hay and grain, because most of his customers raised thel >wn meat, eggs, butter ana vege tables. Through the years Mr. Jones ias prospered but still likes to de dozen, butler 25 cents a pound pound iver groceries himself, and *top to chat with people In friendly kitchens. Coming Events Tuetday Col. John Martin Chapter of Daughters of American ColonlsU has II a.m. meeting at Hotel Noble. Eastern Star has 8 p. m. meeting at Masonic Temple. Trl-Town Club meets with Mr«. Dale flrlgga. Country Club Duplicate Bridge League plays at club at 7:15. First Baptist WMU has Day of Prnyei with 12 p. m. luncheon, 1 p. m. prayer service. Mrs. Max B. Reid entertaining Tuesday Bridge Club. Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi has 1:30 p.m. meeting at Country Club. Mrs. Roland Bishop hostess. Wednesday -ange PTA Executive Board convenes at 1:30 p.m. followed by Joint elementary schools PTA's study course at 2 p.m. General meeting of Lange PTA follows at 3 p.m. at the school. Ciispler -D" of PEG has 1 p.m. luncheon meeting at Charles S. Lemons home, with Mrs. T. J. Mahan hcstess. Mrs. Lucille Watson hostess to High Two Club. Deltonian Chapter of Delphian Society has 11 a. m . meeting- luncheon at Hotel Noble. Mrs R. c. Rcse hostess to Town and Country Club. Club Eight meets with Mrs. R. C. Allen. Thursday Fidelis class or First Baptist Church has 7:30 p.m. meeting at the home of Mrs. W. E. Wallace 1010 Holly. Phcbean Class of First Baptist Church has 7:30 p.m. meeting at the church, with potluck supper and white elephant parly.i Mrs. Eugene Brown hostess to Thursday Rook Club. Mrs. James Rogers hostess io OKO Club. Octette Club meets with Mr« Marvin Nunn. Duplicate Bridge League plays at Hotel Noble at 7:30 p. m. Mrs.. Jack Dickenson hostess to OSCEOLA NEWS By Betty* Ncllc Starr Episcopal Auxiliary Has Business Meeting The Women* Auxiliary of St. Stephen's Episcopal church hut night met it the Hearn Street home of Mrs. Dllmus Hearnsberg- fr lor * buslneM MMlon. Mri. Leroy Muddleston gave a devotional preceding the business meeting, In which officer's reporti were heard. The hosteu' served refreshments following the adjournment, . Luxora Baptist Church Holding Revival Service LUXORA — The Baptist Church here Is conducting > revival to continue through Sunday, the Rev. Harold White has announced. Nelson Tull, secretary of the Baptist Brotherhood of Arkansas Is conducting services at 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. daily. Marriage Licenses The following couple yesterday obtained a marriage license at the oJIice of the county clerk, Mrs. Elizabeth Elythe Parker. John Henry Miller and Miss Nell Richardson, both of Steele. English Hippos The hippopotamus once inhabited England. Its remains have been uncovered as far north as Leeds, and curiously, along with those of reindeer. TLE Club. La Nueve meets with Mrs. Clarence Webb. Friday Friday Contract Club meets with Mrs. Doyle Henderson. Saturday Buffet supper and dancing at Country Club. Supper will be served at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by dancing. Girdoa Club —~Mrs. P. o. Gwyn, Mrs. W. B. Flannlgan and Mri. William BlM were hotteuet when the Osccola Progressive Club Garden Club ««t today at the club room at 2:30 p.m. Awards were given tor potted plants. The autobiography of Luther Burbank was given by Mri. R. H. Jonei. Pera*nal> Mrs. Koath Harwarg hit returned home after attending the Arkuu**- Mlssisslppl National Federation Temple Sisterhood which was held »t the Heidelberg Hotel In Jackson, t Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Harwiig left Sunday on a buying trip in Chicago. They will be gone » week. .Bob Bailey of Natchez. Miss., spent th» weekend with his family. Mrs, Roy Cox and Mr«. Jeltl* Driver were In Memphis Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. c. Bryan are attending the dehydrate™ convention In St. Petersburg. Fl». Becky Quinn Is ill at her t\om« on West Qulnn Avenue. Mrs. Sue Nicholson of Chelford was a visitor in Osceola over th« weekend. Mr. and Mr.s. Leroy Owens and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wllllanu are leaving Thursday for New York to attend a car dealers' convention. SfOiMAOTGAST Ta::es the HEART An accumulation of gas In th stomach forms pressure, crowds the heart and results m bloating, "gassy" catches, palpitation and shortness of breath. This condition may frequently be mistaken for heartj trouble. * CERTA-VIN' Is helping such gas "victims" all over Blytheville. This new medicine is taken before meals, so it works with your food—helps you digest food faster and better. Gas pains go! Bloat vanishes! Contains Herbs and Vitamin B-l with Iron to enrich th« blood and make nerves stronger. Weak, miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering. Get CERTA-VIN—Kirby Bros. Drug Co. A FAMILY PORTRAIT is a prieeltK possttiio* You bet—everybody likci « family portrait beo»u»e it thow> all of you ju.t tht w.y you «r«. Our artUtic crtftsmen ire known for their fine work with fimlliei. Call u« (of an appointment, or even better, Mop In. We'll bt ( l«d to ihooyou our fint Mmplc*. 115 W. Main Phont 9674 is th e prce too high? The dollar cost of providing Increased water supplies under current conditions will be high. Will it b* too high? It might appear to be more economical to wait for a downward curve in (he whole structure of prices and wage» before undertaking the kind of construction programs required to meet our needs. Bu( where are the signs that such a curvt is in the making?, f And how long can we afford to wait? It took j»s( one hot, dry summer to imperil the waler supply of many millions of people. Suppose next year—or the year after—brings similar conditions? Picture a shortage thai goes beyond the critical stage. New York WRS only days away from auch a crisis. Some •mailer places went through it. Picture a water supply inadequate to handle a serious fire. Picture a water supply insufficient to maintain proper sanitation. Picture a water supply no longer able to keep industrial processes functioning. The price of keeping pace with the need for water may •«em high, but what about the price of failure? One uncontrolled fire, one epidemic, a group of major industries lost 1o (he community—any of these could involve an expense beside which the price of improved wsler supplies —even with costs what they are—would hardly be noticeable. Water is essential to life—the life of a city as well as the life of a human heinp. Without wafer, a man dies. Without waler, a community faces the same fate. In I he' face of a crisis, no price can he too high. High prices paid to prevent a crisis are low prices! Blytheville Water Co. "Wot«r /i Your C^ S«st Commodity" {e lia' Mslen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 1:00 a.m. daily for oar program announcements B»x Of fit. Phont 2751 Ofdca Fhon« 8M* Box Office Opens at 1:45 ,' Show Starts l:» p.m. Continuous Showing Everyday' "or additional entertainment at I he Kill, enjoy our new Improved tele- i.sion, Installed two weeki »to. Everyont Is uyinr It b the best eception la town. Tuesday & Wedntsday THE WILD BLUE* YONDER A IIMIUC MCTKIt Starring Wcndtll Corty I Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Tuesday A W«ln*g<J»y *OT [CKIHLO pfiui] jmmittmons • s •«•( ums 4 —Plus TZKIKG Th«Qter Coupon Books Mqk» Perfect Gift*! $2.50 Eoch

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